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Salmon and steelhead fishing drift boat guide on the Salmon River in Pulaski NY

Trophy Steelhead and Salmon Fishing, Salmon River Pulaski NY

Steelhead Salmon guide fishing the Salmon River Pulaski NY off the drift boat for Steelhead Steelhead Salmon guide fishing on the Salmon River in Pulaski NY Mustad Signature Series Hooks. The best there is! I use them exclusively.

Steelhead caught from the drift boat Hog Steelhead with Salmon River NY Steelhead fishing guide Steelhead and Salmon fishing from the drift boat with Salmon River NY Steelhead fishing report guide Big Steelhead played with from the drift boat with Salmon River Pulaski NY guide
A Brown Trout and a Steelhead caught while fishing the Salmon River in Pulaski NY during the holidays. A 30+ pound Salmon and a female Steelhead caught while fishing the Salmon River Pulaski NY.

Trouphy Steelhead played with Salmon River NY Steelhead fishing report guide Salmon and steelhead fishing report drift boat guide on the Salmon River in Pulaski NY Salmon fishing on the Salmon River Pulaski NY Salmon drift boat guide fishing for steelhead and salmon on the Salmon River NY
A family King Salmon and a very bright silver bullet caught on the Salmon River Pulaski NY. A 20+ pound Male Steelhead with another female Steelhead caught in Pucker Brush Creek, NY

Salmon guide catching steelhead on the Salmon River NY Fishing report Salmon River Pulaski NY A couple of "Hogs" King Salmon and a brightly colored up Male Coho (ready to eat an angler :) all caught on the Salmon River Pulaski NY  
Fishing report Salmon River Pulaski NY fish guide Teresa with her FIRST fish EVER in her entire life! What a smile! (16lb. approx. steelhead.)

Salmon River Pulaski NY salmon fishing Steelhead Fly fishing report Salmon River Pulaski NY Steelhead Salmon River Pulaski NY
Todd with a couple nice steelhead. Congrats!!                                                                                     Ready with the net! Think my net handle is looooong enouph?

Steelhead Salmon River NY Drift boat Salmon River Pulaski NY Salmon River Pulaski NY river guide has Salmon River fish report Drift boat guide fishing for steelhead and salmon on the Salmon River around Pulaski NY A nice array of Steelhead photo's. Congrats to you all!  

Guide drift boat fishing report for steelhead or salmon on the Salmon River Pulaski NY Drift boat Salmon River Pulaski NY Guide Salmon River Pulaski NY Family fishing fun! All nice steelhead. Congrats!!

Superb Fishing Reports for the Salmon River Pulaski NY. Salmon Steelhead Drift Boat Spin Fly Fishing Guide @" Fishing Reports"

Fly fishing report Salmon River Pulaski NY Fly fishing Salmon River Pulaski NY guide Guided Drift boat fishing for steelhead or salmon with guide on the Salmon River Pulaski NY Fly fishing steelhead on the Salmon River Pulaski NY
20+ pound steelhead caught on the Salmon River NY ;)                                     Some NICE Steelhead!                                                  20+ pound steelhead caught on the Slam'n Salmon River NY ;)

Drift boat guide fishing for steelhead or salmon on Salmon River NY
Salmon River Pulaski NY fishing guide has Salmon River guide fish reports for salmon steelhead off drift boat w/Randy Jones
Geir Sivertzen 
Mustad Scandinavian 
Sales Manager
Jeff Pierce 
Mustad US Sales Co-ordinator

Hello Guys! I just wanted to share some exciting news with you.Guide drift boat fishing for steelhead on the Salmon River Pulaski NY A couple of months ago I was fly-fishing the Salmon River in Pulaski, NY with Geir Sivertzen and Bob Funk (Mustad US Sales Manager). We had a tremendous day catching 50 of the 85 salmon and trout that we hooked. It was truly the fishing outing of a lifetime. The river was filled with fresh lake-run Chinook and Coho salmon, brown trout and steelhead.

I was fishing with 8 pound tippet when I hooked into the Coho salmon of a lifDrift boat guide steelhead fishing around Pulaski NY etime. After a 25 minute battle, I managed to grab its tail as our guide Randy Jones, was busy chasing fish that Bob and Geir were fighting. My Coho salmon measured 35 inches (88.9 cm) and weighed 22 pounds (9.98 kg). After weighing and measuring it, I quickly released it back into the river. It was by far the largest Coho Salmon I had ever landed in nearly 20 years of fishing for them. The next day, I looked at the International Game Fish Association, IGFA, Record Book and saw that the 8 pound tippet class Fly Rod record was 19lb 9oz. My fish beat the World Record by well over 2 pounds. I felt sick, because I did not go through all the necessary steps to register the fish as a record. So, the old record stands, but we all know that I beat it.

 The fish was caught on one of my special flies I came up with, called Jeff's Coho Candy. It is tied on a Mustad 80500BL size 10. Recently I have started tying the same fly on a Partridge SINGLE SALMON SALAR BLACK in size 9 as well. Above on the left, you can see me holding the "would-have-been-a-record" Coho. From now on I'll carry a copy of the IGFA Record Book in the back of my fishing vest.

 Best fishes
 Jeff Pierce

E-mail :

Ph 315 963 2065

Enjoy my Updated Archived King Coho Salmon, Brown Trout, Steelhead Fishing Reports, Tips, Guest Mail Bag Questions w/ my Replies, Humor, Testimonials and much more

ENJOY a fast and fun drift boat trip down the Salmon River in Pulaski NY covering 4 miles in 4 minutes during the Splendor of our Winter and Fall fishing seasons.
CHECK OUT the World Record Steelhead we caught that day @ end of drift boat video!
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Where to fish for Steelhead in the Water Column
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Feb. Salmon River Pulaski NY Steelhead Drift Boat Guide Fishing Report:
Monday: Chris and his Dad Al enjoyed a bonus weather day. The weather man was wrong. The wind did not blow and the sun shined brightly upon us. Warming us and the steelhead up nice and toasty. :) I asked my guest's first thing if they were planning on returning much or if this was a one shot deal. If they planned to return on their own then we might want to spend a lil more time learning in depth all of the steelhead hold'n spots. If not planning on returning then we could spend all of our time just fishing.
Steelhead fishing was their answer with some steelhead instruction as this was their first time. They said if they did return they would be giving me a call. So off we went to see what the river would give us today. Noticed other anglers working hard with an occasional steelhead being played with. :) That put a smile on my face, its always nice to see folks like yourselves out and about, enjoying the day and having some success. We worked all of the prime spots also and were rewarded with a few. One of them was a HOG steelhead, which we never did see. What a battle. My guest's arm was sore after that one and his check's hurt more from all the smiling he did. We played with a number of steelhead. :) Smiles all around! The Salmon River Steelhead, were memories are made.

Tues. 2nd day in a row for my guest's. Today would be an easy day for me as we went through most of the learning curve yesterday. Put a little grease on the gears today and they were in the ZONE. One of those days off the drift boat you hope for everyday for all of your guest's. They played with 8 Steelhead total and the biggest was a nice 16 pound steelhead Buck, all colored up nicely, big head and snout, body mass was something to see. Did not risk taking it out of the water for a picture for fear of accidentally killing it as its gill freeze. Hovered over it for several minutes to make sure it was ok, swam off nicely, never took it out of the water. All steelhead released for you to catch. :) Picked away at them all day from top to bottom. Unfortunately, I heard yesterday and today most folks were having a slow time of it? Heard the fly zone was sloooooow, DSR, much much better! Handshakes and promises of return trips awaited myself. Good luck! Randy

Wed. My guest's need no instruction, they were in the zone within their first cast. All I had to do was put them onto some steelhead. I did. 5 or 6 Steelhead played with in the first spot. We worked some more high % spots and hit a couple more and then called it a day. Not a bad day with beautiful weather. NICE! Congrats guys and way to go!

Thurs. Played with a few steelhead, landed a couple steelhead. Warm enough outside for a photo. Lost a nice buck steelhead that showed off a lil as he flashed us his colors several times 2 feet in the air before waving mayana. Beats a sharp stick in the eye. I call those bonus steelhead. At least you had them on for awhile and got to see their colors after some spectacular run's. We gave chase, but he zigged as we zagged and made it impossible for us to follow. Everyone happy and smiles were glowing at days end. ! Congrats!!

4 good to great days in a row! Hope I can continue this. Keep hearing its slow elsewhere? Would not doubt it, but as you can see they are here, some places in abundance, just need to keep on the move, work the prime lyes, then move to the next. That's been our only strategy, now its yours. :)
Steelhead fishing you ALL the best of Luck, Randy

Salmon River Pulaski NY Steelhead Drift Boat Guide Fishing Report:
Until 11:59 PM Fri FEB 24, 1,000 CFS (Happy Fish)
Want steelhead? Key ingredient - Current break's:
Pocket water, seams, 3-5 feet of rippled water. Also heads of holes, tails of holes, depression's (no, not the feeling you get when you loose a big fish :) and those steelhead magnets "holes within the hole." These are forms of current breaks used by transitional fish resting, staging locations and Prime Winter Lyes. An added bonus, behind actively spawning FISH.

For those of you who are not sure if you want to hire me as your guide, here is something to think about. Yes, there are guides that charge a little less than myself, but not by much. Hopefully you've been enjoying my steelhead Fishing Reports over the years. Many hours of work continue to be spent on keeping my fishing report page up to date and fresh. Without clients and friends like you, I would have nothing to write about. Please consider me as your Salmon River guide for any future steelhead fishing fun. :)
If you have not been a regular visitor to our "Steelhead Fishing Reports Page" I'd highly recommend stopping in for a spell once in awhile so you dont miss out on any of the fun! :) Thank you for your continued support. Happy hook'n, Randy Jones

UPDATED 2/21- Salmon River Pulaski NY Steelhead Drift Boat Guide Fishing Report:
FYI - In the last few days approx. 10 trips have booked, phewww, my open dates have been flying out the door. If your even remotely thinking about coming up here to steelhead fish and may enjoy my company, then I'd recommend emailing myself and asking if I could hold your date (s) for 2 days. This would give you the time to check with your fishing partner, work, the boss (wife :) before someone else reserves your day.

Monday: After comparing notes with other anglers and guides I'd have to say we were in the top 10%. :) Not bragging, probably just got lucky ;)
Rob had it down! What a beautiful day, no wind, sunshine, girls in grass skirts.:) My guest hit steelhead in ever spot we stopped at. 100% on my spots!! ye-haa! We even hit steelhead where there has not been one in over 100 years. Rob was that good. :) We could have continued to hit fish, but unfortunately the day had to end. The bonus today was Rob had experience and all it took was a lil grease in a couple of places. Rob was very excited to try a couple of new presentation tec. that he had never tired today. The advantages he noticed were  immediate and he loved it!
Today we learned how to increase our presentation by 400 feet, using a spin rod and bobber, fly rod and strike indicator, allowing it to run 100 feet down through a productive run. Nice! Caught a steelhead doing it this way too, which is the best way to make a believer out of you. Most came just off the bottom with the brightest, biggest glow bug I have in the box. And this was even after another guide had hammered the spot! (Goes to show you that if presentation, rigging, correct bait or fly and fishing to their level will do for you. Just goes to show you the advantages you can have by being flexible and adapting to what the steelhead are telling you! (Well not always, it is fishing after all :) Congrats! My guest played with 7 or was it 9 steelhead? Landed a couple steelhead in 1,500 cfs. Not bad!
Wed.: Great steelhead fishing, non stop possibilities all day. Every cast today my guest's had a steelhead opportunity. Presentation, rigging, knowledge of fish species, habit's, structure, flies, bait, correct weight, etc.. were all a critical piece that had to be achieved to maximize my guest's opportunities.  If not, no steelhead were caught, if done correctly, steelhead were caught. Just that simple :)

Thurs: My guest's hit 10 steelhead, 1 Salmon and one Brown today! But who's counting :) They both had 25 years of fishing experience on the Salmon River which is one of the most important reason's they did as well as they did. 100 % drift's all day. We even left Steelhead and Browns to fish other locations and increase our knowledge of habitat of prime fish holding locations in 1,500 cfs, which was another one of my guest's goals. Otherwise, we would have never left those Steelhead.
Another distinct advantage my guest's had today was simple and is one we sometimes over look. The advantage they used gave us approx. 50% or even better odds of finding more of those metalhead we all love so much. The one thing they did that gave them such a large advantage to accomplishing their goals was something anyone could do. Presentation

2/19 -
Salmon River Pulaski NY Steelhead Drift Boat Guide Fishing Report:
Nothing much has changed on the river, except you'll start to see a few more Steelhead entering the river in preparation to spawn. My past 2-3 reports still all hold true.
I have to hand it to Chris and Mike on Friday as they were about as hard core as they come! You all heard about the incredible high wind gust's, rain and snow (some of it was white out conditions) we encountered on Friday. The morning started off very warm, rainy and very comfortable. Once the storm front passed by all heck broke loose. The wind was the worst I can ever remember. But, the steelhead were finally biting and my guest's were eager, so we kept at it. The wind kept visible big bow's-slack in their lines most of the day, which made it almost impossible to detect the subtle sensation of whether you were on or close to the bottom on the drift. All feeling is delayed when these nasty bow's are present. Especially if the steelhead take is subtle, which is often the case in the Winter time. They simply open and close their mouth while laying there almost motionless, sometimes moving just inch's to intercept your offering, sometimes not at all. This is one of the reason's why presentation is so critical and being able to detect the sometimes subtle strike's or takes. The wind chill was in the teens which kept the heater on and frozen guides all day. We applied some Stanley's Ice Off Paste that I had picked up at Whitakers, which helped. The wind was a major player that consistently kept us on our toes, messing with our presentations, moving the boat around. We even kept our eyes on the trees around us as every once in awhile you could hear another tree fall. I heard through the grapevine that a large number of anglers had a VERY difficult time steelhead fishing and also hooking up which does not surprise me in the least. So I could not be happier with how the day turned out for my guest's. Hard core for sure!
I guess you could say we turned a weather lemon of a day into a "Fish ON!" sort of day :)

Friday morning the catching part started off slow as molasses which was not unusual at all as we first had to learn how to present our offering consistently. I call it a 100% drift. It's similar to a golf swing. A number of pieces put together until they flow effortlessly. Each piece has a reason. Each piece plays an important role of the entire drift. Leaving one of the pieces out and the drift unfortunately doesn't work properly. If you've been coming to my-your site for awhile, then you have read my past many writing's on the subject. The morning's highlight for me was to see the advancement my guest's had made on the most critical part of fishing which is presentation. We worked together like a team to achieve this. The knowledge they had acquired this morning would lead them to their #1 goal, which was to catch some steelhead! And catch they did, but not before going through the ol' learning curve. Darn that learning curve. Why can't we all just go out, throw it in the water and catch a fish. :)
The weather was tolerable and it was because the air temp's were warm enough that the wind chill was not a factor. We saw about 6 or 7 other drift boats out working enjoying the day with an angler here and there along the river fishing.

We finally started hitting those magical metalheads! Ye-haa!! It's ham'a time. It was magic to my ears when another "Fish on" came across the load speaker. Then another and yup, you guessed it, another steelhead. We finished out the day with a respectable 2 for 5 on Steelhead, all from one spot, last spot of the day, when my guest's were consistently putting down 100% drift's one after the other. AND, this was on top of incredible hurricane force wind gust's! Try running a drift in that kind of a wind and now you know why I was tickled pink with the success's my guest's were having. 
The wind was now hollering "Fish ON!". They made me proud to be their guide. Great job Chris and Mike! Both steelhead were released to fight another day.

Mail Bag - Salmon River Pulaski NY Steelhead Drift Boat Guide Fishing Report:
Randy, Just wanted to write you a thanks for your commitment to keeping us informed on the Salmon River Steelhead situation. It is an asset to people like myself who have a couple hour drive to get up there... SO thank you and safe fishing to you all, Pritch
Hi Pritch, Im very happy you enjoy and trust my reports. I receive 100's of emails a year stating basically what you have. I am very appreciative, and very flattered by the kindness of everyone's words of support and encouragement.

Tip of the day:
One of the many cycles of life is starting to show. This is the normal time of the year where the Steelhead start to pair up. Preparing for the spawn. Males and females will often pair up more and more as March and April approach. Often, just like today, if you find one gender in a specific spot, you'll often more times than not find it's mate their also. So try to run the exact same drift to find out. That's the report and ramblings for today. Thanks for stopping in, Randy

This flow keeps the fish nice and happy :)
Until 11:59 PM Thu FEB 23, 1,000 CFS
All published flows are approximate and forecasts are estimates only. Actual flows will vary and can change quickly at any time. Always be alert and wear an approved flotation device. Never go in or near the water until you know and accept the risks you are assuming by being in this area!

I just received a email from the editor of the book that is coming out this summer for some more pictures of myself sight fishing the flats on Monomoy Island, Cape Cod in the Chatham M.A. area. These are to be included in a book about Saltwater flies, etc... The book will include a large # of go-to flies by some well known guides from around that part of the country, including one of mine. I'm very flattered to be included in this fly fishing group. I'll let you all know when it's out in case you want to pick up a copy.

Dec. Salmon River Pulaski NY Steelhead Drift Boat Guide Fishing Report:
Air temperatures look good for this coming week's fishing. Back to more seasonal temp's. 20's at night and 30's during the day with a lil snow thrown in here and there, just to keep it interesting.
The Browns are pretty much done spawning (Dec.) and most are in the process of holding and or dropping back. Holding in the exact same locations as the Steelhead. Both Transitional holding and Winter holding waters. All of the Browns we caught and released this past week were past spawning. Everything has frozen back up and their is no more run off, except for a lil almost every afternoon. After the holiday's look for VERY few anglers and guides out and about.
We've been doing most of our fishing from the boat. Warmer, safer. Occasionally fishing out of the boat if the spot calls for it. It's been nice and safe to have the drift boat there in case we need help chasing these fish down, especially through the rapids. Nantucket sleigh ride! :)

We are targeting and fishing during the most productive time of the day. Water warms a degree or two. (Not killing ourselves to be out there standing in the dark in the Winter time? Fishing during the normally most unproductive part of the day?) Keeping on the move. Not only to learn new and exciting water but also to increase the odds of playing with more fish. If I cover - work my spot 100% and feel I ran a 100% drift (presentation), am rigged correctly with what I hope is the correct color, bait or fly, etc.... then I personally see no reason to hang in 1 spot all morning, unless I'm hitting a fish or two every 1/2 hour or so. By working your spot thoroughly (presenting your offering to any fish sitting in that spot, fanning it, using 1 or 2 different presentational tool's, allowing you to present a couple of different types of food, sizes, colors, etc..) and then moving all day, I feel you increase your odds drastically while not beating the water to death. If your rigged properly, presenting it right, etc... then the fish will either eat it on the first few drift's or not.  With one fish here, a couple over there, a few in this spot, none at that other spot, etc... moving around can not only increase your odds of hooking up but also keep you a lot warmer :)

I've been finding and using with success: 90% older, more educated Steelhead around and approx. 10% bright fresh Steelhead up river. The further down you go the fresher the fish and less educated you will find. Fresher fish coming to our offering better, but also out smarting some of the most educated, smartest, toughest to catch fish in the river. :) Very natural aquatic's for this time of the year matching shape, size, silhouette, profile, action, color, density - egg pattern's - Real egg's with only 3-4 egg's in each bag in blue, pink and cream - skein, snelled looped on so the hook is buried in it - have been our top producer's off the boat and while wading. I hope what little Ive written help's.

Slush and Shelf Ice: With the water dropping to 335 cfs and it being Winter time. It's that time again to plan your fishing strategies wisely. Slush will build up quicker, start up river more, last longer with the above mentioned criteria. Many a morning's fishing has been postponed or interrupted by slush. I'll try to look up that old article I did on slush many flies ago. There are many factors that cause and create it here on the river and elsewhere. Ways to avoid it, trick's of the trade - strategies, in that ol beauty.
Also with the above mentioned criteria look for dangerous shelf ice to start appearing and floating down river. When it floats down river it can be seen and felt in little annoying pieces as it catch's your line and interrupt's your drift to large sheet's of dry wall size ice bergs (we call them). They mostly surprise the heck out of you while your fishing when they float into you, but could possibly (but not likely) be dangerous if sliding into you while fishing in rapids, etc.. The biggest real life danger is of course walking out on it to better fish your spot. I could tell you all some nasty stories that friends have related to me over the years but wont.
I personally never put a fish in front of my own personal safety. Similar to crossing the river when it's high. Also, speaking of crossing the river. NOW, more than ever you need to be VERY careful when crossing. Check your water flows and make sure it is what it is supposed to be and that you are crossing in a spot that YOU know what the highest SAFE level you can cross that spot in and also that you know that crossing better than you know the inside of your pocket. I wont go into water, Winter and you getting a Salmon River baptism as you all know about hypothermia, how soon it takes before it set's in, life threatening, etc...
It's always simply best to just not go out on the shelf ice. If you were too, I'd make darn sure I knew the depth underneath me, for obvious reason's. Common sense should dictate what you do. Please be careful out there, Randy

Guide Mark - Steelhead Fishing Report's and Testimonial:

Randy, I have fished the salmon river for steelhead for many years now and have never really experienced it from a drift boat. I will be down there over the Christmas, New Years period for four days and noticed that you had the 30th of December presently open. I would like to know if it is still available and if so, could you let me know? I will be fishing with my wife who is also experienced with float fishing as well as bottom bouncing. I am always looking to learn more and believe that this is definitely the way to go about doing it.
I have been using a center pin float reel for a few years now and have found my averages definitely better. Fresh eggs and a controlled drift in the right areas have allowed me to go skunkless for almost two years, with 6 to 10 trips a season. All fish are released as I believe they are too valuable to be caught just once! As I mentioned earlier, I keep an open mind and am always willing to learn more to aid me in future steelhead fishing trips. Seeing the river from a drift boat would be a completely new perspective on this fishing and one that I would learn from. Let me know at your earliest convenience if this date is still available? Here's a couple of steelhead pics from some fish that we have released in past trips. Tight Lines, Mark

Hi Mark, Im very flattered to have someone with your experience level looking into a trip. Yes, your right, the boat does add an incredible new window into it all.  I'd gladly show you every chrome holding spot in the river (by the inch, etc...) for your future steelhead fishing trips. As you know, running floats is one of the BEST methods to catch Steelhead. Congrats on those steelhead! Beautiful!! The fish I catch we normally measure by the inch :) Sometimes Ill tie the bags down into different colored mess with only 2-3 eggs per sack. Many times Ill add cotton to hold the added scent or natural scent and also a split shot so I dont need to add it to my line. I'd highly recommend you bring the float rod. We can also spin, bottom, float, etc...Best Fish's, Randy

December 27th, 28th, 29th, & 30th Salmon River

The Christmas holidays have always been a good time for both my wife, Christiane & I to head back down to New York State & fish for Steelhead. By arriving around midday Tuesday, we only had about three hours to actually fish. Fortunately, we started in the right spot as we intercepted a small school of fresh steelhead & caught a bunch of them. Probably 12 or so steelhead were hooked and many of them were landed up to almost 4 pounds. These steelhead put up an incredible fight, as every last one was dime bright. As usual, the largest steelhead did manage to get off when she bolted down river through the rapids. The second & third day were no different as we managed to get into more steelhead and even some brown trout on both occasions. One of the best battles occurred on the third afternoon as a fresh steelhead of at least thirteen pounds gave me a 15-minute fight. When the float went down the fish went crazy as I slammed the hook home. I can’t count how many jumps & long runs she made and had to follow her down river to another pool just to land her. A few quick photos and back she went to the depths of this hole to fight another day. Each of these two days were seeing about 6 to 10 hookups not counting all the juvenile par that wouldn’t leave the eggs alone! We must have caught over 30 of the small rainbows in the 6 to 8 inch size. I even landed a small Atlantic Salmon of 12 to 14 inches amongst them.

On the final day we hooked up with Randy Jones
, a steelhead drift boat guide & had a great time floating & fishing our way down river. Randy has been a steelhead guide on the Salmon River & local tribs for over 30 years & had a lot to teach us about specific areas that the steelhead winter over as well as transitional holding spots. He is incredibly knowledgeable on various techniques needed to hook & land these fish from the fall through the spring.
To sum him up in just a few words, I would have to say he is a gentleman & an educator! The detail that he delivers in all his explanations can definitely benefit those of us willing to learn. I know that I have even more confidence now, by spending just one day with him. We hooked into about 8 steelhead during the day on fresh egg sacs as well as skein. Both browns & steelhead were once again caught with the best being saved for last.
This was the second incredible battle in the last two days that was to last almost 15 minutes. For anyone that doesn’t think these fish fight that hard when the water is barely 33 degrees, you are sadly mistaken! Once more, the jumps and runs were spectacular as she went airborne at least 5 times and burnt probably 100 yards of line from the reel. I actually had to leave the boat and chase her just to gain back some line in the process.
Fortunately, Randy was there with the net as we finally won the fight. A fresh, female chromer of at least 11 pounds was what we were rewarded with. After a couple of shots with the camera, she was returned unharmed. Catch & Release has become a huge part of why these fish provide so much pleasure to the angler and Randy really promotes it as well. Hats off to him for fulfilling a dream while educating others in the process! You can contact him at for more information as well as a booking date.
He will definitely make you trip a great memory! Mark Currie
Big bright fresh steelhead caught while fishing the salmon river pulaski ny w/ drift boat steelhead fishing guide Randy Jones Steelhead
                                        Mark with a couple of BIG bright fresh Steelhead! Congrats!!
Randy, I just wanted to say thanks for all your informative aid on the river. The -- river has never really been a section that I have concentrated on in the past. By viewing it from a boat and having you point out specific fish lies, either transitional or wintering, it opened up a whole new perspective to my steelhead fishing. As I mentioned to you in the previous Email, it was all about knowledge! The fish were an added bonus to the day! I have always been a firm believer in fishing certain seams and having you confirm that makes me even more confident now. Seeing all the holding water that there is on the river sure will benefit me in future fishing trips as well. Once again, thanks for all your kind & courteous help from both Christiane & myself. See you on the river! Tight Lines Mark Currie

Thursday - Salmon River Pulaski NY Steelhead Drift Boat Guide Fishing Report:
Mike and his 15 year old son Tom enjoyed a day of wonderful Winter Steelhead fishing. This was Tom's first time on the Salmon River fishing for Steelhead. He did a great job and made his guide very proud! :) They were 1 for 4 on Chrome using Fly Rod w/flies (smaller egg pattern's - cream and light pink worked best) also dark Cronomites (sp?) and Spin Rod w/real egg's (blue and pink) fished with a float. They loved the float and the many advantages it gave them. Had to work for them, one hear, couple there, one here. Exactly what had been forecast and predicted yesterday is exactly what we found.
They learned all about this incredible fishery and hope to join me again this Fall for Salmon. We fished 6 or 7 different spots to give my guest's a good overview and a much better understanding of all of the many different types of habitat - current breaks there are. The subtle differences on the drift that can make the difference between fishing 100% or only 40% of your drift and most importantly, knowledge. Covering habitat, presentation, rigging, bait and fly choices. We covered over 3 miles of learning the many many holes, runs, slot's, channels, depression's, holes within the holes, etc...., that make up the Salmon River.
I sincerely hope that what little I've been able to share with you here today might help to increase the odds of your successful attempt in searching out the sometimes elusive silver bullet and also help in the overall number of steelhead you catch. Best Fish's, Randy

Wed. Salmon River Pulaski NY Steelhead Drift Boat Guide Fishing Report: High Wind Watch - Approx. Thursday Eve until Friday afternoon. Mostly the higher terrain for damage. Please be careful.
Fishing as reported and predicted has not changed at all (again, in my opionion) from my last few reports. Nothing new to add at all. As Ive said, In my opionion it's the best, most productive and easiest time of the year to fish. My favorite! :)
Look for things to possibly change a little after this weather pattern push's through. You may want to keep an eye on it and water flows if your coming up. Things could possibly change rather quickly as they often do.
Since there is nothing new to report here, Im going to get back to work on other work related issues that have me working and preparing for 2007 and beyond. When I have a moment I'll finish updating this page with some more tips, reports from my personal scouting and fishing, some of my guided trips Ive been doing (It's hammer time, yup, we've been doing great!), ramblings and another one of many new National magazine pieces dealing with the Salmon River.

Guest Question: Hi Randy, I know it's short notice - but with the water level at 1,000 cfs - are you available to do a driftboat trip this week?  I'm proficient in both fly or spinning gear - and your web site and insights to sharing information have caught my attention - especially the float fishing pieces.  I've been fishing the Salmon River for quite a long time, familiar with the conditions up there, and come up at least once a month from November through March for steelies.  Cold weather doesn't bother me when there are fresh fish to be caught. It would be just me - I'm very interested in learning more of the different fish holding areas at different water levels and seasons.  Doesn't matter to me if you do the upper stretch or lower stretch. I'm totally flexible as to type of fishing. Thanks, Ted

Hi Ted, I'll bring all the fly-spin-float-bait-flies we will need. Suggest spikes, polarized glass's to see where your stepping if your pursuing a Steelhead along the rivers edge. Dress for conditions, plenty of dry storage under the bow of the boat. Better to have it and not need it. Maybe a sandwich for yourself for lunch and a spare change of gloves or mittens in case they get wet or damp. I'll be more than happy to share any and all information that might help you in your pursuit of these amazing fish. Ive got some reallllll nice spots (in 1,000 cfs) to work those float's too. :) We should do fine with all the optional presentational tools and techniques we can try combined with both of our flexibility and experience levels. Best Fish's, Randy Jones

Here is Ted's fishing report: In a full day drift boat trip with a heat wave of -1 degree in the morning and the propane heater on high most of the time (Ted did not use it once! Now that's hard core!). The sun was shinning and it was amazingly comfortable, relaxing with the sun's reflection off the inside of the boat onto ourselves, using spin-floats w/ eggs and worms (they liked the worms the most while learning how to run a float), spin bottom w/ flies. All worked with success with approx. 5 or so"Fish On" in a VERY short period of time as this spot was on fire baby!

My Ramblings on Ted's Day:
All of today's goals (knowledge and fish) were met and surpassed. We knowingly and rightly so left fish to continue to achieve Ted's goals. (A spot that was loaded :)  We had hit all 5 in one stretch all by ourselves without moving the boat and we had not even finished covering it 100%. We did not even move the boat down river 16 feet to get to the best part of the run - hole within the hole yet. I feel the biggest fish tend to hold the best realestate, so Im sure we would have found many more Steelhead and the biggest fish hold'n in the best spot.
Ted's main goal today was not to catch fish but really to learn more high % spots to return and fish on his own for the rest of his life. Success!

No pictures today of landed fish (8lb. and smaller approx.) due to the extreme cold the fish were never taken out of the water-net. Simply not worth the risk of injuring or killing a fish that will be released anyway in these extreme cold conditions. The gills can and do freeze. Simply won't do it just because you and I like pictures and also for me to increase the odds of selling my product on here. I feel these fish are to valuable a resource to risk. I wish others felt the same as I do, but I'm only one person and can only do so much, unfortunately. :(
(The above report was simply how our day went and should not be used as a gauge on how the fishing is overall on the River. We also hit some spots where we did not hook-up.)
The key to our success was simple: Besides our team work with experience and being flexible with different presentational tools. We had to keep on the move. Work our water with 100% drift's and then move, work the water then move and I'd bet we fished about 6-7 different spots in the day. We got lucky when we found that big pod of fish and hopefully so can YOU! We never would have found them or learned as much as we did if we had just set up in an easy to fish spot all morning. Not as educational and obviously not as productive. :)

Mail Bag - Salmon River Pulaski NY Steelhead Drift Boat Guide Fishing Report:
Hi Dean, Another option: Creeks and streams. Also, I sometimes "at the request of my guest's" will do a 60% driving tour (driving too, stopping at, writing down all exit's, road names, parking area's, best access, best area's to walk, area's not to walk, etc... This would give us lots of time to cover if not all, most of them. That way since you plan on returning on your own and you already know what to look for, you'll get the most possible info. in the day that we have to spend together. The other 40% of the day could be spent walking some of the better stretch's, looking, studying, fishing some of them with a more up and close, personal viewing of some of the best high %, prime spots for Steelhead.
We may have to keep an eye on the water level's and such as sometimes it may be down to low for them to still be in the creeks if we go. It's hard to predict. End of Feb. - March tends to be a lil better for creeks.
We can talk about this specific area on the morning that we meet to see if your up for it, or we can go play in some of the other streams and creeks in the area, providing they are with sufficient water. We can wait and see what mother nature gives us before deciding our game plan, ok?.
My personal favorite time to fish for Steelies in these special creeks is right now. Thanks very much for your interest. Please let me know if I can be of any help again,  now or in the future. :) Best Fish's, Randy Jones

I had a nice time at the Salmon River Visitor's Center, just off Rt. 13 by the Sportsman pool parking lot. With your donation's then, now and in the future, the expansion project got underway in 2002. Plans include an observation deck, picnic pavilion, wetland interpretive trails, and additional fishing related displays. A fishing museum is shaping up nicely and the work on the building is making steady progress with help from many of the local youth groups, local business's and Chamber of Commerce. If your ever in the area and wondering what this area has to offer you while your up here, feel free to stop in for a visit. Your always welcome.

High Water Spots on the Salmon River NY:
Most holes are created by current, in some way. Throw in to much current and sometimes you will not find the fish in the typical location you would believe them to be in. Instead they will move to the closest current break that will hopefully provide them with everything they need to survive. Knowing where these
pushed fish move to under what flows will help you whittle down the options in your search.
Many times the pushed fish succeed in this by simply moving back in the hole, other times even the mid-tail of the hole-spot can be to fast, so they will slowly slide back further down river until they can find a more suitable current break. (I have certain spots I target when this occurs) Other times they will move to the closest seam off to the side of the hole. (Seam - where the slow water meets the fast water - a type of current break) This current break could actually be where it is shallower. Corners are notorious for being deep, carved out by the current. Higher flows will many times move the fish out of these holes.
Moving them to the inside of the corner on the seam or behind another one of many different types of current breaks.
Remember that big rock, (current break) that you can visually see when the water is low that sits in the Head, middle, tail of the hole or on that corner? Or it sits in the fish's travel lane? (Deepest part of the river) Now with this flow you can't see it, except for the tell tail sign's of the surface film being broken up by this unseen structure? Sa-zam! You got it, the fish will 100% guaranteed be sitting behind it all the way to the very tail end of the current break which might be 40-50 feet down from that rock. ;)

A link I recently found or was made aware of that I want to share with you today. Lots of good float stuff! Enjoy!

Salmon River Pulaski NY Steelhead Drift Boat Guide Fishing Report: Updated S.R. Water Level: I'm very happy to report, for all wade anglers that enjoy and feel more comfortable fishing a lower flow, that your wish has come true, with some pretty nice fishing at hand presently, in my opionion. Most of your fish are in your predictable Winter holding locations, but dont give up on your high percentage transitional spots either, especially in the lower river. Any fish you tangle with in these transitional locations well normally be bright silver as they would normally be the fresher fish that have just entered the river and are migrating up. There are some nice BIG Chromers around too :) Enjoy! Randy

It's nice to be getting caught up on things and enjoying some good fishing. We took last Thursday's trip and due to concern about wind chill, comfort, plan to run that one this week as my guest's are flexible.
Fridays trip started of cold with the promise of above freezing temp's by late morning, no wind. We met a little later in the morning to give the fish a chance to wake and warm up a lil. :)
Worked like magic. Enjoyed a fun day on the water getting to tangle with some mighty nice ones! Approx. 10 total Steelhead between my two veteran S.R. guest's were tangled with off the drift boat, in an all day float. What a hoot. Found them in 3 out of 6 spots. All Winter-Transitional lyes. Pretty much as expected, dependable, normal Winter spots that typically will hold them all pretty nice.
Heard from a dependable source that most (obviously not all) anglers found the fishing above Pineville very slow that day. Some of the nicest fishing is upon us and this is some of the best fishing of the season in my personal opinion. Tuff to land them :) Enjoy! Best of luck, Randy

Salmon River Pulaski NY Steelhead Drift Boat Guide Fishing Report:
Monday - Bob and Travis received today's trip in the form of my Gift Cert. from his wife. Celebrating both of their Birthdays! :)
They were a combined 4 for 11 - couple Browns, 1 small par, one Bow and the rest fresh chromers.
Found them in every spot except the fist one. That spot was the rod tip high, tap at 12, not before, tap the very bottom of the slinky on the very tops of the rocks lightly to get the correct speed to make it look natural, lets work some more on running a 100% drift, etc.. After the warm-up, learning curve, learning hole, we started to find them in every spot. We never killed ourselves working every lil pebble, just the major prime lies of each spot, while keeping on the move. Most fish were fussy and needed to be treated with respect and perfect presentation's. Looked slow for most other anglers unfortunately, only saw one other hook up all day. But, there was also hardly anyone around.

Above Fishing Guest Testimonial:
Randy, I just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful fishing adventure! Travis and I had a WONDERFUL time and again learned more in one day than we have in years of fishing this wonderful river. Your expertise and professionalism are superb and matched by NONE! I can't wait until we have the opportunity to do it again. If you ever need a reference or help I would be honored! Until we meet again, tight lines and smooth drags!
Bob and Travis

Still asleep Monday Salmon River Fishing Report

Can't sleep, excited about today's trip, 3:30am. Noticed the water is dropping. I'm sure most, if not all of the veteran S.R. anglers would agree, this is a very special time of the year and with what has and is happening as we speak means one thing. You've got a pretty good shot of tying into some of these fish. Just make sure you get up on the right side of the bed and that you remember the fish face into the current and you'll do just fine. :)   

Nice job today Guys What a fight. Best one in awhile. We had silver jumpers all day today (Dime- fresh), speeding bullet runs, we got spanked and had a blast enjoying it! :) Got totally spooled by one fish. Must a been big fresh'n. Never ever happened before, fish never stopped for second, just screamed down river back to the lake. Hopefully never again.
Besides the above Steelhead, all of the fish we landed were in the 10 and above pound range and were tuff to land.

Today we did better than normal, but it was for only 3 very simple reasons.
1. We got lucky, right place - right time.
2. I got up on the Right side of the bed.
3. We remembered that the fish face up stream. :)

Float Fishing for Steelhead and Brown Trout 101:
Once again, the fine folks at Whitakers Sports Shop (Rt. 13 Pulaski)  are here to support your fish addiction. From what Ive seen around town, Rob has one of the best (if not the best?) selections of float fishing accessories. From a variety of different floats, scents, you name it, they have it. Rob is a float fishing expert-addict himself and so is his father Bob. The entire staff at Whitakers will be more than happy to answer and show you how to rig up. Simple as spread'n soft but'a on a warm muf'n. :)

Congrats to everyone who has had a good season. The last couple of winters have been brutal and we all know what that does to the local economy. So far, this winter has been pretty good and has allowed many of you to come up, enjoy a lil fishing, without 10 feet of snow falling or very dangerous wind chills (not many so far) The local economy is feeling pretty good about mother natures generosity concerning our winter temperatures staying about normal and possibly a little warmer than most winter's. The local economy once again, thanks you for your patronage! :)

Salmon River Pulaski NY Steelhead Drift Boat Guide Fishing Report:
This was Eric's second time out with me for Steelhead. During his first trip he was happily 1 for 4 on Chrome. This trip he played with even more. We started off the day in the LFZ and played with a handful, then late morning jumped in the drift boat and fished while learning all of the many Chrome hold'n spot's along the way. Lot's of other folks out enjoying the day also. Very peaceful and relaxing. The only disturbance and annoying thing that kept happening ALL day, was every time my guest would hook up I was expected to jump to my feet and try to net his fish. Talk about stressful, mental and physical labor. I need to find a new, less stressful job. :) Congrats Eric!
The weather forecast for this upcoming week involving air temp. look's outstanding! I'll be out there for sure taking advantage of this blast of warmer air and hopefully you will too.

Hands warm:
Wrap around "one sided adhesive athletic tape" to any metal that is exposed on your fly/spin reel that your hand or fingers come in contact with. This barrier stops that frozen, painful metal from freezing your hands off. Additionally, how about wrapping a hand warmer underneath the athletic tape at first light. Now you have a heated hand warmer where you hold your rod. Most folks, including myself get cold hands when fishing in the Winter sometimes, so Ive found this the perfect solution to solving that annoyance. Believe it or not, you can many times fish in the Winter with no gloves on at all if you add the heating pad. Enjoy and "Fish On"!

Guest Testimonial:
Dear Randy,
Truly a great time! Those two beauties you put me on that I lost, I'm blaming on my fisherman's elbow. The info I gained was invaluable, and I don't mean just the spots you revealed to us, but it was also the techniques you showed us that were tremendous. And the proof positive was that on 1/02/06, I went and tried the techniques on my own - not in your secret pools - and I was 3 for 4. My buddy was 3 for 3. Right next to other guys that just struck out. I even did it fishing left handed to give my right elbow a rest. I looked like a girl casting, so no points for form! Anyway, thanks for such a good time. I'm sending my deposit in for one of the days you gave me for the Fall. Oh, and thanks for sending me the pictures. Yours were much better than mine! Sincerely, Mike Maloney

Hi Mike, You are so ever welcome! I had a blast and am extremely happy that you and your son found the day fruitful in many ways. Randy

November - May
  Salmon River NY:
Steelhead 8-12 lb. average.
Winter steelhead change their lies in the river. They're holding, resting points are exact. Care to learn?
The Spring time are great fishing days as new fish move into the river on a daily basis. As the river temperatures rise, so does the aggressiveness of the steelhead. Often, sight fishing is possible as they move into the shallows in preparation for spawning.

Winter Habitat:
Preferred holding lies for the winter steelhead are simple to find. Deep, slow water. Deepest part of the middle- tails of pools are my #1 choice. 2nd choice lies are any seams combined with a drop, depression in the river bottom. A seam is where the fast or rippled water meets the dead or slow moving water. A classic steelhead lie would be on the seam at the head of a pool. This allows the fish to exert very little energy, stay close to it's safety that the deeper water offers while staying in contact with its food source.

Steelhead runs:
What normally triggers a run is low light; rise in water level or its biological spawning clock.
Where to fish during a run? --This covers all species of fish that are in a transitional stage that are entering the river. Most fish use the contour of the bottom and current to navigate. They travel virtually the same route, day after day taking a lot of the guesswork out of it. Where I sight fish for Stripers (Monomoy Island-Cape Cod) on the flats, this is also true. Normally the deepest part of the river is where they will travel. Once you've made this determination, the next step is to search out their holding, resting points. The length of time they will hold in any particular type of structure is determined by the size of the hole, pocket, depth, speed of water and what they had to travel through to get to that point. Also fishing pressure and weather is a consideration. To narrow you're search down for the best resting spots. Consider any deep water just above a long stretch of rapids. These normally are the tails of pools were there is slow moving water and depth to offer security, and a break from stronger currents. These are the areas were they will be for the longest period of time allowing you the most shots. To improve your odds even further, look for channels or areas where the majority of fish travel and hold in a small area of the tail end of the hole. A hole maybe 50 feet by 50 feet. But they hold in a 10-ft. by 10-ft. area due to a depression or rocky structure breaking the current flow.
Now you know where I fish. During the wintertime I will hit these prime lies in each area, then move to the next.

Hatches of black stone flies will occur during the winter time. This would indicate a good fly to try. A good bait fish imitation would be a woolly bugger in black or purple. Your green butt skunk and other's will work also. Try one with some purple in it. The flies you see hatching, are the nymphs and emergers I would try. Match size, silhouette, coloration, action and you've got it. During the winter, whenever it gets close to or above freezing, there will be a hatch.  As we continue into March you will notice an increase in the # of flies hatching as will as there sizes, getting larger 12-10-8.

Tying Tip:
Id like to share with you a fly tying tip that has saved me countless hrs on the vise. It has also enabled me to tie professionally looking flies, in mass production style in no time at all. The Fall Steelhead comes into the river for 2 reasons. To prepare to spawn in the Spring and to eat Salmon and Brown Trout roe. The glow bug is one of the hottest flies used to imitate eggs. The tool I use is called " The Amazing Glo Bug Dispenser."  It contains several fluted straws like pieces that allow you to tie different sized eggs. It compresses the yarn to make each egg perfectly round and tight. My personal record for mass production was 100 flies in 2 hours while consuming several frosties at the old Pulaski Country Pizza. The last few came out a little uneven as the light was fading. HA!   #610-678-1899  

Flies, Eggs or Both:
Both are a productive way to fish for steelhead.
If I were to use egg sacks, the over all best color of the mesh that they are tied in would be Blue. This is by far the most productive color. If I am fishing to fresher fish then chartreuse, orange and pink are very good colors. There are times where egg sacks will out produce flies and vise versa. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Even if you use a fly rod, don’t rule out the attractiveness of an egg sack. One of the tricks I sometimes use when guiding is to use both in the same spot before leaving.

Besides all the other pieces of the puzzle we have covered and will cover, hopefully these tips will help you all to be more in tune with your fishing. Putting all of this together consistently will put you into the 10% that catch 90% of the fish! Happy Hookin; Randy

Monday - Salmon River Pulaski NY Steelhead Drift Boat Guide Fishing Report:
My guest's were 1 for 4 off the drift boat today. Sunny, no wind, approx. 21 degrees all day long and very pleasant!
Lil slower surprisingly. Angler ability level was on the mark. We had a presence of fish but they just would not cooperate. They hit glow bugs and aquatics. I think we hit about 4-5 of them. But, was disappointed we did not play with some more. Still a productive day of learning and learning some water, subtle tricks to improve their  drift's, etc... Still a nice day to be out and about fishing. Snowed about 4 inch's and hour. :)Nice day! We left for the day just as we stated to hit them with some consistency. To bad, but the day had to end sometime. :(

Fishing Mail Bag:
Hi Randy, Richard is 18 now.  He is not an accomplished fly fisherman, but did well fishing steelies w/ you (the phenomenal day).  Probably he would need to spin fish, as I dont think he can cast well enough for sight fishing...depends- what kind of distance is required?  I would prefer to fly fish, if the two can be mixed.  If not, we'll go with the best common denominator.  I think either way we would probably prefer the late summer time...if nothing else, I would prefer to see/fish for bigger fish, even if we catch less. Thanks, Dave

Hi Dave,
Yes, we can do both easily. I forgot to mention that we can only sight fish if we have the sun to see'm on the flats. Or if they are breaking on the surface, birds working, this is another form of sight fishing where mother nature needs to be a lil helpful. Sometimes we can see their tails as they do what we call tailing. (This is normally a rare occurrence and not something to plan or depend on.) If no sun then we would work the surrounding area's on and around the flats. These area's are used for feeding, transitioning, trapped by the tide dropping with no way out for them (but they still feed :) and holding water's until the tide changes. Also area's where the water drains off the flats into a larger body of water where the fish tend to feed on whatever is being flushed off the flat that day.
Normally you need to be able to throw it (fly rod) 50-60 feet fast (they are a moving target on the flats) and accurately (mid - late season they normally will not go out of their travel lane much at all) . Throw in wind (very common),  late season normally a longer leader due to education level (anytime you can disguise what your fly is tied too, any species of fish, anywhere in the world, you'll tend to catch and fool a few more), fine diameter leader (again :) anytime you can disguise what your fly is tied too, any species of fish, anywhere in the world, you'll tend to catch and fool a few more. Fine diameter makes it even more challenging to turn the fly over or into the wind, as I use a very special leader formula that can make the difference between catching and fishing :), a fly that feel's like a brick. (Anytime you can make it easier for your fly to be easily seen and easily eat'n, any species of fish, anywhere in the world, you'll tend to catch and fool a few more. These special flies are weighted, some more some less than others which is determined by several things) Now throw in fast (by the time I count to 4 slowly, it should be there, otherwise they will most likely be in Nantucket :) and accurate (on a dime, thank god Im not the one having to cast this :) and you can see why we love sight fishing, very challenging (you are basically challenging your ability level as an angler) especially mid-late summer when they are the biggest (15 - 20 lb's which is a nice fish for the flats while sight fishing for them) - smartest they will ever be on the flats. Spin and bait is the #1 way to go for the big smart boys. Still have to be fast and accurate.
Please let me know how you would  like to proceed form here. Best, Randy

Client Mail Bag and Testimonial's:
Hi Jeff, Thanks again for a fun day! How did you do on your own? Best fish's,  Randy

Hey Randy,
Paul and I had a great time on the trip with you and the success we had on the rest of the trip was the result of what you taught us.  I attached a few pics from the next couple of days of fishing but believe me we caught a lot more fish and have a lot more pics than these.  I have a lot more confidence fishing the river and don't feel like I have to fish around all the crowds and popular spots to catch fish anymore.  The respect I have for the river and fish has grown.  Please continue to promote ethical fishing practices, catch and release, etc.  All fish we caught were released as will any fish I catch there in the future.  Thanks for posting the information about handling the fish and keeping them out of the water as little as possible.  I need to remind myself of this also and do a better job.  I could keep going on here but I know you are busy.
I would like to get out again before the new year but will probably only be able to fish again in the spring.  Hopefully we can fish together again in the future.  I'll recommend you to anyone I know who is heading out your way to fish.  Good luck with the rest of the season. Thanks again,  Jeff

Thanks Randy, Had a great time Friday 11th – hey, just realized we hit 11 steelies on the 11th! Anyway, wouldn't you know it my girlfriend thinks I’m so happy today that I should go back in Dec or Jan and fish again. Well…hell….I’m not one to argue.  Randy, could you let me know what dates you have left open next month in Dec and also in January. ….and she wants to buy me a large arbor reel for an early Christmas present……mmmmmmmmm….what’s she up to……?...? mmmm Thanks, Ron

Hi Ron, Thanks again for a fun, exciting and enjoyable day! I had a blast!! Im happy your girlfriend realizes how important fishing is to your relationship. :) Im sure you will continue to show her how much you appreciate her realizing this, in the many ways us guys can :0 Thanks again! Randy

By Randy Jones

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I'm a full-time professional fly/spin fishing guide with over 35 years of experience. I've represented the Orvis Corporation as a guide and chief instructor of their 2 1/2 day Saltwater Fly fishing schools. (I don't discriminate. I also enjoy guiding you spin anglers too! - yukyuk)
During the Fall, Winter, and Spring I run drift boat trips on the World Class Salmon River, Pulaski N.Y. using fly/spin and floats for Steelhead, Brown Trout, Coho, Atlantic's and King Salmon.
There's no Nookie like Chinookie ;)

Fishing reports for the Salmon River "The Salmon River, where Memories are Made

Phone #315 963 2065  Email:
$275 for 1 angler Fly or Spin Fishing.
$350 for 2 anglers Fly or Spin Fishing..
Orvis Fly - Spin fishing equipment, tackle provided. Please bring your own Lunch, Polarized Glass's and Chest Waders.
Trips are 8-9 hours from the time we meet until we hit the drift boat ramp at day's end. (May run over)

Gift certificates are available for Trips

Reservations and Deposits:
Reservation is confirmed upon receipt of a $100 deposit (per day) within 7 days of booking.

Mailed to:
Randy Jones
87 Clark Rd.
Mexico, NY

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Enjoy Amazing Fishing on the Salmon River Pulaski NY w/ Steelhead Drift Boat Fishing Report Guide Randy Jones
for Steelhead or Salmon, Spin or Fly Fishing on the Salmon River NY

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