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Guide drift boat fishing on the Salmon River Pulaski NY for steelhead and salmon

Guide fishing for steelhead and salmon on the Salmon River Pulaski NY

Salmon River Fishing Links, steelhead fishing guide Pulaski NY

ENJOY a fast and fun drift boat trip down the Salmon River in Pulaski NY covering 4 miles in 4 minutes during the Splendor of our Winter and Fall fishing seasons.
CHECK OUT the World Record Steelhead we caught that day @ end of drift boat video!
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I Made These For You
Magical Spring Steelhead Day! (Video Credit "Repeat Client" Allen K.)
Money Back Guarantee!  Complementary Top Secret (Ssssh!) Guide Tips on ADVANCED Fish Locations to help YOU catch more fish on the Salmon River Pulaski NY.
What helps to induce a BIG RUN of Steelhead or Salmon?
Temporary Transitional Resting
Prime Transitional Holding
Prime Fall, Winter and Spring Holding Pools                          
3 Prime and Basic Current Breaks in every pool you should know about to help YOU catch more fish.
Where to fish for Steelhead in the Water Column
I'm the first person to EVER Bungee Jump NAKED off the Long Bridge over the Salmon River in Pulaski NY. Police were called and I was arrested ;)  FISH ON!
My Video Jokes for Today
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As a "Full-Time" Drift Boat Steelhead Salmon Spin Fly Fishing Guide, here on the Salmon River Pulaski NY. I'd like to share with you my opinions and ideas on fishing supplies and clothing.

I believe in providing my guests with only the finest fishing equipment and accessories available.
Orvis - The best in fly fishing clothing, Guide drift boat fishing on the Salmon River Pulaski NY equipment Guide drift boat fishing steelhead and salmon on the Salmon River Pulaski NY and accessories. Need I  say more?   For free technical information call 1-800-235-9763.

Mustad - Whether its fresh or saltwater, their hooks are super strong and razor sharp. I've tried them all. Their quality is unsurpassable!
Saltwater -
Mustad Signature series - S71S-SS  or C70S-D or C47S-D
Salmon River, Pulaski, NY. - New Mustad Signature Series Hooks - CO68 Wet/Nymph Caddis - 2x Heavy / 2x Short
I tie all my Flies on these hooks!

Seaguar Fluorocarbon - Most of my friends who guide on the Salmon River NY (Including myself) use their Fluorocarbon during our 8 month Steelhead and Salmon Fishing season. Most of the TOP Fishing Guides in the World use this. Tuff, strong, almost invisible and hard to beat in the Floro. market. Their Grand Max is, if not the BEST, at the very top of the line for top shelf fluorocarbon lines. This is not my opinion, but comes from scientific study, research from laboratories who have compared it with all of the other top fluorocarbons in the market place concerning breaking strength, visibility in the water and more. (Compare Seaguar's diameter and breaking point  (pound test) with your favorite Floro. and you will see what I mean)

Ande Monofilment  -  Summer or Winter, fresh or saltwater, Ande has a superior line of mono to satisfy all my spin fishing needs. Call (561) 842-2474.
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Water Gremlin - When the fish are deep your fly line can't get down to them, I use Water Gremlin split shot in various sizes to do the job. Easy to add or subtract for the perfect drift, whether I'm spin or fly fishing for Salmon or Steelhead on the Salmon River Pulaski NY. .

Cortland Running Line - My #1 choice when drift fishing with a fly rod on the Salmon River Pulaski NY. Cortland specializes in Fly Fishing running lines in all different diameters that I need for different Salmon River NY conditions and species of fish. Whether Salmon or Steelhead. Visit:

Cumming Nets - I know a lot of Guides on the Salmon River NY and Cape Cod. All agree that Cumming Nets are quality tools. They have a wide variety of choices for all species of fish and fishing styles. Call (810) 736-0130.

Tailwater Lodge - Salmon River World class angling by day & true Adirondack Lodge experience by night RESERVATIONS @
Fishing Salmon River Pulaski NY fish
Tailwater Lodge' Mission is to deliver a lifelong, memorable, world class fishing experience and stay while we welcome you to our piece of Heaven on the Salmon River in Upstate NY.
Join us at Tailwater Lodge for your next fishing or adventure weekend along the banks of the renowned Salmon River; while only minutes away from beautiful fishing waters of Lake Ontario. Dining, Pro Shop, Adirondack Lodge~Style amenities, Experienced Guides. Famed Salmon fishing, Steelhead, trophy fishing.

Glissen Gloss TM - Estaz TM and other fine fly tying products-A large number of flies I use with my guest's on a daily basis are tied with Regular Estaz, Estaz Grande or Petite Estaz TM . Whether it's Salmon or Steelhead I'm targeting on the Salmon River NY. All the right colors to choose from. Several Glissen Gloss fibers are excellent for hand-tying custom flies. Take a look at either their Fly-Tying section or their Estaz section for more details and product examples.  877-480-1010 (Toll-free)

PowerPro Microfilament line- After receiving several recommendations from angler's and guides I've decided to use it exclusively for my spinning rod trip's on the Cape where Im using bait and lures for Stripers and Blues. It gets very little line twist and the diameter is amazingly small. Meaning you will be able to throw it further with less friction and get more strength with a smaller diameter line. It also does not stretch so your hook set's are immediate. Their toll free number is 1-800-650-8003 and web address is
I'll continue to use Ande Mono for all of my Salmon River Pulaski NY fishing need's.

River Excitement Specializes in Safe and Comfortable Guided Scenic & Fishing Float Trips for Smallmouth Bass on the Beautiful Connecticut River Between New Hampshire and Vermont. Pond Fishing is also available in a Breathtaking Setting for Huge Rainbow and Brook Trout.
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Guide Fishing Trips and Scenic & Birding Drift Boat Floats on the Connecticut River
River Excitement is John Marshall of Hartland, Vermont. I have been guiding on the Upper Connecticut River for over 15 years and know the waters and the habits of its trout and smallmouth bass! Join me by yourself or with friends & family for fun, relaxation, great food, beautiful scenery and superb fishing this summer. I'm a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, Hyde Park, N.Y. so you won't be disappointed if you choose the streamside lunch option.
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Silver Hook Fishing Charters - Sodus Bay, NY
Fishing on Lake Ontario for Salmon, Steelhead and Browns.

I highly
recommend and endorse Capt. Jerry and his son Matt for all of your fishing interest's on the lake.

 The Kinzua Fly Fishing School - Professional Instruction- Based at the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford. Curriculum includes fly tying, fly casting, and fly fishing techniques, with nymphs, dries, wets, streamers and much much more. Nestled in the heart of the Allegheny mountains, the Kinzua Fly Fishing School has the natural beauty to amaze with an educational experience to remember for life. As a delicate sport, fly fishing provides an appreciation for the quieter things in life. One of the easiest ways to begin your appreciation of fly fishing is to learn from experience - whether it be yours, or that of others. This school is run by my friends and clients Stephen Skvarka and Carl Zandi. First class, top notch!

Enjoy Amazing Fishing on the Salmon River Pulaski NY w/ Steelhead Drift Boat Fishing Report Guide Randy Jones for Steelhead or Salmon, Spin or Fly Fishing on the Salmon River NY
Updated Fishing Reports for the Salmon River Pulaski NY. Salmon Steelhead Drift Boat Spin Fly Fishing Guide @" Fishing Reports"

Vermont Trout Bum Fly Fishing Drift Boat Guide Service

Matt and myself started off Guiding in Vt. many flies ago. I cant say enouph about Vt's. quality fishery. My good friend and Drift Boat Fly Fishing Guide Matt Stedina is one of the finest Vt. Fly Fishing Drift Boat Guides around. Ive known him personally for over 20 years and started off guiding with him on foot in the pristine waters of Vt. Please stop into Matt's website and pay him a visit.
Guide drift boat fishing for steelhead and salmon on the Salmon River NY
Matt with a trophy Brown Tout taken while fly fishing off his driftboat in the pristine water's of Vt. I highly recommend and endorse his Fly Fishing Drift Boat Guide service.
ESPN Great Outdoor Games competitor Matt Stedina and several other professional Vermont guides combine to bring you Troutbum Guide Service. Whether you want to cast from a drift boat or explore a mountain stream, we have the trip just for you. Troutbum's premier guide service is located in the heart of the Killington region, enabling us to guide as far North as the Winooski River, South to the Battenkill and all points in-between.
Just a short drive from Boston, New York, and Montreal, Vermont as a fly fishing destination has it all; A long list of quality trout streams, and a variety of lodging accommodations. Vermont is also known for it's incredible scenery, and there's no better way to see it than from the water. When you plan your next trip, give us a call and let a Troutbum take you fly fishing.

Bass Angling at it's finest! Give Mark a call or see his web site below,  to see all the fun you can have with a guided day of fishing with him.
Drift boat fishing salmon and steelhead on the Salmon River NY These are 2 of the many 5 pound plus smallies taken on tubes throughout the fall feeding period.
Advanced Bassin' Plus- Mark Currie For any of you who enjoy Bass fishing, whether spin or fly. You can find Mark working Lakes and Rivers in the Quebec part of Canada. He has a great bass boat and all the fix'ns to make your guided fishing trip with him a grand success in many ways.

Top Fishing Secrets
is a site dedicated to giving advice on fishing techniques in both fresh and saltwater environments for Salmon and Steelhead. Anglers can access Tips, Articles, Fishing Techniques, and Worldwide Hot Spots. Timothy Kusherets shows anglers what it takes to get trout and salmon to bite under any circumstance whether fishing fresh or saltwater.

Fishing steelhead and salmon on the Salmon River NY
This web site and book is a must read. The web site alone has many invaluable tips and clues to help you for free . Amazing, well put together, quality production are a few of the words I'd use. Sit back,  relax and enjoy this amazing world that Tim has spent countless hours producing for your enjoyment. I wish my web site was as nice! Enjoy and maybe pick up a book also while your their.  Randy

National and New York Trout Unlimited Chapters - Enjoy fishing in New England? Trout Unlimited plays a major role in stream restoration, purchasing land for public access and environmental studies to ensure a clean, vibrant fishing future. You, your children, and grand children will enjoy many years of hard work this incredible organization is responsible for. Thanks T.U.! New York Council President: Ronald Urban,  PO Box 815,  Port Ewen , NY  12466-0815 Council Phone: 845 339 5938 Council Work Phone: 914 388 3878 National:

Ph 315 963 2065

Enjoy my Updated Archived  King - Coho Salmon, Brown Trout, Steelhead Fishing Reports, Tips, Guest Mail Bag Questions w/ my Replies, Humor, Testimonials and much more

Jan. 1 Steelhead Fishing Report Salmon River Pulaski NY:

Even though Im on vacation, I wanted to share with all of you what happened today in a 2 hour period while fishing the lower river. Looked over the short bridge for slush and was happy to see that it was clearing up. I met Ray at 10 A.M. in the D.S.R. parking lot and broke trail to the stairs. Noticed that a number of deer and turkey had already packed the snow down for us. Went directly to some prime Chrome real estate and on my 3rd cast with an orange egg sack on 6lb. test tippet my line stopped in the middle of the drift and the rod began to shake. Hhhmmm- I wonder what this means. Turns out it was a very bright, fresh, Steelhead of about 8 lb's. Ray missed one and I hit nothing for the next half hour with eggs,  noticed fish porpasing in the hole as will as fish rolling off our main line. We left for the ---  hole.  As we walked across the river we noticed the water was a bit deeper and running a tad faster than a normal 285 cfs. Due to the shelf ice on the edges of the river and anchor ice on the bottom the water flow was actually being concentrated or compressed.( Please keep this in mind when wading the lower river) Another safety tip to remember is that beneath the shelf ice that you are standing on,  it could be knee deep or deeper, so it pays to know your water. Ray who is pictured above is on shelf ice that is over thigh deep water. At the edge of the ice it's over your waist. How do I know? (We will save that story for another time!)
With-in a couple of the first few cast's I had another one on. This one again was so bright that I was glad I had my sunglasses on to keep the suns reflection off the silvery sides of the steelhead from blinding me. The biggest problem we had (if you can call it that) was how to land a fish when you were restricted from approaching the edge of the shelf ice. Nether of us carried a net so we finally broke away at the ice in the tail so that we might have a shot at landing one.
After a I hooked a couple more, Ray asked what pound test I was using. Turns out that Ray was fishing a little heavier than me and when he dropped down on his 3rd cast his rod went a shaking! Ray lands an 8 lb. male with a nice hooked jaw. (Fish was released) Ray got his on a pink egg sack.
Moral of the Story? - It always pays to experiment with all aspects of you rigging, egg sack colors, flies, etc. Orange and Pink were the productive colors of our egg sacks today. I couldn't get a touch on  the normally productive blue goo.
By noon, the sun was out and it had warmed to what seemed to be the warmest it's been in a month. (30 degrees ?) We were both actually over dressed for these temp's, if you can believe that. It was interesting that as the temp's rose, so did the amount of anchor ice floating on the surface of the water. It made the fishing impossible so we both left after 2 hours of fishing and the knowledge we had gained. In 2 hours and 2 holes fished,  I had 6 fish on and could of landed 4 with a net.. I'm not bragging, but this is what you can expect when you time it just right and the fish gods smile upon you. Stay tuned, Randy

1/24 Fishing Report Salmon River Pulaski NY Steelhead Drift Boat Guide:

Our main goal today was to learn all the prime holding waters of the D.S.R. (Lower River). After we hit our 3rd fish in a row out of a small depression in the bottom of the river,  I told Andy that since he wanted to learn all the holes we should leave this spot. He changed his mind real quick and decided a few more fish would be an O.K. exchange for learning a few more holes. So we stayed and hooked up another real quick. (He-he) and then it was off for more fun and excitement. Today we fished hard, only hitting the most productive lies in 285 cfs. Very light fishing pressure. Did notice a big lack of fish in this area compared to the month of Dec. Most fish have pushed out,  up river with a few freshies trickling in daily. Andy and I had a blast having almost the entire river to ourselves. Not only did Andy learn a lot,  but also got  into some reeeeeeel burners, too!
Andy works the lil -- hole down to -- and is 3 for 6 for the day. All dime bright freshies! ( All fish Released )

1/25 Fishing Salmon River NY Steelhead Drift Boat Guide Report:

Same ol same hole - nothing has changed from the last few post's. The fish ( Steelhead 8-12 lb's)  are in and waiting for you. Middle to lower river holding the most. D.S.R. has cooled off. Come on up and join us, wont you?

Guest Steelhead Fishing Testimonial:

Randy, Thank you for a truly great outing.  Basically, I knew nothing about the river - in previous trips would usually end up somewhere in Altmar, following other fishermen around like a sheep.  Now, I feel confident that I can approach the river with a strategy and a technique that will at least afford me the opportunity to identify and access "fishy" water and present my fly to fish for as long and as naturally as possible.  Additionally, we studied numerous slots and runs that I never would've even considered stumbling around on my own.  As I learned, it really is as precise as fitting a key into a lock.
I cannot stress enough how invaluable this experience was, from the standpoint of a guy that lives a couple hours away, and simply cannot devote the time necessary to develop on my own a comfort level with such a complex fishery. I hope you will be able to find some room for me in March...I promise it will take me less than half a day to figure out that "straight out in front of you" means straight out in front of me. By the way, I think I pulled my hamstring sprinting after that last fish. Thanks again. Andy (See 1/24 Report)
Fly Fishing in Salt Waters magazine excerpts: Size Counts! When working the Northeast Surf - Flats, Two Hands Are Better Than One ( Check it out, Lefty K. and I were both interviewed for this lil nugget)
Look for my "Go To" fly in the May issue of Fly Fishing in Salt Waters magazine. This 25 lb., 40 inch Bass ate it good! Bob Funk of Mustad Hooks - Size 4 #34009. Mustad Sand Lance Pattern. Biggest Striper on a fly for Bob.

Ron's Fishing Report and Testimonial:
Amazing Steelhead and Salmon fishing reports from the drift boat with Salmon River NY Steelhead fly fishing guide Ron with a Trophy Steelhead Wall Mount'r. (17.5 lb's) Congrats!
November 2 is a day I will remember for the rest of my life . It started out crisp and clear in the morning as we started our Drift Boat Trip down the river .My companions were Drift Boat Guide Randy Jones of Yankee Angler , and my best friend Jim Ciantar .
We stopped at a couple of holes to fish but with little success, and I mean little . The second place we stopped Jim and I teamed up to take six fish ranging from 3-6 inches long . We all got a pretty good chuckle out of that . However it gave Randy an opportunity to work on our techniques . The proper cast and drift is crucial when fishing the Salmon River. Randy is one of the finest teachers I have come across . He has an uncommon blend of humor , patience , and knowledge which is rare. He explained his tactics and why he uses them . Steelhead location and why they are there . Also seasonal changes regarding Steelhead location , all invaluable fishing information
The third spot we hit was awesome . Which by the way , Randy was rushing to because he knew some Steelhead were there . Within a couple of minutes after dropping the Drift Boat anchor I hooked up with a real burner Steelhead, but lost him . The Fishing had been slow up to that point but Jim and I managed to hook up five more Steelhead in the next couple of hours . We worked the hole from both sides in and out of the Drift Boat . All the while Fishing Guide Randy was coaching us on how to properly fish the hole and where the Steelhead lay up . Before we left that hole I managed to hook and land the below 17.5 pound beautiful male steelie . (Who will spend the rest of his days on my wall . ) It has taken me nine years and a lot of time and money to get that fish . My first good steelhead . Truly a fish of a lifetime . Jim also hooked a nice silver bullet Steelhead about 12 pounds but lost him at the net.
I have been fishing for a long time , and for many different species , from marlin to pan fish . In those years I have had some really great days . This certainly was one of the best . The combination of beautiful weather , great people , cooperative fish on a scenic river , well that is pretty hard to beat .
For those of you just getting started in salmon and steelhead fishing , do yourself a favor . Hire a Guide . It does not have to take nine years like it took me .I highly recommend Randy he is a true professional and a real good guy . Ron Scheer , Vernon C.T.
Drift boat steelhead and salmon fishing report guide on the Salmon River, NY My guest Ron w/ a Reeeel Burning Trophy 17.5 lb.Steelhead Hum Dinger Honk'a. Congrats Ron!
Hi Ron, Thanks for your report, kind and generous words! Boy, I'll have a hard time fitting my head thru the front door after that one ;) Randy

Entertaining and educational steelhead and salmon drift boat guide spin fly fishing reports Rick (son of dad Dick K. photo'd below) w/ an exciting steelhead. Congrats!!
The Steelhead and Salmon fishing of your dreams Dick K. w/ a nice silver bullet. Fishing you a speedy recovery!!
Dick K. Testimonials:
It may be difficult to understand the term World Class Fishing until you have been here. But perhaps this will help!
Again both Rik and I thank you for another great trip. I continue to marvel at both your knowledge of the Salmon River and the patience exercised in providing instructions on the techniques necessary to successfully catch fish; with the bonus of enabling us to fish with the best Orvis equipment. There may have been a lot of fisherman in the Douglaston Run, but I seriously doubt anyone one was as successful as Rik and I in hooking-up on as many salmon. (And lucky Rik catches his first Steelhead of 20lbs on his first cast of the day.) When I recall us fishing a pool in the afternoon and hooking 18 to 20 salmon in a three hour period while an array of other fisherman fishing the same pool never got a strike, is a tribute to your superior abilities as a guide. I consider myself fortunate to be able to fish with you as many times as I have in such a short period of time (I believe it was my seventh trip in one and one half years.) There will hopefully be many more trips and all will be you if you continue to be available. Those three successful spring steelhead trips with you has me now hooked. As I have repeatedly stated to my many fishing friends, you can either go fishing or you can charter Drift Boat Guide Randy for "catching".

Another note of appreciation for yesterday's outing for steelhead and your teaching Rick, and providing me reinforcements, regarding the techniques for hooking, playing, and landing steelhead. I was as pleased as Rick that he caught and released his first steelhead. Fortunately he did it while he was 30 years old and not 55. But as many of your clients and readers have previously reported, I also made many unsuccessful fishing trips (not even a hook-up) to the Salmon River NY before making a1998 trip with you and catching several steelhead in "Pucker Brush Creek". My only disappointment is that your reputation for catching fish and teaching successful steelhead/salmon techniques has made you a very popular Drift Boat Guide which makes it difficult to book with you unless you plan far ahead. Thanks, Dick and Rick

Randy, Thank you for several memorable trips this year on the Salmon River NY. The highlight of the year was definitely the outing on the Salmon River during September Guide drift boat fishing salmon and steelhead on the Salmon River NY with my son for salmon. Never have I experienced such numbers of large and aggressive Salmon in all my 45 years of fishing. I estimate we had over 60 hook-ups on King Salmon and caught and released 12, two of which were between 30 and 35 pounds. Close behind was the spring drift boat trip for Steelhead on the remote stretch of Pucker Brush Creek. Seeing over 2 dozen Steelhead off the drift boat in a one mile stretch, with no one else around, reminded me of Alaska. After those experiences, I decided traveling to the Northwest Territories for lake trout and grayling or to Labrador for brook trout are a thing of the past and I will concentrate on the quality of fishing available in New York State. If you ever need a recommendation, I would be pleased to provide one. Dick Koelling
During the Fall, Winter, and Spring Randy runs drift boat and wade trips on the world class Salmon River, Pulaski N.Y. for Steelhead, Coho, Browns, Atlantic's and King Salmon Outfitter and Salmon River Pulaski NY Steelhead Salmon Drift Boat Spin Fly Fishing Report Guide I'd like to fish my good friend and client Dick Koelling a speedy recovery from a recent stroke.
Dick's been out w/ me 100 times on the Salmon River for Kings, Coho's, Brown's and Steelhead. (We've even done a few "Grand Slam's")

2/18 Salmon River Pulaski NY Steelhead Drift Boat Guide Fishing Report:

Canceled today due to frigid cold temperatures and wind chills below zero. Presently we are receiving 3-6 inch's of lake effect at (10:00 AM.) Word had it that the DSR was all slush in the early part of the AM. but was clear when I crossed the short bridge at noon. Yes, fresh fish abound in the lower river! I'll be out tomorrow, so stay tuned for more fun and excitement aboard the .com drift boat.

2/17 Fishing Report Salmon River NY Steelhead Drift Boat Guide:

Unfortunately for me, Phil's cell phone was off at 4:30 AM. when I called to see if they really wanted to fish in below zero temperatures. When I met Bob and Phil they were anxious to get out there, so off we went into the dark. Ye-haa!  (Why me Lord! - yukyuk)
We started off working on our presentation, dealing with the wind and frigid temperatures. Wind chill was an average -7 degrees with gust's up to 40 miles per hour. We lasted until 11:00 AM. I was surprised to see all the other hardy soles around today. We had a slow day of fishing with Bob calling it quits after a couple hour's and Phil going 1 for 3 on steelhead.
One of the more humorous thing's that happened today was one that most of us can sort of relate too. As Phil was running his drift he accidentally hooked into an anglers line who was fishing across from us. I could see what had happened but felt a practical joke coming on. Phil and the other angler set their rod's hard. I "politely" yelled to Phil in an excited fashion to reel, reel, reel, keep your tip up, get even or below the fish!!!!  Phil being the good student did as he was asked. With all the excitement and commotion it took Phil about 10 seconds to realize he was  hooked to the anglers line across from him and not on a fish. All anglers around us had a chuckle as I apologized to Phil for having such a warped sense of humor. (Phil mumbled something under his breath and I'm sure if I had heard it, I wouldn't be able to reprint it here ;)
Am noticing fresh beds on a daily basis through out the entire river, females ready to spawn, spawners on their beds and most winter fish showing their spawning colors. With water temperatures still so cold,  Im a little surprised to see so much of this so soon. Fresh fish are entering the river on a daily basis.

2/16 Salmon River NY Drift Boat Guide Fishing Report:

Today I was joined by Steve, an old friend and Dave a new friend. This was Dave's first time ever fishing the Salmon River. I do not think it will be their last. They were already talking about a return trip in April. It's funny how this river does that to you. Especially when you have a banner day! Who would think that fishing in sub-freezing temperatures could be so much fun.
The funniest thing today for me was when I gave my first demonstration cast of the morning. The rod gave a quiver and with out saying a word I handed the rod to (half a sleep) Steve. Within a few seconds he realized he had one on and the laughs were many. 
I have some clients who refuse to hand me their rod to show them a drift or check to make sure they are weighted properly. These are some of my more seasoned guest's who have seen this before. (he-he)
The highlight for me: Dave was so excited,  he could not stop talking about the fun he was having. Dave's exuberance helped me to remember my first time fishing the river. Adrenaline pumping rush's, totally at awe with the strength, size and fight of these incredible metal head machines.
Steve and Dave ended the day with a 8 for 13 tally on steelhead. A true day for -- KINGS! Join me tomorrow, on this never ending fishing safari, Randy
Be careful on Sat. Its forecast to be very windy and that should put the wind chill into single digits or worse. I'll see you all out there! (Why me Lord ;)

2/15 Fishing Report Salmon River in Pulaski NY Steelhead Drift Boat Guide:

My guests today were Dave and Dan from Albany. This was Dan's first time Steelheading so we spent the better part of the morning working together on his drift fishing technique. By late morning both were on fire with a 6 for 13 steelhead batting average! We did a little sight fishing again, but mostly blind casting into the heads and tails of the pools. What I found interesting today was, we found a very large concentration of Steelhead in a spot where yesterday there were none. I guess that's what keeps it interesting. We methodically covered 5 or 6 different area's thoroughly before moving on. We hit fish in all spots except one. With the water being at 700 cfs through Tuesday, you can count on a good number of freshies making their way into the river. (hint) The higher water should also push those fish holding in the deep water pools from lower to mid river,  up. Get ready, cause it's Miller Time!
May all your doorknob's smell of fish,
If you are coming up this weekend to fish, bring a shovel and sleep in. ;)

Hello Guys! A few years ago I was fly-fishing the Salmon River in Pulaski, NY with Geir Sivertzen and Bob Funk. We had a tremendous day catching 50 of the 85 salmon and trout that we hooked. It was truly the fishing outing of a lifetime. The river was filled with fresh lake-run Chinook and Coho salmon, brown trout and steelhead.
Steelhead Salmon river guide fly fishing reports for the Salmon River NY off the drift boat for Steelhead
I was fishing with 8 pound tippet (leader) when I hooked into the Coho salmon of a lifEnjoy Steelhead Salmon river guide fly fishing the Salmon River NY from the drift boat for Steelhead reports e time. After a 25 minute battle, I managed to grab its tail as our guide Randy Jones, was busy chasing fish that Bob and Geir were fighting. My Coho salmon measured 35 inches (88.9 cm) and weighed 22 pounds (9.98 kg). After weighing and measuring it, I quickly released it back into the river. It was by far the largest Coho Salmon I had ever landed in nearly 20 years of fishing for them. The next day, I looked at the International Game Fish Association, IGFA, Record Book and saw that the 8 pound tippet class Fly Rod record was 19lb 9oz. My fish beat the World Record by well over 2 pounds. I felt sick, because I did not go through all the necessary steps to register the fish as a record. So, the old record stands, but we all know that I beat it.

 The fish was caught on one of my special flies I came up with, called Jeff's Coho Candy. It is tied on a Mustad 80500BL size 10. Recently I have started tying the same fly on a Partridge SINGLE SALMON SALAR BLACK in size 9 as well. On the left, you can see me holding the "would-have-been-a-record" Coho. From now on I'll carry a copy of the IGFA Record Book in the back of my fishing vest.

 Best fishes
 Jeff Pierce - Mustad US Sales Co-ordinator

2/14 Salmon River NY Steelhead Drift Boat Guide Fishing Report:
First day back in the office and boy did I have my hands full with these two! I had to keep an eye on Mike for fear that he would fish all day with out a fly on the end of his line and not notice. Bill had this infatuation with tree's. If they were within 100 feet he was in them. Across the river, behind him, over his head and even when he was walking down the trail he kept getting stuck in them. I  had to give them both a time out. Heck, I was the one needing a time out! ;)
With today's low light and on and off rain I was not sure if sight fishing would be an option. The banks were 2-3 feet higher with snow which gave us an edge. The higher up you are, the easier it is to see. I walked my guests into an area where I hoped we might see a few and there they were. I counted about 4 that were holding in a boulder field. Bill and Mike enjoyed being able to see these fish in their natural state and have an opportunity to fish for them. A couple of the brightest Steelhead were their reward. They gave us some reeeeell  burning ruunnnnnss! The balance were hooked in transitional , resting spots and Winter lies. My guest's were 5 for 9 steelhead at days end. No easy ones in this group, Mike and Bill fished hard. Congrats to you both! ( All fish released )
Water levels are going up to 700 cfs tonight until next Tues. One or more flow increases may occur. Expect it to be higher, Mid. to Lower river with run-off and Orwell and Trout brook.
2/13 Salmon River NY Steelhead Drift Boat Guide Fishing Report:
Water level to remain at 285 cfs until Friday. Fish are spread through out the river. No large concentrations in any one spot. Most are being found in the deep, slow water. Some are being found in transitional, resting locations as they trickle in and up the river. Air temp's. are to moderate into the mid. to upper 30's for the next several days. Wet snow or rain is in the forecast. (Run-off?) It's good to be back! Randy

Guest Salmon River NY Steelhead Fishing Referral Guide Testimonial:
Randy, Since you were already booked on the 5 days we had to fish. I cant thank you enough for referring me to Steve for a guided trip on Feb 11th. My brother and I both wanted to get into fish which we did but more importantly we wanted to learn and experience the Salmon River which we also did. Steve really went out of his way to answer all of our questions, teach us how to rig, and  fish the river, as well as give us lots of info on the river. We had a great day with him and again Thanks for referring us to him. Dave
Dave, Im glad to hear you had an enjoyable day out with Steve. He works hard and loves to share his wealth of knowledge with others. Best, Randy

Fishing Humor and more Ramblings:
Teach a man or women to fish and they will go out and buy expensive fishing equipment, stupid looking clothes, a sports utility vehicle, travel 1,000 miles to the "hottest" fishing hole, and stand waist deep in cold water just so they can try to outsmart a fish that has a brain the size of a pea.
(Average cost per fish: $395.68)
Steelhead Runs: What normally triggers a run is low light; rise in water level or its biological spawning clock.
Where to fish during a run? --This covers all species of fish that are in a transitional stage that are entering the river and creeks. Most fish use the contour of the bottom and current to navigate. They travel virtually the same route, day after day taking a lot of the guesswork out of it. Where I sight fish for Stripers (Monomoy Island-Cape Cod) on the flats, this is also true. Normally the deepest part of the river is where they will travel. Once you’ve made this determination, the next step is to search out their holding, resting points. The length of time they will hold in any particular type of structure is determined by (qaulity of the current break) the size of the hole, pocket, depth, speed of water and what they had to travel through to get to that point. Also fishing pressure and weather is a consideration. To narrow you’re search down for the best resting spots. Consider any deep water just above a long stretch of rapids. These normally are the tails of pools were there is slow moving water and depth to offer security, and a break from stronger currents. These are the areas were they will be for the longest period of time allowing you the most shots. To improve your odds even further, look for channels or areas where the majority of fish travel and hold in a small area of the tail end of the hole. A hole maybe 50 feet by 50 feet. But they hold in a 10-ft. by 10-ft. area due to a depression or rocky structure breaking the current flow. Fish long & prosper! Randy Jones

3/30 Salmon River NY Steelhead Drift Boat Guide Fishing Report:
Jack and son Brian were my guests today aboard the dot-com drift boat. It was raining heavy form the time we met at 5 AM. until present 5 PM. LOTS of run-off with the DSR starting to turn cloudy and off color by noon.
Jack had 2 fish on within the first 20 minutes. 4 more hook-ups were to follow until I put Brian in Jacks spot. Shortly there after Brian was hooked - up and landed his first steelhead. 4 for 7 was the final tally, egg sacks and flies were used with success. By noon we were drenched from head to toe and called it an early day. Water level - Even with an ALL day steady rain, at 3 PM. the water level is still being forecast to be 700 plus run-off until Monday midnight. ( Can and probably well change ) The water was supposed to be dropped at noon today from 1200 to 700 but by 9:30 AM. it had already dropped 6 inches in the DSR area.

Guest Steelhead Fishing Testimonial:
Hi Randy, I Just wanted to drop you a note to say thanks for an awesome day on the River 3/21.  Alex and I appreciated you sharing your knowledge of the river but more importantly helping us hook into some fish.  As soon as the pictures come back Alex will have his lone fish plastered on the walls in his office and in his living room. In addition I would like to commend you on your professionalism. You do an excellent job promoting the sport. I look forward to scheduling another trip with you next spring. Mark
Thanks Mark, I had a blast! Lots of laughs and bent rods. Say Hi to Alex and congratulate him again for landing his first steelhead. I really!!!! liked the picture of you and your brother with that fish! Best, Randy ( See 3/21 report )   

3/29  Salmon River NY Steelhead Drift Boat Guide Fishing Report:
Ken joined me again today for another incredible steelhead day on the water. We hit 3 spots and hit fish in all 3. He was 3 for 7 by days end. The below fish will be mounted and all others were released. We were running an 8 lb. main line with a 6 lb. leader. Flies imitating eggs and also Egg sacks - ( Orange and pink ) were used. Another day for KINGS! Big Steelhead for the day, Nice 14 lb'er for Mr. Card. Water level is supposed to go from 1200 cfs Friday noon to 700 cfs, until Monday Midnight. ( Can and probably will change )

3/28  Salmon River NY Steelhead Drift Boat Guide Fishing Report:
Ken has been out with me many times before and always seems to hit it just right. His skill level is such that it's a very relaxing day with only the occasional oiling on his presentation technique. 
Ken just recently went through open heart surgery. I was somewhat afraid he might do additional damage to his heart by all the reel screaming, jumps and torpedo steelhead runs he was tied into today.
I almost asked Ken to pay me in advance when he started to hook up consistently. I was not sure if his heart could take it! Well it did take it and probably made it stronger.

I like Ken because I can really let my hair down with him. When he does something stupid I really let him have it, but good. In return,  I get a sleeeew of curse words and a bang on the head with his rod.
By 6:30 AM. the first Steely was in the cooler from the first spot. We had to go on a Nantucket sleigh ride through a mined, white water, boulder field to land it.
By 6:45 AM. the second metal head was given it's last right's..  
By 2 PM. Ken was 3 for 7. Not bad for a rookie. (he-he) Congrats!  (All fish were released into Ken's cooler)
(P.S. As I edit and update this ol' golden nugget from the past. This old report was written back when there was a 3 steelhead limit on the Salmon River. Now it's 1 per angler per day with a size restriction. The pay to play section has its own reg's. )
Join me tomorrow for another non stop, never ending, almost virtual adventure aboard the .com drift boat. Until the next fish bites, Randy

Salmon River NY Steelhead Mail Bag Q and added Snow Base:
Randy, I needed a question answered so I figured I would ask the master himself.  I am headed to the salmon river this weekend, and see that the river is at 1200 cfs.  What do I do to fish the higher water?  How would the fish be reacting to the change in water depth, and speed. Hope to hear from ya soon.

Hello, The fish change their lies every time there is a major change in water flow in most holes. Example-   --  pool, they sit at the head, closer to the downed tree in lower water (deeper water.) In higher water they sit down towards the tail. Further back is less current flow to deal with but also gives them deep enough water to feel safe and secure. Some fish have moved into the diversions to escape the higher flow, while others are in the tails of the pools or hiding behind anything that breaks the flow. Salmon River - mainly look for seams, pockets and slower water. The larger holes down river are holding the most and freshest fish. Creeks are open and with a few fish, but will be crowded this weekend with the Salmon River running at 1200 cfs and the locals out in force. Hope this helps. Best, Randy

The above will add even more snow and eventually run-off in the Spring here, which is always a good thing :)

3/27 Salmon River Pulaski NY Steelhead Drift Boat Guide Fishing Report:
George, Russell and myself gave it our best, but could only come up with 1 fish in 4 hours of fishing. We stopped early as the West wind straight off Lake Ontario had a nice little bite to it. (I guess its time to put the skirt on) Anyway, both gentlemen have been around the block a few times and the morning was filled with a lifetime of fishing exploits from around the country.
At one point,  I noticed Russell's fly line was wrapped around the drain plug in the back of the boat that keeps the Salmon River from flowing in. As he pulled on his line, out popped the plug and the Salmon River was free flowing into the boat, like a garden hose turned on high.
We had a hard time replacing it as we were both doubled over laughing as the boat took on water, and me yelling at Russell to get the DARN ( this was not the word I used) plug back in or we would be swimming to shore in 33 degree water :) Never a dull moment!
Water was moving pretty good at 1200 cfs,  4 inch's of fresh snow covered the pines with blue bird skies as our backdrop.

3/26 Salmon River Pulaski NY Steelhead Drift Boat Guide Fishing Report:
Bill and Julie are engaged and for valentines day Bill ( being the romantic that he is) gave Julie a drift boat trip. (he-he) I like Bills way of thinking  Actually, Julie and Bill love to fish so its a great way for both of them to get out and spend some quality time together. Today's AM. air temps were in the teens and snow squalls all day long. I hope Bill takes her someplace warmer for her B-day. Julie was amazing, she wasn't cold and did not complain once. She was tuffer than most of the men I take out and she could probably out fish most of them too! (he-he)
I'd have to agree with Bill that Julie was quite the catch, she works in a pastry shop making incredibly delicious mouth water pastries, loves to fish and also normally out fish's all the men in the pool, now that's a keep-a!
We were 3 for 7 on steelhead, with Bill 1 for 2 and Julie 2 for 5.
The .com drift boat was lost most of the day trying to find the magnet that might attract some silver metal. We hit one here and there but could not find the numbers we were all hoping for. In the bottom of the ninth we anchored at the last spot. Julie loaded up the bases pretty quickly with 3 fish on. Then it was Bills turn at bat. He swings and hits a grand slam with a chromer getting landed! Great day, great couple, doesn't get much better! Congrats to you both!!
Water Levels are to be 1200 cfs until Friday. (Can and probably will change)

F.Y.I. - Lil Salmon River NY Drift Boat Guide Fishing Tip:
Pound test of leader is simply determined by several factors. Fresh or educated, clarity, speed of water, low light or bright. Length of leader - (No more than 4 feet from any added weight to hook)  is simply determined by clarity, speed, depth of water, structure and fresh or educated.
As we were fishing today I realized how easy it is to get lazy. Don't change the weight, pound test of leader or length. HA! Sometimes I change the color, weight, egg sack, fly, size of hook, length of leader and pound test in each location we stop at. The above "generic" formula is what I use. Good Luck, Randy

3/24 Salmon River NY Steelhead Drift Boat Guide Fishing Report:
Today was my day off so I took 2 friends out for a little fishing all around this area. It was a perfect chance to see what was up with several different water sheds. We started in one area and by past experience I would of bet we were in for a 10-20 steelhead day. Conditions could not of been more perfect. Pucker Brush Creek #4 was dropping and clearing up. I only hooked up one in the honey hole before we moved on to Pucker Brush #2. Evan and Dave each hit several fish and landed a beauty. After lunch we decided to drift Altmar to Pineville for a lil fishing. But mostly a detailed description of all the holes, etc so both would increase their knowledge of this section of river. Dave hit one in the Ellis Cove area and off we went chasing the fish in the boat. We lost it in a tree branch that was hanging in the water.
The funniest thing that happened today was what followed Dave's hook up in ol" Pucker Brush. Evan ran to the car to get the net. He comes running out into the stream with the net -----minus the handle? Yup, so there I was trying to net Dave's fish with only the basket and no handle. Fish was lost. Needless to say Evan took his fair share of friendly ribbing the rest of the day. We found and landed some fresh run metal heads today. Congrats! ( All fish released )

3/23 Salmon River Pulaski NY Steelhead Drift Boat Guide Fishing Report:
Ken invited me to fish with him, so I did for a little while. Ken out fished me big time with me hooking 0 and him 10!  Ouch!! He had to work for all fish with one here and there. Ken has fished the river for 10 years and knows it like the inside of his pocket. I would classify him as being in the 10% that catches 90% of the fish. Why would someone with that much knowledge and angling ability level hire a guide?  (Beats me)
Actually, he was mostly interested in a lil fine tuning and seeing how I rig, run a drift, flies, etc. I guess its true that you can never know it all. There were a few things that I think will help Ken in his future quest's for the mighty metal head.
1. Casting across the river to start his drift and not up it. ( Big hand on twelve Ken, remember grade school? yukyuk ;)
2. Holding the rod tip higher on the drift. This cuts down on the amount of line that is in the water. The more line in the water, the greater chance for a bow to form.
A bow is slack and slack does not allow you to maintain direct contact with the bottom. It also swings your fly, bait through the water not giving it a dead drift. (Trying to match the bottom current) Slack also delays the feeling of a snag eating rock and sometimes does not give you the immediate feel to hop your weight over it. Thus hanging up on the bottom. Slack also does not give you the immediate feel for when a fish mouths your fly. If a fish takes and then spits your fly with a bow or slack line sometimes you will not even notice it.
I believe that 1/4 to 1/2 of the takes by fish on this river are not detected by the angler for this and a combination of other factors. More on this later, so stop back.
Water is at 750 cfs and about 1200 in the DSR with water being just a tad off color. Its totally fishable and do expect this higher water to bring in the balance of the steelhead. Have fun this weekend wherever you are! Randy

Mail Bag Q:
Hi- I read the issue on New England striper fishing flies in the March/April issue of Fly Fishing in Salt Waters magazine and enjoyed it alot. Are your flies available for sale? If you don't sell directly, is there a retail outlet for your patterns? Thanks for your response in advance!!!! Sincerely, Mickey

Hi Mike, I was flattered to be one of six guides interviewed for that article on my "go to" fly for stripers. Im sorry, but they are not for sale anywhere. I tie them a certain way for certain reasons. Materials and the way I tie them are a lil different then other similar patterns.
At some point I will be putting that fly with tying instructions on my web site for all to see and use for free. Best, Randy

3/21 Salmon River NY Steelhead Drift Boat Guide Fishing Report:
Brother Mark and Alex were simple to please. All they wanted were 2 things. To help Alex land his first steely and to just catch some fish. Combined total for the day was 6 for 11 steelhead, so the second goal was met. ;)
Mark was telling me that his younger brother has taken a licking at the last 2 Christmas's with people wondering WHEN he was finally going to be able to land one. He has been at it for 3 years.
Alex was tight to his 6th fish and lost it. Soon there after Mark landed one and Alex looked on enviously. I told Alex that a congratulatory handshake goes along with landing one, which was followed by a devilish laugh.
I then shook Marks hand "blatantly" in front of Alex. Alex walked away shaking his head and calling me something I can not print here. ;)
Alex was next up to bat with his 7th fish on and......... with both of my fingers crossed........  it was landed!
Well, after today, Alex can now relax, enjoy X-mas and  finally start to enjoy the fishing and not worry about getting his first one under his belt anymore. Whew! The beverages will be flowing tonight! Cheer's

Thru these Guides Eyes:

Water temp. is approx. 36 deg. Good numbers of fish down river (2A-DSR.) Few fish spread out 2A to Fly zone. The fish must be all screwy with the water levels resembling a yo-yo. I wont even take a guess at what the levels will become Sat. A couple of the creeks that I was doing so good in have since slowed to a crawl with hardly a fish in them. Few trickling in daily, but not enough for me to guide on presently.

Guest Steelhead Fishing Testimonial:
Randy, Just a brief note to say thanks again for sharing an incredible day on the old Pucker Brush on March 15th. I realized afterward that I got caught up with the catching and didn't ask a lot of intended questions. Fortunately you continued, throughout the day, to provide a wealth of detail and information. Not only did  I learn how to be a better steelhead fisherman but also learned a few things about dedication, organization and service. Looking forward to fishing with you in November. Bill G.
3/20 Salmon River NY Steelhead Fishing Report:
Cheryl was excited to try her hand at steelhead fishing for the first time. Once we got past the learning curve she was on fire. It wasn't long until she was tight to her first steelhead. After about a 5 minute tug of war the fish won as the fly parted ways with the tippet. Shortly there after she was on to another. All the guys in the pool politely reeled up and backed out of the hole and cheered her on. She was the only one in the hole that was hooking up. Cheryl whispered to me as we left the pool that she had over heard another guides clients asking him why she was hooking all the fish and they were not?

Guest Steelhead Drift Boat Guide Fishing Testimonials:
Hi Randy, By the way, both Warren and I had a fantastic time and look forward to the next time. Your attentiveness, knowledge, instructional skills, and good humor really make fishing with you a blast. And we even caught fish! Thanks again... Andy (See 3/17 Report)

Randy, It was a pleasure meeting you. Since you were already booked up, thanks for referring Ed as a guide. Ed did a fantastic job getting us into fish, showing us techniques, etc... He is a true sportsman and professional through and through. The next time you see Ed, ask him what "Control the lead" or "No
Ploppers Allowed" means and I'm sure Ed will light up a big smile. He is a fantastic coach and I'm sure my fishing skills have improved tremendously. Thanks again. Joe Orsen

Hi Joe, Im very happy to hear you had a good time out and that you will be fishing with more confidence and a better understanding of all aspects of this incredible fishery.  Most of us consider Ed "The Very Best" guide on the river! Randy 

Hi Randy, The information Doug, Steve and I learned from you in 2 days was worth every last penny. We hooked-up and landed more fish in our first visit to the Salmon River fishing with you than we had in 5 years of fishing out in the western part of New York.The techniques, rigging, and all the aspects of learning to read the water are invaluable. We are already looking forward to be your OH SO OBEDIENT clients. Have a GREAT year. Pete Franey (See 3/7-8 Report)
Yup Pete, the fish gods smiled upon us pretty good! See you all next year, Randy

3/18 Fishing Report - Scheduled day off - You can only turn your underwear inside out soooo many times, before you HAVE to do your laundry! ;)
Wade Monomoy Island - Cape Cod - World Class Destination Fishery
Here on the Cape, we have miles and miles of light colored sand flats and crystal clear water that makes sight casting to 5-25 pound stripers the order of the day. This is probably the most exciting type of fly/spin fishing you will ever do. They're cruising the flats eating crabs, shrimp, silversides and sand lances, and just waiting for your perfectly cast fly or bait. Sometimes you need to burn up the water with a fast retrieve and at other times using a dead drift with the current is all that is needed. All methods will require distance, speed and accuracy in your casting skills. You have some of the finest destination flats fishing in the world right here on Cape Cod. Seeing 100s or more fish in a tide is sometimes the norm. Test your skills and let's work together to help you along the path to hooking up in paradise.

3/17 Salmon River NY Steelhead Drift Boat Guide Fishing Report:
Today Andy and Warren worked the Salmon River off the drift boat and doubled their pleasure from yesterday. 6 for 12 was the final count on steelhead.
It was interesting to suggest stepping 2 feet to the left for a better drift and "Bang" fish on. Or shortening the leader and "Bang" fish on. Or advising to pull 2 feet of line off  the reel to run it through the best spot and "Bang" fish on. It was all a matter of inch's or a couple of feet.
Sometimes where they lay can be as exact as fitting a key into a lock. Having a clear understanding of habitat, presentation, entomology, rigging can put you into a small number of anglers who catch most of the fish. Interested?

3/16 Salmon River NY Steelhead Drift Boat Guide Fishing Report:
At one point Andy and Warren  both hooked up in unison. Each hooting and hollering, like 2 little kids getting their first bicycle for their birthday. Warrens ran down stream and under Dave's line, with out getting tangled which gave me a sigh of relief.
My next concern was who's steelhead do I net first? I asked both of them who was paying for today's trip and Warren said , he was. Guess who's fish I netted first. (he-he)
We grabbed a quick photo of the fish and all I could hear was Andy saying, Randy, it's ready, Randy, Randy, it's ready - in an excited manner. I ran over to where his line entered the water and scooped up his dime bright female of 14 lb's. Whew! 
My camera decided not to work so I was unfortunately unable to capture it's incredible beauty for all of you to see.
Today we fished tails, heads of holes, tails of runs, seams and pockets. All transitional resting, holding area's. Today was surprising slow with a combined total of 3 for 6 on steelhead. (Slow in my eyes, but pretty darn good in most other's!)
Water level forecast - 700 cfs until Friday March 23. (Can and probably will change) Fish long & prosper! Randy Jones

3/15 Salmon River Pulaski NY Steelhead Drift Boat Guide Fishing Report:
Bill's goals were to get away from the crowds, work on his presentation, learn some new water and hook into some chrome. All goals were met in full. Within the first 15 minutes Bill was doing battle with a feisty metal head at Pucker Brush creek # 4.   
20 minutes later he was into another one. We worked several spots hitting fish in all before we decided to leave fish to find fish. We knew there were more fish here - but on to new, different, out of the way, secluded, fresh water.
So off to Pucker Brush Creek #8 for some more fun and excitement. Within the first few cast's Bill was tight to another. This went on for an hour, all in the same hole!
Today's tally was an "OUTSTANDING" 5 for 12!!! Another day for KINGS.
Bill is a experienced Salmon River angler, so it was nice to be able to show him some new water and tweak and oil his presentation a lil. This was Bill's best day ever. Congrats! ( All fish Released )
Please remember that a fish is too valuable a resource to only be caught once. (Lee Wulff)
Approx. 97% of the fish my guest's land are being released. So when you come up to fish you're odds of hooking up are being increased. Let's put a few back so other's can have the same fine memories and experiences that you've had. We do not have an unlimited resource. This is not a put and take Steelhead fishery.
3/13 Salmon River NY Steelhead Drift Boat Guide Fishing Report:
Dave and Joe joined me for another day of fishing with a lil catching. We drifted from Altmar to Pineville with a 2 for 5 batting average on steelhead. Not great, but not bad either. The 2 other drift boats out today had almost equal numbers. Very light fishing pressure. Pink egg sacks and glow bugs were the ticket on a 6 lb mono leader. We lost one fish to one of my bad knots, but lost numerous flies to Dave's inexperience of telling time.
When I would say, cast to 12 O'clock (straight across the river) he would cast to 2?
(He must be useing one those old digital watch's or at his age, one of those sun dials. Maybe he forgot what he was taught in grade school? Big hand on 12? ;)

Anywaaay's, the fish are here and the weather is starting to try to warm up.
So all you fair weather anglers who have been nice and warm all Winter, reading my reports of wind chills, snow, ice, etc. Its finally safe for you to venture out! Don't forget to wear your skirts!!

3/9 Fishing Report
Bill and Anthony were treated to a spectacular " Day for Kings!"  8 for 16 steelhead were the numbers for today. We started off on the Salmon River hitting half a dozen or so and then changed locations to another piece of water. Things heated up again with numerous hook-ups.
Anthony's best day on the river was 3 Steelhead hooked, never landing a one. So today's goal was to land at least one.
Well, he landed 4 and more than tripled his previous best day on hook-ups. Needless to say, we all left the water with big smiles and memories that will last a lifetime..

3/8 Salmon River NY Steelhead Drift Boat Guide Fishing Report:
All three gentleman joined me again today for another fun filled, reel scream'in adventure aboard the .com drift boat. They decide to see the river today from the vantage point of the drift boat. So off we went floating through the DSR. We were 4 for 11 by days end while hitting steelhead in 3 out of 4 spots!
I would have to say that one of the reasons we did so will was the ability level of my guests! They were eager to learn, good listeners and great at taking my suggestions and putting them into action. Today was a team effort!

3/7 Salmon River NY Steelhead Drift Boat Guide Fishing Report:
Steve, Doug and Pete witnessed first hand what a " Day for Kings" is like! They landed 10 out of 17 today in that lil creek I've been talking about. They take second place for highest number of Steelhead played with in a day this year.
This would be a very good description of today:
Imagine walking up a small stream 20 feet wide, light colored bottom, crystal clear water, through the forest and seeing 10-20 Steelhead, 8-12 pound average in one to four feet of water and not seeing a single other person all day. Sound like Alaska? Nope, believe it or not there are several areas not far from here where this is possible. Many of the creeks and streams feeding into Lake Ontario have steelies in them, but only a few that I’ve found are hidden away in a beautiful pristine environment without any or many other anglers.

3/5 Salmon River NY Steelhead Drift Boat Guide Fishing Report:
You might all recall in my past posts where I said I was not satisfied with the number of fish I was finding. "It's time to change strategies, drastically"  Well, today we did and it worked in spades! Due to slush down river we started up. Hooked 4 and then left for the creek I mentioned in yesterdays report of scouting around. We hit 3 fish in the second hole and 2 in the third. The below 20 lb. Monster Steelhead was the grand finale for the day. How sweet it is!
Capt. Will was out with me last year at about this same time. He hooked 8 Steelhead but was unable to land any. Once again, we had to contend with higher water flows which adds an additional challenge to an already hard job of landing fish. Today was no different as we lost 4 fish to the currents of the river.
The creek Capt. Will fished was actually low, so I knew our chances of landing might be increased. But first, we had to catch. And catch we did.
We kept reminding each other that this was supposed to be a really bad storm and we really should not be out in it fishing. We should of both stayed home and watched the weather channel instead. Then we would laugh.
Will told me that at 4 AM. he was thinking, " We are not going to catch any fish today, why am I here, this is really going to be a lousy day. It turned out to be quiet pleasant with no wind, sometimes steady but light snow and mild temperatures for this time of the year.
Obviously, playing with numerous steelhead and landing the below PIG, made it all the sweeter.

( See Photo @ 4th picture down from the top on right. More 20 lb'rs on my Trophy Page. )  
A Steelhead of a lifetime! 20 pound Buck! ( Released ) Capt. Will's batting average was 1 for 9 steelhead today. Congrats!

Capt. William Griffin's Steelhead Fishing Testimonial:
HELLO RANDY I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for an incredible day of fishing.I have fished with you twice and I have hooked a total of 19 steelhead, I know people who have been fishing that river for five years and havent hooked that many.As I was driving home I was laughing, the river was at 1200, the weather was bad, and the fishing had been slow for five days, still I had the best day of my life.As a registered maine guide and a person who has fished all over the world ,I have never met anyone who works as hard to get fish as you do. Anyone who is thinking about fishing the "Salmon River" should book a trip with you. If the dates aren't available they should change there plans to get an open date, Its the closest you can get to a sure thing in fishing. Thanks again I'll see you next March hope the river is high and the weather is bad. Capt. William Griffin

By Randy Jones

Feel free to contact my references regarding my presentations and experience:
Trout Unlimited Chapters: (P.S. I don't discriminate. I also enjoy guiding you spin anglers too! - yukyuk)
Finger Lakes TU, NY
Iroquois TU, NY
Chenango Valley TU, NY
Scranton TU, PA
Catskill Mt. TU, NY
Tug Hill TU, NY
Southeast TU, MA
Greater Boston TU, MA
Northeast TU, MA
Croton Watershed TU, NY
Clearwater TU, NY
Mid-Hudson TU, NY
Iron Furnace TU, PA
Stan Cooper TU, PA
Thames Valley TU, CT
Hammonasset TU, CT
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Orvis-Manhattan, NY
Orvis-Boston, MA
Green Mt. Fly Tiers Assoc. VT
Rivers Edge Trading Co.(Orvis)
Central NY Fly Fishers, NY
Oysterville Yacht Club, MA
Rochester Sportsman Show, NY  (2 ½ day show, paid featured guest speaker and fly casting demo’s.)
Albany Outdoors Show, NY  (2 ½ day show, paid featured guest speaker and fly casting demo’s.)
Wilmington Sportsman Show MA.  (2 ½ day show, paid featured guest speaker and fly casting demo’s.)
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Web Site Testimonial: Randy, Your knowledge and willingness to share it without condition is simply marvelous for everyone, but mostly for the fish. You should be commended for helping make this magnificent fishery what it is.

THANKS! I'm simply sharing my true fishing passion's with other's, with similar interest's.
Thanking you all.... for making my fishing report pages the TOP guide site to visit for this area over these past 25 years and over our entire 8 month BIG fish river season.
It has been my sincere pleasure sharing my 35 plus years of full-time, proffessional guiding insight, experience, experimentation, borrowed ideas and taught techniques with you all. Thank you all for your words of encouragement, kind words and continued support!

Bragging Rights: Professional Affiliations:
Distributed World Wide Books: Simon Gawesworth, Spey Casting, First and also Second Editions. Rich Murphy, Fly Fishing for Striped Bass. (More not listed here)
Covers, feature articles and guide profiles in: Saltwater Fly Fishing Magazine, Fly Fishing in Saltwater Magazine, Albany, Syracuse, Utica and N.Y. Times Newspapers, N.Y. Sportsmen, N.Y. Fishing and Hunting and Salmon River Success Magazines.
(Many more not listed here, some World Wide Distribution in different languages)
Many World Wide Internet Fishing Sites and News Feed's.
Paid featured guest speaker at Sports Shows, Fresh and Saltwater fishing.
Guest speaker at most Trout Unlimited Chapters, fly tying, tackle and Orvis shops around New England and beyond.
I have had the pleasure of being interviewed with some of the top fly fisherman, fly fishing Author's of the World. (Lefty Kreh, more not listed here)
Represented the Orvis Corporation as a guide and chief instructor of their 2 1/2 day Cape Cod Saltwater Fly fishing Schools.
(P.S. I don't discriminate. I also enjoy guiding you spin anglers too! - yukyuk)
Outstanding Steelhead Salmon guide offers fishing reports on the Salmon River in Pulaski NY off the drift boat for Steelhead Author Randy Jones (Photo courtesy of  fishing catalogue)

ENJOY a fast and fun drift boat trip down the Salmon River in Pulaski NY covering 4 miles in 4 minutes during the Splendor of our Winter and Fall fishing seasons.
CHECK OUT the World Record Steelhead we caught that day @ end of drift boat video!
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I Made These For You
Magical Spring Steelhead Day! (Video Credit "Repeat Client" Allen K.)
Money Back Guarantee!  Complementary Top Secret (Ssssh!) Guide Tips on ADVANCED Fish Locations to help YOU catch more fish on the Salmon River Pulaski NY.
What helps to induce a BIG RUN of Steelhead or Salmon?
Temporary Transitional Resting
Prime Transitional Holding
Prime Fall, Winter and Spring Holding Pools                          
3 Prime and Basic Current Breaks in every pool you should know about to help YOU catch more fish.
Where to fish for Steelhead in the Water Column
I'm the first person to EVER Bungee Jump NAKED off the Long Bridge over the Salmon River in Pulaski NY. Police were called and I was arrested ;)  FISH ON!
My Video Jokes for Today
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Current Local Salmon River NY Fishing News, Photo's, Articles, Humor and Tips. One stop.....  cover's 90% of what's current and important to your fishing interest's. (New content being added frequently)
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ENJOY some of my Best Fish Photo's over some 25 years of guiding "Full-Time" here on the SLAM'N Salmon River NY :)
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A Multitude of Photo's (w/comments) of all the Trophy Fish you can catch up here over our 8 month BIG fish river season! (A must see)

Bonus Updated Archived Fishing Reports w/Photo's, Articles, Humor, Tips and Mail Bag Q and A's can be found here. Enjoy!

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Funny Steelhead Salmon guide offers great fishing reports on the Salmon River NY from the drift boat
I'm a full-time professional fly/spin fishing guide with over 35 years of experience. I've represented the Orvis Corporation as a guide and chief instructor of their 2 1/2 day Saltwater Fly fishing schools. (I don't discriminate. I also enjoy guiding you spin anglers too! - yukyuk)
During the Fall, Winter, and Spring I run drift boat trips on the World Class Salmon River, Pulaski N.Y. using fly/spin and floats for Steelhead, Brown Trout, Coho, Atlantic's and King Salmon.
There's no Nookie like Chinookie ;)

Fishing reports for the Salmon River "The Salmon River, where Memories are Made

Phone #315 963 2065  Email:
$275 for 1 angler Fly or Spin Fishing.
$350 for 2 anglers Fly or Spin Fishing..
Orvis Fly - Spin fishing equipment, tackle provided. Please bring your own Lunch, Polarized Glass's and Chest Waders.
Trips are 8-9 hours from the time we meet until we hit the drift boat ramp at day's end. (May run over)

Gift certificates are available for Trips

Reservations and Deposits:
Reservation is confirmed upon receipt of a $100 deposit (per day) within 7 days of booking.

Mailed to:
Randy Jones
87 Clark Rd.
Mexico, NY

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