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Drift Boat Fishing, Salmon River Pulaski NY. Drift Boat Fishing

Drift Boat Fishing, Salmon River Pulaski NY. Drift Boat Fishing Guide has Salmon or Steelhead Fishing Reports at " Fishing Reports"

The Guide Drift Boat allows you to Spin or Fly Fish a great deal of water for Salmon or Steelhead on the Salmon River NY. Often when the Steelhead or Salmon are scattered this is a fabulous water chariot.

a fast and fun guide drift boat fish trip on the Salmon River Pulaski NY fishing for steelhead and salmon covering 4 miles in 4 minutes during the Splendor of our Winter and Fall fishing seasons.
CHECK OUT the World Record Steelhead we caught that day @ end of drift boat video! ;)
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Drift Boat Fishing, Salmon River Pulaski NY. Drift Boat Fishing Guide has Salmon or Steelhead Fishing Reports Steelhead Drift Boat Guide on the Salmon River Pulaski NY Drift Boat Guide fishing for Steelhead on the Salmon River NY Fishing Report Drift Boat Steelhead Guide Drift Boat Fishing Salmon River Pulaski NY
At 16 feet, this 285 pound guide drift boat is comfortable and a very stable platform . It is outfitted with a propane heater to keep you nice and toasty on even the coldest days. While you can Spin or Fly fish from the drift boat, I will often stop to let clients wade and fish a particularly productive run on the Salmon River NY. When the Steelhead or Salmon are concentrated in particular locations wading is the preferred option. At other times a drift boat is the only way to get to the fish. While I will give booking anglers a recommendation, you may want to experience one method over another. All you have to do is ask.

Trophy steelhead caught off the drift boat with Salmon River Pulaski NY fishing guide Randy Jones

Guide drift boat fishing on the Salmon River Pulaski NY for steelhead and salmon Guide drift boat fishing for steelhead or salmon on the Salmon River in Pulaski NY Guide drift boat fishing salmon and steelhead on Salmon River Pulaski NY Drift boat fishing steelhead or salmon on the Salmon River near Pulaski NY
Phil Leonardi with a bright fresh Winter Steelhead                Bill Cody with a nice Steelhead                                            Jeff Pierce with a bright fresh Fall Steelhead                  Capt. Bill with a 20 lb. Male Steelhead!!

Outstanding Guided Drift Boat Fishing on the Salmon River NY for Steelhead, Brown Trout or Salmon

Enjoy wade or drift boat fishing on the world renowned Salmon River in Pulaski NY for hard fighting salmon or steelhead during the splendor of the fall, winter and spring seasons.
Whether it's trophy sized steelhead or salmon that you're after, I am dedicated to introducing both new and experienced anglers to the exciting world of freshwater fishing.
For novices, I place emphasis on Fly/Spin fishing skill and supplement the day with knots, fly/bait selection, fish habitats, and prey species. For the more experienced sportsman, I'll work with you to hone your fishing skills. I guarantee a rewarding experience.

I have a firm belief 100 % of my energy and time should be focused on you and helping you attain your goals, during our time together and not fishing along side you during this time.
I am a thoroughly proficient and professional year-round fly/spin fishing guide with 35 + years of fresh and salt water experience.

Trophy Spin or Fly Fishing on the Salmon River in Pulaski NY for Salmon, Steelhead or Brown Trout with Drift Boat Guide

September through April
The Salmon River is located in Pulaski NY on Lake Ontario's eastern shore, 30 miles north of Syracuse. Its reputation for large runs of Salmon - Steelhead and incredible average size of all species is unsurpassed by any other fishery in New England.

Guide drift boat fishing for steelhead and salmon on the Salmon River in NY September 1 - October 31 - Tackle busting King Salmon averaging 10-20 lbs. will amaze you with their freight train runs. Trying to harness the raw power of a 12 lb Coho Salmon running in 20 different directions in a blink of an eye will keep you on your toes (and hopefully not on your back!)

October 15 - November - Brown Trout. Like Salmon and Steelhead you measure these Fish by the pound and not by the inch.Guide drift boat fishing on the Salmon River NY for steelhead and salmon They have entered the river to spawn and will weight from 3-10 pounds. While they are not as numerous as the Salmon or the Steelhead, these are an optional trophy of a Fishing life time.

October 20 - May 1 - Steelhead 8-15 lbs. The Fall Steelhead is without a doubt, one of the hardest fighting Fish that swims in the Salmon River NY. They'll take you into your backing in seconds, then jump start your heart with tail walking antics that will live in your memory forever.
Winter - This is one of my favorite Drift Boat Guide Fishing times of the year. With colder temperatures the crowds disappear. Steelhead continue to come into the river from the lake. A winter Drift Boat trip aboard our heated Drift Boat is a great way to learn the river and experience it's beauty. The end of February, March and April are great Steelhead Fishing days as new Fish move into and out of the river on a daily basis. As the Salmon River temperatures rise, so does the aggressiveness of the Steelhead. Often, sight fishing is possible as they move into the shallows.
We can Spin or Fly Fish for Salmon or Steelhead either by wading or using the Drift Boat.

I invite you to join me and enjoy what is an unquestionably one of the finest fresh water fisheries in the eastern United States.

World Class Drift Boat Fishing!

Randy, Thank you for several memorable trips this year on the Salmon River NY. The highlight of the year was definitely the outing on the Salmon River during September with my son for salmon. Never have I experienced such numbers of large and aggressive Salmon in all my 45 years of fishing. I estimate we had over 60 hook-ups on King Salmon and caught and released 12, two of which were between 30 and 35 pounds. Close behind was the spring drift boat trip for Steelhead on the remote stretch of Pucker Brush Creek. Seeing over 2 dozen Steelhead off the drift boat in a one mile stretch, with no one else around, reminded me of Alaska. After those experiences, I decided traveling to the Northwest Territories for lake trout and grayling or to Labrador for brook trout are a thing of the past and I will concentrate on the quality of fishing available in New York State. If you ever need a recommendation, I would be pleased to provide one.
Dick Koelling
Note: If you don't recognize "Pucker Brush Creek", that is one of many secret creeks where Steelhead abound in a beautiful , pristine environment without many or even any other anglers.

A Superb Sampling of some of my past weekly Spin or Fly - Steelhead, Salmon and Brown Trout - Drift Boat Guide Fishing Reports from the Salmon River NY:
Mon. - 2 new anglers, averaged a doz. Steelhead off the guided drift boat.
Tues. - 2 very experienced expert S.R. anglers, hit 21, yes, that was 21 Steelhead off the drift boat!
Wed. - Over a dozen Steelhead played with off the guided drift boat.
Thurs. - Over 17 Steelhead hooked up off the drift boat!
Another week - I had 2 clients who fished two days in a row off the guided drift boat.
Tues. they played with 18 Steelhead and Wed. they tangled with 15 Steelhead.
My guest's have continued to find around a dozen Steelhead each day off the drift boat to play with, almost every trip. Sometimes, even a few more! Same as last year. These are VERY strong averages and not the norm if you look at the last 10-15 years :)

Drift Boat Fishing Report Steelhead Guide

We continue to see reeeeel good Steelhead fishing on the Salmon River, NY. This past week we averaged between 12 and 16 Steelhead per day off the guided drift boat. Ye-haa! I'd obviously recommend coming up! Besides anglers with drift boat guides, Im also seeing plenty of shore angler's finding a good number of fish also. That's always nice to see! Every spot that myself and other's are fishing, are with Steelhead. We still have Steelhead in transition, so those spots are still producing nicely.

Fishing Report Brown Trout Drift Boat

Wed. - My guest's from Tues. joined me again today for another incredible fishing experience. At times we had a dozen 2-4  lb. Browns within a 10 by 10 foot area of the water. Sighted over 75 - 85 Browns over the course of the day with not another sole around. LOADED!! :) Incredible opportunity ALL day.
I hope you all have the chance to some day experience this truly magnificent fishery! Today we felt as though we were in Alaska, and NOT around one of the most popular fishing area's in the country! The fish we played with and landed were WAY to many to try to keep track off. Don't ya just hate when THAT happens? :) ALL of these fish are just waiting here for YOUR, perfectly cast (aheeeem ;) bait or fly.

Steelhead Guide Drift Boat Fly Fishing Report

Wed. Dozen Steelhead played with off the guide drift boat! Thurs. Another approx. Dozen Steelies played with off the drift boat! Friday - 16 Steelhead!

Drift Boat Steelhead Guide Fishing Report

Monday - Played with about 12-13 steelhead off the drift boat. Good numbers all over the place. East to West, North to South. :) Tuesday - Played with 7 or 8 Steelhead! Hit them in 2 out of 3 spots. Learned over 3 miles of some of the best chrome hold'n territory on the river.
Wednesday - 5 Steelies with one guest off the drift boat. Ye-haa! It's hammer time. Thursday - 6 Steelies with my one guest off the drift boat. Same as yesterday. Did one more fish today and cemented in presentation, presentation, presentation! :)

Flattering Testimonials
To quote a Drift Boat Guide that I know, our trip yesterday was O U T S T A N D I N G, in every sense of the word.  Although I live just an hour away from the Salmon River NY, I have only fished the Salmon River in Pulaski NY for four years.  I feel very comfortable with my Salmon "catching" expertise, but the elusive Steelhead is a different story.  I am still at the low end of the learning curve when it comes to chromers.  Yesterday we made some major progress on the learning curve, correcting some things I was doing wrong, and fine tuned some other points. PLUS we hit ten Steelhead and landed two.When "out of staters" come to the Salmon River NY, they have to pack a whole season into two or three days---well, yesterday, I packed a whole season of experiences, thrills of victory and the agony of losing a 16# Steelhead at the net in one very enjoyable, eight hour Guide Drift Boat trip down the Salmon River Pulaski NY. I appreciate your patience, guidance, and sense of humor. Thank you for an outstanding day, Dave

Guide drift boat fishing salmon on Salmon River NY Dave, tired and sore, in Oneida.

Randy, What a great day, just when I thought I knew a little something about steelhead fishing I had to fish with you.  You really are a class act.  I really appreciate you sharing your expertise and patience as well as some of your "honey" holes with me.  I would encourage any steelhead fisherman, novice or expert, to fish with a guide even if it's just once, and if they can get Drift Boat Guide Randy Jones they're in for a great day.  There is so much to learn about this sport and you can trim years off the "learning curve" by fishing with a real pro such as yourself. Thanks again for the fun and truly a learning fishing experience.
And thanks for not mentioning that "hog" that snuck through the hole in your net, John

Guide drift boat fishing steelhead or salmon on the Salmon River NY Salmon River Pulaski NY Fishing for salmon on the Salmon River Pulaski NY with a drift boat guide What a honk'a! John's approx. 16 lb. Steelhead. Great way to end the Fishing Day!

Incredible Winter Guided Steelhead Fishing on the Salmon River Pulaski NY off the Drift Boat
Salmon and steelhead fishing drift boat guide on the Salmon River in Pulaski NY Drift Boat Fishing This heated fish catching machine awaits you! (Photo courtesy of  John Halnon Photography)
Matt and myself out on my 16 foot heated ,drift boat enjoying a Steelhead filled day during the Winter on the Salmon River in Pulaski, NY. 35 minutes drive North of Syracuse off the Interstate. Approx. 5-1/2 hour drive from the Boston area, approx. 4-1/2 hour's from N.Y. City. Steelhead average 8 to 12 lb's. We fish for them from Nov. all Winter into the first week of May approx. My personal favorite time to fish for Steelhead in order of preference, April, Dec. Jan. Feb. Mar. and Nov. I have a BIG propane heater on the drift boat that I use during the Winter to help take the chill off. :) Works great! We also fish for (10-20 lb. average) King Salmon (8-12lb.average) Coho Salmon that run from Mid-Sept. until the end of Oct. Then we have Brown trout that average 3-5 lb's. with some reaching into the teens during Nov.

Amazing Spring Time Steelhead Fishing from the Drift Boat while being Guided on the Salmon River NY
                                    This could be you! Ye-Haaaa!
Salmon drift boat guide fishing for steelhead and salmon on the Salmon River in Pulaski NY Salmon and steelhead drift boat guide fishing the Salmon River near Pulaski NY A couple of Spring 20lb. Steelhead Bucks from the Salmon River, N.Y. - Ye-haa! (Released for your future fishing pleasure)

May all your door knobs smell of BIG fish!

The Steelhead and Salmon fishing of your dreams......  ..... we'll make it reeeel.

The Author and Drift Boat Fishing Guide:

Come and enjoy the Salmon River in Pulaski NY with fishing reports for steelhead and salmon with this drift boat guide
Randy Jones is a full-time professional fly/spin fishing drift boat guide with over 35 years of experience. He has "in the past" represented the Orvis Corporation as a guide and chief instructor of their 2 1/2 day Cape Cod Saltwater Fly fishing Schools. Also guided VT. for Trout for 12 years.
During the Fall, Winter, and Spring Randy runs drift boat and wade trips on the world class Salmon River, Pulaski N.Y. for Steelhead, Coho, Browns, Atlantic's and King Salmon.
Phone #315-963-2065 E-mail :
$275 for 1 angler - Fly or Spin Fishing, Salmon or Steelhead, I supply everything but the chest waders.
$350 for 2 anglers -  Fly or Spin Fishing,  Salmon or Steelhead, I supply everything but the chest waders.
Reservations and Deposits: Reservation is confirmed upon receipt of a $100 deposit (per day) within 7 days of booking. Mailed to: Randy Jones 87 Clark Rd. Mexico, NY 13114

Enjoy my Updated Archived King Coho Salmon, Brown Trout, Steelhead Fishing Reports, Tips, Guest Mail Bag Questions w/ my Replies, Humor, Testimonials and much more

ENJOY a fast and fun drift boat trip down the Salmon River in Pulaski NY covering 4 miles in 4 minutes during the Splendor of our Winter and Fall fishing seasons.
CHECK OUT the World Record Steelhead we caught that day @ end of drift boat video!
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I Made These For You
Magical Spring Steelhead Day! (Video Credit "Repeat Client" Allen K.)
Money Back Guarantee!  Complementary Top Secret (Ssssh!) Guide Tips on ADVANCED Fish Locations to help YOU catch more fish on the Salmon River Pulaski NY.
What helps to induce a BIG RUN of Steelhead or Salmon?
Temporary Transitional Resting
Prime Transitional Holding
Prime Fall, Winter and Spring Holding Pools                          
3 Prime and Basic Current Breaks in every pool you should know about to help YOU catch more fish.
Where to fish for Steelhead in the Water Column
I'm the first person to EVER Bungee Jump NAKED off the Long Bridge over the Salmon River in Pulaski NY. Police were called and I was arrested ;)  FISH ON!
My Video Jokes for Today
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Aug. 23 Lake and Salmon River Pulaski NY Fishing Report:
With the last big release of water mid-Aug. it didn’t bring in the King and Coho Salmon by the 1000,s like last year. I would guess the reason for this was due to the Salmon staging farther out and in deeper water this Yr. than last. It did bring some in though. Presently fish are being marked at 70 ft. Were close to the same # of fish as last Yr.( as reported by some of my friends who guide on the lake.) If you remember last Yr. it was the best in 10 years! The average size is also up from last Yr. lots of 30 lbs are being caught off shore.
Water Release Forecasts:( could change) Presently 185 cfs  minimum water flow Sept. 1-----335cfs Sept.4-5---750cfs  1 gate Sept.6-----335cfs  water may be pulsed this Yr. adding an extra 100 cfs between 10 P.M.-2A.M.
Look for fresh runs of Salmon ea. A.M.  As more water is released, look for runs avg. 100-500 fish. Sometimes if low light, rain and a slightly higher water level are present these runs could explode into 1000,s  of fish running all day long!!! WHEW
Friends of mine who are guides have been hitting a few Salmon here and there. No one is slamming them. Skamania Steelhead, Browns and Atlantic Salmon are also an optional trophy of a life time, available now.
Knowing your water (Habitat, structure = current breaks), presentation, baitology, entomology and rigging are critical to fish the river proficiently, in my opinion. There are several HOT SPOTS were lots of hook-ups are the norm. If your up for some fun and a challenge I know some Salmon who are just waiting for your perfectly cast fly or bait. Interested?

Salmon River Pulaski NY Steelhead Salmon Drift Boat Guide Fishing Report:
Fri.-Sat. 300-400 Salmon entered the river each day averaging 20 lb’s w/ some landed in the 37-39lb range. Good fishing was had by all.  My never-ever clients were 8 (King Salmon landed) for 16 (Fish ON!). Calling it a day at 1 P.M.
Sun.-Mon. 40-75 Salmon entered the river each day. Good fishing was had by a few who know the river intimately. Most anglers experienced very few, if any hook-ups.
Mon. the run for me in the - hole lasted from 8A.M.  My 1 client was 1 for 9 in these 2 hr’s after that, nothing. Friends up stream of me by 1 mile reported in with a little more consistent fishing.
Tues. Fewer then Mon. From6A.M. to 10 A.M my 1 client was 1 for 5 before he took an unexpected bath and decided to call it a day early.
Wed. Thurs. Fri. Things have really slowed down with few fish entering the river. You can find 1 here and there but that’s about it. If you know Salmon, they can be very unpredictable. So who knows, Sat. could be the day---I hope.
After 5 days of sunny, 85 deg. hot and humid weather the temp. of river rose to 70 deg. The higher temp’s depleted some of the oxygen level. A few friends of mine up river had a hard time trying to revive several Salmon after 20-30 min. attempts and were force to keep them or watch them float away belly up. I witnessed approx. 8 Salmon float by me dead ea. day due to lack of oxygen. Please try to bring these fish in as quickly as possible and spend a little extra time reviving them. This will help insure more fish for you and your children’s pleasure. With recent rain, clouds and cooler temp’s forecast in the next few days it should bring the temp’s down and fishing should pick-up. I’ll be living (guiding) on  the river the next Mo. ½  and will try to keep you updated. After that, my schedule will start to open up a bit during Steelhead season.

The average size of all King and Coho Salmon are up this Year. Here’s why.

Lake Ontario Salmon, on average, are better fed than they were a couple of years ago. Until recently, state biologists were worried that the lakes forage base was on the verge of collapse, due to a series of poor alewife hatches. To compensate for the shrinking food supply, the DEC reduced stocking rates, from a peak of 2.7 million salmon annually to 1.1 million a year. During the mid-1990s, salmon growth rates declined slightly, apparently because there were fewer alewives to go around. But the 1998 spring mating cycle produced a bumper crop of alewives, and Chinooks and Cohos have gorged on millions of these bait fish this year. The high-calorie diet has produced a faster than average growth rate.------Steelies anyone??? I remember the outcry from some local businesses, guides and anglers about the reduced stocking. I personally felt these folks were only thinking about tomorrow (wallets) and not our future. We are the stewards of our children’s fishery! Lets protect it so they may also enjoy this OUTSTANDING fishery that we have today.

Salmon River Pulaski NY Steelhead Salmon Drift Boat Guide Fishing Report: 9/11—9/19  and  Tips
9/11   This was the slowest day in this time period for me. The run ended at 6:30 A.M. Even though my clients were very experienced anglers they ended the day with only 1 landed after 5 hook-ups. We did a lot of fishing with not much catching. Hey, but it sure beats a sharp stick in the eye! I always tell folks I cant guarantee fish, but I can guarantee knowledge. These gentlemen had never fished this area before so a good portion of the day was spent teaching the specific holes through out. So they could come back on there own when the fishing improved, and feel confident they were hitting the prime spots.
9/12    Don  Race and Travis Litts were 3 for 9. A little better as the sun was high and sight fishing became an option through the rapids. We saw more fish and presented the fly to all, but not many takers. The laughs were many and all enjoyed a fun day of fishing.
9/13    T.A. was 5 for 15 . We started in the sp-g pool and sight fished the rapids below. I had T.A. casting at a rock in the c-y hole (I swear, it really did look like a fish!) We hit fish everywhere except c--y hole. The highlight of the day, besides the camaraderie we shared ,was what waited below. We ended up in the m--s in the afternoon with not a sole around, except 20 or so Salmon that were happy to eat his perfectly cast fly. You could here a pin drop , if it wasn't for the whining sound of his drag and the sound of two grown men laughing like two little kids in a candy store.
9/14    Bill Hoffman and 3 friends ended the day with a 9 for 35 batting average. The run lasted from 6-10. The fishing was heavy in the lower part of river, then one here and there after that. I would guess 200 or so fish came in that morning. There was a 10 lb. Brown landed and a lot of acrobatic Coho’s in the
8-12 lb. range. We were thoroughly entertained by the acrobatic nature of these magnificent rocket ships. We all shared laughter and excitement as we fought and released numerous fish, admiring there strength and beauty.
9/15    Hugh Gibson and Kenner from Canada visited the Salmon River for the first time and were quite happy ending the day out with a 2 for 15 tally. I counted 100 or so running up in the A.M. Kenner is presently back home practicing his albright knot as he had to wave good bye  to his flyline as it was last spotted trailing behind a 30 lb. +  Salmon in the m--s. If found,  please e-mail Ha.
9/16    Dick Koelling and son Rick were both surprised to be hooked up in-synch on both of their first two casts battling Coho’s, King’s and a Steelie. Dick explained to his son that it took him 3 Yr.’s to hook his first Steelie. Rick responded, what took you so long dad? I got one on my first cast! It was an 8 lb’er. There are some Steelies sliding up with the Salmon. We hit 3 Steelhead in the first 10 min. of the A.M. As the run turned into a trickle  and the rain continued to pelt us from the heavens we decided to try above the w--l hole.
There were very few anglers present due to the weather so a look about was in order. I spotted about 15 Salmon tightly packed and pointed them out. Rick pointed at the fish and said out loud, look at all the fish! As his guide , I reminded him it wasn’t polite to point,  to keep his voice down and to follow me! They ea. hit 10. in 3 hr. to finish out the day with a grand total of 5 for 30. It warmed my heart to see father and son sharing a rewarding, memorable day on the river. I estimate 50 or so came in that A.M.
9/17     We arrived in the A.M. to find higher stained water,  lower water temperatures. What would this day have in store for us? Usually we call what we do, fishing. Today it was called catching. And catch we did!! The best day so far . The action was nonstop until 10 A.M. Then it slowed to 1 every 10 casts. Reminded me of last year. Mr. Lowden and son Jeff hooked at least 50 fish. The surprise for me was we landed only 3. The cool temperatures and higher water invigorated these fish. You simply could not hold them! The drags were set hard and the 12 lb. tippets with 9 weights  were no match for the mighty King. Theirs no Nookie like Chinookie!  (Did I jus say that??)
The highlight of this trip for me came the following day. It made me proud to see both fishing the spots I taught them the day before and consistently hooking up! The knowledge they gained in 1 day will last them a lifetime, and will probably be handed down to Jeff’s children.

9/18      Rob Martinson and Bill Au were treated to a fun day of 8 for 22. Numerous victory cigars were lit. We all almost fell in the water laughing when Bill broke off a hugh King. The funny part was he also parted with his brand new $70 fly line that he had just put on the night before with a nail knot, after he had been out drinking all night :)  At days end, a knot tying class was given on how to tie an albright knot. I guess we will have to wait until next year to see if he passes the test.
9/19       Bill Hoffman returned for an encore performance with father Bill and lifetime friend Fred. Bill Jr. Hit a Grand Slam with a Brown, 3 Chromers ( 1 @ 15 lb.’s) Cohos and Kings. The tally for the day was 8 for a conservative 40. I would guess 150 Kings along with additional Coho's etc.… came in that A.M. Bill was so happy he booked with me for Fall, Winter, Spring Steelies, Sight fishing for Striped Bass on the flats on Cape Cod next summer and next Salmon season! Bill Sr. got a short-lived Salmon River Baptism as he was fighting a King and Bill Jr. did the same.
The only difference was Bill Jr.s King was being held by a stringer when it pulled him under. ( Bill Jr. weighs 200 Pd’s.) Ha.!

In this time period I have witnessed  1- 40lb.+ King Salmon weighed, 1-21lb.Coho, 4 broken rods, 3 lost fly lines and 1 person floating happily down stream with a fish on :)
The Steelhead and Salmon fishing of your dreams......  ..... we'll make it reeeel.

Complementary TIPS:
With less anglers around presently, the alternative option to fish several holes or more are always present. We all know that wherever you fish in the world, fresh or Salt, the most crowded areas are the places most easily accessible. I feel fishing in a relaxed, uncrowded area enhances the quality of the experience for myself as well as my clients. Even if it means a few less fish. Where to fish ? This covers all species of fish that are in a transitional stage that are entering the river. Most fish use the contour of the bottom and current to navigate. They travel virtually the same route, day after day taking a lot of the guesswork out of it. Where I sight fish for Stripers (Monomoy Island-Cape Cod) on the flats, this is also true. Normally the deepest part of the river is where they will travel. Once you’ve made this determination, the next step is to search out their holding, resting points. The length of time they will hold in any particular type of structure is determined by the (qaulity of the current break) size of the hole, pocket, depth, speed of water and what they had to travel through to get to that point. Also fishing pressure and weather is a consideration. To narrow your search down for the best spots, consider any deep water just above a long stretch of rapids. These normally are the tails of pools were there is rippled water and depth to offer security, and a break from stronger currents. These are the areas were they will be for the longest period of time allowing you the most shots. To improve your odds even further , look for channels or areas where the majority of fish travel and hold in a small area of the tail end of the hole. Now you know where I fish.  Not only will you have 90% of the fish passing by in a narrow area offering you the opportunity to present your fly or bait to almost every fish, but you’ll also have them sitting in front of you for the longest period of time, allowing the best odds in the house for hooking up! I call these areas funnels. Other areas to look for are heads of pools, white water on a sunny day or when the water temperature is so high the oxygen level is low. Depressions on the river bottom were they could hide underneath the faster current .Pocket water, surrounded by rapids. Outside bends in the river combined with a depression. Stay tuned for more Tips, Funny Stories and Fishing Reports

Salmon River Pulaski NY Steelhead Salmon Drift Boat Guide Fishing Report:   9/20-9/21  Tips and Fish Tails - Through These Guides Eyes
9/20 Bill Klunk and Chet Mathis from Penn. Were 10 for 40. Aprox. 200 Kings-400 Cohos came through the  ------ ,  all  silver and some light pink. This was the first time I’ve ever seen the bottom of the river pink instead of brown. In one 5 Min. per. I counted 75 Cohos zipping by. 1 fly line was lost to a salmon down stream but was recovered by a good Samaritan who was surprised to find a fish at the end of it. Is it legal to keep a fish that you hand line in on a fly line floating down stream??? Fish was lost but fly line was returned. Thanks
9/21   I’ll  let Jeff give this report as he guided for 10 Yrs, fishes around the world with the top tournament professionals and full time guides like me.
Posted by Jeff on September 22
THE FISH ARE IN!!! The river has real good numbers of Cohos. We fished the -- --  of the - yesterday and landed 50 fish among three anglers. All the fish were taken on flies and were bright silver. 90% were very fresh Cohos, with a few kings mixed in. We also caught 2  browns and I landed a bright silver 17lb
steelie. The fish were taken on mainly chartreuse flies and  pink  flies. The coho especially liked the pink. Most were simple estaz patterns but the biggest  coho, including a 22lb - 21lb - 19lb - 18.5lb were taken on traditional style Atlantic salmon spy flies in BRIGHT PINK. The browns and steelie were all taken on black/purple woolly buggers.  The fishing was hot all day as wave after wave of fresh fish came into the pool.  Bottom line is that the--  --  is packed with real big coho. Forget the kings, they cannot hold a candle to these fresh firecracker Coho.
They called it research and development. Just another day at the office.  Huh-guys?
Randy, I just wanted to take the time to say THANK YOU for a most excellent trip yesterday.  Having fished the Lake Ontario tributaries for nearly 20 years and guiding for 10 of those, yesterday was by far the best fishing I have ever experienced.  You really put us on the fish, IT WAS AMAZING.  In two decades of fishing my biggest coho was 18 pounds.  I caught FOUR coho yesterday that beat it (18.5lb, 19lb, 20lb, 22lb).  Our Norwegian guest Geir Sivertzen, had the time of his life and will remember this day forever with a big smile on his face.  I caught and released more coho yesterday than I have in the last 4 years combined! What else can I say . . . a grand slam (35lb king, 17lb steelie, 7lb brown, 22lb coho), all three of us hooked up simultaneously at least 4 times, with you trying to net 2 fish at a time. Bob, Geir and myself landing 50 out of 85 fish AND all on fly rods!!!  Yes, our arms are SORE!!  We simply cannot thank you enough for sharing your expertise and helping us to have a most memorable day.  You are truly one of the standouts on our Mustad Prostaff. Sincerely, Jeff Pierce Sales Coordinator - O. Mustad & Son (USA) Inc.
The following may interest you if your interested in a IGFA world record Coho.
I was looking over the freshwater line class records and the freshwater fly rod tippet class records this morning. Here's what I found:
Freshwater Line Class Records - COHO
8lb line - 19lb. 8oz.
12b line - 22lb 0oz.
Freshwater Fly Rod Tippet Class Records - COHO
8lb. tippet - 19lb. 9oz.
12lb tippet - 21lb. 0oz.
I caught  18.5lb - 19lb - 21lb - 22lb coho's and my scale is dead on. Oh man am I bummed out.  I was using both 8lb and 10lb tippet.  I could very well have caught a new IGFA World Record Coho!  If only I had known. Please keep this in mind as you fish with your clients. There're certainly more big coho's to come so you may want to brush up on the procedures for submitting for a record.  Oh well . . . it was still one hell of a day. THANKS AGAIN Jeff

Salmon River Pulaski NY Steelhead Salmon Drift Boat Guide Fishing Report: 9/22 - 9/30
9/22  Dr. Howard Bemmer and Stu Pogh from Rochester were 0 for 16. Not many fish were moving up that day. We hit 5 in the sp-g hole, m--s for 3 then the big hike up to the w-l hole for 8.
When I remarked, were having a slow day.
Howard pleasantly reminded me that fishing is like a box of chocolates. Sometimes it’s filled with the ones you like and sometimes there is only a few. It’s not always a #’s game.
To others it’s companionship with friends and loved ones. Camaraderie, laughs, enjoying the beauty ,sites, sounds that surround you. And an  occasional pull on the line is a bonus. This is what it's all about.
Thanks Howard!
(Ran into Howard today and he spanked’m in the -g hole!) - He also got a reeeelly nice Salmon River Baptism (fell in) I jokingly yelled out from across the river and gave him a score of 10! He gave me the middle finger in return! :)
9/23   Allen Peterson and father did a lot of fishing with a lil catching. We found it very slow,  decided to take the drift boat down since we had a sunny day and site fishing would be the order of the day. We saw fish in all the usual places, just not a lot of them. We casted at some, and caught a few but many more were not interested in our offerings. Allen explained to me that this trip was more about giving back to his father some of the memories they shared when he was a child and they went fishing together . Sharing what might be one of the last few outings together.
9/24   I didn’t see or catch a single fish all day! I guess the reason why was I took the day off to do my laundry. You can only turn your underwear inside out so many times before you have to do your laundry! ;)
9/25   Rudy Vey of N.J. and lifelong friend Joachim Hoehne from Germany had a field day. This was Joachim's first trip to the river and we have a strong feeling he will be back with a shared total of 9 for 40. I'd est. 200 Kings, 300 Cohos came in the lower river, throughout the day.
3 Chrome Silver Bullets (Steelhead) were released.
9/26  Both Rudy Vey and Jaachim Hoehne of Germany have fished for Salmon around the world. The last 2 days has out produced all other outings. They have never had such fabulous Salmon fishing before. Their tally for today  was 10 for 30 with guide Randy Jones. Of special note, Rudy hit a grand slam, w/ Coho's, King's, Steelhead and in the bottom of the 9 th. with bases loaded,  hit a home run with a 5 lb. Brown. Jaachim landed two trophy Steelhead at 17 and 18lb’s. (Both were released to fight another day or produce more offspring for our children’s pleasure.)
9/27   Rudy and Jaachim were excited to find out what their final day had in store for them. The action started immediately, then slowed as we waited for the mornings run to commence. I was figuring from past experience the Cohos would make their presence known at 9:00. They were 10 min. early and the action lasted till 1:00. We were in coho heaven! I lost my first fly line to a king as Jaachim was trying to stop this freight train from reaching its next stop. A short time later a fly line came floating down stream, with fish attached. I was disappointed as it was a friends line from up stream and not mine. I wish someone would file down all those sharp edges on those rocks sometime. Conservative total 15 for 50. 150 kings and 500 cohos came by, approx.
9/28   Berry  Welham and son in-law Rob Null were 2 for 12 as not many fish moved up in A.M. or early  P.M. I would guess 175 Cohos and kings came by us. The coho’s finally showed up for the afternoon run at 2:00.
9/29   Berry and Rob  were treated to an exceptionally productive day with a 10 for 55 total by 1:00.The action was hot for the first hour,  then slowed until the run started as usual 9:00 A.M. and continued heavy until 12:00.Today the salmon were evenly mixed. All left the river with sore arm's,  stomach's (laughing so hard). Rob will be feeling the effects of today, as he wasn't used to direct drive reels so his fingers and knuckles were a little red and sore.
9/30   Sept. came to a close with a BANG!!  2000-3000 Fish ran all day long!!! 
The catching was none stop! These fish were on fire as last nights rain brought the water level up and a tad off color. Jim LaRoche and brother David could not finish their drift without hooking up. Memories of last Year filled my mind, as the bottom of the hole was BLACK with fish.
This was Daves first Salmon River experience. I told him to expect the same during Steelhead season. Ha.
If your looking for lodging, fishing tackle, or daily fishing reports call Whitakers @ 315-298-6162 May your doorknobs always smell of fish, Randy

Yup, Time for a commercial break ;)
Every time I go fishing, the optimist in me says "This might be the day."  Athletes pray for days like this, hoping they play in "the zone." I think fishermen do too. Surely, this is what keeps many of us thrashing the water with a piece of string. I can count on one hand the number of days when this has happened. Two of them have been with you. The first was two years ago today, Oct. 8, when I hooked 40 or 50 fish, including a 35 lb male king that now sits above my fireplace as an reminder of that one remarkable day of fishing. The other was last Friday. Not only did I land a pair of nice Kings, I also caught my first Cohos, a beautiful male brown and three fall-run steelhead -- my first grand slam on the Salmon River. All told, I had maybe 20 hookups, while my buddy Myles had almost as many and landed cohos, a brown and several steelhead. It wasn't as if this was a great day on the river. I saw many long faces and shaking heads as other anglers came up empty, lost lead and flies to the river bottom and called it quits by midday. The credit for my experience is all yours. I know there are many fishermen who can work the Salmon River and catch plenty of fish, especially when a run is on. I can do it on my own sometimes. But putting it all together when the fishing is slow as you did is a testimony to your skill, knowledge and hard work. Looking forward to my next trip with you and the chance to yell "Fish On"! Regards, Jim
Guided Drift boat steelhead or salmon with guide on the Salmon River Pulaski NY The Silver Bullet, Chromer, Metal Head, are all names we use for the Steelhead we catch all Fall, Winter and Spring on the Salmon River in Pulaski, N.Y., 30 miles North of Syracuse. (Interested?)

Randy, had another great fishing trip with you recently. Your knowledge, patience, and professional attitude gave us everything we had hoped for and more. We had a great time, and we are both still so impressed!  We learn something new every time we fish with you.  4 years and 7 trips....and you still have the same drive and desire we saw the first time you took us out!  You are a true professional, and you have customers for life.
Drift boat guide fishing for steelhead and salmon on the Salmon River Pulaski NY Until the next fish bites, Garry

Salmon River Pulaski NY Steelhead Salmon Drift Boat Guide Fishing Report:
plus Helpful Tips
The water level has been pushed to 335 cfs. This was done to encourage more fish to enter the river. Yesterday at 2:00 P.M.  in the -  area a solid run started with approx. 400 Salmon. Today the action was non-stop as 500 or so fish continued to run . During this last week I have seen a trickle to (Mon.) 500 fish run during the day. The last major run happened on 9/30 with 2000-3000 fish. These fish are now in the upper river. 95% of fish landed have all been kings. The balance has been Cohos 8-12lbs.  browns 3-10 lbs., Steelhead 2-10 lbs.  75 % of kings landed have all been females loaded with eggs. Have been seeing bedded Salmon through out the river over the last week. The most consistently productive time has been 6:30 A.M. to 7:30 A.M. Expect the run to commence at 9:00A.M. in the lower river. During heavy fishing pressure on weekends I have seen a significant drop in the # of fish running in the lower river, so be prepared to move,  if the run does not materialize. For those of you with Steelhead on your mind Id like to share with you a fly tying tip that has saved me countless hrs on the vise. It has also enabled me to tie professionally looking flies, in mass production style in no time at all. The Steelhead comes into the river for 1 reason, to eat Salmon roe. The glow bug is one of the hottest flies going at this time of the Year to imitate these eggs. The tool I use is called “ The Amazing Glo Bug Dispenser.”  It contains several fluted straw like pieces that allow you to tie different sized eggs. It compresses the yarn to make each egg perfectly round and tight. My personal record for mass production was 100 flies in 2 hours while consuming several frosties at Pulaski Country Pizza. The last few came out a little uneven as the light was fading. Ha   # 610-678-1899
The following question was asked to me by someone who had been taught the incorrect way to catch fish. He was really interested to learn the correct way to fish so he could show his children. I will always make time for anyone out there, who would like to learn how to "legally" fish for these magnificent fish. This was a great question that I find a lot of folks don’t realize, so I thought I would share it with you.
Randy, I was up fishing on Sunday. Saw some good fish.I am having trouble getting them to take a fly. By the time I get a shot at them, they are very pressured. It doesn't make a difference what fly I have on or what size tippet I am using or what length leader I have on. Any time the fly gets anywhere near them, they dodge it. What's going on? What should I do different? Thanks for your help
Your situation is quite common. Here's what I do.
1. Stay in the fast water as these fish are getting ready to blow the hole and run up. They are much more aggressive than the ones in the slow water.
2. Try to get below the gauntlet. When they are fresh and not educated, they will take a fly much better. This goes for any fishin transition, whether they are eating or striking out of aggression. If the pay area is not in the cards then work the water between 2A and the Sportsman pool. Most people fish were the river is most easily accessible or where they see the most cars parked. Stay away from those areas. What most people don’t realize is if they simple walk a short ways they will escape the crowds and pressured fish, on even the busiest weekends.
3. Whenever I’m faced with fish that have seen heavy fishing pressure I always go lighter tippets (leaders). Any species of fish in the world, fresh or salt, is easier to catch when you can disguise what your fly, bait or lure is tied to. As they move up the river they become leader shy. So I go lighter to disguise the leader so they will concentrate on the fly. Pd test is determined by speed, clarity of water, species of fish, fishing pressure, fresh or educated fish.
4. More natural colors as these fish have seen it all. Blacks, browns, olives, (woolly buggers, comets, marabou streamers) Eggs in orange or oregon cheese, are a good choice.
5. Use the bright flies at dawn and dusk. Chartreuse, pink. If you find fish that have not seen any pressure then go bright.
5. Fast water go shorter leaders and heavier Pd. test as all the white water disguises the leader and weight that they will see in the slow water.
6. Slow water, go longer tippets (please remember the 4 foot rule) and lighter Pd. test. To put more distance between weight and main line (spooks them) as they can see much better in the slow water. Then they will concentrate only on your fly. And not spook off your main line and weight. Speed and depth of water determine length of leader.
7. Try to keep as much distance from the fish as possible as they are a little smarter than most folks give them credit. Distance also allows them to feel safe and comfortable and not so pressured. They are much more likely to stay longer, giving you more shots.
8. Presentation is everything. I find the kings the least aggressive so putting it in their face is best. Whether you are swinging it with a sink tip, floating line or dead drifting (drift fishing). Everyday, when site fishing is possible we find some fish that no matter how many times you present the fly to them or how many times you change the pattern of the fly, they simple are not interested. These fish are left!
Hope this helps, if not e-mail me to discuss further. I’m glad you’re taking the time to learn how to do it right! I'm always more than happy to help anyone who wants to learn how to fish.

Salmon River NY Drift Boat Guide Salmon and Steelhead Fishing Report Plus Tips
A decent push of Steelies came up through the lower river when they raised the water level from 285 cfs to 335 around Columbus Day. Again, when it went to 1 gate. It’s presently back to 335cfs. Steelies can be found through out the river, but not in big #, s. There has been a few lucky folks who have found them in good #, s but unfortunately it hasn’t been myself or most of my friends. You will need to put your time in and work for them. Lately the lower river has been slow with 1 here and there. If your running egg sacks, some of my friends have been doing REAL good with blue sacks 8-lb. main line and 6 lb. tippets on floats! I’d love to tell you all where they fish everyday but then they would no longer be my friends. (Ha) There are still a lot of leaves in the river and expect them for the next week. Jim and Marna Rusher of Whitakers used to always say that when there were a lot of leaves in the river, the Steelhead fishing slowed down. Especially when it came to fresh fish coming into the River. I guess you could compare it to if someone was throwing trash constantly into your face you probably would not stick around or move closer to the source. Also, they would suggest not throwing any colors that resemble the colors of the leaves. Does it really make a difference? I have personally noticed a slow down in the # of fish entering the lower river when more should be present.  Today I received a report that there was a pod of’em around the gl--- hole and another above the tre--e moving up. Oregon cheese glow bugs and black stones have been my top producers. Have enjoyed doing more traditional fly-casting lately, as this is the time of the year where they will eagerly move for a fly. I’m using tapered leaders with strike indicators or just watching the line. Also greased line swings. Barely, if at all touching bottom. Steelhead, at this time of year elevate themselves off the bottom by about 1 foot. The water you will always want to fish at this time of the year is 3-5 ft. of rippled water. Safety, security, air, eggs. They won’t be in the deep pools until the temp. of the river drops more. With recent rains the local creeks are up, green and with fish! Oswego is also hot. I haven’t heard yet, but normally when we get a good cold rain you can expect to see Browns and Cohos entering the smaller streams and creeks where they have been stocked.
I’ve had some of my best action for steelies on a size 22 Blue Wing Olive Dry. Give it a twitch for best results. (Just kidding!) Lately, black stones size 10 have been a top producer.
Here are a few questions, facts and ideas, I thought you all might enjoy
Randy, Another techie question, any thought on what to do when the fish just goes to the bottom and sits there?   I had one that started a run and then decided to sit in the bottom of a pool, since I am using 10-lb. leader you cannot horse it. Jay
Hi Jay. Briefly, If the Salmon gave you a good head shake when first hooked, normally it’s in the mouth and it’s a waiting game. I always get even or below the fish and bend my rod down stream (The down and dirty) This puts the maximum amt. of side pressure on fish and helps tire it sooner. If the fish is accidentally hooked in the dorsal fin it will sit there forever and not move. It’s like your hooked to a rock. These fish are big, so if its in the mouth its a waiting game. Randy

Randy, Just a note to say thanks for a great day of fishing. When I got home I did a bit of research. That 35lb king I caught would have been a US record on 8lb test on a fly rod. The record is 31lb.  Think about it: half of the fish your clients are hauling in could go in the record books.
US fly rod records for Chinookie (non-sea run) from the National Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame: 8-lb test is 31 lb. 4oz; 10-lb test is 33 lb.2 oz; and 12-lb test is 29 lb. 4 oz. Man, you could beat any of those on a decent day on the Salmon River.

Randy, I have a question for you.  How well does the C-r Pool hold fish?  Every time I fish there, there really isn't anyone around.  I have to also add that my success there hasn't been as good as other places.  Still trying to learn the key holding spot(s) if any.  Is it worth spending a few hours or more on this hole any given day? I'm really only interested in knowing for the Steelhead season.  My first choice is usually the DSR but sometimes I like to venture around.  Just curious so any feedback is appreciated. Don
Hi Don, I never do GREAT there, but it’s nice to fish without the crowds, even if it means a few less fish. At the head of the pool you want to fish the seams for winter steelies. The seam on the inside is the best, so don’t wade out too far. There is also a big rock in the upper middle of the pool they will sit behind. They are always in the deepest part of the tail of that spot also. There are a lot of snags, but alot of the time those rocks hold fish behind them. In Fall I like the rippled water behind the fast water as most fall steelhead like to be in 3-5 ft. of rippled water. Safety, air, eggs. Good Luck! Randy

Randy, Your technique description is excellent. One point that I do not see explained is how to wade. Point #7 touches on this, but it needs more clarification on wading. From above - Point #7. Try to keep as much distance from the fish as possible as they are a little smarter than most folks give them credit. Distance also allows them to feel safe and comfortable and not so pressured. They are much more likely to stay longer, giving you more shots.
Nothing bums me out more than seeing a guy standing in the run. I know the ( -- ) like the inside of my pocket.  I snorkel it and clean it during the summer.  The greatest depth is 4.5 feet for a brief moment and the rest averages 3-3.5 feet. This is true for much of the Salmon River.  If an angler is up to his hips, he is in too far.  The fish hold on either side of the fast water. An angler should work the inside first and then fish his way across the river.  If he moves into the water to far he will spook the fish on his inside of the run.  If someone is across from him and they move out to far, the gauntlet effect takes place.  The fish just zip through the run.  If everyone is staying back, the fish take their time.  They rest in the hole.  Everyone catches fish.
I would love to see you do more writing on the wading subject.  A few weeks ago the area by the island below the -- was so disorganized that it was unfishable.  Guys were out to their waist, literally in the run.   When I fish this area, I'm normally very close to the island or on the ridge above the first shoot.  There are other things like crossing the river.  It is dangerous and the best place is usually the tail of the pool, but you should not cross through someone's drift.  If you feel it is the only place to cross, ask the opposing angler. Thanks!
You are absolutely correct and I couldn’t have said it better.
I wanted to write something about this earlier as I can see people standing way out in the run above the c--- hole. Those fish either turn around in the early season or blow by them. It also happens in s-- hole, if someone stands in the lane that 80% of the fish travel, they spook and don't sit in the tail. Then the lucky people in the middle s-- get them. I'm always supper polite, and ask them if they realize how the hole works. If they say no, (which is obvious because of were they’re standing) I try to sincerely educate and help them understand how transitional fish relate to structure and current. Ill then make a suggestion as to were it would be better to stand so THEY will have a better chance to catch fish as well as everyone around them. It works every time. Most folks who obviously are new, are excited to get a helping hand. I’m not concerned in the least, if this is the only hole that this person knows and will be there from now on. The hole can only fit so many folks comfortably and if that person is there then that’s even better! Randy

Hey Randy, Seems like you know as much as anyone about the Salmon River Fishery, and thanks for sharing your knowledge in these internet forums.
I just read your response to how to entice the steelhead under pressured situations and it was very informative. This raises another question that I have regarding fly line.  If you have a chance, what is your opinion as the best type to use for Steelhead?  I live in Providence RI, and like to get up to the river 3-5 times per Fall/Winter/Spring for steelies.  I've just recently started using a  Orvis 9wt Silver label with intermediate line on it.  I've had a few hook-ups with this gear, but they have been short.  Would you recommend floating line, or is this an OK combination?  Seems like the extra drag (friction) of having some line underneath the water results in lost fish.  Would an extra spool with some floating line be beneficial?  Thanks again. Ted

Hi Ted, I would use a floater, as the lighter tippets we use will break easier with the additional drag created by current pushing against the Int. line under the surface. The floater is lighter, easier to hold off the water when those chromers make that made dash for freedom. I sometimes for fun use a 300-grain Orvis Depth Charge fly line in certain areas of the river. I lose a fair # of fish due to the same thing that is happening to you. I also use a running line or floater when dead drifting, and cut the line in half. This cuts down on the amt. of thicker line in the water and puts more backing in, with its thinner diameter. As the fish runs across the current it cuts down on the chance of premature breakage of tippet. Less drag created by the line means hopefully a fish still on after its freight train run.
Another trick I use is I put my 9/10 reels on my 5 and 7 wgt 10-ft. steelhead rods. Whenever you are fishing for fish that tend to run at you very fast, and retrieving line quickly is the game then the larger diameter reels will recover line faster. A 5 or 7 reel (unless a large arbor) will not work as good. It also saves me considerable $$$. Obviously the rod and reel will not be perfectly balanced but if your only coming up a couple of times a season----well. A multiplier will also do the trick but as my equipment is in use almost everyday of the season for salt and fresh. I like to keep them as simple as possible. I feel a direct drive Large Arbor reel is the ticket. Its more of a 1 on 1 fight, less bolts - springs - screws - washers, less that can go wrong with it. Less parts to clean and when in Belize the lodge is surly not going to have spare parts.
I would also recommend a rod in the 5-7 wgt. area 10 ft. long or longer. 9,s are great for salmon and heavy tippets but to stiff for steelies and lighter tippets. This is the other reason you tend to break off fish. If a 5-7 wgt. is not in the pic. your 9 will work, but only if drag is set very light. The problem is you risk fighting the fish to death. I will add that a silver label is a medium-flexing rod, which is in your favor, but for a better chance of landing fish a 5-7 wgt. rod should be on your Christmas list.
Also, a pair of running shoes, for a friend standing below you with a big net!
(Thats what I do :) Hope this has helped, Randy

Randy, I really enjoy your emails. I've been tying for our trip at end Oct.  Lots of woolly buggers in black/purple, purple/black and olive/black.  I started on nymphs....I tied some big ones and will go to more "trout sized" now.  What patterns/colors/sizes would you recommend?  Can I get away with standard mayfly style nymphs in black, brown, hares ear colors, in around a size 10-12?  Are there any special patterns that you like to go with for the steelies at that time of the year (I realize it'll mostly be egg patterns but you never know). Thanks Frank

Hi Frank, I’m glad you enjoy them. They are actually fun to do, but time consuming at this time of the Yr. You’re right on target! Tie black stones in 8,s-10, s, 12,s. (If you have other hares etc... bring) I like to have a few with weight added and some with out. Depends on the speed of water. One of the tricks I do, that was taught to me by Jim Rusher is to tie a size 10 Stone on a size 8 hook. It makes no difference to the fish, and gives you a bigger hook gap. All the better to hold them. Randy

Randy, Nice web pages. What is an Oregon Cheese Egg Fly?
You roll a piece of oregon cheese into a ball and place it on a hook and wing it out there. If you don't catch anything on it, then you can always eat the cheese!
Just kidding. It’s a color that a manufacture of glow bug yarn has used to imitate the natural color of Salmon, steelhead etc.. eggs. We tie small egg flies to imitate the naturals. Its like matching the hatch???
When the salmon start laying eggs the steelhead come into the river to specifically eat them, so its one of the best flies in the fall. Another trick I sometimes use when my client isn’t looking (ha) is to dip the egg fly into some crushed up Salmon eggs. This covers my scent and also milks as it floats down stream. That’s what you call REALLY matching the hatch! Go get'm! Randy

The following is a post that made me grin ear to ear. Well written, accurate and coming from a Pro.
Dave gave me permission to copy it and re-post with my report, as it is too educational to only be seen on 1 site. Thanks Dave!

Guiding nearly 20 years, for trout and salmon, and fishing kings from here to Alaska saying that kings will not take a fly is as wrong as saying water isn't wet. No non-believer can debate me on this. If you swing the right fly to the right fish, he or she will take the fly. They will move to it. Just had a 32-pound buck king move four feet for a purple leach on Friday. But he didn't  take....Ahhh..but he was lit up on that fly for what ever on the next swing that was a foot in front of him...he pounded it just like an NK spoon...or a cut bait off a rigger rod....and I’ll  tell you a take like that is just about the most exciting thing a stream angler can witness. Next up another buck looked at a goo bug four times...fifth time the king moved two feet ...six feet before the fly swung down by him...and he flared his gills...saw the black and white flash of his mouth open...felt the tick and the fish was on. A very subtle take...but the fish positioned himself into the path of the fly as he picked it up in the low clear water. This is just two examples of how I've legally caught king salmon that CHOSE to take my offering. There really is absolutely no debate on if a king salmon will take a fly. Now the other side of the story. I fished from 6:30 AM, until 5 PM last Friday. I'm sure I swing flies to well over 100 salmon. I had 14 takes by fish that CHOSE to chase and slam...or slip and sip my flies. Ten and half-hours of fishing 14 bites. 100's of fish...90 % of them not biting. So I will be the first one to agree that king salmon are not an easy fish on the fly....or spin tackle for that  matter. But they can be had...if you are persistant, and you work on your presentation. Swinging a fly right into the lips of a king salmon is not the right presentation. Why???? Fish loses  the fly in his sight range...just as if I shoved a fly right up to your nose...cane you see it better on  the tip of your nose...or a foot in front of you....and fish have eyes on the side of their head. You  must present your bait on the swing in front of the fish by several inches to get his full strike zone  as the fly swings in and past the fish.

Not all king fishing is sight fishing...what do you do then. You watch the water...often you can see fish swimming around in a hole. That is an important factor. Fish  moving around...more often tend to be the biters. In very cold water just above will be on bottom...but trout and salmon don't tip down to feed. Their best strike zone is 8 inches to two feet off bottom. This time of year ...I may run no more then one to three micro shot three/four feet above the fly. However if I don't get bites...before I add more weight...I throw more mends in my line as I land my cast. This will reposition my fly. If the water is heavy...then I  may have to add more weight.

The fight is exciting...but the challenge is in making the perfect    presentation...selecting the right fly to get a VERY VERY difficult fish to take. And I realize that's    my big bang out of this...many people are all about how many they big...I'm not here to knock that, but your NOT going to get 50 or 100 kings to bite a day...that would be very  rare...I couldn't get that many to bite in Alaska a day...with out any other pressure for 60 miles on a river. So I can't disagree with the folks that say they don't bite often...your right they don't...BUT THEY ABSOLUTELY BITE...that is just a plain cold hard fact. Personally ... I don't care to land more then five or 10 a day on fly gets to be work after awhile. But I really don't care about numbers. You'll notice however I mentioned numbers at the top of this report...because I do keep track for my records....and I take notes to learn things. You get into quiet water and you have fish to fish to that  aren't stressed...and you can't CATCH them, then you aren't making the right adjustments. It's that    simple. You can't stand on top of these fish..yell scream and toss down rigger cannon ball weights at the fish and expect to get bites. Countless others who fish kings know what I'm talking about, know I speak the truth. You non-believers, you have a right to your opinion.

The weakest excuse I hear these days is it's the state of New York’s fault. They taught us to snag long ago...cause salmon don't bite they must be right. Hell NYS just copied Michigan. We had no idea what to we went with the pack....well Michigan found out they screwed up and fixed the snagging problem 15 years ago, they fish there now.  They just did a fly fishing show from the Pier Marquette' last week on ESPN. It's just a plain simple fact the fish will bite. It's also a fact the kings are not push overs.

One last comment...those who think it's a mess out there because we have pacific salmon...and if we had Atlantic’s...we'd be hauling them in like yellow fin tuna...have NEVER done much Atlantic salmon fishing. If you think Kings are ain't seen nothing till you've watched a pool of 100 Atlantic’s refuse flies for 10 DAYS. Spawning Atlantics are about the MOST difficult fish to get a bite from while they get ready to reproduce.
Thanks again Dave, for a great post!

Through these Guides Eyes - Compliments of Randy Jones - The Yankee Angler
Randy, This past week end I fished Thursday Friday & Saturday and saw very few fish caught on the river.  My questions are has the Steelhead fishing been slow in starting or is this a bad year? We fished from Altmar to Ellis Cove on Thursday and Friday & Saturday fished Douglaston near the School Bus Pool, I caught nothing, my friend managed 2 browns & a Salmon, at the Bus Pool. We were flyfishing, the weather was great, I had fun, but compared to the last 3 years during the same week the fishing was way off, what gives? I am trying to convince my wife to make a trip later this year. Look forward to your response. Peter,

Hi Pete, My #'s of steelhead w/ clients have been anywhere from 8-12, 3-6, 1-2, and a couple skunks, since the start of steelhead season. I’ve been out there everyday. As you know, there are a lot of variables to consider. Some of the slower days were attributed to barometric pressure swings (storm fronts), major water temp. drops (2-3 deg.), major water flow fluctuations,  fishing pressure. All (I believe) have an effect on the fish’s eagerness to eat. If your weather forecast was for 1 in. of snow, and it turned into 5 Ft. you might also be a little shocked. Same with all species of fish when there is a drastic change in there environment. In my opinion, this season has been solid. Better than last Yr. Due to the decreased stocking of 3 Yr.’s ago and increased forage base in the lake.
I haven't found many easy fish. We’ve had to work for each and everyone!
That’s why so many folks love Steelhead. It’s a challenge to get one on, and equally challenging to land. Today, in the first hole we had 5 on in the first Hr. and 1/2. Wish it was always like that. We hit 4 other holes and hit 1 in each spot. It has slowed a bit recently. Water flows will be at 1 gate until mid-night Sunday, changing to 335 cfs (approx. ½ gate) till mid-night Friday. (These are only forecasts and could change) This drop in the water level after being up for the last week is a clue many anglers look for when deciding when to come up and fish. When the water drops the fish are more concentrated and less spread out.  In my opinion the fishing should be hot Mon., Tues., Wed., providing the water levels come off as forecast and there are no major severe weather patterns coming our way.
My crystal ball is sometimes wrong, so please keep this in mind.

One memorable day recently was shared with Derick and Sally from Aspen Colorado. Derick’s passion is fly fishing the incredible waters that the West has to offer. Mostly trout measured in inch’s. Sally has wet a line on several occasions, but never for Salmon or steelhead.  Derick had one of the best acrobatic Steelhead on in a while. It was 100 Yds into that orange stringy stuff (backing), low in the wires, before it decided to do a little dance for us all. Jumps, somersaults, 15-ft. tail walks, topped the show before giving us an encore performance with some torpedo runs before breaking off. I don’t think I have ever seen a smile that big! Sally was the only woman in the pool when the tip of the rod started pulsating. Sally yelled, “ I think I’ve got one?” All the men in the pool politely reeled up and watched as I think they all knew this could be one of the better shows of the day. Several of the men in the pool gave out a cheer of encouragement. Sally had an original way of reeling------ out the fish. I guess she wanted to give it a chance? Shortly afterward every guy in the pool was cheering her on and explaining she should reel the other way. Finally at her feet laid a handsome 15 lb. Coho, bright with spawning colors.
Hope you’ve Enjoyed and Happy Hookin; Randy

Ron's Fishing Report and Testimonial:
Amazing Steelhead and Salmon fishing reports from the drift boat with Salmon River NY Steelhead fly fishing guide My guest Ron w/ a Reeeel Burning Trophy Wall Hanger 17.5 lb.Steelhead Hum Dinger Honk'a. Congrats Ron!
November 2 is a day I will remember for the rest of my life. It started out crisp and clear in the morning as we started our Drift Boat Trip down the river. My companions were Drift Boat Guide Randy Jones of Yankee Angler, and my best friend Jim Ciantar.
We stopped at a couple of holes to fish but with little success, and I mean little. The second place we stopped Jim and I teamed up to take six fish ranging from 3-6 inches long. We all got a pretty good chuckle out of that. However it gave Randy an opportunity to work on our techniques. The proper cast and drift is crucial when fishing the Salmon River. Randy is one of the finest teachers I have come across. He has an uncommon blend of humor, patience, and knowledge which is rare. He explained his tactics and why he uses them. Steelhead location and why they are there. Also seasonal changes regarding Steelhead location , all invaluable fishing information.
The third spot we hit was awesome. Which by the way, Randy was rushing to because he knew some Steelhead were there. Within a couple of minutes after dropping the Drift Boat anchor I hooked up with a real burner Steelhead, but lost him. The Fishing had been slow up to that point but Jim and I managed to hook up five more Steelhead in the next couple of hours. We worked the hole from both sides in and out of the Drift Boat. All the while Fishing Guide Randy was coaching us on how to properly fish the hole and where the Steelhead lay up. Before we left that hole I managed to hook and land the below 17.5 pound beautiful male steelie. (Who will spend the rest of his days on my wall) It has taken me nine years and a lot of time and money to get that fish. My first good steelhead. Truly a fish of a lifetime. Jim also hooked a nice silver bullet Steelhead about 12 pounds but lost him at the net.
I have been fishing for a long time, and for many different species, from marlin to pan fish. In those years I have had some really great days . This certainly was one of the best. The combination of beautiful weather, great people, cooperative fish on a scenic river, well that is pretty hard to beat.
For those of you just getting started in salmon and steelhead fishing, do yourself a favor. Hire a Guide. It does not have to take nine years like it took me. I highly recommend Randy he is a true professional and a real good guy. Ron Scheer, Vernon C.T.
Hi Ron, Thanks for your report, kind and generous words! Boy, I'll have a hard time fitting my head thru the front door after that one ;) Randy

Dick K. Testimonials:
Entertaining and educational steelhead and salmon drift boat guide spin fly fishing reports The Steelhead and Salmon fishing of your dreams During the Fall, Winter, and Spring Randy runs drift boat and wade trips on the world class Salmon River, Pulaski N.Y. for Steelhead, Coho, Browns, Atlantic's and King Salmon Outfitter and Salmon River Pulaski NY Steelhead Salmon Drift Boat Spin Fly Fishing Report Guide Son Rick and Dick has been out w/ me 100 times on the Salmon River for Kings, Coho's, Brown's and Steelhead. (We've even done a few "Grand Slam's")
It may be difficult to understand the term World Class Fishing until you have been here. But perhaps this will help!
Again both Rik and I thank you for another great trip. I continue to marvel at both your knowledge of the Salmon River and the patience exercised in providing instructions on the techniques necessary to successfully catch fish; with the bonus of enabling us to fish with the best Orvis equipment. There may have been a lot of fisherman in the Douglaston Run, but I seriously doubt anyone one was as successful as Rik and I in hooking-up on as many salmon. (And lucky Rik catches his first Steelhead of 20lbs on his first cast of the day.) When I recall us fishing a pool in the afternoon and hooking 18 to 20 salmon in a three hour period while an array of other fisherman fishing the same pool never got a strike, is a tribute to your superior abilities as a guide. I consider myself fortunate to be able to fish with you as many times as I have in such a short period of time (I believe it was my seventh trip in one and one half years.) There will hopefully be many more trips and all will be you if you continue to be available. Those three successful spring steelhead trips with you has me now hooked. As I have repeatedly stated to my many fishing friends, you can either go fishing or you can charter Drift Boat Guide Randy for "catching".

Another note of appreciation for yesterday's outing for steelhead and your teaching Rick, and providing me reinforcements, regarding the techniques for hooking, playing, and landing steelhead. I was as pleased as Rick that he caught and released his first steelhead. Fortunately he did it while he was 30 years old and not 55. But as many of your clients and readers have previously reported, I also made many unsuccessful fishing trips (not even a hook-up) to the Salmon River NY before making a 1998 trip with you and catching several steelhead in "Puckerbrush Creek". My only disappointment is that your reputation for catching fish and teaching successful steelhead/salmon techniques has made you a very popular Drift Boat Guide which makes it difficult to book with you unless you plan far ahead. Thanks, Dick and Rick

Randy, Thank you for several memorable trips this year on the Salmon River NY. The highlight of the year was definitely the outing on the Salmon River during September Guide drift boat fishing salmon and steelhead on the Salmon River NY with my son for salmon. Never have I experienced such numbers of large and aggressive Salmon in all my 45 years of fishing. I estimate we had over 60 hook-ups on King Salmon and caught and released 12, two of which were between 30 and 35 pounds. Close behind was the spring drift boat trip for Steelhead on the remote stretch of Pucker-brush Creek. Seeing over 2 dozen Steelhead off the driftboat in a one mile stretch, with no one else around, reminded me of Alaska. After those experiences, I decided traveling to the Northwest Territories for lake trout and grayling or to Labrador for brook trout are a thing of the past and I will concentrate on the quality of fishing available in New York State. If you ever need a recommendation, I would be pleased to provide one. Dick Koelling

Testimonials and Fishing Reports from Clients and Friends on the Salmon River NY
Friday, Nov 5 was a wonderful day of learning and fishing on the Salmon River. I spent the day with Randy Jones. Our goal was to walk and map the holes and prime fishing spots at the -- -- --  in -- and the - in --. That we did and at the same time I was 3 for 8 on steelhead. Randy was very knowledgeable, patient and very informative. He provided me with four pages of hand drawn maps of every inch of the -. I have spent many, many dollars on this disease called fishing but I know the money spent on Friday is an investment that will provide a great return in the future. Thank you Randy!!!!!!! Dave

Posted by Dave H.  from N. Tonawanda , NY
Truly amazed and no longer frustrated! Fished the -- section 10/28 and had two hook-ups with salmon. No steelies for the day. Water at 335cfs and clear. On 10/29 fished same area only this day I had booked Randy Jones, a river guide, to show me how it's done. Fantastic day! Hook-ups were numerous enough to enjoy a superb day on the river. Randy showed me places where fish were that nobody else was even fishing. And we are talking steelhead with blue skies and 70 degrees. You want to LEARN something AND catch fish, this guy can do the job! Anyway, 3 steelhead for the morning (8 - 14 lbs.), and three more hook-ups in the PM changed my whole fishing trip. Water that day was still at 335cfs. 10/30 the river went to one full gate and fishing got better. Best baits were blk/purple buggers, chartreuse caddis, black stones, and chartreuse glow bugs. Lots of fisherman fishing the --  area and many fish caught. Still lots of salmon being caught!!!   Thanx Randy

Posted by Glenn D. from Lawrence , PA
Fished the Salmon River for the first time on Oct.16 - Oct.18. Went out with guide Randy Jones on the 16th. For anyone looking for a knowledgeable guide to take you out on the river, I highly recommend Randy. He gave 110% to make my first trip a success. We fished the -- . He had us into fish right from the
start. Landed two nice Kings and a beautiful Steelie. As the day progressed we moved to different locations. There were fish moving through the area all morning. In the afternoon we traveled down river to see other area's of the river and their productive spots. To end the day we went down to the --. What a
beautiful area! The river widens greatly and you really have to know the bottom structure to find the fish. The 17th and 18th we fished the ---  and the area just below the --. Lots of hookups, only two Kings landed. My first trip to the Salmon was a great experience. I look forward to returning next year.

Posted by DMC from Baltimore , MD
First, a thank you to all who have posted reports on this medium. For those of us traveling long distances to fish the Salmon River, it is truly an invaluable resource. Through the advent of the internet it is now possible to check multiple sources of info before planning your trip. Whereas before, you had to rely on biased info from folks who were more interested in your wallet than you’re fishing experience. I think it's safe to say that the best info always comes from your fellow fisherman. Fly fished Lower D-  on 9/29 all day (from 6:30 am to 6:30 p.m. without a break!) and everything Randy Jones previously reported was altogether true!

Posted by Brook trout from New York , NY
On 9/13, I fished the -- area with guide Randy Jones (who posts reports on the Salmon River on this page from time to time). Randy had a good sense of where to find fish throughout the day, so we were into fish most of the day, even though they are still not in the river in great numbers. I landed 4 or 5, with 10 or so others on but not landed. With the low water, it's even more critical than usual to keep your rod tip high when you've got one on and he's running. There are so many exposed rocks in the river right now that you are sure to get wrapped up on one if you don't keep that line off the water. On the way back to the car, we stopped on the steep bank overlooking the --- Hole. The light was on the water, and we could see to the bottom of the pool. It was an amazing sight to see 30 or so giant kings in that pool. It looked like a scene from Sea World. See you on the river,  Brook trout

Posted by Ken L. on November 03, 1999
Report: Fished 10/26 w/guide Randy Jones, who as usual helped us figure out what it took to get some hook-ups (no fresh fish/ existing fish very spooky) by sticking w/naturals. Ended up (2 anglers) w/around a dozen hook-ups with about half landed, better than anyone else we saw that day. Next day fished w/o Randy but used his tips on patterns - had a very hot morning w/surprise fresh fish, all on purple wooly buggers. Afternoon slowed considerably but did land a monster brown that was very silver in color - must have been one of those German imports. Wish I was up there right now!! Strongly recommend Randy Jones - excellent guide/nice guy who always teaches me something each trip (BUT I tie better flies than him - ha ha!!).

Posted by TTDave on November 02, 1999
Report:10/28, water at 335cfs, fished ------ section, still lots of salmon and a few steelies, had only one hook up. 10/29, water still at 335cfs, fished with guide Randy Jones, had 7 hookups before noon, landed two steelhead. Lots of steelhead in this part of the river but you really had to work for them. 10/30, water at one gate, everyone was literally hooking up. Black stones, chartreuse scuds, blk/purple buggers all catching both steelhead and salmon. Close to 100 fish hooked in 8 hours in this section of the river by the 15 or 20 fisherman there. All I can say as far as where this action was is that it was in the upper sections of the river above Pineville. Lastly, it was nice to put in three days of fishing without ever seeing a J-PLUG!!!
***Here are a few other testimonials***

1. I must say I found your presentation to be very informative. There ARE so many entry-level fly fishermen who are constantly trying to improve their skills in this sport. Clearly the more time on the river with some one like you can help to reduce the experimentation and personal favorites or approaches that many times doesn’t relate to catching these magnificent fish.

2.A couple of friends and I spent three frustrating days in September fishing the Salmon River. The sun was hot and the water was low and clear. All of us came up empty. I figured I needed a second trip to get the scent of skunk off.
This was the one you dream about. On Friday, I quickly lost count of the hookups, but it was way into double digits. Among those I landed was a 35lb male king. I'd give guide Randy Jones even more credit here, but I'm afraid that if too many people find out how good this guy is I won't be able to book him again. While the stretch of river I fished wasn't that crowded others were a zoo.

3.Great hearing from you.  I'm glad you enjoyed my report.  You inspired me to write it.  Everyday coming into the office I would check the Northeast Fishing Reports hoping to catch one of your summaries.  They are terrific! Keep posting your great reports so us unlucky Marylanders can live vicariously through you guys!  Thanks again for touching base.  If you ever get a chance to be on the river outside of guiding, I'd love to fish with you some time.  Take care. Dave

4.Yo Randy, Just a note to say thanks for a great day of fishing. When I got home I did a bit of research. That 35lb king I caught would have been a US record on8lb test on a fly rod. The record is 31lb. Believe it or not, the record on 12lbtest is 29lb. Think about it: half of the fish your clients are hauling in could go in the record books.

5.Just a quick word or two of thanks.2 weeks ago, as my son and I were headed to the water at -------, you were with your party and took the time to say hello, and offer some fishing pointers.  My son is a 14  1/2 yr. , redheaded fisherman ,with all the youthful enthusiasm that I wish that I had !!  I appreciated your words of counsel and encouragement. Thank you for your courtesy, sportsmanship, wit and wisdom, and your willingness to help others learning about fishing in all its forms.  Dale G.

6. Your insight to the Salmon River is excellent. I figure you count on people being too lazy to walk, when you state where you fish on the internet.  Take care and keep up the good work.  The area needs more guides like you.  You give the area a good name. Thanks and Tightlines.

7. This post was terrific.  Your knowledge and willingness to share it without condition is simply marvelous for everyone, but mostly for the fish. You should be commended for helping make this magnificent fishery what it is. Hopefully, we can educate more and more people so the Salmon and other tribs get the respect they so much deserve.

8. Having talked to many folks and read posts of many others who have used Randy Jones, he gets glowing remarks from everyone. I've had the privilege of corresponding with him via email on a range of different issues related to the Salmon River fishery from conservation to fishing techniques and he is an absolute first-rate guy. You'd be hard pressed to find anyone who has as much knowledge about the river as him and even more hard pressed to find someone who is as eager and willing to share it. If I were to use a guide again, he'd be it. Most folks who have had any contact with him would say the same, unless of course they were competing with him for business. So beware, there are guides out there who, for lack of a better word, suck. I know from experience. If you don't know the river well and you want a quality experience, call Randy Jones. If you do know it well and want to learn even more, call Randy Jones. He's a guide with integrity who always puts his clients first but will never do it at the sake of the fish or the fishery.

By Randy Jones

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Web Site Testimonial: Randy, Your knowledge and willingness to share it without condition is simply marvelous for everyone, but mostly for the fish. You should be commended for helping make this magnificent fishery what it is.

THANKS! I'm simply sharing my true fishing passion's with other's, with similar interest's.
Thanking you all.... for making my fishing report pages the TOP guide site to visit for this area over these past 25 years and over our entire 8 month BIG fish river season.
It has been my sincere pleasure sharing my 35 plus years of full-time, proffessional guiding insight, experience, experimentation, borrowed ideas and taught techniques with you all. Thank you all for your words of encouragement, kind words and continued support!

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Funny Steelhead Salmon guide offers great fishing reports on the Salmon River NY from the drift boat
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