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Fly Fishing the Salmon River in Pulaski NY with a salmon and steelhead drift boat guide

Toms 60 Second Red Head Fly
                                                                                             Egg Sucking Nymph Fly

Fly Fishing the Salmon River in Pulaski NY

If I only had 1 fly (in different sizes depending on Salmon or Steelhead and vast number of other critical variables that can change by the day, spot, hour) to use all season that works for all species of Salmon or Steelhead that run the Salmon River NY, this would be it. It imitates a black stone fly nymph with an egghead. We are simply combining 2 favorite sources of food. The best part about this fly is you can tie it in 60 seconds or less. Ingredients:
Fly Fishing Hooks: New Mustad Signature Series Hooks - CO68 Wet/Nymph Caddis - 2x Heavy/2x Short
Flies: Many times my flies will change size, pattern, color, etc… by the day, hole or hour, depending on an incredible vast number of variables.
Fly Fishing Hooks - I'm proud and Happy to announce the New Mustad Signature Series Hooks - CO68 Wet/Nymph Caddis - 2x Heavy/2x Short
This is their replacement for the #80200BR shrimp caddis hook. I wont use anything else when fishing for Salmon or Steelhead. Superior strength, quality machined and sharp as a razor blade. A great thing about the Signature series hooks is that Mustad did something no other hook manufacturer has ever done. Every hook within the series is proportionally correct.  This means that as you go up or down in size the wire diameter, tying length and hook gap increase or decrease proportionally.  This gives you the exact same shape in all sizes of a hook style.  So if you like the CO68 in a size 8 for Salmon, you'll love it just as much in a size 12 for winter Steelhead.  Can't say enough about them and highly endorse their use with my guest's and you.
Many of my friends who are guides use this exact same hook when tying up a variety of different fly patterns for all species of Salmon or Steelhead that call the Salmon River Pulaski NY home. I'm one happy camper since I've received them and boy, due they work great!!
Mustad Hooks - Whether its fresh or saltwater, their hooks are super strong and razor sharp. I've tried them all. Their quality is unsurpassable!
Salmon Hook Size: 6 through 10
Steelhead Hook Size: 10 through 12
Red dubbing-Mix: Beaver (soft), Angora goat (spike) and Red flash
Black dubbing-Mix: Beaver, Angora and Black flash
All beaver in Red and Black will work. Dubbing with flash already mixed in is adequate)
Medium red copper wire  
Tom's Red Head Fly
Step One
Step Two
Step Three
Fly Fishing Salmon River in Pulaski NY with a salmon drift boat guide
Fly Fishing the Salmon River Pulaski NY with a drift boat steelhead guide
Fly Fishing Salmon River Pulaski NY with drift boat guide
Wrap shank of hook with copper wire and wrap back, slightly down bend in hook. Apply dubbing wax to wire. Apply black dubbing to wire and wrap forward, 3/4 of the way, tapering the body in a stone fly nymph fashion. Apply red dubbing and wrap forward. Half hitch, pull tight and snap off. Red head should be approx. 1/4 the size of the length of black nymph body. Red head should be the size of the dominant eggs that are in the river. (Brown, Salmon, Steelhead)

Why does this fishing fly out produce all others on a consistent basis?

Some people swear that the angora dubbing gets caught in there teeth. Allowing you more time to detect the take. The spiky angora moves in the water, giving the fly action or a life like appearance. The subtle amount of flash reflects light, which also adds life to the fly.
What little wire shows through adds a translucency and reflection of light, adding life. The wire also adds weight that gives it a good sink rate, getting your fly to the bottom where the fish are. With wire there's no whip finish, head cement and it will never fall apart.
The simplicity of this fly makes it easy for even the non-tier. The experienced tier can produce 60 or more in an hour. Yet it incorporates all the features we all look for in our flies. Shape, size, silhouette, profile, density, action, color.
The colors are not too bright and flashy, so that even under heavy fishing pressure or bright sunny days it’s a producer. On even the grayest days it has enough flash to get some attention. Not too bright and flashy in low clear water.
When steelhead are eating eggs in the fall, aquatic insects in the winter or spawning in the spring, it’s a producer.

Optional ways of fly tying and coloration:

Depending on flow of water, imitation desired, time of year, target species.
Besides using wire, I also use red thread when I’m fishing very slow water. The wire does sometimes hang up a little more frequently. Green wire could be used to tie a green bodied caddis larva with a small black head. Natural copper with brown dubbing and small black head for a cased caddis. Natural copper wrapped up the shank of hook with a little black dubbing or peacock hurl for head to imitate a midge pupa. (Brassy) All Black for a black stone fly. All brown for a mayfly nymph. Big orange head for a salmon egg, smaller for a steelhead egg.
If you tie it in all orange, we call it an O.J. (Its a killer fly) Ha. I've caught many a steelhead in the fall on orange scuds.

Winter fly fishing tying tips:

Things I do this time of year when tying flies: Hook- I like the New Mustad Signature Series Hooks - CO68 Wet/Nymph Caddis - 2x Heavy / 2x  Short. These are approx. 2x strong so even on size 12 hook they wont bend out.
Don’t use any flashy material at all. The aquatic insects we are imitating are mostly dull, dark in color. Try to keep a slender profile, size, shape- a lot of folks use too much material.
An old trick Jim Rusher taught me, is to tie a size 12 black stone on a size 10-hook etc. This gives you a bigger gap to hook and hold and it doesn't seem to make a difference to the fish.

I’d like to thank Tom Wilson for introducing me to this Fly and the Salmon River, many Flies ago.
Happy Hookin;

May all your door knobs smell of BIG fly fish!

The Steelhead and Salmon fly fishing of your dreams......  ....... we'll make it reeeeeeeel.

The Author, Outfitter and Salmon River Pulaski NY Steelhead Salmon Drift Boat Spin Fly Fishing Report Guide:

Randy Jones is a full-time professional fly/spin fishing guide with over 35 years of experience. He has "in the past" represented the Orvis Corporation as a guide and chief instructor of their 2 1/2 day Cape Cod Saltwater Fly fishing Schools. Also guided VT. for Trout for 12 years.
During the Fall, Winter, and Spring Randy runs drift boat and wade trips on the world class Salmon River, Pulaski N.Y. for Steelhead, Coho, Browns, Atlantic's and King Salmon.
Phone #315-963-2065 E-mail :
$275 for 1 angler - Fly or Spin Fishing, Salmon or Steelhead, I supply everything but the chest waders.
$350 for 2 anglers -  Fly or Spin Fishing,  Salmon or Steelhead, I supply everything but the chest waders.

Enjoy my Updated Archived King Coho Salmon, Brown Trout, Steelhead Fly Fishing Reports, Tips, Guest Mail Bag Questions w/my Replies, Humor, Testimonials and much more

ENJOY a fast and fun drift boat trip down the Salmon River in Pulaski NY covering 4 miles in 4 minutes during the Splendor of our Winter and Fall fishing seasons.
CHECK OUT the World Record Steelhead we caught that day @ end of drift boat video!
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I Made These For You
Magical Spring Steelhead Day! (Video Credit "Repeat Client" Allen K.)
Money Back Guarantee!  Complementary Top Secret (Ssssh!) Guide Tips on ADVANCED Fish Locations to help YOU catch more fish on the Salmon River Pulaski NY.
What helps to induce a BIG RUN of Steelhead or Salmon?
Temporary Transitional Resting
Prime Transitional Holding
Prime Fall, Winter and Spring Holding Pools                          
3 Prime and Basic Current Breaks in every pool you should know about to help YOU catch more fish.
Where to fish for Steelhead in the Water Column
I'm the first person to EVER Bungee Jump NAKED off the Long Bridge over the Salmon River in Pulaski NY. Police were called and I was arrested ;)  FISH ON!
My Video Jokes for Today
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Great Fall early Winter  Salmon River NY - Educational Steelhead Water Temperature Related Mail Bag Ramblings:
Randy,   Let me first say, like I'm sure hundreds of others due, I depend on your web site for up to date accurate information. I have a 5-hour drive and a very limited fishing budget, so I need to make every trip count. I usually start looking at your site in late August and then everyday until you leave for Cape Cod, I believe your web site is the best for reliable fishing information. My question is do you fish certain areas because of water temperature? I know in deep winter, deeper pools will be a favorite because of the slow flow, and early in the year the steelhead look for the most oxygenated water, but what about in between, say water in the 40’s, are the steelhead starting to become sluggish or are they still aggressive and still searching out food?
P.S. Could not agree with you more about the wading, I believe the salmon river is one of the toughest rivers in the east to wade, a real free-stoner, and trying to cross above 750 is nuts and I consider myself a very accomplished wader. Thanks, Bob

Hi Bob, Thanks very much for your kind words. It makes me very happy that you enjoy it. It's a fun hobby, good for biz. I enjoy doing it, as long as I dont get to many emails from anglers asking about water temp.related to steelhead Q's (just kidding Bob) so it's normally not to much like work. 
Yes, water temperature plays in important part. To answer your question quickly, yes, presently they are doing both. With water temp's. in the middle so are the fish. Some are in winter mode while others have not gotten to that point yet, shortly.

When Im in the middle water temperature, you will find them both in the deep slow and the oxygenated. Also if we have had some high water the transitional spots will always produce no matter what the water temperature. With some species spawning, we also have the slower - gravel area's. So basically the entire river is alive and fishable. With this flow some are not even in the river. Some are happy in the main river in the heat, as long as a current break is near by. Lots of places to fish. Current breaks in my opinion are the most important aspect of locating fish, no matter what stage of life it is in, water temperature, etc...(with in reason)

Interesting first hand guide learning experience not long ago related to temp. of water and steelhead:
So one day my one guy with a fly rod off the drift boat is absolutely hammering the Steelhead. All at the aerated head of the pool. Water temps were dropping daily.
Next day I return with the flavor of BIG #'s of steelhead predicted to myself. I had 2 expert anglers aboard the .com drift boat. Anyways, nothing for an hour, same water flow, same spot, nothing different than the day before, except the water temp. was dropping.
Were those steelhead all in a transitional stage and had left, I thought? Really didn't think so, so where were they?
I started to get very nervous and doubt my credentials as a fishing guide. After an hour of nothing, I scratched my head and said, reel up. We are going to float down about 50 feet, re -anchor and fish into a lil deeper water, closer to the deepest part of the head of this pool.

First cast into this new, deeper water and it was off to the races with BIG #'s of steelhead. We didn't move the drift boat for the next 6 hours. I think we did around 18 steelhead. Just by experimenting and figuring out that these fish had not left, they simply were moving into a slower - deeper water type current break solely due to the water temp. dropping. Pheeew! Thank you Lord!! I was finally able to relax and enjoy this Ballistic Missile show of Silver Catapulting Skyward and then Somersaulting like a Jugglers Baton back to earth's atmosphere!.
We had a coupl'a anglers on the bank that sat down and said that they were in "jokingly" protest mode, because we were hitting all the fish!

For the next several steelhead trips I fished this spot and stayed on the fish by continually moving further down each time into the deeper-slower moving water at the head of this pool. Not bragging, but each day we hammered'm! Just when you start to think you know it all, you realize you really dont!
I thought it was interesting how they would continuously move down river  20 to 50 feet each day into the slower deeper part as the water temp. continued to drop.

So to answer your question, yes. I do move around according to what the fish are telling me, which is directly related to water temp. If you listen to them correctly, you WILL be rewarded, as I found out!
The exact same thing happens differently in the Spring time, which is another article for me to write and share with everyone who cares to listen to my ramblings :)
Good question and thanks for writing. I hope I helped,  in some small way. Good luck! Randy
Drift boat fly fishing report for steelhead and salmon on the Salmon River Pulaski NY with guide Ken with a Bright Chrome Fly Fish Steelhead, Congrats!

Which Presentational Tool to use?
As always, fish the river in the method that brings you the most enjoyment. Never believe anyone who says this is the only way, because its not. I always (unless I forget too) tell my guest's that there are many ways to fish this river whether a spin, center pin or fly rod, spey is used. Adapt your preferred method to achieve the most positive results.
One of the most rewarding types of fly fishing for Steelhead is swinging streamers or nymphing with or without a strike indicator (not on the bottom), just like you do for fish that are measured by the inch. :) Traditional - Conventional Fly Fishing. This does have limitations and dont believe anyone who says it does not. By being flexible and understanding what will work with this tool, you'll be able to fish approx. 75% of the river productively, providing it is not to high.

Chuck and Duck fly rod fishing is not traditional fly fishing in anyone's book. It was a method devised by a very well respected past guide who now works for the State in a very distinguished position related to the Salmon River.  His method was adapted to give the fly angler more flexibility and allow them to fish ALL types of water, levels, anytime of the year, any water temperature for all species of fish. It is mentioned in many books explaining the multitude of different presentation techniques. One of which was Tom Rosenbaur's "Orvis Fly Fishing" book.

Using a spinning rod is another productive way to fish the river and it also can be rigged in a number of different ways to achieve your preferred presentational goal. High water is when this type of rod really shines. Most of the time, the spinning rod will out fish the above two types of presentational tools. Simply because it can cover more water, more adequately. Its more mechanical. You can throw it further, faster, easier, retrieve the line quicker, etc.. Ever heard the ol expression, the more time your bait or fly spends in the water the better your chances? :) In one long cast with a spinning rod, (many of the better spots on this river require this, especially in the Winter time) I can cover 5 times the amount of water that I can using a fly rod. So in 1 hour of using the spinning rod, It would take me 5 hours of fishing to cover the same water with a fly rod. Funny way to look at it, but its true....
Now I just pissed off all the fly guys!  :)

Whether your doing traditional fly fishing, C and D with a fly rod or using  a spinning rod, all have their advantages and disadvantages dependent on a number of variables. The most experienced angler's I know are flexible. Normally, but not always, using which ever rod and or presentational technique that will offer them the greatest fish catching opportunities.
If these few helpful tips, reports, ramblings help just one angler have a more enjoyable, productive fishing trip up here, then Im happy! I hope you are too! :) Randy

Interesting Salmon River NY Fishing Mail Bag Question:
Randy, A large rock beneath the surface reveals its presence with a boil or some other telltale sign that can be read by the observant angler. Now, does a 12 pound steelhead reveal itself in the same way? Can the observant angler read the surface of the river and determine the presence of fish?
I was on a drift fishing web site where the author/angler described (with photos) of surface fish  tracks that indicated the presence of salmon or steel beneath the surface. This was by surface texture alone. Thanks, Rick

Hi Rick, Yes, sometimes. I see fish all the time when I drift over them with the drift boat. An angler may see a steelhead role, flash, boil, males fighting in the Spring, spawning in the shallows, etc..
You can see them also when there is a group of them pushing water, which is what we call it. I guess "surface fish tracks" and also "surface texture" is another way to word it?
It's not all that unusual to the observant angler. Normally, you see this when ever we have a large concentration of fish that are in a transitional state. I've seen it with both Salmon and Steelhead during there normal migratory run's up the river and sometime down river when they have been spooked.

What’s funny is when you can see a large # of fish rooster tailing up the shallow rapids below you. The anticipation builds as you see them getting closer so you can fish for them!! Or, you see a large "push" - "wave" of water coming your way thru the calmer water.
Then an un-observant angler walks across the river in there area and they ALL spook down river, pushing more water and then rooster tailing down the rapids merrily along. So much for the anticipation of what WAS coming your way! :)
It looks like a wave moving up or down the river. Normally it will be a large school of fish, but not always, maybe just 2-3 or a dozen. Best, Randy

Rick, On a funnier note. I have had many Salmon run into myself or clients as we cross the river in the dark, getting to a good spot. One time I had a lady by the shoulder to help her cross. She screamed so LOUD, I thought my ear drum was going to explode!
A big ol King Salmon had run into her legs and surprised her as we were crossing. She nearly fell in, thank goodness I had a hold of her :) Never a dull moment on this river! :) yukyuk

Why are these fish just like you and I?
Keep in mind that we have 2 different types of steelhead in the river. They are the same, but different in the sense that some are in a transitional mode (Moving up or down the river - coming or going) while others are in a holding mode until something says move. (Spawning in the Spring, higher or lower water, temperature of water, predators (us = pressure) etc...
Some of these area's are simply transitional lyes, only used while in transition, area's to catch their breath and maybe hold for the afternoon or night. Before moving on looking for a good holding lye, that offer's  them everything they need for an extended period to eat, survive or reproduce.

They need the same 3 things that we do to survive. Safety, comfort from the environment = quality current break and food. Some habitat's to fish are a combination of transitional AND holding lyes. These are my number 1 target or high % spot's, normally.
Why do they stop along the way to rest in the Transitional lyes?
The example I like to use is yourself, climbing a long set of stairs, hauling 3 big ol Salmon weighing 75 pd's on a stringer behind you, on a hot Sept. day, in your neoprene waders, after a long tiresome - rewarding day of playing with a bunch of big'ol King Salmon, after walking a mile into your favorite spot and another mile walking out. (Just like I used to do on an almost daily basis, back in the good ol days :)

I know I would take at least a few breaks on the loong walk back and also as I stepped up those never ending, looong stairs back to the parking lot. :) Sa-zamm, you've got it. :0 The fish are just like you and I.
Every time we stop to catch our breath are the same thing's that I call transitional resting spots for your fish. All species of fish that run this river do the same as we do when needing a break.
These are your transitional resting holding spots that are only used when we have fish that are in a transitional state.
All Fall, Winter and Spring these spot's will produce some mighty nice fishing opportunities for all of you and should never be over looked. Many times the average angler pass's these places by and allows you to fish for fresh, uneducated, HOT fish.

You never try to fish for fish while they are in motion, at least I dont, only when they have stopped. The length of time they will hold in each specific type of structure-current break is determined by a number of factors Ive written about before.
Primarily - The quality of the current break determines the length of time any fish will hold in it. The spots where they will hold the longest are preferred, giving you the greatest opportunity.

One of my favorites is a hole, depression, or simply put a current break at the very top of rapids. The fish get tired running the rapids and a current break at the top is like you reaching the top of those stairs. Your tired, out of breath, (at least us ol'farts are :) and happy to be done with them. You might even just stand there for a minute to catch your breath. Just like climbing a hill. The fish are no different.
On your travels from fishing you need to stop and get your fish cleaned, (transitional stops) then you need to stop and get some ice for your cooler, (transitional holding) then dinner and a beer, (transitional holding) then finally you have reached your lodging for the night. (Prime Transitional Holding)
Then the next day you drive home. Upon reaching home, your what I call "A Happy Fish :) You have everything to survive in one place! (Prime Holding Lye)
The quick stops you made after fishing are similar to fish resting while they are running the river. The length of your quick stop was determined by what your goals were. The fish's goals are to rest only long enough until they feel comfortable enough to move further until reaching there Prime Lye.

Prime Holding Lye:

1. Safety from predators - Normally this is deeper water, but not always.
2. Food, which can come in many different forms and can be picked up or delivered to you. Normally the most productive, quickest, easiest way I can get my food is the best. The fish are no different. This equates to using the most productive presentation technique that you can deliver your food to the fish the fastest, easiest, most natural looking way possible. Anytime you can make it easier for any species of fish to feed, anywhere in the world, you increase the odds of hooking up.
3. Qaulity Current Break - Allows the fish to use as little energy as possible. Just like us, if we expend more energy than what we receive out of our food sources, we would starve to death.
In closing, you should always fish your transitional holding resting waters and also your prime holding waters, whenever we have fish that are in a transitional stage, which we normally always do.
Hope this has helped a lil to better understand just one of the many things along this path of fishing knowledge.
Good Luck to all of you ! Fish ON!! Randy
Fly fishing Salmon River Pulaski NY fly fish has Salmon River fly fish report off drift boat Fly fishing Salmon River Pulaski NY A Brown Trout and a Steelhead caught while fly fishing the Salmon River in Pulaski NY during the Holidays

Thursdays -
Salmon River Pulaski NY Steelhead Drift Boat Guide Fly Fishing Report:
Occasional problem uploading - updating, so please bear with me. This friday open, call me early by 6 am and we will go out. Seeing more fish than I have all season. Tons of opportunities ALL day long. I have a good thing going now, so I hope the crowds dont impede on the productivity we are having. No one around. Like Alaska. Only open date is April 24 Monday. High-water has helped me. Until 11:59 PM Fri APR 07, 1,500 CFS Im personally loving this flow and finding the fishing better than average for my guest's.
If useing flies you could try woolly buggers for drop backs in black and purple. If targeting egg eating fish stationed behind the egg layers, try a glow bug fished 6-12 inch's of the bottom. Normal flies are caddis and stones. Heard some folks were in the UFZ for the opener at 3am and earlier?
I didn't guide today as my guest canceled last minute. He was nice enough to pay me in full for the day knowing that I could have booked it easily with more notice and it was not my fault that we were not able to go. I have a short window to make a living, so this type of "making it right, as he put it" gesture from long time client's is greatly appreciated. :)
April 24 Monday just canceled and is open. :) Another prime time Steelhead date in my opionion. My personal favorite time to fish. Last year we landed two 20 lb. Steelhead in April while fly fishing, among many smaller 8 to 12 lb'rs. Bring your sunscreen and a good heart!. :)

Salmon River Pulaski NY Steelhead Drift Boat Guide Fly Fishing Reports and Ramblings - Weekly report:
Over the last week my guest's and myself have found a mixed bag of fishing opportunities. I enjoyed the 1,800 cfs as the opportunities around this area and close by were as good as they get and endless. Between Drift Boat, Wade, Fly, Spin, Float, Bait, Flies, Trib's, Diversions off the S.R. and the Salmon River. I found the fishing to be overall from ok, to challenging, to pretty good, real good and amazing.
Heard a really funny story the other day while guiding with one of the most senior guides on this river. We were laughing so hard we almost fell into the river! It seams a local "know it all" guide took his clients "for a ride" (pun intended), on an 8 hour round trip drive to find some fish in a ditch, when in reality there were plenty of fishing opportunities around here. :)
Most folks are finding the fishing challenging presently, unless your in the -. I'd guess there's approx. 100 Steelhead in there presently. Everyone was hooking up. No joke. Lil crowded, but still enjoyable and everyone enjoying themselves in the warm weather. We took the drift boat down mid morning and
enjoyed the beautiful ride. Time to break out the sunscreen! Heard that their is approx.. 9 inch's of water saturated snow up on the tug. :) Super! Things can and often do change around here in a day. Expect more water in some of the local tribs with some fresh  steelhead running in.

Mail Bag for the Salmon River in Pulaski NY:
Hello Randy, Just wanted to know before i go get supplies for the trip are those hooks you told me to get for the glo bugs also?? New Mustad Signature Series Hook - CO68 Wet/Nymph Caddis - 2x Heavy / 2x Short. Doug
Hi Doug, Yes, you can use that hook or the one that Mustad and my friend Jeff suggests. They are a lil heavier to make up for the buoyancy of glo bug yarn materials. Try to cover a lot of the hook when tying to disguise it. Also, tie some micro egg patterns. Cream is the #1 color that most of us guides use. Oregon Cheese and Niagara color's are also good. Best, Randy

The Glo Bug
By Jeff Pierce
Materials List:
Hooks: Mustad Signature C67S (Egg hook) in size10.
I tie a lot of Glo Bugs in sizes 10, 12 and 14. 
Thread: Wapsi 140 in fluorescent pink
Body: Glo Bug Branded yarn.
I tie them in a variety of colors.
I'm still hoping to write a couple of ramblings or articles on the "Hole within the hole" and "Kids Fishing 101" before the end of the season.
Guest Salmon River NY Testimonial's:
Randy , thanks for everything, we both loved our time - it was a blast...the picture turned out great and im pumped about that ... Sj couldn't have been happier - he had a great time as well of course... once again thanks for everything and hope to see you on the water sometime again...Beck

Randy, My brother Steve and I would like to thank you for another sensational two days of fishing with you ! Once again we hammered the fish even though we were fishing in terrible conditions.(1800 cfs.gusting winds, extreme wind chill) Your thorough understanding and knowledge of these fish really showed through! We came away with a quality outing and the most rewarding factor of the trip was the knowledge that you passed on to us.Each time we go out with you we leave with a wealth of new information that we apply to our own fishing.You are a true professional and a very inspirational teacher.
Thank You, Mark Senosk I have enclosed a couple of pictures from the day after fishing with you. These are just a couple of the 16 steelhead we hooked into thanks to the knowledge we gained from you.
Mark and Beck, Thanking you both for your more than kind and generous words! I could not be happier that you found the day rewarding in many many ways. Best Fish's, Randy

Thursday 3/16  Salmon River Reports and Ramblings:

Skunked! I have not had one of these in awhile and I'd like to try to keep it that way. :) Possible new game plan for Mondays trip. Fished the Salmon River off the drift boat with Wednesday's clients up top (at my guest's request after discussing "more than likely" poor drift boat fishing opportunities, but you never know :) Had some opportunities, but no go. My guest's had such an incredible day of fishing on Wed. (report below) that they have asked me to not post anything related to location of water fished. I will respect their wish's. They are fishing in this area over the next few days (Jefferson and Oswego Counties) and preferred for me to not speak about there whereabouts on here due to it's vast reaching capabilities. Sorry!
Water's up - 1,800 cfs Still fishable. This flow will further concentrate the fish and make it the easiest time ever to find a good place to fish. Just look for ANY slow water. (Add in gravel someplace surrounding this slower water to increase your opportunities even further) It's as simple as spread'n soft but'a on a warm muff'n. :)
Some fish are digging, most are not. We might just get lucky this Spring and not have the normal 2-6 day period where "everything" is flooded due to run-off. :) This might be the first Spring in a looooong time where this might happen. I think we all would enjoy this normal Spring ritual not to happen.
Until 11:59 PM Tue MAR 21, 1,800 CFS
All published flows are approximate and forecasts are estimates only. Actual flows will vary and can change quickly at any time. Always be alert and wear an approved flotation device. Never go in or near the water until you know and accept the risks you are assuming by being in this area!

(Yup, it's already time for a commercial break ;)
Guest Salmon River Pulaski NY Fishing Report and Testimonial:
Randy, I just wanted to thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge to make our trip on March 10 an unbelievable experience for us.  With me having 8 to 9 hookups on steelhead, and my friend Tim with somewhere between 5 to 6 steelhead - that is more fish on in a single day than some people have for an entire weekend.  I'm a true believer in that hot spot on "Pucker Brush Creek #5", and in your techniques to reach down deep where the big ones sleep:)
As a matter of fact, Tim and I went back on our own the next day - and the fish were there waiting for us just like you said they would be.  Again we had a combined count of over 10 steelhead - and Tim had the hot hand that day with his 6 weight fly rod.  Our only regret was that we did not have enough days left to explore some of the other high percentage areas you showed us - we had to go back to work sometime.
Who says old dogs can't learn new tricks?:)?:)  Me and Tim have been coming up there for over 15 years, and yet we still learned a few valuable lessons from you - thanks again.  I'm just sorry that the season is almost winding down - definitely want to get back up there for another trip.
I would highly recommend you to anyone - beginner or experienced steelheader - it's the combination of little things and techniques that make all the difference in the world.  Feel free to pass on my contact information if you need any references for anglers - I would be more than happy to vouch for your professionalism, knowledge, and stream courtesy to fellow anglers anytime. Thank You, Ted
Salmon River Ny Steelhead Fly Fish Report Anthony with a large Male Steelhead. Notice the bump on the lower jaw and the red stripe. That tells you its a male.

Wednesday 3/15 Salmon River Pulaski NY Drift Boat Guide Steelhead Fly Fishing Reports and Ramblings:

At the request of my guest's - Undisclosed Fishing Location. They are fishing this location the next few day's and did not want to draw anymore attention to it by having 1,000's of Steelhead anglers reading about it here. I'm sorry.
Cold, windy, blustery Winter's day out there.
My guest's hammered them today! We got 100% out of that wind, except for the occasional puff and stayed as warm as could be. Only until we hiked back to their car did we feel what it was actually doing and within seconds our fingers started to sting. It was VERY comfortable fishing and playing with an over abundance of Steelhead did not hurt either. I was very surprised at the large numbers they tangled with.  Amazing! I think we set a record for this year. Which means we fought less than 30, but more than 20. Last year at this time my same two guest's had two incredible Steelhead days where they did numbers around 19 steelhead one day and another in the upper 20'ish Steelhead the next. I wish everyday was even half or a quarter as good as this one was. The last 4 or 5 fishing reports pretty much sum's up fishing in the Eastern end of Lake Ontario Tributaries presently. Randy

Tuesday 3/14  Salmon River Drift Boat Guide Steelhead Fly Fishing Reports and Ramblings
Current approx. flow around Pineville at 5 am. this morning was 1,670 cfs. The additional water was coming from Orwell Creek which was a little out of its banks. At 5pm. the approx. flow is 1,680 from Pineville.
Until 7:00 PM today, 1,000 CFS From 7:00 PM today until 11:59 PM Fri, 1,800 CFS
All published flows are approximate and forecasts are estimates only. Actual flows will vary and can change quickly at any time. Always be alert and wear an approved flotation device. Never go in or near the water until you know and accept the risks you are assuming by being in this area!
We had to work for our fish today with 4 Steelhead being tangled with. A few steelhead have started to move to the gravel, etc... (If you want to read below a little ways, it goes into greater detail about the cycle of life they are in and the fun challenges it present's too the angler.)
The wind, sun, clouds, snow and sleet made the day interesting and more challenging, in my opionion. The water going up is a very normal occurrence at this time of the year. It makes things a little more interesting. More wind for tomorrow it looks like. I'll try to have an update for you later this week.

3/10  Friday Salmon River Pulaski NY Steelhead Drift Boat Guide Fishing Report:
(Middle of S.R. - Drift Boat, All Blind Casting, Spinning Rods, mostly Floats, Bottom Bouncing too, Egg Sacks - Blue was the best color we found that day)
I could easily write a book about today's high flying, adrenaline filled, Steelhead somersaulting, rocketing straight up 4 feet, tail walking antics and the most valuable in my opionion was knowledge. :) You can catch a fish any day of the week, but it's that one thing that once you receive it, you'll always have it. It can be passed on to friends, relatives, your kids and especially other anglers.
We were all new once, right? I know I was and if it was not for the kindness of other anglers like yourself. I would not be here today, exchanging some of the helpful things that were shared with me many flies ago for free.
Will.... actually not for free. Your time is of value and I appreciate it! :)

Good numbers of Steelhead to none were found Friday between Pineville and 2A by my "over 15 years of experience" guest's off the drift boat. 10 or so fish all came from one of the better chrome hold'n spots. All in the tail. The others (4 or so) came from some of the other runs, hole's within the hole, current breaks, seams, area's they like to relax in. One Chub'ster, one 12 inch Brown, a lil smolt and a couple bigger Steelhead (in the 6 to 10 pound range approx.) So my experienced guest's played with a total of around 14 nice ones. :)

The secret to our success's over many years?

Normally we will fish 6-7 different spots per day and normally will find them that way. The more spots, the more you learn, the more you learn the better angler you become, in my opionion. Even if the fishing is slow, you still come away at days end a better angler. This "better angler", now has the capabilities of positively, confidently pursuing and catching these normally challenging species of fish for the rest of their lives.
Besides learning new spots, the most important thing you will be learning and perfecting by fishing a number of different and unique places will be the very most important aspect of fishing, which is the "art" of fine tuning #1, presentation.
Each new spot places different and new challenges to perfecting your 100% drift if you truly want to try to be a member of the 10% club. :) Like a snow flake, each area to be fished has it's own unique flavor which will challenge your technique of always trying to perfect and achieve a 100% drift.
It's this change through out the course of the day that will help you to remember and perfect yours and mine #1 goal. Presentation.
In closing, I guess you could say that The secret to our success's? would simply be presentation.

Salmon River Tip:
Every new spot you'll need to learn the proper drift first, before fishing it :) I normally give myself 4-6 cast's (drift's) first to acquire the necessary information needed to consistently and productively cover my water and try my best to run 100% drift's. Very few anglers do this, but you can be assured that many of the 10%'rs do. (10%'rs are the 10% that catch 90% of the fish :) In the last few weeks fishing 6-7spots is how we have succeeded in finding the most steelhead. But, only by learning the drift first, then trying to catch some, did my guest's achieve their many success's.

I personally would wet a line anywhere along the entire length of the Salmon River and beyond. Fish are top to bottom. I know you'll have an enjoyable time and I would bet that you'll tie into some fish also.

Salmon River NY Steelhead Drift Boat Guide Fishing Mail Bag:
If your not into steelhead numbers, please do not read this :)
Randy, I'm looking forward to our trip. The chance to use a spey fly rod would be a great experience. I know that I speak for my brother when I say that last years trip with you was our most productive day ever, BOTH experience gaining and fish catching we have had up in the river. 30 Steelhead hook ups in one day . Gotta love it. Steve
Steve, Super!! We must have either fished a near by trib. or the Slam'n Salmon River after a major push of freshies arrived? Pucker Brush Creek? (The one behind the ol Ames building ? :)
The   -    during the Winter when they stacked up like cord word, as they sometimes do? One of the -- ?
A day the water came up and the fish turned on heavy in one or more pools? We could have found several nice pod's in the river in the Feb. time frame? These are all ways (plus some others) that we have experienced these types of big fish number days.

We will probably easily double those numbers on our day. :) Its always, (yukyuk) that easy. :O Best Fish's, Randy
Fly Fishing reports on the Salmon River Pulaski NY for monster Steelhead and Salmon Garry with another nice male steelhead.

Wednesday Salmon River Pulaski NY Steelhead Drift Boat Guide Fly Fishing Report:
Wed. Water dropping at 4PM to 4,000 cfs Until 11:59 PM Thu DEC 01, 2,300 CFS
Everything looks good for Fridays trip. Beautiful, can't wait! Get your rods ready for some "Fish On!"  Look for fish to be EVERYWHERE in any and all Lake Ontario Tribs.
Lots and lots of skippers (what we call all of those small 1-2 lb. Steelhead) around. This is normally a good indication of how many will return next year as bigger 2 year old steelhead. Lot's of  Jack's (small Salmon) good numbers for next season. :)

Wednesday Salmon River Fly Fishing Report at 7 am

Until 11:59 PM Thu DEC 01, 5,000 CFS - Wed. - Thurs. trips canceled.
Next weeks trips are still on. Pheww, we just got a ton of rain! Not raining now. Fresh fish coming in! Get your rods ready for some "Fish On!"  Look for fish to be EVERYWHERE in any and all Lake Ontario Tribs., once water drops. :) Will contact if anything changes. :) Randy
Updated 11/30 - Wed 6:30 am.:
S.R. at Pineville 5,170 cfs Plus and rising. Flood conditions.
Updated 11/30 - Wed 4am.:
S.R. Current flow- 3,530 PLUS
Oswego, 15,000 cfs, other trib's 6'500 cfs.
Canceled today's trip at 3:30 am. I'll still work the day, but out of the office, which is on dry land, warm. :) All local water's are blown today, at least in my opinion. Will appraise later today for tomorrow's trip. I've got a few spot's up my sleeve that produce with these flows. :O
I'll draw you a map, and I'll meet you there. No please, you first, I insist, what are friends for :) I here the fishing is pretty good if you stand on Rt. 13 and cast into the ditch! Yukyuk! Best Fish's, Randy

Tuesday Salmon River Pulaski NY Steelhead Drift Boat Guide Fly Fishing Report:
High winds, heavy rain in the afternoon, and still raining heavily, 1,500 cfs plus run-off with fly rods. Fished 1 to 3 feet off the bottom with BIG, BRIGHT Salmon sized glow bugs. One of my guest's lost one big Steelhead and a Brown and landed another Brown. Final hole of the day was on fire. They played with something like 7 (plus some we did not count) steelhead in this location, landing one Steelie, which was pretty good in this flow. At one point we had a double! ye-haa. Saw fish being hooked up by others which was GREAT to see, but did not see any others landed. So all in all, we had a great day with the fly rods.

Mail Bag:

Hi Randy, I am looking for your opinion on my fly rod setup in which I have been having problems with lately. I have been recently fishing a.027 running line followed with 15# amnesia (nail knotted), then blood knotted to 12#, then 10# maxima to a spro barrel swivel. I then usually fish 7#grand max fluorocarbon to my fly. I usually attach my weight just above the barrel swivel, but have recently played with a tag from the top barrel swivel.
As for my problem, I have been loosing my entire leader from the running line on bottom hang-ups. I have no problems with fish as my drag takes over, but when I hang up hard on the bottom, I loose the entire leader as the shock leader strips the running line and separates. I am using a high grade running line (Rio), so I do not feel that is my problem. I also fished as low as .024 running line back in September for the summer steelies and had no problems.
Do I need to go to .031 running line, or lighted up on my leader rigging? Appreciate any advice you could lend as I have been getting too frustrated to keep fishing this set-up. Thanks in Advance, Dave

Hi Dave, Your fly rod rigging is fine, its simply more a presentational issue. To many knots, to many places for it to fail. I lose everything too when I get a real bad hang up. Running a better drift may help? Under a tight line with no bow in it sub-surface or surface at all? Longer butt section?
Fishing where there are not as many snags might help? Bouncing your tip 1-2 inch's on every pause or hesitation, stop, etc....might help? To much weight? To many presentation things to write all of them out.

Instead of shot use slinkies, many, many less hang ups. Try to fish off the bottom to ALL of the suspended fish.

Placing your split shot above the swivel can also cause you to lose everything from there down. The dropper tag off your barrel swivel for your split shot is one of the ways I've done it for years. That way, all you have to do normally is just replace the split shot.
I've found after much trial and error. I use a 6 inch piece of 15 pd. mono. Tie an over hand knot thru your barrel swivel, so you have 2 tags. This holds your weight the best so it does not fall off when casting as much and will also release nicely on those snags.

Get rid of all the different things you are tying together.
Keep it simple (KISS)
I put a single loop in the end of my running line. Surgeons loop, but only once through. Use a .020 diameter (20 lb.) running line for Steelhead (.030 dia. approx.(30 lb.) for Salmon) and the loop knot will pass through the guides easily.
Then use a single piece of 8-10 lb. straight mono (no reason for a taper at all when chucking) lighter butt section (pound test), better drift. (less bow). You can even run 6 lb. :) The length can be a lil shorter than your rod and that way many times you can easily cast with the weight out of the water and knot outside your tip. If it comes inside your tip no biggy, mine does all the time with no problems. Once in a great while it gets caught but no biggy, just recast. Id rather recast once in a great while than lose all of my rigging to the bottom.
Tie a surgeons loop knot in the butt section (again once through) No need for twice in my opinion.
Then do a loop to loop. Easy simple, quick change system. KISS
This goes to your barrel or snap if that's how you rig.
Instead of a long time to tie blood knot, keep it simple and tie a surgeons knot. Thats what I use, fresh or salt water. Its faster and have not had any issues with it ever breaking.
My rig's break off too sometimes all the way, its normally always a poor drift or presentation that causes it. BUT, at least this way it takes me 5 minutes to retie it all instead of 5 hours. :) Just kidding. Hope this has helped, Randy
Fly Fishing the Salmon River Pulaski NY for incredible Salmon and Steelhead with Drift Boat Guide Randy Jones Mickey with another large Male Steelhead. Holy Cowabunga Dude!
Hello Mr. Jones,
I came upon your site while visiting the website. You mention your fly of the year. I am relatively new to fly fishing and fly tying. Would you be so kind to tell me where do you buy beaver dubbing, Angora goat (spike) dubbing, and the red and black flash that are needed for the fly. I looked on the Orvis and Cabelas websites and I can't find anything by these names. Does it go by something else. Thank you for your time helping me get started. Regards, Joe

Hi Joe.
Orvis should have it. Please try calling their 800#. Ask for their technical rep. If they do not have it he can help guide you to where you can get it. Also, call you local fly shop. If they do not have it, then they can easily order it. Should not be a problem as the materials are a normal tying material. At least for me anyway. You can also, easily substitute something else for that fly, the Orvis adviser will know. You dont even really need the flash. Also, if you add flash, make sure you mix it before applying. I hope this has helped a little, Randy

Update :)
Until 11:59 PM Thu DEC 01, 1,500 CFS :) Ever feel like a yo-yo? :)  Keeps getting better and better! I thought this might happen, last week when I looked at the weather forecast, etc... I was surprised to see them drop it so soon and all the way to 350 cfs.

Monday Salmon River NY Fly Fishing Report and Ramblings:
With a high wind warning and above average temperatures look for much of the snow that is left to be gone. Most of the snow that fell compressed into about 5 nice inch's, and is quickly disappearing. Felt more like Spring out there today than early Winter. Chance for rain tomorrow also.
Today my guest's were on fire, they could do no wrong when it came to 90% Steelhead and 10% Brown Trout, something like landing 7 for 9 approx. Breaking off the biggest Steelhead of approx. 15 lb's.

My guest's have been out with me 7-8 times and I dont understand it, but they keep coming back for more. I can't seem to shake them.
I tried telling them I was booked up solid for the next 20 years and that I had several other very professional guides that would be happy to take them out, but no way. I guess I'm stuck with them. :)
Noticed some other folks having some luck also, which is always nice to see. I'd bet even I, could have caught one today. :)

Steelhead Tip:
Water temp. was approx. 36-38 degrees at 6am. Fair # of fish in their Winter waters, some still in the heat gobbling up eggs and the rest in transition. M-M good!
Over 90% of my guest's fish have come on Suspended bait and or flies - (not touching bottom once on the drift with the weight, using bobbers, strike indicators or nothing at all)
Spinning rods - Blue egg sacks.
Fly rods - have done the BEST on BIG BRIGHT Salmon Egg size Glow Bugs in Oregon Cheese (Orange) Niagara (Yellow), Cream, Pink and Red. Also a few aquatics.
When taking our fly out of one of the fish's mouth's, I also took out an olive woolly bugger bead head that was still stuck in there.

Im very sorry, but Im buried with work.

I'd like to apologize for my late replies on my emails, I always like to try to return them within a 12 to 24 hour period but I've been busier than ever before. In the last 4 in secession scheduled holiday days off, I put in 12-14 hours each day to try to catch up. I have not.
But, I'd rather be this busy than the other way. :) Ill get back to you when time allows. Thanks for understanding! Randy

My new rod! :)

Orvis Spey Series 12-1/2 foot. 3 piece, Medium flex, 7/8 weight.
Traditional Spey casting, high sticking deep slots runs pockets -fast white water and pools, center pinning, spinning rod-reel, fly rod -reel, real egg's and their fly imitations, all flies, Salmon, Steelhead. Etc... It can do it all. One rod for everything. :)
Stay tuned, TONS of fish pictures from recent trips coming soon, to a lap top near you. (Once time allows) Thanks, Randy

At 5pm Thursday we have blizzard like conditions.
The wind is howling and the snow is falling sideways. I bet there are a few less dicks in the pool and your favorite spot is wide open now. :) Were going to have some moderating temp's next week with a chance for some rain in the forecast. Hmmm......

Friday Salmon River Pulaski NY Steelhead Drift Boat Guide Update:
The water has just dropped - Until 11:59 PM Thu DEC 01, 350 CFS
Expect the fishing in some spots to be incredible for at least the next 3-5 days. Some places will stay good longer than others, some will only be reeeel good for a couple days. (More on this later)
Today while running errands I could at times see no further than 100 yards. Im guessing that most of these conditions are just along the Lake O. area? All roads are cleaning up nicely as is always the case. Everyone is open and it's business as usual.
We are sooooo used to lake effect snow, that even 1 - 2 feet of snow is considered just a dusting, at least for me anyway. :) Lil slush in the water off the short bridge at noon time. Winds have gone away for now and its beautiful outside.
Friday afternoon Update:
At 1pm it is sunny outside. We probably got about a foot here in town, since it all started. More on the way, most likely. We got about 5-6 inch's between 10 and noon. :) If your up here fishing then I probably do not have to tell you how good the fishing was. Once the fish get acclimated to this lower flow, it should be great!! With the warming trend arriving next week, I expect to see you all here fishing while wet wading, dont forget your sun screen! :) Over and out, Randy
Enjoy drift boat guide fly fishing report for steelhead or salmon on the Salmon River in Pulaski NY Another pic. from the Trophy page that makes me smile :) Teresa (what a smile) with her FIRST fish EVER in her entire life! (A Honk'a of 16lb.approx. steelhead.)

Steelhead Fly Fishing Salmon River NY Mail Bag:
Dear Randy;
My brother and law, Dave Carrier, and cousin, Bill Lipe utilized your services in Chatham, Mass a few years ago.  I was always impressed with your ladder technique for spotting Strippers, passing through the channel.
I travel up to the Salmon river each fall with four guys from church.  This year was very successful, as the water level began to drop three weeks ago.  My forearm is still sore, as I had between eight to twelve hook-ups/day.  Last year I caught a 23.5lb Coho on an 8wt Orvis TLS Tipflex 10..  What a thrill for the first time out Salmon fishing.  I did not know it was an IFGA world record at the time, according to the Portly Angler.   My son Austin(18), and Ben( 16), have now seen me come home with large quantities of Salmon, and pictures. 
They are interested in going. I would like to introduce them to Salmon fishing, where they have a good chance for success, and was thinking of you. Austin has never fly fished but is interested as long as he catches fish.  He is a big kid, and am not too worried about him wading. Ben enjoys flytying, and flyfishing and is very interested in catching Salmon or Steelhead. Do you have any suggestions for the March/April 2006 timeframe in Pulaski? I am interested in making this a trip one to remember for them! Thanks again for your advice.
Respectfully,  Mark

Hi Mark and Son's,
I can tell your excitement by the tone of your email and how much you want to share this with your kids. :)   I agree! :)
Might I recommend Salmon for them first?
There are tons and tons more of them, when you time it just right. Easier to catch (than Steelhead) only because you tend to have many more around and they stock them much heavier.
Mar. and Apr. would be Steelhead, a different ball game. I love the first 2 weeks in April the most out of all the months for a large number of reasons. (To many to go into now) Not as many steelhead around as salmon and requires a lot of concentration and we all love going through the ol learning curve, which some achieve quickly and other's it takes longer. Rarely do we hit any Steelies until we have progressed far enough through the learning curve to get a very good and consistent presentation. Just like anything else in life.
Before I write anything more I should let you know that I only take 2 anglers out tops. I can only, professionally, give 100% to 2 anglers and I wont allow myself to give anything less. So we would need to easily hire another guide.
Im sure you understand. Thanks very much for thinking of me! Randy

Monomoy Island Sight Fly Fishing Flats Mail Bag
Hi Randy, Richard is 18 now.  He is not an accomplished fly fisherman, but did well fishing steelies w/ you (the phenomenal day).  Probably he would need to spin fish, as I dont think he can cast well enough for sight fishing...depends- what kind of distance is required?  I would prefer to fly fish, if the two can be mixed.  If not, we'll go with the best common denominator.  I think either way we would probably prefer the late summer time...if nothing else, I would prefer to see/fish for bigger fish, even if we catch less. Thanks, Dave

Hi Dave, Yes, we can do both easily. I forgot to mention that we can only sight fish if we have the sun to see'm on the flats. Or if they are breaking on the surface, birds working, this is another form of sightfishing where mother nature needs to be a lil helpful. Sometimes we can see their tails as they do what we call tailing. (This is normally a rare occurrence and not something to plan or depend on.) If no sun then we would work the surrounding area's on and around the flats. These area's are used for feeding, transitioning, trapped by the tide dropping with no way out for them (but they still feed :) and holding water's until the tide changes. Also area's where the water drains off the flats into a larger body of water where the fish tend to feed on whatever is being flushed off the flat that day.
Normally you need to be able to throw it (fly rod) 50-60 feet fast (they are a moving target on the flats) and accurately (mid - late season they normally will not go out of their travel lane much at all) . Throw in wind (very common),  late season normally a longer leader due to education level (anytime you can disguise what your fly is tied too, any species of fish, anywhere in the world, you'll tend to catch and fool a few more), fine diameter leader (again :) anytime you can disguise what your fly is tied too, any species of fish, anywhere in the world, you'll tend to catch and fool a few more. Fine diameter makes it even more challenging to turn the fly over or into the wind, as I use a very special leader formula that can make the difference between catching and fishing :), a fly that feel's like a brick. (Anytime you can make it easier for your fly to be easily seen and easily eat'n, any species of fish, anywhere in the world, you'll tend to catch and fool a few more. These special flies are weighted, some more some less than others which is determined by several things) Now throw in fast (by the time I count to 4 slowly, it should be there, otherwise they will most likely be in Nantucket :) and accurate (on a dime, thank god Im not the one having to cast this :)and you can see why we love sight fishing, very challenging (you are basically challenging your ability level as an angler) especially mid-late summer when they are the biggest (15- 20 lb's which is a nice fish for the flats while sight fishing for them) - smartest they will ever be on the flats. Spin and bait is the #1 way to go for the big smart boys. Still have to be fast and accurate.
Please let me know how you would  like to proceed form here. Best, Randy

Im scheduled off for the next 4 days. Ye-haa. My desk and email folder is presently over flowing.
Maybe I'll get all caught up and have time to write some new articles and do my laundry. You can only turn your underwear inside out so many times before you HAVE to do your laundry. :)
(I need to come up with some new material! ;) Best Fish's,  Randy

Monday Salmon River Pulaski NY Steelhead Drift Boat Guide Fly Fishing Report:    and extra special Tip:
Today my guest's and I went for a little hike to fish Pucker Brush Creek #3.0 S.W. Longitude - latitude, sorry, just having fun :)
We fished by ourselves all day and were rewarded with several Steelhead and Browns to play with. Also, had shot's at several other's. We refined and improved on an old technique and it worked like magic. Almost to good. We rigged as if we were fishing bottom with a spin and or fly rod. We were fishing a current break that had a lot of fast white water running over it. But, upon tapping bottom ONCE with fly rod at 12, we slowly raised our rod tips approx. 6inch's, using a bright, big, Salmon egg size glow bug in (Niagara) Oregon Cheese color never letting it hit bottom again after the initial light tap. This is one of the best times of the season where the fish will travel and go out of its way to intercept your offering. Trying to fatten up for the Winter. All 10 or more browns and Steelhead we have played with recently were all taken by not fishing the bottom, instead elevating everything. Fall and early winter is one of the best times for you to go after them in a more traditional-conventional fly fishing way. Or a spinning rod with a bobber, elevating everything for these normally suspended fish. If your running the bottom a lot, your missing fish and fishing underneath them. I always like to be flexible and adapt to the conditions at hand. Run some on the bottom, then before leaving that spot just raise your tip up and run it off the bottom. Most fish are 1 to 3 feet off the bottom. Browns are closer to the bottom when spawning.

Tuesday Salmon River Pulaski NY Steelhead Drift Boat Guide Fishing Report:
Today while blind casting, we had browns within 20 feet of the bank in the slower water 2-1/2 feet  to 3 feet deep of rippled water. All steelhead and Browns were hooked up within 30 feet of the bank in the slower water. Normally these fish do not hold here because it is way to shallow. Now it is perfect! It's a high water spot. We used spin, bobbers, blue egg sacks (suspended) were the ticket after hitting one on pink, then running blue with more success after experimenting. :)
Until 11:59 PM Thu NOV 24, 1,500 CFS
All published flows are approximate and forecasts are estimates only. Actual flows will vary and can change quickly at any time. Always be alert and wear an approved flotation device. Never go in or near the water until you know and accept the risks you are assuming by being in this area!
For those of you coming up soon, I hope you made a mental note on what day the water just came up and also when it came up before this latest rise, for obvious reasons. This may play a big part in your success and where you might try fishing. Also, please take the water temperature. Think about where you would want to spawn, (Steelhead are being found behind the spawners, Browns) also rest while you navigate up river and or hold for a loooong time on this flow, if you were a fish. :) Tip: Any slow water with depth.

Big Male Steelhead landed on the Salmon River NY with fly fishing drift boat guide What a Trophy Male steelhead! Congrats!!

Urgent Update: Until 11:59 PM Wed NOV 23, 1,500 CFS
 As you all know, the river is NOT crossable, but 100% fishable. :) Get out your spinning rods and smile, life is good!
*** Current reel-time water flow at 10:43 am Sat. - level at Pineville - 1,730 cfs.*** Please be very careful as the river is NOT crossable*** (Thats a lil over 2 gates) I sure hope this did not come up after sunrise today, as some anglers may be trapped on a number of different island's, with no way back except to be rescued or risk swimming - (no way in this water temp. and flow). Water must be coming out of the dam at about 1,500 cfs. The waterline website is still saying 750 cfs. This is what Im always warning you about. You may have been crossing the river this morning in the dark before you even realized something was not right, the water is deeper and faster than normal in 750 cfs, but here you are already in the middle of the river, by yourself, in the dark, trying to get your favorite spot before someone else. You looked at the water line website the night before and figured all was well. Now you are in a dangerous and treacherous spot by yourself in the dark. I don't mean to scare you, but Death could be the possible reality of this. Someone already drowned this year and that was in broad daylight. So please always use caution. Just because they say on their website and or are forecasting a certain flow, it is not always accurate. Myself and other very experienced anglers have almost gotten ourselves into the same scenario as mentioned above. So if anglers with experience can .....
Normally what I do to remain safe is check the water level-flow off the short bridge with my flash light, on my way to work in the dark in the early morning. Or I take a look off 1 of several bridges, etc...  I did not see much run off running through Orwell yesterday. The day before it was chocolate as I drove over the bridge. (Hint ;) Again, please be safe. No fish is worth it!!

Thank God it's Friday Salmon River Fishing Report and Ramblings:
The river has Chrome, all spots hit or miss, work it smart - move, etc... , once you feel you've worked it 100% and no fish its time to move, continue this all day, thats what I do. If you hit some hang around and work the spot some more. Once you've covered it, I'd move, always looking for greener pastures. Never know unless you try other spots. You'll find them sooner or later. If not today, tomorrow. I have to be hitting 1-3 fish per hour or Im simply not hanging around wasting my time when the next hole down the river could be holding the mother load.  I never just stand around all day in the same spot with nothing to show for it. Once Ive worked it, Im gone. No reason to hang. Lots of competition in the most popular spots (I try to stay out of these area's as the ol' Conga line is losing it's appeal to me, even with more fish).

My guest's worked for them today and we all had an enjoyable day of laugh's, few fish to add to the day's fun! Never stood in a single conga line :) trying to catch a fish with lines, hooks, anglers all getting their lines criss crossed and tangled with each other, especially with a fish on. Instead we fished in an almost solitude like setting. M-m good, peaceful, tranquil, wonderful environment with only the sound of your heart pounding, adrenaline racing up your spine, drag singing the fisherman's national anthem, rushing water surrounding you and the many smiles and laughter that filled this Fall day. Dam, I love this job.

Below anglers and friends were my guest's today. Bob Hines, a R.I. Fishing Guide. (Please see his website below) and John Halnon, a professional photographer for hire. He has a vast amount of stock photo's for your company to use in it's publications whether it be Saltwater or Freshwater that your article is covering. His work has been displayed around the world in every conceivable type of print media.
Please visit Bob's web site at
Photo Credit's all belong to John A. Halnon -

How many of you remember when I recently mentioned the slug of steelies that came into the river in numbers? Why was it? How long ago was that? How long approx. does it take for them to run the river? Approx. how many miles per day do they run? Do they all stay together all the way up or do they tend to scatter? Do any of them stop along the way and call that home for awhile until they have good reason to move? Where approx. would they be in the river presently? All of this and much more has been rambled on about by me for many years, so no reason for me to tell you exactly where there at. You'll easily be able to figure it out to hopefully help you catch a few more Steelies. More good numbers arriving daily. (hint - wink :) Do you think a nice push entered the river recently with the additional run-off? Maybe today with the water increase? By george you've got it!

Brrrrrr, first cold one of the season today. Today was actually very very pleasant. Not to cold and not to hot, especially after chasing down a few red hot Steelhead. :)
Salmon River Pulaski NY Steelhead Fishing Mail Bag Testimonials:
Hi Jeff, Thanks again for a fun day! How did you do on your own? Best fish's, Randy

Hey Randy,
Paul and I had a great time on the trip with you and the success we had on the rest of the trip was the result of what you taught us.  I attached a few pics from the next couple of days of fishing but believe me we caught a lot more fish and have a lot more pics than these.  I have a lot more confidence fishing the river and don't feel like I have to fish around all the crowds and popular spots to catch fish anymore.  The respect I have for the river and fish has grown.  Please continue to promote ethical fishing practices, catch and release, etc.  All fish we caught were released as will any fish I catch there in the future.  Thanks for posting the information about handling the fish and keeping them out of the water as little as possible.  I need to remind myself of this also and do a better job.  I could keep going on here but I know you are busy.
I would like to get out again before the new year but will probably only be able to fish again in the spring.  Hopefully we can fish together again in the future.  I'll recommend you to anyone I know who is heading out your way to fish.  Good luck with the rest of the season.
Thanks again,  Jeff

Hi Randy,
I am hoping that you will post this on your site. I wanted to share my experience with you and some of your clients (past, present, and future). As you know, I have been fishing with you a few times and have learned many things about the Salmon River from you. This year, my uncle and I decided that we would try more conventional flyfishing methods for those lightning fast chromies. So, i removed my extra weight, put on different types of nymph and egg patterns, drifted it dead with no weight on nothing more than a jim teeny sinking tip line and got consistent strikes. I was most surprised and pleased. I felt that this offered me more flexibility on approach and presentation.
Well, enough of my ramblings. Just wanted to share my experience with you. Hope all is well and hope I see you on the river soon. Best fishes, Rob

Hi Rob, Yup, I'd be happy to post it. Glad your enjoying the sink tip. As long as it works, thats great!!  :)
What I find funny is when some guys tell ya that they fish no weight at all, but what they dont tell you is that they buy the heaviest, thickest (legal) hook on the market and then maybe add wraps of lead to it, before they make it into a nice Atlantic Salmon Fly or Wooly Bugger. It weighs about as much as your kitchen sink! Sneaky people. :) As long as its legal. Thanks again for writing, Randy

Winter Steelhead from the Salmon River Pulaski NY with your drift boat fly fishing report guide What a beauty of a Steelhead! Congrats!!

Salmon River NY Mail Bag:
Randy, after fishing with your spey rod this fall, I have to own one.  I have found what I THINK might be a steal, but would appreciate your opinion, when you have the time.  I found on Ebay a fellow looking to sell a Loomis GL3 14', 9wt rod.  I know Loomis is an excellent brand, but have no knowledge of this model, or its value (although I've never seen a Loomis that wasn't pretty pricey)  First, have you any first hand knowledge of this particular model, and its value if you do.  Second, is this too heavy for steelhead, and only suitable for salmon?  I can't remember the weights of yours.
I appreciate picking your brain. Thanks for taking the time.  See you on the water!  Dave D.

Hi Dave, Im sorry, no first hand knowledge of model or price. I do not use Loomis, but would. Yes, Loomis is a qaulity tool, very good name. Cross check it against Loomis internet web site equipment prices. I am not sure of action. Normally the internet prices are reel good.
My weights are 5, 6, 7 weights. All 10 foot to 12-1/2 foot. All medium action to slow. Yes, I personally feel that 9 would be to heavy for the tippets (leaders) you normally use for Steelhead, perfect for salmon.

Im taking my normal scheduled days off, Sat. and Sunday. Wow, Im almost caught up on all of my errands and work so I might even get a chance to go fishing myself? Hhmmm, thats something new and exciting that I have not had the time to do lately, can't wait!
Ill see you all on Monday. Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping in! Randy
Thursday Salmon River Pulaski NY Steelhead Drift Boat Guide Fishing Report:
Our day started off slow and ended strong on the Salmon River I was unable to fulfill my guest's goal of Chrome, even though we had a presence of Steelhead around us all morning? :(
Hmmmmm. Lots and lots of opportunities and fish to play with after our location change. Numerous Browns and Coho were on the agenda. We would have been able to fight and land even more fish today, but the day had to end sometime. :(

Wed. Salmon River Pulaski NY Drift Boat Guide Steelhead Fishing Report and Ramblings:
The first spot of the morning my one guest fished with the fly rod off the drift boat. It is probably the hardest drift on the entire river. Several white water current breaks, pockets and even several sub-surface current breaks combined with tackle eating snags gave up a couple of acrobatic Steelies to our delight. All of these hard to fish white water current breaks can be some of the finest Metalhead magnets at this time of the year, at this water level, water temp. Dropped down to the next white water spot and on Sam's third cast he was tight. Ye-haa, we pulled anchor, gave chase and went for my first nantucket sleigh ride this season down thru the rapids. BANG, we slammed into a rock while we tried to navigate these treacherous water's ;) while being dragged around by this monst'a ;) adrenaline inspired Steelhead. He finally broke us off on a rock and we both almost fell over board laughing. The rest of the day was spent learning every chrome hold'n location inch by inch (yes, sometimes where they lay can be as exact as fitting a key into a lock) on the entire stretch of river we were drifting. 3 fish in about 3 hours of fishing and a lifetime of knowledge was our successful tally at days end.
I'm reading on the internet that a number of anglers are finding the fishing slow, unless they are in the C and R  section's of the river.

Water temp. was 45 degrees this morning. The few remaining leaves are all but gone. Today when the leading edge of the storm front pushed thru it was pretty amazing. The sun -sky was a bright red as it rose, warning us of what was to come. The sky darkened while the tops of the trees started to sway. Within 15 minutes the air temperature dropped about 15 degree's. Then the rain began to fall in sheet's, unnaturally sideways. Why me Lord :)

Fish Handling Response:
I'd like to sincerely thank all of you that wrote me with appreciation and support in response to the fish handling article I wrote a short while ago. I was surprised at the outpouring of considerate concern from all of you. This one thing has received the greatest attention of all of my past ramblings Ive written over many - many years. Im happy to report that all of you feel just as strongly about this as I do. Trying to protect and conserve in many ways this LIMITED resource we all cherish and enjoy! 
I'll tip my hat to all of you! Thank you!

Guest Testimonial:
Randy; Thanks for the great day. My son and I don't get together to often and he and I really enjoyed the fishing. We hoping to get up there again in the ladder part of March. I'll E-mail you after the first of the year about dates. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge and location of the fish. PAT

Tuesday Salmon River Fishing Report and Ramblings:
It's about darn time I had a slow day. :O It's just been to dang easy lately. :)
Slooow day of fishing for us (but not all) off the drift boat on the Salmon River. It's funny, I say slow, only because we have normally been doing better. But in reality, several fish in a day is better than a stick in the eye, getting skunked and 1-2 fish per person, per day is actually an ok day among most of us who do this for a living. It's not a great, incredible, poor day, but instead an ok day, if your only looking at the numbers, which isn't really why most of us fish, now is it? It's hard to put a price on knowledge. Knowledge is truly the only thing a professional guide has any real control over. This knowledge will stick with and help you for the rest of your life. We had to work for them today, none came easy. Played with a few, landed a beauty of approx. 8 lb steelhead. She took an oregon cheese glow bug in 3 feet of rippled water. I'll possibly be changing thing's up shortly if need be. To soon to worry bout it. As usual, if you can play with 1-2 in a day, you've had a good day. Same ol, same hole. :) I'll hopefully see you all out there. I dont want to be the only one having all the fun while we shiver, get wet and enjoy the lake effect snow. :) Randy

I'd like to thank Ronald Zelt for emailing me the below quotes.
Lee Wulf - “A good game fish it too valuable to be caught only once. The fish you release is your gift to another angler”
Also, the fish you catch may have been a gift from another angler.
Henry David Thoreau - “Many go fishing all their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after”
W.H. Blake - “The science of fishing can be had from books; the art is learned by the catching and losing of fish”
Keith Myers - "Fly fishing helps you understand just how unimportant your big real life problems really are”

West is best. Try all of the Trib's. from around Rochester to the West for lots O fish. Big Browns and the usual assortment of fish. Water came up from the last rain we had. Look for even more fish to arrive with this weather pattern. I love it when out West turns on. It takes a lot of fishing pressure off this area. When Im asked why I dont guide out there when all the fish arrive, I always tell folks that one Salmon Season is enough for me. :)
(Interesting, wish I knew more about it. Thanks!)
Published on July 18, 2005
Lake Ontario's rainbow smelt population, which was near collapse three years ago, is on the rebound, say scientists who have been studying the lake's ecosystem.
Posted by the Buffalo News

Tip of the day:
In my personal opinion, some of the best times to fish the Salmon River)
Most of you know this, but for those of you that are new.
Whenever we have a rise or drop in water levels on the S.R., it normally produces some mighty fine fishing. Last time the water dropped from 1,500 cfs, it was great. Last time the water rose to 1 gate, it was wonderful. My fishing reports confirm this.
The way to take advantage of this, is to have a flexible life - or most important wife :) and or work schedule.
1. See my reports for the last time it rose (last Friday)
2. And the last time it dropped from 1,500 cfs to 335 cfs. on Thursday
BUT, the VERY best time to fish here is anytime. The fish are always here, just can't predict #'s. Lot's of seasoned anglers including myself enjoy a nice normal continuous flow. Gives the steelhead a chance to relax (I call'm happy fish)  and get comfortable.
Steelhead Salmon river guide fly fishing report on the Salmon River NY off the drift boat My guest lands one for the dinner table. Congrats!

Monday Salmon River Pulaski NY Steelhead Drift Boat Guide Fishing Report:
My guest's played "shortly" with about 8 or so Rocket Fueled Steroid loaded Steelhead today.  Along with advancing their already superb drift fishing technique's to the highest level. They will be fishing here all week, so we made sure they had a number of "premier" game plans to follow. They will be fishing some old and some new waters they learned today. Accessing a number of prime locations in sequence to fill each day with a hopeful boat load of adrenaline pumping Chrome!
Freshies are arriving daily and will continue too, especially after the rise in water levels and forecast for more rain. Look for the numbers of Steelies that came in with the higher water to be from around 2A down on Tuesday. They are also top to bottom of river. :)
Ye-haa! - Until 11:59 PM Fri NOV 18, 750 CFS
With rain in the forecast, the water staying at 1 gate, cooler temp's and my guaranteed rain dance. Look for more Chrome here and about everywhere else. I guarantee it!
Keep an eye on the water temperature as something big is close by. 

Friday - Weekend Steelhead Salmon River Drift Boat Guide Fishing Report and Ramblings:

My 1 guest hammered them on Friday and enjoyed the feeling most of us get to few times. He played with 11 absolutely incredible fish fighting machines (Steelhead) that spanked our butt's but good! We enjoyed it :) We used the drift boat on the Salmon River. Using the drift boat gave us absolutely no advantage. All of his fish came from one easily reached spot. We got lucky and found a pod of HOT fish. Funny thing was that with the holiday and being a Friday, I was beaten :) to my first 2 preferred spots on the river. So this was my 3rd choice of spots to fish. What's that saying about that blind squirrel?

We noticed lots and lots of other anglers having success on Friday!
Which is always a nice thing to see. Noticed more anglers arriving for the holiday weekend. With the recent rise in water levels and the number of fish that are around, this weekend will be one of the best chances for someone who is new to the river to hook-up. Those of you that have experience should find the fishing nothing less than good to great! (In my personal opinion after what we experienced Friday and have heard from credible sources.)
Pretty good #'s of fish (Steelhead and Browns) top to bottom of the river. I'd personally fish anywhere along it's entire length with confidence in the normal places that they (steel) like to hold in for this water flow, this water temperature, this stage in their lives, this food cycle, etc.... Anglers and guides are finding them thru out. I'd recommend coming up to fish if your on the fence.

As usual, those with the most experience are doing the best and those with the least experience are doing what we all had to do when we were new. (I bet some of you old farts can't remember back that far :) Go thru the learning curve and pay our dues, (T.O.W.) until we have a complete and thorough understanding of all aspect's of this incredible fishery. If your new, try to hook-up with a friend that has some experience. Try contacting someone at work or on the internet to join up with you. Ask questions while your on the water. 99% of us guides and anglers that are having success are normally happy to help in some way. I do it all the time, even when not asked. Pay close attention to those anglers that are having success on the water. Where are they standing, where are they casting too, where are they hitting their fish. By knowing this one thing it helps you to understand one of the many aspect's of this great fishery. Fish holding locations for that water flow, time of year, stage of the fish's life, transitional - holding or both, plus much more. (Keep a log) :)

Wed. - Thurs. Salmon River Fly Fishing Report and Ramblings:
It poured buckets and buckets or rain with very strong winds starting late morning and drenching us to the bone. Nasty! My game plan was to fish area's out of this wind, be comfortable and obviously have ample opportunities of possible fish. We succeeded. While we did not play with a lot of fish, we did learn some new water, fishing techniques and did play with about 1/2 dozen with a good number of beautiful Steelhead, Browns and awesome Coho's  to present our offering too at Pucker Brush Creek S.W. #7.5 :). Few takers . Still a nice day, now if I can only dry out!! I came home yesterday chilled to the bone, soaked, exhausted and went straight to bed. (Yes, you all can play me a sad song now on your lil violins :)
Here it is Thursday at 3:30 am and the wind is hollowing outside with high wind warnings and more rain with snow later today. Why me lord! :) If any of you have a nice heated boring desk job and a nice heated looong commute to work, I'll trade you for today :)

Thursday: At 4 am. the Salmon River at Pineville is currently Flowing at 741 cfs, with the water line website saying 335 cfs until Friday. The water is actually higher, so be careful.
Some trib's are on the way up and some peeked a short while ago, so far. (Hmm, hint ;)
First time on the S.R. for my guest's. I did not take the drift boat out today due to the high wind warning's and gust's.  New I could find a good number of chrome hold'n locations where we could be protected from the cold wind chill factor. Snowed, rained, sleet today. Worked like a charm. Stayed out of the wind and my guest's played with about a dozen and a half Metalheads, some Browns and a coupl'a crusty ol Kings. Talk about acrobatic jumps and runs. Dam! I love my job!!
First spot the well went dry by late morning so off we went for our next spot. It did not disappoint with another bunch of fish to play with again. Smiles abound. Thanks for stopping in, Randy

Mail Bag from the Salmon River NY:
Randy,  Pucker Brush Creek #3 North......c'mon dude, you are pulling our tails  :)  I know guys who have been looking for that creek for years and know what? I think it's but a figment of your imagination. It's your way of not saying where you fish, could be any creek on any given day. Your topic on handling fish, kudo's to you. I have been fishing the Salmon river and tribs for the last 25 years and the only thing I might dispute is your statement of, if you're going to keep the fish, kill it right away. If I am keeping a fish to eat, which is my god given right, I prefer to keep it alive until I leave, keeping it fresh. Maybe I am wrong, please correct me if I am. Your statement seems more based on a humanitarian angle, than a fishermans taste buds. I do respect the fishery and am willing to do wha it takes to help out on my part but yes, I am going to keep a fish or 2 for the table and one could very well be a steelhead. If it is,you can bet my tackle gave it a 50/50 chance of winning the battle and it wasn't brought in by the tail with 25 lb test, as I've seen too many times over the years. I don't want to have to feel guilty by keeping a fish that I worked hard to land. I support the economy everytime I make a trip and I make 5 or 6 trips just in the fall to winter. Perhaps part of the issue with steelhead populations rest in the hands of the DEC and their stocking program, perhaps not. Anyone fishing the many, many tribs off Ontario know that there are plenty of steelhead returning, just depends where you might choose to fish. Maybe you're not the only one who has a Pucker Brush Creek in their minds. Appreciate your time, efforts and opinions. Mark

Hi Mark,
Thanks much for taking the time to write. I agree 99%. :) If time allows, I'll proceed further on many of our issues. Some real good stuff might come out of this.
Yes, Pucker is and always has been made up to protect many of the fragile eco systems in the area that simply can not support additional pressure. Also, not to advertise certain places that are YOUR favorites. I do not like making enemies by posting names, pictures of one of your favorite area's to fish, and then making you angry at me for possibly causing more anglers to show up and disturb the area. Also, Im not going to help in anyway,  someone who does not fish by the letter of the law. Dont think I need to say anything else.
So I do it to protect Your spots. I have about #1-8 of Pucker Brush Creeks.:) Have ya been to the one behind the ol Ames building, in Pulaski?

On a funny note:
I once recieved an email from an angler who said he bought a typo map and could not find it.
Another angler said he walked for miles behind the ol Ames store in Pulaski and couldn't find it.
I've also had anglers make copies of my fish pictures and walk into a local shop and inquire as to where this picture was taken.
Thats one of the reasons I spend countless hours of editing and trying to block out the backgrounds on most pictures or be extra careful when taking a picture..
It takes me extra time, but I feel its worth it, for you.
I would dislike being called "A Spot Burner" or in anyway be blamed for an increase in fishing activity on your lil secret honey hole due to the increasing popularity of this website.
With 1,000's of individual visitors to my site daily, I need to be extra careful what I post.
I've even been asked by some local biz. folks to not post names of some of these area's and for good reason.
My good ol friend and Salmon River Guide - Joey Kominsky gets the credit for "Pucker Brush Creek" Thanks Joey! (May you rest in peace)

Yes, humanitarian angle. I cant think of a single source of food that we do not put out of its misery fast. Are their any that we sportsman hang up side down alive and let slowly bleed to death? Or slowly suffocate? Thats what your doing to a Steelhead with that stringer thru its gills and mouth and especially the time it takes to get it on a stringer. Yup, it looks ok, but really isn't. (Just my opionion :) Why do most of the professional guides I know, knock'm over the head upon landing?
Food for thought. If it meant the meat would turn bad or not taste as good, then we certainly wouldn't do it and spoil our guest's fish.
Who says the meat goes bad if you kill your catch immediately? Never heard that one before. Maybe its an old wife's tale.
My only concern would be to keep it cool or cold. Nothing bad happens to the flavor of the meat in my experiences.
Hey, maybe we all just learned some'tin! Best Fish's, Randy

Hello Randy:
I have written to you in the past and been on a steelhead trip last year when we killed em:-). I have been up for steelhead about five times this year, and had some good days with 6 or more hookups and the usual hard days. That is not my question though, I have been noticing the steelhead I have hooked(landed or not), also my friend who I always fish with, it seems the steelhead we have been getting into have been a little smaller than average. They all seem to be in the range of 4 to say 7 pounds. Don't get me wrong they are little rocketships that have had me shaking my head with they air shows and drag screams, but they just seem to be a bit smaller in size. I was down low on the river and up high, they all seem to be in that size range, even the anglers around me were hooking up but the steel all seemed to be in that range. I did see maybe a 10 pounder landed, and one in the water that was bigger. I was just wondering if the smaller one's come in first?, or if the water temp has anything to do with it,or if I', just taking too many meds and my senses are getting goofedup :-) Any response if you have noticed this same thing, or any clever response would make my day.
Mark from PA.
HI Mark,
This has been a very interesting year so far. Some of us have seen more Browns than usual, domestic rainbows, smaller Steelies, domestics than normal. My guess would be that many times a lot of these fish would have been yanked out by the idiot yank'n, snag'rs. This year with all the higher water it has made it harder for this to happen. Also, it is very very possible and I'd say most likely that we simple have had a lot of miss printed fish run up this river instead of the ones that were supposed too. Having a lot of water can do that.
Could also be that we are seeing a good year and the Hatchery folks and the D.E.C are to be congratulated.Again, due to all the water we had. Happens sometimes.
How about we simply have more genetically stronger, better food, better year class, milder winter, less predation (sp?) , more natural reproduction going on?
A lot of the smaller ones would be our 2 year old Brown, Steelhead, Domestic's. (1 year old Steelhead we call them Skippers) You know that when we see a lot of Jack's (1 year old Kings) in the fall, that normally means a good Salmon season next year. So this is also a pretty good sign of things to come next year with the trout species. :)
Anyone else out there have any idea's? Thanks for writing, Randy
P.S. It is VERY normal to find a LOT of these smaller Steelhead around from time to time. At times its all you will find. You could fish a different spot tomorrow and find nothing but the bigger ones, in my opionion. Seen it, bought the tee-shirt, I like the bigger ones too!!

Tuesday Salmon River Pulaski NY Steelhead Drift Boat Guide Fishing Report:
Most folks have been picking away at the Steelhead. Some more and or less than others. Thats fishing. Still a nice time of the year to come up, if you've ever wanted too.
I had the same two guest's today as yesterday. We made up for the slow fishing yesterday and banged'm good today! Must'a ended up in the mid.teens for Steelhead with a coupl'a Browns, some crusty ol Salmon and they even got to drag in Larry the Laker. :) Another grand day of many. Pictures to come when I can find the time and energy.

Gift certificates are available for Trips.

Monday Salmon River NY Fishing Report and Ramblings:
High winds made the fishing a lil more challenging in the mid-low end on Sunday with the forecasted high wind warning ending Monday morning. This has 95% of the leaves gone for the season :) Still some good wind today (Monday)  and few leaves, but over all not to bad. Fish still top to bottom. :)
Today we picked away at a few fish but overall sloooooowww. Instead of getting into a conga line, we sacrificed more fish for less anglers and unfortunately, less fish also. The fishing was night and day from last week following this same technique.  Heard the river got hammered - pounded this weekend. I hope everyone that came up had an enjoyable weekend. Another one of many nice fishing days, with more to come.
Fly Fishing Reports for Steelhead and Salmon Another beauty Steelhead of many!

Hold your own breath to stop from injuring and or worse, Killing yours and mine Steelhead:
You should never, ever, hold a fish out of the water longer than YOU can hold your breath.
This includes the second the fish's head comes out of the water upon landing it. (whether beaching it on your own or by using a net.)
This includes the time you take a picture, go back to your vest to get your camera, take your camera out of the plastic bag. Grab your fish again after it fell HEAD first out of your hands onto the rocks smashing it's head and brain from 4 feet up. (How about kneeling next time over the water?)
How about buying a fish handling net for your hand to better grasp it.
How about carrying a piece of gunny sack or a wash cloth to help you hold it so it does fall onto the rocks, injuring or possibly killing it.
Sure it swim's off, you feel great, you released your fish to fight another day. WRONG!!! It dies a short time later due to you dropping it, kicking it back into the water or worse and normally, holding it out of the water longer than you can hold your breath. Its great that folks are releasing much of their catch, but this one thing. Holding the fish out of the water longer than you can hold your own breath to stop from injuring and or worse, Killing yours and mine Steelhead, needs some work. I see it daily

How do I know this? My guest's would try to do it daily except for the fact that Im their to help them do it correctly. Which is no fault of theirs as they simply have never read or been told this before. I did too before I realized the cost and was educated, so dont feel bad if you did not know this. Some of my guest's do know this and sometimes refuse to even handle the fish or lift it out of the water.
I see this on the river almost daily by most anglers (and guides!!) and unfortunately many other very negative and harmful thing's that anglers (and guides!!) do to the fish without knowing it.
How long do you think a Steelhead can hold it's breath before it start's to suffocate, choke, inhale air, gasp, start's to DIE ?

Do you think that after your battle and upon landing your fish, that it might be at one of it's most vulnerable stages in it's adult life? That it might be tired, lactic acid build up? That it might already be gasping for a breath to try to regain it's life?
Example hopefully you can relate too:
I want you to run up the stairs fast in a 10 story building. Once you reach the top, put a piece of duck tape over your mouth for 2 minutes. Nuff said.
As said before, these fish are just like us and should be treated so.
If a fish is kept, I would kindly ask that you hit it hard on the head immediately, so it does not suffer.

Would you be injured and or possibly killed if someone hit you over the head with a hammer? This is equal to me dropping a Steelhead unto the rocks at my feet, because I did not have a good grasp, because I was to lazy to kneel. Because I did not hold it over the water, most likely because I was afraid it might fall and be lost in the water.
Would it possibly take some time after you went into a coma, before you died? Get my drift?
Please protect this easily deplete'able trophy fish by handling it correctly, knowing and adhering to a very short amount of time to expose it to the air. Take just one picture instead of five. Dont video tape it for 4 minutes while you narrate. (Yes, Ive seen this several times) Remind your friends that may not read this to keep the fish in the water, submerged in the net totally, before getting on theirs knees and only exposing it to the air for as long as you can hold your breath.
Please treat these fish the same way you would want someone to treat you or your own children.
Boy, a nice rant once in awhile feels good! yukyuk

You are to be commended for releasing your catch. I do not feel taking a picture of that trophy fish in anyway hurts the fish as long as you do not drop it and hold it out of the water longer than you can hold your breath. Gunny sack, wash cloth helps, but it does injure the fish by taking it's protective slim off of it, it needs for protection. A quality handling hand net to help you grasp it by the tail is the best. They can be purchased at Whitakers Sports Shop. The best way to handle a fish, is not at all. Keeping its head submerged the entire time. Or, by wetting your hands before grasping it. (But, here in lye's the problem.) Their tail collapses, are very slimy and rarely if ever does the fish not squirm and fall to the ground. But, I believe you should get your picture.

A recent correctly photographed Silver Bullet. Hands wet before handling fish. Fish kept submerged until rod was stowed, gloves taken off, camera was in the ready mode, camera person in position and ready, my guest was already in the kneeling position, over the water, net was placed strategically under the fish in the water to catch it if it fell, hands were kept away from the gills at all cost's. Fish was kept out the water for no longer than I could hold my breath. Fish was revived properly to help insure it's health and to provide you with better odds the next time you come up here to fish.

We all, simply need this lil reminder on how we can better protect this invaluable resource that we ALL love, have a passion for and cherish so much!
Thank you for you time, I'm holding my breath from now on, how about you? :)
(P.S. -  A Salmon has a hard tail so you can hold them easily. But wetting your hands is still important as everything else. (Holding breath) When we took a picture of a steelhead,  my guest were using a fish handling net (fits over your hand)  purchased at Whitakers. My guest is kneeling over the water, etc....
If this helpful tip-rant-post saves 1 Steelheads life, then it has been worth it.

Steelhead Fishing Mail Bag Salmon River NY:
Hi Randy,
I was up with Dad on Tues. and noticed the same as your latest report - a lot of late salmon around.  I don't remember seeing that many this late.  Had fun fishing behind them. Wondering if you think it had to do with all the high water during the peak of the "normal" spawning season, where maybe they had to wait for slower water over the gravel areas before they started.  Its a powerful urge and I don't think I could wait!
Dick K and I, and maybe Dad will be up on Monday, maybe we'll cross paths.  Otherwise, I'll see you in April when I join Dick on his spring trip. Brad

Hi Brad,
What you suggest is possible. I personally do not think so. With high water the fish simply spawned in the very normal area's that had ton's of slow, perfect water, ton's of perfect gravel, ton's of perfect area's to spawn. I dont think the higher flows had anything to do with slowing down their erg to spawn at all from what I know and saw. I heard that the Salmon cleaning stations cleaned more Salmon this season then ever before. They set a record, is what I was told by a reliable source. Take into account that we had a lot less anglers here this season also. Water level played a very small part, cost of gas and this winter heating bill's were the major reason for less people coming during what was an incredible Salmon season, in mine and other business's assessment. If less anglers were present, catching more fish (even with the high water) then I feel we just had many more fish around than normal. A friend reported that some of the female Salmon they caught did not have loose eggs, even late in the season, which tells you they were still 2-3 weeks away from spawning which is unusual. So we simply had many more fish in the system. Maybe some were misprinted, wild, a lot of food available to them, a mild winter, a very good and strong genetically sound year class. Maybe a little of all of this played a part. Im personally hoping that with a strong Salmon season that we will also have a better than normal Steelhead season too. So far it's been better than average.
Thanks for writing! Randy

Thanks for the assessment.  I had also heard the lake fished real well this summer, must have just be a great class of fish.  As far as steelhead, we had fun last week, I was surprised to hook up multiple times this early so I too hope this will be a better than average season.  Another thought on the decrease in fishermen around - I personally know folks who have just given up due to the crowds in recent past years.  Maybe the area has turned into such a zoo during the salmon run that it has become saturated or reached its peak.  Hard to say.  I can tell you something else for your peers to consider, the average guy is getting tired of being treated like crap by some of the guides.  Please don't take this personally, I've been with you where you have help folks out, and I have talked to perfect strangers who have encountered you on the stream and were treated well.  I know you are an ambassador to good sportsmanship and thank you for it.  But I have also been chewed out for being in the "wrong spot", fished over, or otherwise just run out of perfect locations while on my own.  I have been yelled at for standing where the fish should be (knee deep) by someone who just came around the corner and never saw me thoroughly fish the spot I was standing for 30 minutes prior and had just moved to get a better shot at fish I had spotted in the process.  I have had to quit my "Randy-Jones-taught perfect drift" because a plugging boat had preconceived notions that they were going to plug the run before they spotted me and dropped right in.  I have lost spots 30 feet in front of me while retying and warming the toes on the bank. I understand its a guides job to put his clients on fish, but when the clients look me in the eye as they pass by shaking their heads with a look of"sorry, I'm not the one on the oars", you know a line has been crossed.  I offer this as food for thought for you to pass along to others in your profession, I know its not your practice to fish the way I just described. It just seems to become more combative every year, beyond what the average guy is willing to endure, especially after traveling that far.  I try to shrug it off, but I have had quite a few trips home in recent years where a bad experience had me thinking I would never return.  That could be part of the decrease in anglers. Hope you don't mind the rant, it certainly is not directed at you.  I appreciate the sounding board.
I should have mentioned in my last rant, I have also been treated well by a lot of the guides on the river, giving wide berth or simply asking to also fish a run with me.  It seems to be a small group that are the problem, just like most things in life.  I'm sure you could pick them out based on experience.

My personal Tips on avoiding crowd's during Salmon Season:
This is not in response to Brads rant. What he said is true, like any profession, there are always a few rotten apples in the bunch!
Bottom Line - In my personal opinion, most folks that complain of crowd's are to blame themselves by putting themselves into that type of environment to begin with. Why would you do it? Lots of cars in the parking lot, so this must be a good place to fish? I only have a day to fish, so I dont want to walk to far, even if it means I can get away from the crowds? I only know this one hole by this parking lot, and even though I know that the fish have to run all of the river below here to reach this point I simply am not going to learn it, even if it means I could fish by myself all day, catch plenty of fish. I used to feel your pain until I made some simple changes on where I fish during Salmon Season and now I have an amazingly fun, enjoyable, exciting time! Randy

Hi Brad,
I feel your pain, well used too. What I did to increase our enjoyment level when fishing during Salmon  season with tremendously positive results are. We walk and walk. I will easily walk a 1/4 mile or more to reach a nice relaxing area to fish for the day. Simple. We do not fish the most easily accessible area's on the river. Why should this river be any different then anywhere else in the WORLD. Aren't the most crowded places to fish, normally where the water is the most easily assessable?
Try fishing area's that the drift boats do not get to until mid to late morning or afternoon. This would be area's above the ramps, that we all pull our boats out at, at days end.
Brad, fish between 2A and Pineville and you will be amazed at the quality of the fishing and less anglers.
If you follow the above guide lines you WILL have a much more enjoyable time and your frustrations will simply be a thing of the past. Simple and Good Luck! Best, Randy

Friday - Weekend - Salmon River Fishing Report and Ramblings:
Recently, Pucker Brush Creek #3 North gave up some nice Brown, Rainbow and Steelhead Trout with the aid of a fly rod, strike indicator and oregon cheese glow bug imitating a Salmon Egg. It felt as though we had been flown into a private stretch of water in Alaska. Lot's of fish and not another sole around all day? (All fish released)
Still a strong presence of fish around. (At least where we were) Some getting smarter, some on the move, some holding, to many ending up on stringers = less fish for you. (All of my guest's fish were released) If you find the fishing slow this weekend and or next week, you'll know why.
Thanks go out to all of you who have had the option to keep or release your fish and have decided to release.

At first we thought this was a Steelhead due to it's incredible zipping, uncontrollable speeding runs. Turns out it was a nice looking Coho Buck with spawning colors aglow. Thats why we all love these Coho's. They act just like a Steelhead upon being hooked normally.
There is no "Hoe" like a "Coho" :)  Did I just say that?

Please read the past 4 or 5 days of fishing reports, tips, etc... to bring yourself up to speed if you have not read them already. Nothing has changed.
We spent a total of 3-1/2 hours fishing and the rest painstakingly, slowly, precisely learning and studying every Chrome hold'n location over a 3 mile stretch of river, where to safely cross the river, where to park, fishing strategies, a multitude of different types of current breaks and every conceivable aspect of this river and the fish that call it home. Pheeeeew! My throat is sore! 
Today my guest's told me that in the few hours they actually fished, that they had played with more fish today, than in a normal 3 to 4 day long trip. (Grand Slam today! - Brown Trout, King's, Coho and Steelhead)
It really did not surprise me as I've had guest's who have unfortunately not hooked a steelhead in 3-4 years of trying and then another coupl'a years to land one on their own, before they came out with me. We were all new once, even me.:) Normally it is a number of things that are very easy to correct in a single day. It makes me very happy and is very rewarding to see their personal success's now! :)

All fish released to fight another day. I sincerely hope that you will release these fish back into the water should you catch them. Please return the favor as we did. We felt totally fulfilled as we admired its beauty and grace as it swam away. Knowing that instead of a dead fish, we had helped this fish to continue on it's journey in life. Very appreciative of the adrenaline rush filled high octane battle it gave us. Hoping it gives you the same thrill. (hint) Released to naturally reproduce for your children's pleasure.

Water level and Metalheads:
Until MIDNIGHT Mon NOV 07, 335 CFS Steady stream of freshies arriving and running daily. (hint-Ssssssh) Enjoy the weekend. Randy
Drift boat fly fishing report for steelhead and salmon on the guide Salmon River NY Nice colors on this Fly Fished Steelhead!

Thurs. Amazing Salmon River Pulaski NY Steelhead Drift Boat Guide Fishing Report and Ramblings:

Wow! When it rains it pours. Today it was Steelhead, more steelhead and then some! Don't get much but'a! My guest's were pleasantly surprised to be hooked up with 3 Steelhead within the first half hour.  One of my guest's thought there was something wrong if he was not hooked up within a fifteen minute period. It's nice when the fishing is that good.
My 2 guest's played with at least a dozen Steelhead and countless Salmon that pretty much were in our way to those magical metalheads. We were very thankful for the salmon as they can give those Steelhead even more reason to hang out in an area.
Both of my guest's achieved several first's, after having been fishing this river for 5-10 years. Both of my guest's played with more Steelhead today then ever before in a 6 hour period. After landing his first Chromer of the morning he proudly smiled, shook my hand and told me that this 10 lb. Steelie was his biggest ever that he has landed. The same gentleman, after landing his next fish, topped his first one by 2 pounds, making this 12 pound beauty his biggest ever. Congrats! Between my 2 guest's it was never long before one of them was into their next fish.
One of the nicer things about today was that everywhere we fished, we were the only ones there, except for 1 spot. Another angler joined us and he was rewarded with about 5 Steelhead. Congrats!!
We noticed other anglers having success also! Which is always a nice thing to see. Noticed more anglers arriving for the weekend.

Good #'s of fish (Steelhead) top to bottom of the river. (I am soooo amazed at ALL of the King Salmon that are still around in large numbers. I dont think Ive ever seen this many at this time of the year. Many still in good shape, some on their last hoof) I'd personally fish anywhere along it's entire length with confidence in the normal places that they (steel) like to hold in for this water flow, this water temperature, this stage in their lives, this food cycle, etc.... Anglers and guides are finding them thru out. I'd recommend coming up to fish if your on the fence. I'm personally forecasting that the fishing will remain "strong" for at least the next 7-10 days. After that, we shall see. How can I forecast this you ask? Well ya see, I have this crystal ball thing that talks to me. (Where is that medicine my doctor prescribed me for this :)
Thousands of anglers have been guided by me.....and MOST have gone on to live normal lives.

Actually, these fish normally take approx. 7 days to run the river. If they are in good numbers top to bottom, then many (but not all) will be transitioning up the river during this time. Constant push of freshies everyday. One day the spot you fish may be empty, the next day LOADED! Thats how it works sometimes. Or you could find some here and some there, spread out. Or the spot you hammered them in today could be void of fish tomorrow, as they have moved a couple of miles further up river.
All of these Steelhead will eventually stop (thru out the river) in their preferred locations that offer them everything they need and want in their lives. They need and want the same thing's we do to survive. Safety from predators, food and a comfortable living environment for this water flow, this water temperature, this stage in their lives, this food cycle, etc.....
There are very good reason's why the fishing is so strong presently. I'll try to explain them in another post. Some may surprise you.

Pictures of this "Day for Kings" arriving shortly with some very nice shot's of Chrome.
All of the Steelhead that were landed today were released. Lets all do our part in conserving an easily deplete'able stock. This river is changing from a put and take fishery to a C and R one. You will receive much more respect from other anglers if you catch, take a picture and release it back. Many of us receive a much greater satisfaction by releasing our catch after enjoying the incredible fight that these trophy fish give you. In my personal opinion, we are all to old to be hung up on bragging right's. Our ego's are ok without proudly displaying our dead fish. These fish are to valuable a resource to be killed for any of the above reasons.
If you are truly in need of food to feed your family, please kill what you need while fishing legally and only the amount the state says you can for that day. If you are not truly in need and do not need an ego boost or bragging rights, need to feed your neighbors-co workers, etc... please, please please consider putting them back. I'm told that 85% of the S.R. angler's are catch and release. Sincerest Thank YOU!! Randy

Wed. Salmon River Fishing Report and Ramblings:
Enjoyed several nice relaxing scheduled days off. Switched all of my rods, reels, lines, flies, etc... over to Steelhead. Saw the doctor and experienced an MRI. Wow, talk about a strange experience! :)
Most guides on this river that have been rowing a drift boat for awhile, almost daily in my case, pulling 30-40 lb. anchors, hiking around with heavy back packs all day, standing fishing all day all have lower back problems.
Some have had surgery while other's like me deal with it by stretching, exercising to strengthen our lower back muscles, trying to better our posture, etc. Enough about my aches and pains. :)

Well, I'm sure you've all been reading about the Steelhead and the Browns that are around. So far the season has started pleasantly. Folks are having a mixed bag of success.
Until MIDNIGHT Fri NOV 04, 335 CFS
The river is now crossable in many places, but not all. This flow will concentrate the fish and then cause some to become educated. Fish top to bottom of the river. I'd personally fish almost anywhere along it's entire length with confidence. Anglers are finding them thru out. Even with the drop in the water level, Steelhead will continue to enter and run the River, especially with all of the King - Coho Salmon and Brown Trout egg's rolling - flowing  along the river.

With tomorrow's wind forecast, look for a bunch of leaves to drop. Jim Rusher once told me that you should stay away from those colors in your flies and egg sacks that resemble leaves. The fish can at times get bombarded with so many leaves that it act's like trash being thrown in there face and anything resembling their colors is not always met positively. Also, they say sometimes the bite can turn off with all the acidity coming off the leaves. I do know that many times, many of us have seen a sluggish bite when we have been targeting Steelhead and their were a lot of leaves in the water. This could also simply be caused by the fact that with all the leaf Debris, that it makes it extremely hard to get a good drift without having leaves foul up your drift. Any real truth to this? I duno for sure, guess you'd have to ask the fish.:)
Great weather around now with more on the way. If your in the area or flexible, I'd stop in and wet a line.

Today my guest's played with and landed a mixed bag of fish. All we needed for the grand slam was a coho. Twas not to be. :) They fished just about every type of structure, current break imaginable. All with success! Congrats!

Salmon River NY Fishing Salmon Mail Bag:
Hi Yankee Angler...
I just got back from my first ever salmon fishing trip to the Salmon River. What a blast we had! My friend turned me on to this exciting fishing and your web site. I wonder if I could get your opinion on something. I caught what I think is a really special fish, a big king salmon that we did not measure before we released it. I won't hold you to it or anything, but just your opinion, having seen countless kings, how big a fish do you think this is?? (Released) My favorite fish was one I caught this morning, a male coho that fought like a steelhead. I am hooked on Salmon River fishing!
Thanks very much for your opinion. Ed

Hi Ed, Boy, what a beauty!
Im very happy you had a nice, exciting trip up here.  Looks like the fish were not the only thing getting hooked. :) I'd easily say a solid 25 pounds, might even go 30. Boy, that fish has some big shoulders on it! The fish in your picture is actually bigger than it appears. The tail and head are arched back. 
Thanks again for the picture. Best Fish's, Randy

By Randy Jones

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