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 Chatham Mass. Monomoy Island South Beach Flats

Here on the Cape, we have miles and miles of light colored sand flats and crystal clear water that makes sight casting to 5-25 pound stripers the order of the day when we have the sun to see'm.

This is probably the most exciting type of fly/spin fishing you will ever do. They're cruising the flats eating crabs, shrimp, silver sides and sand lances, and just waiting for your perfectly cast fly or bait/lure. Sometimes you need to burn up the water with a fast retrieve and at other times using a dead drift with the current is all that is needed. All methods will require distance, speed and accuracy in your casting skills.

You have some of the finest destination flats fishing in the world right here on Cape Cod. Seeing 100s or more fish in a tide is the norm. Test your skills and let's work together to help you along the path to hooking up in paradise


                 This fish was picked up in ankle deep water to my right. I was standing on the dry sand as they swam 5 feet off the edge of the flat. And this was the smaller of the five.


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Monomoy Island at the high-Chatham in the back ground, Bill O'Mally with a small 40 inch Bass sight fished 10 feet off the beach cruising along in the wash,  some folks dont realize how crystal clear the water is on these flats. (Remember, if you dont see them, it's simply because none are there, or maybe they are swimming behind you?) Last picture is making our way out to the flats to do some fabulous sight fishing. Lots of sun, lil wind, crystal clear water and casting to Stripers and Blues as they use the contour of the flat to navigate by you. (Some photo's credited too John Halnon)

Cape Cod - Wade One angler - $275 Two anglers - $350
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