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Salmon Steelhead, Salmon River Pulaski NY. Steelhead or Salmon
  Pulaski, NY 
Salmon and Steelhead fishing on the Salmon River in Pulaski NY
Coho, King Salmon - Steelhead - Brown Trout

Steelhead fishing and Salmon fishing on the Salmon River in Pulaski NY

September through April
The Salmon River is located in Pulaski NY on Lake Ontario's eastern shore, 30 miles north of Syracuse. Its reputation for large runs of Salmon - Steelhead and incredible average size of all species is unsurpassed by any other fishery in New England.

Salmon guide catching steelhead and salmon on the Salmon River NY September 1 - October 31 - Tackle busting King Salmon averaging 10-20 lbs. will amaze you with their freight train runs. Trying to harness the raw power of a 12lb Coho Salmon running in 20 different directions in a blink of an eye will keep you on your toes (and hopefully not on your back!)

October 15 - November - Brown Trout. Like Salmon and Steelhead you measure these Fish by the pound and not by the inch.Salmon or Steelhead, Salmon River Pulaski NY. Steelhead and Salmon Fishing Guide has Fishing Reports They have entered the river to spawn and will weight from 3-10 pounds. While they are not as numerous as the Salmon or the Steelhead, these are an optional trophy of a Fishing life time.

.October 20 - May 1 - Steelhead 8-15 lbs. The Fall Steelhead is without a doubt, one of the hardest fighting Fish that swims in the Salmon River NY. They'll take you into your backing in seconds, then jump start your heart with tail walking antics that will live in your memory forever.
Winter - This is one of my favorite Drift Boat Guide Fishing times of the year. With colder temperatures the crowds disappear. Steelhead continue to come into the river from the lake. A winter Drift Boat trip aboard our heated Drift Boat is a great way to learn the river and experience it's beauty. The end of February, March and April are great Steelhead Fishing days as new Fish move into and out of the river on a daily basis. As the river temperatures rise, so does the aggressiveness of the Steelhead. Often, sight fishing is possible as they move into the shallows. We can Spin or Fly Fish for Salmon or Steelhead either by wading or using the Drift Boat..
I invite you to join me and enjoy what is an unquestionably one of the finest fresh water fisheries in the eastern United States.

The Author, Outfitter and Salmon River Pulaski NY Steelhead Salmon Drift Boat Spin Fly Fishing Report Guide:
Fishing the Trophy Salmon River in Pulaski NY for Salmon and steelhead plus Brown Trout with spin fly fishing drift boat guide Randy Jones on the Salmon River NY (Photo courtesy of Orvis)
Randy Jones is a full-time professional fly/spin fishing guide with over 35 years of experience. He has "in the past" represented the Orvis Corporation as a guide and chief instructor of their 2 1/2 day Cape Cod Saltwater Fly fishing Schools. Also guided VT. for Trout for 12 years.
During the Fall, Winter, and Spring Randy runs drift boat and wade trips on the world class Salmon River, Pulaski N.Y. for Steelhead, Coho, Browns, Atlantic's and King Salmon.
Phone #315-963-2065 E-mail :
$275 for 1 angler - Fly or Spin Fishing, Salmon or Steelhead, I supply everything but the chest waders.
$350 for 2 anglers -  Fly or Spin Fishing,  Salmon or Steelhead, I supply everything but the chest waders. 
Reservations and Deposits:

Reservation is confirmed upon receipt of a $100 deposit (per day) within 7 days of booking.

Mailed to:
Randy Jones
87 Clark Rd.
Mexico, NY

Enjoy my Updated Archived King Coho Salmon, Brown Trout, Steelhead Fishing Reports, Tips, Guest Mail Bag Questions w/ my Replies, Humor, Testimonials and much more

ENJOY a fast and fun drift boat trip down the Salmon River in Pulaski NY covering 4 miles in 4 minutes during the Splendor of our Winter and Fall fishing seasons.
CHECK OUT the World Record Steelhead we caught that day @ end of drift boat video!
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I Made These For You
Magical Spring Steelhead Day! (Video Credit "Repeat Client" Allen K.)
Money Back Guarantee!  Complementary Top Secret (Ssssh!) Guide Tips on ADVANCED Fish Locations to help YOU catch more fish on the Salmon River Pulaski NY.
What helps to induce a BIG RUN of Steelhead or Salmon?
Temporary Transitional Resting
Prime Transitional Holding
Prime Fall, Winter and Spring Holding Pools                          
3 Prime and Basic Current Breaks in every pool you should know about to help YOU catch more fish.
Where to fish for Steelhead in the Water Column
I'm the first person to EVER Bungee Jump NAKED off the Long Bridge over the Salmon River in Pulaski NY. Police were called and I was arrested ;)  FISH ON!
My Video Jokes for Today
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Salmon River NY Steelhead Fishing Report's, Forecast's, Tips, Ramblings, Articles, Enjoy!

Best fishing in many years! All of those fish that had to run by us this past Fall and Winter are all sitting above us. Some have already started to drop back down the river. Those Steelhead have to pass all of us once again, giving us all another opportunity to play with these magnificent memorable fish.
3/31 - A good percentage of the fish in the river are actively spawning. A lot are all finding mates or have found their mates and are now edging closer to their spawning grounds as we speak. These are still holding in the normal current breaks for this water flow. The balance of the fish in the river are the drop backs. We are starting to see these now. They will be in their normal current breaks for this flow of water. Eating everything in sight to rebuild their strength back.
Almost every piece of water running into the lake or the Salmon River is with fish, in our area. Ye-haa! This is a great time of the year to either walk all of the surrounding creeks, river or streams. Or, fish all of your normal spot's on the Salmon River. We all have SOOOOOOOO many incredible options to choose from presently. You could pretty much just flip a coin on where to fish. They are EVERYWHERE! Presently, you pretty much have Steelhead that are in all stages (start to finish) of the spawn. (Entering the river, finding mates, pairing up, thinking about building a red, locating themselves to different area's, males fighting over the females, etc....) Each stage is unique. Each stage normally puts different requirements on the fish and causes the angler to adjust. (In my opinion, but what the heck do I know. :) I heard a rumor that it might start to warm up in August? (he-he) Time to check the weather. I hope your enjoying the fishing as much as my guest's and myself have been and I hope to see you on the water with your rod doubled over! Lot's of water saturated snow all around and especially up on the tug. Today, 3/31, we have a lot of rain, thunderstorms, very high and gusty winds and finally warmer air temp's forecast over the next several days. Things can and often do change around here in a day. Expect a lot more water in the river and all of our local tribs with the balance of some fresh steelhead running in. With the ground being 100% saturated with water this will cause additional run-off. This is all very normal and to be expected. Not an issue related to the fishing. Once again, no matter the flow, ton's of options. As the water levels fluctuate, we simply adjust, just like the fish do. :)
The drift boat - wade fishing for steelhead continues to remain excellent for some, ok for others and slooooow for smoothers. This is normal and I dont foresee any changes. All fishing techniques are working, all with different ,success rates which again is normal.

A Sampling of Fishing Reports from some of March's Steelhead Trip's on the Salmon River NY:
Where the land ends, LIFE begins. May devoted anglers read these words and relive the simple pleasures of finding - and landing - the big one.(The fisherman's book of wisdom )
My 1 guest and I had a great day! He played with over 8 Steelhead by himself! Ye-haa. Beautiful day and hardly a sole on the water?
Just when I thought yesterday would be a hard day to match, todays guest's did. My 2 guest's pounded out about 14-15 Steelhead. Carl had never landed a steelhead before. Today he lost his cherry by landing one. He also played with more Steelhead in a day than ever before. He was ecstatic!
We had a number of highlight's for the day. On almost the first cast into the hole and almost at the exact same time both of my guest's hooked up. Doubles! Talk about a Chinese fire drill with lines crossing, up - down. Exciting to say the least! T.M. could not believe what happened in the next pool. On 3 cast's, he hooked up on all in a row. One after the other. We batted 100% on spot's and played with fish in all. A grand day all around. Succeeding in all aspect's of my guest's goals. Dam, I love this job! :)
Today we hit 5 Steelhead with 2 new Salmon River anglers while landing 1 of them. Great day all around. Randy
My one angler who was brand new to the river used a fly rod and got to tangle with an amazing 10 Steelhead for the day! Wow.
Another amazing day with 9-10 Steelies. Hit them in 4 out of 6 places. Dont g'wet much but'a!
Sounds like a broken record but another 9-10 Steelies with my two anglers.
In another days fishing we tangled with 5-6 Steelies in under 4 hours fishing time. Im finding fish in every spot! Ye-haa! Come get'm. Fishing has been hot and looks to continue. Still a few open dates for April - May. :)
Some anglers having a slow time of it while others doing ok to great! Very normal. All the creeks are with fish. (Hint:) Such a nice guide to share. Hope it helps you to hook-up.
Another fun day with my 2 guest's playing with 7-8 Steelies! Everything working. Have fun, Randy

By reading the above sampling of March's Fishing Reports. You can see why I'm recommending you make the trip up here. Also, you can tell that the fish are pretty much spread out evenly in just about every single current break that fish's at its optimum with the correct water level.
No matter whether it's 400 cfs or 3,000cfs. (Please see the below article on Habitat and Reading the Water if you want to learn more about this.)
Another way to say it and or report what Im seeing:
I have sooooo many fishing options presently. Im not sure whether Ill fish the UDL, Norwell, Snout, Salmon River, diversions, branch's of some of these trib's., Candies, Lil, Pucker Brush, wade, drift boat, fly-spin, etc, etc...or a lil of all. The life of a guide. ;)
There are soooo many good options presently, I may just flip a coin in the morning.
Im finding fish in almost every hole on the Salmon River. Also, we still have fresh fish coming into the river and also starting to see drop backs. On top of this we have fish in all the normal places that have not gone to the gravel yet.
**** So, if they are running in fresh, been in the river for awhile and have not gone to the gravel yet, are spawning and seeking shelter during the day in the closest deep water or are dropping back, this puts them all in the normal places you would fish the Salmon River in this flow. (Heads, seams, tails and sometimes the gut or hole within the hole - just another name or example of a current break) I hope this makes it all a lil easier to understand. :) I sincerely hope that what Ive been able to share with you over these past 30 or more years has helped you along the road to becoming a better, more informed, experienced angler. Thanks for stopping in and spending your valuable internet fishing time here. :) Go get'm! Countless people have been guided by me and most have gone on to live normal lives :) Best Fish's, Randy

Steelhead and Salmon fishing from the drift boat with Salmon River NY Steelhead fishing guide   A 30+ pound King Salmon caught while fishing the Slam'n Salmon River in Pulaski NY.

March Salmon River Pulaski NY Steelhead Drift Boat Guide Fishing Report:

I'm noticing more angler's out on the river, which is always nice to see. Less down, more up. Most folks are tangling with a few. Sometimes more and sometimes less, as usual. The lower in the river you fish the easier the fish are to catch, in my opinion.
We have "a number" of fresh Steelhead making their way up river as well as a lot that have been in the river for awhile. Both transitional (hint:) and Winter holding spot's are producing. Within the next few weeks we will see approx. 80% of the Steelhead in the river turning their attention to a specific type of rock and current break. Within the next few weeks we will also start to see the early drop backs. These are fish that have spawned and are now on there way back to the lake. Stopping along the way down river in all the normal spot's to feed and regain their strength.
I've seen a fair number of fish that were in a transitional state, moving up the river and briefly holding in the transitional lyes. Presently, all of the fish in the river are starting to feel their biological clock ticking, making them think and behave a lil differently.
Care to learn any of the above while catching a few fish? :) I just so happen to know a pretty good guide that still has coupl'a openings for this Spring. ;)
I hope the above and ALL of the below report's, tips, articles and rambling's entertains and keep's you safe while helping you in your Steelhead quest! Sharing this info. with you has and always will be a pleasure. :) Best Fish's, Randy

Salmon River NY Mail Bag:
Here is a link my "funny and sarcastic ;) client Warren sent to me. He said that I might be able to use it. :O I just started tying knots last week, so Im still learn'n how to tie a good one. :)

A Sampling of Fishing Reports from some of last month's Steelhead trips on the Salmon River in Pulaski NY:

I think I canceled or rescheduled more trips last month due to unsafe and uncomfortable (driving here and fishing) weather (wind chill) than I actually worked. Thats normal and I'd rather have you be comfortable and safe than take any chances of a driving accident getting here or going home, frost bite while fishing or anything else. For this guide, you come first, before the almighty dollar :)
One of my better trips recently: My 2 guest's experienced their first time Steelhead fishing. They came back amazed at the numbers of fish we played with but most importantly, the knowledge they gained. For them, the fish were second to achieving a rock solid Steelhead fishing foundation on which to build. That was their main goal, to which we succeeded! I think we played with about 10-11 Steelies for the day. Just icing on the cake. :)
My slowest trips recently: My 2 guest's were VERY VERY experienced. We had three or four on and off reeeel quick. One that pulled hard and fast before breaking off. And landed One. Ouch! Never know :)
Hit Steelhead in 3 out of 5 spots today. Played with about 8 total for the day. The 2 spots we didn't hit any fish in were only fished for about 5-10 minutes. Im sure they were there, we would have found some if we had stayed longer, but we were only looking for some McDonald's fish. (Fast and easy:)
My guest's from yesterday decided to fish a 1/2 day instead of our full because of the impending sleet, snow, rain and lot's of freezing rain in the forecast. They got out of town before it really hit which made me feel better.
In our 1/2 days fishing we tangled with 5 Steelhead. Not bad! Yesterday we went on a Nantucket sleigh ride. We gave chase in the boat and were surrounded with a very narrow river, fast water, log jam's, fish running under the boat in about every direction, boulders, fish moving from one side of the boat to the other, my oar blades, rapids, tree's, you name it. We had to zig and zag our way through this obstacle course with a mad and dashing Steelhead on. Pheeew! Finally that steelhead had had enough and gave up. It was netted nicely off the side of the drift boat as we drifted down the river.
Talk about a Chinese fire drill!
It would have been a hilarious show to watch as I tried to run the oar's, anchor, missing all the obstacles and net while keeping everyone safe and upright in the boat all at once. :) What a fight, what an adrenaline rush, DAM, I love this job!

Winter Steelhead Fishing Tip:
The fish today in one Winter holding pool did not want any natural looking aquatic insect flies and would ONLY hit glow bug's in pink and cream. (We did not try bait or any other egg colors) In a transitional holding spot they only wanted the aquatics. Hmmm!
After working the entire hole with aquatics with no bites? I tied on a glow bug in Pink and on the first cast, it was hammered "Fish On", Baby! The second rod doubled over in the hole within 5 minutes of changing to a cream glow bug. Boy, it sure pay's to have a pretty good understanding of entomology and baitology on this river. It also paid dividends to be able to listen to what the fish were telling us related to their eating habit's and adjust. I knew we had a minimum of 10-15 steelhead in this spot that wanted nothing to do with our insect fly offering. By paying close attention, we were able to fool a couple before pulling the anchor. 2 more fish came from the next transitional lye before calling it a day. :)

Winter Steelhead Fishing Report Tip: Ice in your guides?
The best stuff to use is Ice Off Paste, sold at most tackle shops. Whitakers has it. Works on both fly and spin rods. The paste works the best if you put it on the night before. Re-apply as needed while fishing.
My guest today had 4-5 goals that we wanted to achieve. A better, complete, expert analysis and understanding of flies, tying flies, reading water, presentation, Steelhead strategies, rigging, how does the lower and higher water effect the fish, were do the fish lay in all the holes, high water current breaks, where to stand in every hole, how to access each hole, advanced rigging and presentation, stream etiquette, where to cross the river safely, how to rig and present a fly-bait while sight fishing to the Bucks in the Spring, Spring strategies, Winter strategies, where to find the Bucks in the Spring and lastly and least important were to catch fish. Ken only had 4-5 goals, but I covered all of the above and much more. This is a normal day for me. We hit some fish while completely and thoroughly achieving all of Kens goals plus some! :) We spent time in each and every hole over a 3 mile distance. Approx. 40 or more spot's.
(Boy, my throat was sore at days end from all the talking, nice change from the usual :)
We saw fish with the help of todays sun. Saw a fair number of fish that were in a transitional state, moving up the river and briefly holding in the transitional lyes.

Salmon River NY Fishing Mail Bag: Guest Testimonial Randy, Just a note of thanks for our day of fishing. I've returned several times since and have hooked a lot of steelhead each time out. I've been working on my fly patterns and have some I really like -  I'm looking forward to having my son, Daniel, fish with you in a couple years. That will be a great day for me to take pictures. Hal Fuller.

Randy, Thanks for all the help yesterday and the sight fishing adventure. Went back to the hole you showed me and 3rd cast, landed a 7lb female. Got her on a fly that you showed me and that I changed a little. Overall an awesome day! Thanks again. Ken
This came from a post on the site. I could not say it any better. What makes an experienced steelhead angler? The ability to evaluate a situation and adjust your presentation to maximize your catch.

"The Fisherman Magazine"
(out now, 2 part series in two issues and cover shot) has some great Salmon River Steelhead articles in it. I contributed what little I know :) with the writer about Habitat - Reading the Water section. I've been getting a fair number of intrested anglers contacting me after viewing these which is always a bonus. I'd like to sincerely "Thank" John D. Silva, New England Outdoor Freelance writer for this flattering opportunity!
Hi Randy, Just a heads up...The two-part article I wrote will be featured in a 4-region sweep (all the east coast regional editions) including cover photo in The Fisherman Magazine beginning next week. Part II is the feature about "reading the water," and it is the section of the piece that you are mentioned in. Your part will be out on 2/21 I believe. So keep an eye out for The Fisherman Magazine on Feb 21...Thanks and good luck on the water...! John

Guided Drift boat fishing for steelhead or salmon with guide on the Salmon River Pulaski NY A small steelhead (yukyuk) landed on the Salmon River around Pulaski NY

Several flattering highlights and first time goals were achieved this year by getting a number of pictures and some advertising ink into a couple of books. They are distributed world-wide and endorsed by some of this countries top Fly - Spey fishing, author's and casting guru's.
I'm in Simon Gawesworth - Spey Casting - First and Second Editions. What's funny about this big coffee table book is that every single picture is of Mr Gawesworth except for 1.
(I got it, thanks to my Pro. photographer - Jay Horton's connection's. It was an example of useing a Spey Rod on the Saltwater Flats while Sight Fishing to Blues and Bass on Monomoy Island, Cape Cod.:) - Boy, wont Mom be proud  ;)
Rich Murphy - Fly Fishing for Striped Bass. He is presently doing a national tour to promote this large book. Ive got about 6 or so pictures in the flats section. (More than any other guide ;)
Lefty K. says that it is the most thorough saltwater fly fishing book presently on the shelves. (I was also interviewed with Mr Krey for an article that appeared in a National Mag. for 2-Handed Fly Rods on Saltwater Flats and Surf. - Boy, wont Mom be proud  ;)
(All Photo's in book, courtesy of John Halnon Photography, another one of my Pro. photographer friends)
Im also featured in a Italian Fly Fishing magazine (not in English) that is being distributed around Europe presently. - Boy, wont Mom be proud  ;) It covered a Wade Fly Fishing Saltwater trip I did with the writer last summer up in P-Town.
I sincerely hope that what little Ive been able to share with you over these past 30 or more years and will continue to share with you has helped you along the road to becoming a better, more informed, experienced angler.
Even if you didn't learn anything new and only find my site entertaining, than Im very happy to have you spend a lil of your valuable internet fishing time here. I'm flattered as usual!
Hello to all of the service men and women over sea's that enjoy my fishing reports. Fishing you all a safe return home!
If your interested in having a clear and precise understanding of all aspect's of what it takes to be in the 10% group that catches 90% of the fish, while having fun and playing with some of our fish, then let's plan a trip. I can easily guarantee your personal catch rate will go up 25% to 75% after a day on the river with me. :) Fish ON! Best Fish's, Randy

Feb. Salmon River Pulaski NY Drift Boat Guide Steelhead Fishing Report

Plenty of fish (now and in the future) in the river for your fishing enjoyment. Both fresh and older Steelhead top to bottom of the river. All Winter spot's are holding with the occasional Steelie coming from a transitional holding location as they make their way up river. Look for additional Steelhead to continue entering the Salmon River and elsewhere (hint :)  for the remainder of Feb. and March. You will find plenty of fish all April into normally the first week or two of May. What fly should I use now? Let mother nature tell you. (Hint) Take a look along the snowy river banks to see what is hatching this month and next,
when it gets above freezing.
The drift boat - wade fishing for steelhead continues to remain excellent for some, ok for others and slow for smoothers. This is normal and I dont foresee any changes. All fishing techniques are working, all with different success rates, which again is normal.
Going with an experienced friend or guide is a great way to short cut the learning curve, increase your knowledge base for the rest of your life and also help you to catch some fish :) Having a clear and precise understanding of Presentation, Rigging and Habitat will help you to consistently and with confidence fool these incredibly magnificent fish. I'd enjoy guiding you, your friends and even your business associates for a corporate outing. Please give me a ring if your up for some exciting adrenaline filled fishing fun! :)
Thanks to all of you who have spent your hard earned fishing $$ up here. The local economy and myself thanks you all! I'm always VERY happy to see all of you up here enjoying yourselves. Plenty of room for everyone. Hello to all of the service men and women who are over sea's. Lot's of Steelies in the river for you upon your safe return home. :) Thanks for stopping in and spending your valuable internet fishing time here. :) Go get'm! Best Fish's, Randy

A sampling of "Highlights" fishing reports from some of last month's Salmon River NY Steelhead trips:

1. My guest's hammered them today! I was very surprised at the large numbers they tangled with.  Amazing! I think we set a record for this year. Which means we fought less than 30, but more than 20. Last year at this time my same two guest's had two incredible Steelhead days where they did numbers around 19 fish one day and another in the upper 20'ish Steelhead.
2. We hit 5-6 fish in a full day with one fly angler. :) Nice day out with warm temp's. Lil slower than expected, but, you never know. We found fish in every location my guest fished off the drift boat. We were 100% on all 3 spot's fish'd. Noticed a few other anglers in other places playing with Steelhead also. There are fish in EVERY Winter spot. Guaranteed! If for some reason you are fishing in a good spot and not hooking up then the fish are telling you to make a change. Guaranteed. This change could be 1 of a vast number of things which would be related to either Presentation, baitology, taking 3 steps down, entomology or Rigging.  :)
3. Played with 3 fish in the last hole of the day. Pheeew. I hit one myself while demonstrating in the first hole. We worked on presentation all day. I saw one fish being played with in each of the normal spot's for this flow and where we were fishing, so we did have a presence of fish. My guest happily stated that all of his goals were satisfied, especially the presentation part. (I personally would have liked to have found a few more fish to play with, but o-well :) I figured that with his great knowledge of habitat, that he would easily be able to double if not more likely triple his number's of steelhead caught while fishing on his own, by simply applying what he had learned today, easily guaranteed! :)
4. "Fish ON" were the first words Al shouted after his first cast of the morning. Then another and another. Long story short, Al by himself played with 14 Steelhead today. We got lucky and found a pod of mostly dime bright Steelhead that fought as hard as any Nov. Fish. Whewww!
Al told me he had been fishing the river since 78 and that he had never - ever played with so many Steelhead in one day!
Last time Al fished with me he brought a note pad and pen. With the average being that most folks (including myself) retain 20-30% of what they hear or read, he wanted to make sure he did not forget a single chrome hold'n spot over the entire 3 miles of river I stopped at and explained in great detail.
(One of the biggest complaints that I get from my clients is information overload when it comes to all of the many many places there are to fish. Where to park, how to get there, where to cross the river safely, where to stand, where to cast, where the fish normally lay, (many times it is exact as fitting a key into a lock) and anything that might be of a safety concern. :)All was written down with an exciting, feverish, exactness. One of the highest compliment's was paid to me by AL as he stated, Randy, you know that spot you showed (did not fish) me by such a such a tree. You said stand here, cast there, the fish sit there and you can expect one to bite anywhere from 10 to 25 feet off the bank in a30 foot length? (This was a hole within the hole spot)
I went back to both of those spots and every time I go there I get into some fish. One day alone I hit six fish in that one spot using a spin rod, floats and egg sacks. And I was the only one there. I've never seen a single drift boat or person stop and fish it.
Al didn't know this but those spot's produced 1 to 5 steelhead 21 days in a row for my guest's several Nov. ago :)
FYI - A fleece hoodie with the neck gaiter attached is what I like to use myself when its reeeel cold out. I also like wearing a baseball cap underneath it for extra warmth and to cut down on the sun shinning into my eyes along with keeping the snow off my glass's and face. It's called Head Sokz by gotta go inc.
I see a few other guides using them also.
Guide drift boat fishing report for steelhead or salmon on the Salmon River Pulaski NY Fishing report for steelhead and salmon on the Salmon River NY with guide Family Steelhead Fishing Fun. Congrats!!
Guest Testimonial and a Great Q and A on the Salmon River NY:
Randy, Yesterday was the most valuable day I've spent on the Salmon River! Thanks so much for the terrific teaching, enthusiasm, patience and company. I'm looking forward to the next trip. John feels the same way! I'm trying to duplicate the rigging you used. All I can find is Cortland 444SL Running Line in .027 floating (in yellow) or .031 floating (in mint green). Would either of these two lines work? Thanks!Sy
Hi Sy, Thank you both for your kind words. I had a blast and look forwards to April. The .027 will work fine for you. It will last a lil longer than the .022. You can even use it for Salmon. I normally use the .031 or higher for salmon. (It's 30 lb. test and the .022-29 is 20 lb. test) Keep your eyes open for the .022 so you can pick it up next time you see it. The Cortland .022 is the best running line for Winter steelhead in my opinion (when Im usually deep nymphing - dead drifting) for many many reasons and what I use exclusively. Best Fish's, Randy

High Water got ya Down? Salmon River NY Steelhead Drift Boat Guide Fishing Report:
As we were launching the drift boat my guest's were not very enthusiastic about fishing today.
Can you catch fish in 2,000 cfs Randy? Where do you fish in 2,000 cfs Randy? Dont you think it's really going to be tuff fishing in 2,000 cfs Randy? You can't really fish when the water is this high, can you Randy? :)
This is a very normal (and understandable) feeling if your not used to fishing higher flows. My guest's were delighted to learn and experience first hand that there concern's were highly unwarranted. We went 6 for 12 on steelhead! We could have easily played with more Steelies if we had stayed in any of the 4 places we found them in a lil longer. My guest's really wanted to learn even more new and exciting water to fish in this higher flow, so we left fish to find more. :) My guest commented that with 30 years of Steelhead experience under there belts, that this was one of there best days ever. No matter your experience level, we always learn and experience new and exciting Steelhead tactic's, etc... No longer do my guest's feel uncomfortable with higher flows. They will now simply adjust, as I do.
Thus, opening up an entirely new window of opportunity for them. It's nice to have options and not allow mother nature to control your hobbies and interest's! :) (within reason)

Guest Testimonial and Fishing Report from the Salmon River:
Thanks again for taking the time and putting in the awesome effort with Chris and I these past 2 days. I learned more about Steelheading in a day and a half than I had in prior years. I'm convinced what happened 10 minutes after you left would have never happened if it weren't for you. In the spot you left me in I hooked and fought a 12 lb hen. Fought her all the way down the rapids. Headed back to my spot. First cast, fish on!! Back to my spot again, second cast, fish on. Short fight. By now you can imagine the talk around the area. I'm not their favorite angler. Only to get worse when next cast, another fish on. Other anglers could not believe their eyes. Randy I basically fought 4 fish for forty straight minutes. Hearing people talk about me was very strange. I'm usually wondering and wishing "how come I'm not that guy". What a special place and thanks again for all your help and knowledge. I called Chris at the airport and he couldn't believe it. I think you might be seeing us again before golf season. Take care, Kevin

Below are a couple of emails with questions about my preference for best months to steelhead fish in the late Winter or Spring.
Bottom line: Any month is a good month, providing the fish are there. Which they always are. Just depends on number's. And no one can forecast that.
Randy, Viewed your website/nice job/got us thinking about fishing again. We're from the Pittsburgh area and mostly fish the tribs East of Erie but we'd be interested in coming up for a day or two. Any good times in Feb or March.  Any thoughts on what time might be preferable? We'd like to schedule when it's not snowing (haha). Pretty flex on our schedules down here. Please let me know. Thanks John

Hi John, Thanks, Im happy you enjoyed the site! I like Jan.-Feb. over March. Less fishing pressure in Jan.-Feb. Steelhead are in the river now, more to come. They are in transition as well as in their winter holding spots. Creeks are an option all 3 month's if not to cold. Less pressure is always my favorite time.
For me, March is normally the most challenging month. Their always seems to be a 2-3 week period that I find tuff. High water spreads them out and into miles of diversions, local creeks and streams, etc... Also, some are in transition, some are in the holes, some are near the gravel and the rest are on the gravel flats. The whole river comes alive! Normally you will start to see an increase in angler's in March. Best Fish's, Randy

Randy, thank you so much for your informative reply.  i am really excited about this trip and would love to go when the conditions are the best. in general, do you think february or april is better?  is there a certain month that the fish are moving in the river to spawn?  why do you think that the fish are so spread out
in march - i thought i had read that they were moving into the river at this time to spawn. thanks again for the info - it is going to help me book the best trip possible. Chris

Chris, March is a funny month for me (I can't speak for anyone else:). Fish are spread all over the place. They are not really concentrated. March is probably one of my  most challenging months. Ive had many great days and a couple Id just as soon forget. (This could be said about any month. We could be in a small creek or stream or the Salmon River. I like Feb. (less anglers around) better or April. Things can and do change in a day, week up here. Mother nature, my ability, angler ability level as well as a host of other variables contribute to how well we might do or how well the river fish's. Its almost impossible to say this time is best or we are guaranteed, etc...The entire 8 months that I work up here can be great, providing the above is kept in mind. I do well on both months. I like Feb. more because there is less angling pressure, but I've also had some amazing times in April. Same with March. Steelhead come and go, run, hold, move all winter long into the Spring time. Then they spawn. Fish have been entering the river since Sept. to prepare to spawn. Fish are spread out in March (normally) due to run-off, which causes the dam to release more water. So higher water spreads them out but more importantly is what their biological clock is telling them to do. This places them in any and all of the many different types of habitat that we have here.

Today on the Salmon River it was one of those relaxing, enjoyable, peaceful rainy days:
The only thing that was irritating was when the tranquility of the day was interrupted by that darn whining sound of my guest's drag's. Then people would yell, Fish On. Come on folks, can't a guide get a lil rest and peace and quit around here? The nerve of some people! Then I was expected to chase after this 16 lb. Silver Beast that kept doing these darn 25 foot tail walks across the pool, then these obnoxious somersault's 4 feet into the air with a big ol loud belly flop with water splashing 20 feet in all directions. I would  have reeeeelly been upset if my hair had gotten wet. Then more speeding bullet run's until that bright orange stringy stuff (backing) would appear behind the fly line.  I just could not win today. Every spot I stopped to fish, my guest's would continually hook more fish. Out of 3 spot's my guest's fished, we hit them in all.
I got so fed up
that I finally anchored the drift boat in a spot where no fish has been hooked in over 100 years, and my guest's were still able to hook some up. So much for a nice relaxing day on the water. I think I need to find a new, less stressful job, where a person can get a lil R and R. ;)

Salmon River NY Steelhead Fishing Mail Bag:
How important is color, shape, size, silhouette, action, density of your fly? Sometimes its the most important!
Randy, FYI - My girlfriend gave me 2 days fishing in late Dec for my Christmas present. You weren't avail so I fished with another guide for two days and floated the river both days. The first morning was VERY slow, one hit on a chartreuse egg pattern, that’s it. After exhausting his choices of flies, and having no hits in the last two hours, I pulled out a nymph patterned after one we had used on a previous trip together. FIRST CAST – bam!!!! And using this fly the rest of the day – BAM 7 more times!!!!!!!!!!!!!   A day when it appeared that the 10% pattern variable was 100% necessary for success using the dead drift nymphing technique you taught me 2 years ago. Cheers Don
P.S. Found a photo I took in November when fishing with my brother Dave. We fished with your fly patterns shown here in sizes 8 and 10. Simple and DEADLY effective on a dead drift. This is another one of your flies I used with the “other guide” 2 weeks ago with much success.
Congrats Don!
It makes me very happy that your guide put you on all those fish!
You might call my flies a "special guide design" as I have yet to be able to find them commercially tied in any shop around the country.
When no others are working, mine do. (Providing your presentation is correct) I use several different flies almost exclusively, tied in different sizes. Tried and true. I'll always go over with you exactly what to use and when. How to tie them if thats your cup of tea. No longer will you have 100 different flies in your box to choose from. No longer will you have to guess if this or that fly might work. I have a very simple formula I'll share. :) You'll find that if the fish are there, we normal can find a few players. (Providing your presentation is correct) Why do my flies work so well. It's not rocket science. I just use the knowledge gained from over 12 years of fishing - guiding for trout in Vt. and apply the same "basic" principles here. Simple, yet normally misunderstood by the average fly or spin angler which is totally understandable. Care to learn and increase your personal catch rate? :)

Late Winter - Spring Special Pucker Brush Creek Guiding Option:
My guest today had 1 simple goal. He wanted to learn all of the Pucker Brush Creeks in Oswego, Jefferson County. Catching fish was not even on the list. His thought was, if he could learn all the water, parking access, secret access area's that Ive spent years scouting, keep a record on paper of all the exits, roads and county rt. #"s, how to access the water, take some pictures to help remember it all, etc... then he would have a lifetime of future fishing option's to pursue when he is up here fishing. Especially when the water rises and the fresh fish move in. Or a change of scenery from the Salmon River. Or which is often the case, when the Salmon River is flooded in the Spring, he will have a ton of other area's to fish. Having these optional area's to fish can sometimes save your trip up here when faced with Spring flooding, etc.....
We spent the entire day driving around, pointing out 2-3-4 different access area's for each individual body of water. (Some were 12 miles long)  Walking some of the water to point out some of the better places to fish. Wetting a line on occasion. We really had no time to fish if we were going to cover this large and expansive area. The day ended with a notebook full of information and a camera full of pictures. Smiles all around!  
Optional Creeks and Streams
(FYI- Please be very careful if walking around these area's at this time of the year. Breakable shelf ice is a real threat. Knowing exactly where the holes start and finish will keep you from breaking through. Please be very careful)
Some of the local trib's to the lake are with steelhead now with few if any other anglers around. Ive done real good in the trib's, as the fish swim up under the ice to prepare to spawn this spring. Not many anglers know this. All you need is open water where they like to hang out in the current breaks or normal winter spots. Presently, if you wanted to go, we would just have to keep in mind slush. Maybe hitting them starting mid morning.

Thank you Jeff Pierce and Mustad for the below Fly Tying links!! To read this amazing story that I (guided them) was apart of:
To read the rest of the story (I guided them) and simple tying instructions for a Glow Bug , please go to: For a great Coho Fly please see Jeff's streamer and tying instructions.

Mail Bag Q. from the Salmon River in Pulaski NY about Rods:
Hi Randy: Thanks again for the excellent trip back in early Dec. for Greg and myself. I am considering investing in a rod & reel (perhaps two-handed) to use for the running line/slinky/egg fly/dead drift technique you taught us, for steelhead. Any idea's and thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Regards, David
Hi Dave, Nice to hear from you again. If you want a presentational - fish fighting advantage you should go to a longer rod. Yes, a 10 to 12-13 foot rod will achieve this. Yes, any medium action rod is what most prefer. Even a soft action - noodle. But I'd want to try it first as sometimes a noodle can be a little to soft and make feeling the bottom a little more challenging. But, once you have that fish on you'll be glad, as it will protect your tippet even more. Sometimes finding a noodle fly rod by a major rod manufacturer can be difficult as their is not a large demand for these, in my opinion. Some companies do make them though and if you look around up here you should be able to find something. (I like to keep it in the family so to speak, and try whenever possible to spread the wealth around here to help support the local economy.
Make sure it is not real stiff. I prefer a medium flexing rod, I use the Orvis T-3 and TLS, 6 weights in 10 foot. You can feel every lil pebble with these and it's forgiving enough to run lighter tippets too. That medium action, 12-1/2 foot Spey rod by Orvis is a great steelhead rod that I love for all the same reasons. (They also now have a nice new 13 foot'r.)
It can be used in the saltwater. I use up to a 300 grain Depth charge sinking fly line and it throws it as easy as spread'n soft but'a on a warm muf'n. There are about 20 advantages using this rod in the saltwater over a one hander. I could easily throw a 15 foot leader, if I want to with a fly that weight's as much as a brick, 80 feet fast and accurately. My guest's love playing with it. Also I use it for King Salmon (this rod is as strong and as powerful as an angry lion). In my entire life I could never find one fly rod that could do it all. That Spey covers all of my important bases, plus. I can even put a spinning reel on it
(Uncle Orvis is probably turning over in his grave)
and run floats if I wanted too. Jim Rusher (the old owner of Whitakers) used to do that all the time with great success. Other manufactures make similar products, if you look around. You can also spend as little as $100 or less on a fly rod as it's not the rod that catch's the fish. :) The spey rod is strong enough in the butt for Salmon and soft enough in the tip for lighter tippet's when fishing for steelhead. I use it year round. (A guide friend uses all fly rod's with his spinning reels on them - FYI)
As long your reel does not have any plastic in the drag gear's your all set. Any reel works. You will have a little advantage if it is a Large Arbor, a lil more of an advantage if its anti-reverse, in my opinion. I use all Orvis (sponsor) disk drag's, large arbor's and anti-reverses and enjoy them all.
Last lil tip that I do is to buy one reel for all species of fish, especially if your fishing the salt during the summer and chucking split shot or slinkies up here the balance of the year for Salmon and Steelhead. I use a 9-10 reel for it all. You'll need a tuff reel in this case because you'll be useing it year round. I put my 9-10 reels on my 6-7, 9 weight rods for up here. During the summer when Im fly casting traditional it all balances out nicely. But, when Im chucking lead up here, balance is one of my last concerns.
Plus, any reel that has a larger diameter spool (even if its not a large arbor) will retrieve more line quicker, especially when that Silver Bullet is making that mad dash straight at you! :)
Pheeeeew - Finally, your reels will work much better for you and you will have an incredible advantage when fishing for steelhead if you dip them into the river water before casting, on a cold Winters morning, when it is below freezing :O
Don't believe me? Just ask some of my "favorite guest's" who like dunking my reels into the frozen river at O'dark thirty. :) That's it, enjoy! Randy

Randy, I am always amazed on the numbers, "Mark was 4 for 7."  The number of fish hooked is great, but Mark landing 4 is fantastic. This is always were I end of falling short. "Hook, pull, re-tie"  This seems to be my current mode of operation. Some pulls make it to the word fight, but not to the word land.  At least for the bigger fish. What do you think?  Any advice you can give to a loyal subscriber? Chris
Hi Chris, A few questions. Is you rod real flexible? If not, it should be. It's weight should be in the 5-7 area.  For fly rods I use, Orvis 5, 6, 7 weight 10 footer's. In mid to full flex rod for steelhead. Or a noodle spinning rod.
Do you set you drag just light enough so if you pull on it hard and fast it does not turn into a birds nest? If not you should.
Most fish are lost in the first 10 seconds by their acrobatic nature and initial pulling power or at the net from forcing them. I like to let them get it out of there system before I turn up the drag to fight them. I personally kind'a like to still have them on after this initial run.
Do you own an anti reverse reel? If not you may consider it. Ive been using the Orvis, Vortex, anti reverse this year for the first time and love it. Less chance of angler error = more fish being landed.
Do you keep your tip up when your line is entering into the fast water? Remember the more line that is in the water at an angle creates more drag (bow) on your line causing more pressure on tippets (leaders). This causes many break off's.
Many, many anglers stand above the fish and try to pull the fish upriver and to shore. Many things are wrong with this idea, although it seams logical to most. By standing above the fish you are simply holding the fish in the current with no pressure to bring it in. It can also rest while in this down stream position. I also see many fish broken off when people try to not only pull the fish up river but also against the current.
The answer is to stay even or get below the fish and pull in. This creates 3 times more pressure on the fish and accomplice's what you after much quicker.
Could it be your leader material? Could you be giving the fish a lil slack during the fight? Could you be pressuring the fish - line to much causing it to break? (palming) Setting the rod to hard, to soft? There are lots of reasons and I'd probably have to watch you to figure it out for sure.
One of the best things you can do to increase the odds of landing fish is to have a friend along with running shoes on. He will also need to have a big net with a very long handle.
Have him stand around all day waiting for you to hook-up so he can then run down river like a mad man and pounce upon your fish with the net. That's what I do. :) Hope this helps, Randy

Fish handling tips:
Please remember to hold your breath. Yup, a fish should not be held out of the water longer than you can hold your breath. Otherwise your injuring it and slowly killing it.
Can you accidentally kill or injure a fish when taking its picture even though it swims off strongly? Sure you can. If the air temperature is in the teens or below the gills can freeze. Many times during the Winter during extreme cold temperatures I'll kindly ask my guest's to not take the fish out of the net - water, for a picture if it is to be released. No one has ever had a problem with that once they are told the reason why and are very appreciative.
By practicing these fish handling techniques (plus more) you will be helping this fishery (which we all share) to maintain its excellence for all. Thank you!

One of the things that I rarely talk about:
Is the helpful hand I sometimes offer to those fishing around us that should be hooking up, but are not. It's something I do on occasion as I like seeing other's enjoy the excitement of the fight, as I do with my own guest's.
Monday was a good example of that. I noticed an older gentleman fishing very hard with no results to show for his efforts. He was running a prefect 100 % drift, just not finding any players. I asked him kindly if he might not mind letting me take a look at what he was throwing. I made 2 simple suggestions, to which I noticed his eyes open up with a surprised look on his face. What I take as the "same ol, same hole" was something new, different and something that could possibly open up this incredible world of steelhead to him even more.
After several cast's into the same water he had been beating to a froth, a dime bright Steelhead ate his offering and he was off to the races. My guest's and myself all gave out a cheer of encouragement and it made us all feel good that what lil I did helped. Fish was landed, a bright silver freshy! Everyone loudly congratulated him and before long he was into another one. The one thing that satisfied me the most was after the release of his fish as he passed me by he said "Thank you". I have a feeling the few suggestions I made well continue to help him play with even more metal heads along this incredible path we all enjoy so much. The funny part of the story was after he landed his second fish he was giddy with excitement and ran right over to me and showed me the fly he had used. It was one he had tied himself which gave him an even higher degree of self satisfaction. Congrats!!
Lets all remember thats its nice to share. We were all new once (including myself :) and if it was not for the kindness of others, we wouldn't be as good as we are today.
Thank you all for your words of encouragement, kind words and your continued support. Ill continue to do my best in sharing what I've learned through experience, experimentation, borrowed ideas and taught techniques.
Stay tuned for more on this never-ending virtual fishing trip with your host Randy "The Yankee Angler" and friends.
I sincerely hope that what little I've been able to share with you will help you along the path to more enjoyable, safe, knowledgeable fishing. Best Fish's, Randy

Jan. Salmon River Pulaski NY Drift Boat Guide Steelhead Fishing Report

Welcome back everyone! I'm very happy to repeat, that as predicted and forecast, nothing has changed on the river since my last post :) Lot's of fish in the river, waiting for you! With the last high water, some fresh fish are top to bottom with many making their way up river, now as we speak. This will continue all Winter into the Spring. Along with these new fish we still have a LOT of older steelhead that have been in the river for awhile getting smarter and more difficult to fool. Easier fish down river and more educated - challenging fish up river.
Randy, how's the fishing? I can't remember it ever being this good.
Yup, best year I can ever remember. Best since the hay day's in the 80's. We hit 17 steelhead Sunday (with a TON of other anglers fishing, didn't even start until 8:30 and some of my normally more productive spots were taken so I fished different spots :) and 19 steelhead today (Didn't start until 9am. and again, fished totally different spots then in the past with 2 anglers both days. :)Randy
What the above tell's you is that now is the time to come up fishing. That the fish are in ALL the normal Winter spots as well as transitional spot's with fresh Steelhead making their way up river. Even after a lot of the spots we had much success in, had been pounded all weekend and even the day of by guides and other anglers, we were still able to find and fool many right behind them. Having an intimate understanding of this river allows you with ease to fish behind others (even with more experience than yourself) and pick-up fish easily, just as we have been doing for many many years.
Interested in having this edge? I'd be happy to share this knowledge with you. :)
Going with an experienced friend or teaching guide is a great way to short cut the learning curve and increase your knowledge base for the rest of your life. Besides helping you to catch a lot of fish :)
Sunday - LOT'S of anglers out fishing (mostly all from Pineville up) and having a super time in these incredibly warm temperatures. A friend told me he played with 16 Steelhead on Sat. and a lot less on Sunday. With all the anglers around up river, this can be very normal. Fish move around or get moved around by angler pressure. They also get a real fast education and become a lot smarter. Making them even more difficult and challenging to catch. This is where going with an expert helps.
My guest's fished on Sunday and had another one of very many Banner days. They played with 17 Steelhead total for the day. Wow! And this was even on the day after the river got pounded.
I did not see many fish being played with on Sunday. We found them but good. The only reason we did so good was split between the experience level of their guide and the experience level of my guest's. Even with all of their experience I was easily able to help them to improve on all aspect's of their fishing knowledge. Habitat, presentation and rigging were worked on with great success. The knowledge gained today will last them a future lifetime of fish on! Hiring a guide is many times an investment into your future fishing fun. As long as you hire the correct teaching guide. Not only will you learn how to catch them on your own with confidence, but you'll play with plenty of fish also.
Monday - We hit'm reeeeeel good! 19 total Steelies by days end. We started off going through the ol learning curve. We had fish in front of us and all around us, but not until my guest's had a clear and precise understanding of presentation were they able to consistently with confidence fool these well educated fish. Once, after about an hour of the ol learning curve, my guest's were able to put all of my teaching's to use consistently and with confidence and then they start to hook-up. This is very normal. Once they started to hook-up it never stopped! Ye-haa! We landed some beauties!
Chris and his friend Kevin were with me on the above Monday:
Chris "Tank" Cavanagh is a professional golfer who plays in many of the world's Professional Golf Tournaments. When Chris is not on the Pro golf circuit, he is instructing golf. Croton-on-Hudson, New York, approximately 45 minutes from Manhattan. If any of you would like some instruction on golf from another avid Steelhead fisherman then "Tank's" your man. Please visit this link for more info. on where he instructs and much more.
Tues. - In 2 hour's my guest's from yesterday were rewarded with 5-6 fish on. Ye-haa! Immediately after I left the river to give Chris a ride to the airport Kevin started hammering them!  Kevin played with 4 more incredible Steelies within the next hour. :) Congrats Kevin!

Salmon River Pulaski NY Steelhead Drift Boat Guide Fishing Report:

Steelhead Ramblings over this past week:
I have never seen the fishing this consistently great. My guest's are averaging 10 Steelhead per person" (sometimes more :)  played with in a day. (This simply is NOT normal!)
It's prime time for some winter steelhead action! This week we had a warming trend and the water had dropped to a fun level. Warmth brings additional opportunity to fish lower in the river. Please be careful of any shelf ice breaking free causing ice berg's and you may find a lil anchor ice letting go off the bottom. Other than that you'll find fish top to bottom, dark and silver. Fewer guides and anglers fishing which will open up additional fishing opportunities for you.
I'll be opening up my calendar to include (very rare) weekends until Mid - Feb. I've got some openings next week and with the warm weather here, you may want to give your favorite guide or fishing buddy a ring. The fish are here, just waiting for you. :)
The drift boat - wade fishing for steelhead continues to remain excellent for some, ok for others and slow for smoothers. This is normal and I dont foresee any changes. All fishing techniques are working, all with different success rates, which again is normal.
I sincerely hope your holiday season was memorable and you've all survived the relatives, little kids and have finished eat'n your fair share of all the food, dessert's and candies that go along with this time of the year.
I know I put some pounds on and purposely finished all of the holiday candies around the house to cut down on the temptation to continue eating them all now. :)
I spent most of the holiday with family in Iowa and everyone is healthy and happy.
For once I did reeeeel good on the Mississippi Gambling River Boats. My wife and I stayed in an adjoining hotel so if we were not spending time with the family we were entertaining ourselves on the boat. As is often the case we watched eagles feeding on fish outside our window over looking the river.
I had a reeeeel interesting conversation with my #1 referral guide the other day. Eddie is one of the best teaching guides on this river. We teach, etc... almost identically and guide almost the same in many ways. We trustingly share exclusive fishing info. with each other. He also has worked longer on this river than most of us. So what we discussed made me sit up straight in my chair. You've heard me talk about this being the best steelhead season that I can remember. With Ed having guided longer than most of us young grasshopper's I was interestingly surprised to hear him comment on the  fact that presently, the fishing is as close to the 80's fishing as he can remember. That's saying a lot! (as most of you seasoned Salmon River Steelhead fisherman can attest too) Back in the 80's were what we call the hay days. (Salad days) Not as many angler's, lot's and lot's of Steelhead, not as many problems on the lake with invasive species, questionable bait fish #'s, questionable microorganism's that the bait fish feed on, etc.... Just ton's of Fish!
So if there ever was a time that I would highly recommend making a trip up here it would be now.
Thanks to all of you who have spent your hard earned fishing $$ up here. The local economy thanks you all! I'm always VERY happy to see all of you up here enjoying yourselves. Hello to all of the service men and women who are over sea's. Lot's of Steelies in the river for you upon your return home. :)
Thanks for stopping in and spending your valuable internet fishing time here. :) Best Fish's, Randy

Dec. 19 thru Jan 3 Salmon River Pulaski NY Drift Boat Guide Steelhead Fishing Report, Forecast's, Tips, Ramblings, Enjoy!

Happy Holidays Everyone! The fishing has never been so good! I can't remember when its ever been better for myself and guest's. Come on up. All of the normal Winter lyes are loaded up from one end to the other.
My last trip before my holiday vacation produced 20 powerful and incredible Steelhead that my clients enjoyed playing with. Speeding bullet runs, somersaulting jump's and the words we all love to yell out, FISH ON! :) were the norm for today. The adrenaline was flowing at warp speed. :)
I'll be back from vacation and start guiding again on Jan. 3. Nothing on the river concerning the quality of the fishing will change between now and then. All of these fish are here to stay for the rest of the Winter into the Spring. These fish are all waiting for your perfectly (ahemmm :) cast fly or bait. :)
For some more Outstanding fishing report's, articles, tips, photo's, etc... please read below. If you'd like to book a trip with me (email best), please leave me an email or phone message (315)-963-2065 and Ill return all messages around the new year. Happy Hook'n, Randy
Mon. and Tues. Trip's canceled due to weather.
Wed. 14 approx. Steelhead with my one guest. Ye-haa!
Fri. 2 guest's - Another 20 Steelhead day. Wow!! It was loaded in the few places that we fished today. My guest's had a lot of past Salmon River fishing experience (presentation) and it showed by today's numbers. Even with all of their past experience, I was easily able to impart a lot of new and exciting knowledge covering all aspect's of this amazing fishery. To continue to help them on their quest for these magic bullet's and to remain in that elite and not easily achieved, 10% that catch's 90% of the fish :) What a blast!
I'd enjoy guiding you, your friends and even your business associates for a corporate outing. Please give me a ring if your up for some exciting adrenaline filled fun! :)
Client Hook - Steelhead and Salmon Testimonial:
Dear Mustad, I just wanted you to know that I purchased eight boxes of CO68 hooks yesterday. I am very impressed with them - I used to buy Tierce 2457's for this application but no more. I used to tie with Mustad hooks decades ago but preferred the microbarbs that other manufacturers made available. These hooks fill in a niche that other manufacturers haven't filled. Thank you. You have Randy Jones to thank for my purchase (and future purchases). He is the guy who turned me on to Mustad hooks again. He is an excellent fisherman/teacher and he represents your products in the best possible way - enthusiastically, ethically and with the knowledge of their best applications. Hal Fuller.
Hello Mr. Fuller, Thanks so much for taking the time to contact us. I'm very glad to hear that you are happy with the CO68 hooks. That has been a favorite of mine since we launched it a couple years back. You'll likely be pleased with the rest of the Signature Series too as there are many other patterns within the range offering proportional designs, premium points and micro-barbs. Also glad to hear you are a fan of Randy Jones as well. I've known Randy for several years now and after meeting and fishing with him the first time I knew right away we needed Randy on our Prostaff. While there are some good guides out there, it is seldom that you find someone as knowledgeable as Randy who also has his great personality and exceptional teaching skills. Finding a guide who is willing to TEACH his clients how to fish with success on their own is rare. We are proud to have him representing Mustad out on the water. Thanks again for the email and your interest in Mustad. Best, Jeff Pierce

Dec. 11 thru 18 Salmon River in Pulaski NY Steelhead Drift Boat Guide Fishing Report, Forecast's, Tips, Ramblings, Enjoy!

The water dropped to 335cfs and it really packed them all in tight! Talk about concentrated! As we drifted over some of the better spot's with the sun shinning brightly it was nothing short of WOW! Fish all over the place. Some big'ns too! Some of my guest's had never seen Steelhead in their natural environment before so I saw a lot of jaw dropping, eye popping, exclamations of sheer excitement and amazement off the .com boat. One of the best ways to zero in on the holes you like to fish or plan to fish is to look at them from my boat. Lot's of adrenaline racing up our spin's with every fish on. We found the best solution to cold feet was to do battle with one of these trophy fish. No more cold toes. :) We had the river almost to ourselves. If you read below you will see why Dec. is one of my favorite month's.
P.S. AS I do my final update before posting, I just realized that every single spot on the river, of many, that I fished with my guest's produced some fish! That maybe a first. 100% on all spots fished all week long. Boy, wish it was always this easy to find'm. It's normally not this easy. I'm finding this season so far to be better than last year. Last year was one of the best ever that I can remember. So finding this season to be better than last is saying a lot of good things about the quality of the fishing and fishery as a whole. I hope you have had a chance to make it up here. If not, hopefully soon. I'd like you all to have the adrenaline filled chance to hook up with a steelie that averages 8 to 12 lb's. Shelf ice and slush appearing with these temp's. Winter Spots producing the best. Some fish still in transitional places. I'd recommend coming up asap. :)

Didn't work due to scheduling screw up. :(
Tues. Approx. 14-15 Chromers! Ye-haa! Don't get much better. :) We hit fish in every and all spot's, so we batted 100% on spot's! Thats always one of my many goal's as your guide. Ive hit my goal almost every time out. What will tomorrow bring? Hmmm. Where is that crystal ball of mine. :) We left fish to find fish.
Wed. What will today bring you ask? Hmmm, more fish and even more fish. And just when you thought there could not be anymore, we played with even more fish. :) Once again, every spot we fished we found'm but good. It's hammer time. It was crazy loaded with fish. We spanked'm but good. My two brand new guest's today played with an amazing 17-18 Metalheads over a 5 -1/2 hour period. Sa-zame! Fish on again and again and again. I guess you can tell Im just a lil excited? We even had a double at one time! If tomorrow is even 1/2 as good as today I'd be thrilled. We left fish to find fish.
Most of these fish were found in a special spot that produces at it's optimum at 335 cfs.
Thurs. 14 total Steelies played with for the day. My guest's were ecstatic at the quality of the fishing! 100% once again on spots. Every hole was holding VERY good numbers. We left fish to find fish.

Guest Salmon River NY Steelhead Testimonial.
Randy, Sal and I just wanted to say thanks again for the great time on Thursday. As you said, we got the full Salmon River experience (snow and all). We had a blast and sorry you didn't get to eat your lunch as you were netting fish all afternoon! Sal has been on a few guided Saltwater trips and couldn't believe all the time you spent teaching presentation, habitat and rigging and giving invaluable River tips. Have a good rest of the season and hope to see you on the river. Larry Porter
Hi Larry, Your very welcome and thank you for your kind words. I had a blast and look forwards to hooking up again. Randy
Fri. Another one of many, lately, "Day for KINGS!" Holy Cow. Best day this week. We had a harder time NOT finding them. It was almost toooooo easy. :) I thought Steelhead fishing was supposed to be challenging? Actually, it is and it was. It's just that I had 2 very experienced clients for the day that have been out with me numerous times before. They have acquired the skill's necessary to constantly and consistently with confidence present their offering to the fish. (Presentation) There it is, for all to read, the main secret to catching fish on this river :)
And they made it look sooooooooooooooooooo easy. It is easy as spreading soft butter on a warm muffin, once you've learned, practiced and paid your dues. Hiring me as your guide for the day would be a great short cut to having a complete and thorough understanding of all aspect's of what it takes to be consistently "with confidence" successful. Habitat, Rigging and most importantly presentation.   
These guys were definitely in the 10% that catch's 90% of the fish group. It's not hard to be included in this elite group day in and day out for the rest of your life once you've put your time in and learned it all. Just like anything else in life. Hiring a good "teaching" guide (or going with a friend who is in the 10% group) can shave 3-5 years off the learning curve and increase your success rate over night. I find that even with very experienced anglers that want to increase their catch rate and knowledge base that Im able to achieve this easily.
We were 100% on spots, hitting fish in every location I stopped in. (ALL Winter holding locations are holding Reeeeeeeallllly good! Top to bottom of river, in my opinion. :) DSR is holding good #'s if you can hit it between the slush.
My guest's easily hit approx. 20 Steelhead total, but who's really counting. :) I told my guest's that I could count on one hand the number of 20+ Steelhead days we have each season. Rare, but it sure is nice once in awhile. Lot's of anglers may see a day like today hopefully at least once in their lifetime. Presently, if your experienced, their are enough fish around for you to achieve this now, easily. Some of my other guest's this week could have hit the 20 plus Steelhead day mark, if we had wanted to continue fishing the same holes. Instead, we wanted to increase our knowledge of a lot more places we could return too on our own and fish with successful confidence.
Hope you all had a great weekend! Randy

Mail Bag:
Hiya Capt. Dave, Did you see your picture in the new book called  "Fly Fishing for Striped Bass by Rich Murphy" in the flats section? It's the one John took while on the ladder off the inside of South Beach with you on the platform and me on the bow casting. Im sure F.T.C. will be selling it shortly. Its a big book and endorsed by most of the world known fly fishers. It has your name under the picture :) Happy Holidays! Randy
Steelhead fishing the Salmon River Pulaski NY from a guide drift boat Fishing report for steelhead or salmon on the Salmon River Pulaski NY with guide Some more Trophy Steelhead caught off the drift boat on the Salmon River NY. Congrats!

Dec. 3 - 10 Salmon River Steelhead Fishing Report, Forecast's, Tips, Ramblings, Etc... Enjoy!
With the river at a gate, all spots are producing. We are finally into reeeeel Steelhead weather! Low's around 20 and high's in the low 30's. Chance of snow almost everyday. Now, THIS is Steelhead weather. :)
Your only real concern at this time of the year is getting here safely, without having to drive through a bunch of snow. Once your here 6-12 inch's of new snow is looked at as a dusting. No biggy. The road crews up here are amazing and do an incredible job on keeping your roads, etc.. safe and easily drivable.
Your only other concern when fishing up here is the wind. Wind Chill factors are the most important thing I pay attention too when deciding to run or cancel a trip. No fish is worth hypothermia or frost bite. Your personal safety and comfort level are my primary concern's. Getting enough sleep, eating the correct foods and most importantly dressing correctly can make the difference between having an enjoyable day out fishing and being very uncomfortable.
I'm noticing fish being played with from top to bottom of the river in all the normal places. All angler's that I see, speak with and fish around are all having a great time. I'm finding fish in all the normal transitional holding spots as well as the normal Winter holding places. With the holidays coming up we are starting to see less anglers around, which is a normal occurrence. This is my personal favorite time of the year for many many reason's. I hope you all can make it up here and enjoy some of these incredible steelhead. Best Fish's, Randy

Mon. and Tues.  Canceled due to dangerous wind chills.
Wed. 9 steelhead and was 100%, 3 for 3, on spots. Today's success was 99% due to the expert angler ability level of my very very experienced Salmon River guest. Very normal.
Thurs. Did a 1/2 day due to wind chill concerns. We worked hard for the fish we found and spent the entire time learning and trying to fine tune presentation, presentation, presentation.
Fri. Worked on presentation 99.99% of the day, non-stop. Pheeew, my throat is sore. :) Played with a couple. (We call it the ol learning curve and is very normal  :)

Mail Bag:
Just received a copy from Tom Pero. It is awesome!  Lot’s of good shots of you there with great descriptions. They did an excellent job, I am very impressed. Nice to be a part of it. I will spending the long days of winter catching up with my images and will be sending out lots of shots to prospects. I will also be working more on the articles we talked about and will let you know when I have any leads. Take care and good luck with your winter season. John Halnon

Hi John, My copy of the book arrives any day now. Thanks again for ALL of your help, over these past many years and many more to come. Hopefully this will be the first of many books to come, including my own in 2018. :) I was happily surprised to see Lefty K. endorsing the book!
Loved your pictures. Very nice! Please let me know if you need any help with those articles, new pictures next summer. Any word from that Italian writer who wrote that article on F. F. Cape Cod for that Italian F.F.  magazine?
Did you know I also got the ONLY pic. in Simon Gawesworth's Big book about Spey casting? Jay Horton took that one. A couple of other F.F./Spin Mag's with my work coming out over the Winter into the Spring also. Boy, wont Mom be proud, :) Best Fish's, Randy

Guest Test.
Hi Randy, You, me and my 11 ft 4 weight fly rod spent a cool day on the Salmon last winter. I can't thank you enough for how much I learned in one short day, more than I've figured out in years.   Anyway,  I've had a phenomenal time fishing the 2 weeks around Thanksgiving. Hooked, lost and caught almost too much steel to count and ran into lots of nice  browns (I like them ... you can land them.) all thanks to your fine tuning my technique. I was wondering what, if anything, you have open in the next couple of weeks?  I've been hooking lots of fish! I hope we get some time to fish this winter. George T

Dec. 1 Salmon River Steelhead Fishing Report, Forecast's, Tips, Ramblings, Etc... Enjoy!

Some great Steelhead and Brown Trout fishing action top to bottom of river. All spot's holding that Im fishing. Looking more like Winter. I'll see you on the water! Randy
Monday Played with about 10 Steelhead off the drift boat. Lots of action, everyone having fun up and down the river.
Tues. My 1 guest learned all about habitat, rigging and most importantly presentation. He played with approx. 5-6 Steelhead and we hit them in 3 out of 3 spots. :)
Thurs. My 1 guest joined me for his second day out with me. It basically was a repeat of Tuesday's fishing. We hit them in all spots. 4-5 Steelhead 8 to 16 lb. range and a beautiful Brown of approx. 4-5 lb's.
Fri. Canceled due to forecasted dangerous wind chills.
We have some nice :) Winter weather on the way. Please be careful.  Randy

Nov. 19 - 25 Salmon River Steelhead Fishing Report, Forecast's, Tips, Ramblings, Etc... Enjoy!

With a gate of water (750cfs) this weeks fishing has been Outstanding! The water flow is my favorite because 98% of our spot's (current breaks :) fish at their optimum. Fresh fish are entering the lower end. This higher flow will dislodge a lot of egg's, so an egg pattern fished on a spin/fly rod will work nicely.
Lil Tip: Try a white egg imitation. White is the color of the eggs that died or were not fertilized. With Browns around now a small egg pattern to match there size works and red is a good natural color. You could try chartreuse for the first 1/2 hour so it really stands out and then go natural once you have some light. ( #1 - Cream, Pink, Oregon cheese, Niagara) Look for your Steelhead to be transitioning - moving into their Winter habitat, slow deep water. Also keep trying the transitional resting area's because we still have fish top to bottom of river in transition. All spots producing :)
Monday: My 1 guest played with about 7 Trout today. Super!

Guest Test
Hey Randy, Just thought I send a  thank you for all your effort! I had a great time out there and learned a lot! The next day (after we got him dried) I tried to impart your teaching to Dave. We had a slow morning, but After lunch(and warming up the hands) we were back in the same spot. Dave hooked up on 3 fish, 2 got off fairly quick but one a very large brown trout gave him beautiful fight and the biggest smile I think I have ever seen on Dave! We would both like to once more thank you for all the time, effort and info! Shawn Culver
Website Thanks:
I wanted to thank you for ur excellent reports and Hard work posting info about fishing techniques!!!!! I read ur reports daily and luv em!   Reg

Tues. My 1 guest played with 24 Browns today, landing around 18 of them. All in the 2 to 8lb. range.  The cherry on top were the 2 Steelhead Ron played with landing 1. Thats 26 trout total! But who's counting. :) Heard that some anglers were having a tuff time of it, while others were doing a lil better. This is very normal.
Guest Test:
Randy, Many thanks for a great day on the water Tuesday. If someone hooks up on 23 browns and 3 steelhead before noon is it a spanking or a licking? Please clarify.
It was an amazing day overall – great fish, few anglers, wet but comfortable weather and great instruction from the master. Very much appreciated all your tips and tricks to help lift my game to a higher level. Fished the PBC Pucker Brush Creek) again Wed using your famous PMs (Pink Muddlers) and hooked up on another 12 fish before calling it quits at 11:00. Simply a great trip thanks to your expertise and fine company – second to none!!
Checked my fishing journal and the number of fish I’ve caught with you over the last 3-4 years – borders on obscene.
Why anyone would choose to hookup with a guide other than yourself, is beyond me!
See you in April. Regarding future dates with you.  I’m booked with you April 29th Tues. Are you free the 30th? If so, book me both days. Could you please send me your Sept dates for salmon (and preferred times)  - how about Tues/Wed Sept 23 and 24th? Would like two days, have a beginner MD friend who would like to see what this is all about. Could you please send me your avail dates near end of November for more steelhead. – how about Tues/Wed 25th and 26th? Thanks Randy Ron
Wed. Lil Guide Tip - (You owe me big time for this one ;)
We hit fish in 5 out of 6 spots over a 3 mile section. This tells you that there are fish in every spot.
The only reason we missed a fish in 1 spot is because we only hit it real fast. (Only looking for some McDonalds fish, fast and easy ;) Kevin is a very experienced angler having been out with me 9-10 times before and also fish's a lot on his own. This experience level helped him to achieve an outstanding 10 steelhead! We never spent a lot of time in any one spot, instead covered the prime lie and moved, etc... We even left fish to find fish, that was due to the confidence level on the .com drift boat today. :) Noticed less boats and anglers out and about. So if you like fishing by yourself then now is prime time. This also allows you to fish more pristine water's than ever before.

Thurs. - Sun. The fish are there and recommend fishing. Less anglers around also. Taking the holiday and weekend off :) Happy Holidays! Randy

Nov. 13 - 18 Salmon River Steelhead Fishing Report, Forecast's, Tips, Ramblings, Etc... Enjoy!

Couple less fish than last week (Normal after a BIG holiday 3 day weekend, good weather, fish moving up and into the sanctuary and some being kept.) Water temp dropping, some starting to move into their Winter locations, some still in Fall spots, some fighting more like Winter mode, some still fighting like Fall mode, still fish in daily tran. holding area's as well as the normal Fall and Winter holding spots. Leaves almost gone, time to pull out the Stanley's ice off for the rod guides. Looking more like Winter each week. Now THIS is Steelhead weather! :)
Im presently wrapping up interview's regarding "Advanced Reading of the Water" and other Tech. Fishing Info. First article and pictures should be out the first of the year. I'll post the magazine once it's out for all of you to enjoy. :)
I sincerely hope that what little Ive been able to share with you over these past 30 or more years and will continue to share with you has helped you along the road to becoming a better, more informed, experienced angler.
Even if you didn't learn anything new and only find my site entertaining, than Im very happy to have you spend a lil of your valuable internet fishing time here. I'm flattered as usual and thank you! Randy

Habitat - Reading Water - Current Breaks
One of the most important aspects of Habitat is to figure out the relationship between all of the different water levels and all of the individual and different current break's. How each current break effect's the water movement and then how the fish relate to each current break. By having a clear and precise understanding of this allows the knowledgeable angler to understand our quarries weakness and then exploit them. Basically, where do they hold at during all of the different water levels on this river to help you catch them. They change and so should you. :)

The reason a current break is so important to the fish is that it decreases the amount of energy they need to expend to maintain it's position in the river, creek or stream. If they have to expend to much energy they will die. You can see how these current breaks can be the difference between life or death for a fish and why it is critical for them to use them and for us, the angler, to understand this relationship.

The fish change their lies every time there is a major change in water flow in most holes. Due to the effects that the current break has or does not have on this new flow of water. They will also change their preferences due to time of year, fishing pressure, temperature of water and their biological clock to name just a few. Their change could be as little as moving from the head of the hole (heads of holes are current breaks) to the middle of the hole where the current is not as strong. Or from the tail (higher water flows - the tail is a current break) to the middle of the pool when the water drop's. During real high water sometimes the hole (current break)  itself provides little to no protection from the current and you will find the fish moving to the seam of the hole. A seam -where the faster water meets the slower water. Seam's are another current break that the fish love to use. During extreme water flows they could even position themselves directly along the bank of the river.

We have low water current breaks and high water current breaks. Many times a current break is not large enough to effect the high water and the fish's relationship to it becomes useless. Just the opposite can be said for larger current breaks during low water. A prime example of this would be - hole. During low water this large hole is normally not used by the fish because the water moves so slowly above it that there is no current for the fish to need it. But, during high water when the current is really moving, this spot is used by the fish because it provides shelter (a current break) for the fish to conserve their energy as they move up or down the river. So, we have high water spots (current breaks) that we only fish during high water and low water spot's that we only fish during low water.

So the trick is to know when each spot (or part of the spot)  is productive (when the fish will use them) and only fish these area's during the correct water flow. Similar to saltwater tides, fish each spot when it is fishing at it's maximum productivity level. We have different current breaks that the Steelhead use in the Fall (more aerated moving water) compared to the Winter (less aerated moving water). We have different current breaks that the fish use while they are moving up or down (in transition) the river that are different than where they would want to stay for an extended period of time. You have heard me talk about these spots as transitional holding and holding. During their spawn their current breaks change again.

The small island you stand on to fish the hole in low water is now the current break for the fish in much higher water flows. The small boulder on the bottom of the river holds fish behind it in low water flows, but becomes almost useless during high water.
Transitional water is where the fish keep swimming up river and do not stop.
Transitional holding water is structure or current breaks that the fish use while in a transitional mode while moving up river to rest for awhile. The length of time any species of fish will hold on these current breaks is determined by the quality of the current break and what the fish had to go through to get to it. (There are other factors also) Fish normally use the depth of water and the current to navigate. So any current break that is on this path is normally used. Whenever we have fish that are in transition then these locations should always be fished.

Holding Water:
They have reached a place in the river where all of their survival instincts are satisfied.
We need the same things they do to survive.
A prime lye consists of:
1. Depth of water for safety from predators.
2. A good enough current break to decrease the amount of energy they need to expand to maintain this position.
3. Enough food.
These "happy fish" will not move from these positions unless one of a number of things happen.

Any type of holding water (that i know of)  is caused by current breaks. As predators, we need to study and decipher current breaks (Habitat). There is a lot of empty water out there. Our predatory instinct's are to find our quarries weaknesses and then exploit them. Having an intimate understanding of Current Breaks and when and where to fish them according to the water flow will allow you to achieve this. Randy :)

Salmon River Pulaski NY Steelhead Drift Boat Guide Fishing Report:

Mon. The best Steelhead fishing of my life! Then I woke up from a deep sleep after enjoying an afternoon nap while taking the Weekend and Holiday off.  :)
Tues. Less fish around then last week in my opinion. Most of us Full Timer's noticing a difference. Still plenty around to enjoy. Lot's of anglers up over the holiday which is always very nice to see. Very happy to see everyone up fishing, enjoying their valuable leisure time. Great holiday for the local economy.
My guest's did well with fighting approx. 11 Trout! Ye-haa! Can't wait to get up and do it all over again tomorrow!
Wed. Holy Cow! We tangled with 16 Steelhead in several different places. Combination of holding and transitional holding waters.

Guest Testimonial:
Hi Randy, Well, we just got back from the SR Friday night. Boy, do I have a lot of work to catch up on! I have loads of notes and audio I have to get working on for my article(s). But it was nice to be away from all the everyday pressures of  the world for a week. We had a great time. Thanks again for a very enjoyable and informative day on the river. I learned much in just one day, gaining knowledge that I will be using  to catch (more) fish (consistently) for the rest of my days. With regard to the article, I may drop you a line here and there to ask a question or two if that’s ok. So take care, stay warm (and dry), and I’ll be in touch…John

Thurs. My 1 guest had a great day with 6 Fish on, landing 3 Steelhead. Thats 50% landed which is way above normal. 6 fish on for 1 angler is also above normal, just the way we like it! (Nope, we were not in the L.F.Z. and probably wont be due to all the fish that are top to bottom of the river and not wanting to stand in a long line of anglers when the entire river is wide open to be fished. :) Most fish were fighting more like Winter fish today. Acting like a steelhead but not as acrobatic as a Fall Steelie.
Covered habitat, presentation and rigging. If our rigging was off in only one area, no fish were caught, if our habitat was off, no fish were caught, if 1 thing out of about 10 presentational issues was off, no fish were caught. When we put all of the above together consistently and with confidence we were rewarded with fish. It was like magic.
Lots of anglers want to catch a fish first and then run a perfect drift - presentation second. When in reality, you want to run the perfect drift - presentation first. Then, the fish will always very simply, follow. :)
Interested in becoming part of the 10% that catch's 90% of the fish? I just so happen to know someone who can make this come true for you. :) It's as simple as spreading soft butter on a warm muffin, once you've gone through the ol learning curve.

Fri. One of my better days this season, and thats saying a lot. With ALL of the amazing days we have had this season!
My 2 guest's hammered them. Spanked them HARD! Started the morning off with over 23 Browns in 2-1/2 hour's fishing time. Wow!
Jerry is a Charter boat Capt. on the Lake and his son Matt is his first mate. What a team they made. They had little to no presentational learning curve to get through. They have been out with me before. This gave them a BIG advantage over most other anglers I take out. They started hitting fish right off the bat due to their advanced stage of knowing how to run a proper 100% drift. Matt will be 16 in a couple of month's. They stayed about even on numbers offish almost all day. Dad pulled ahead at days end by hooking up 3-4 Steelhead to Matt's 1 Chromer in the last spot of the day.
Todays final tally was over 27 Brown Trout 3 to 8 lb. average.
All aspect's of 100% advanced presentation, advanced rigging and advanced habitat were achieved (fine tuned and learned) by my guest's today. If they had not achieved all of our mutual goals today you would see very very few fish in our tally. If your interested in having a clear and precise understanding of all aspect's of what it takes to be in the 10% group, like Matt and Jerry were today, while having fun and playing with some of our fish, then let's plan a trip. :) Fish ON! Randy
Silver Hook Fishing Charters - Sodus Bay, NY
Fishing on Lake Ontario for Salmon, Steelhead and Browns. I highly recommend and endorse Capt. Jerry and his son Matt for all of your fishing interest's on the lake.
Guest Testimonial and Salmon River NY Steelhead Fishing Report:
Randy, I want you to know that Matt and I had a great time! It was a huge confidence builder for Matt, 3 years into Salmon River fishing. Also, your constant technique coaching has improved my own success. Your method works!
We hiked into the pool. Quitting at 11:00, I managed 9 chromers with 3 landed and Matt managed 5 chromers with 1 landed. If we had a net we would of landed more.I had one today that was about 15 lb. Matt went to grab it by the tail and it became a speeding bullet, snap!
Anyhow, a couple of pics from today and yesterday browns! Thanks, Jerry and Matt

Santa Has Arrived Early with the Perfect Holiday Gift (that I'm in ;) for the Dedicated Saltwater Angler! Fly Fishing for Striped Bass - Rich Murphy - Cover price $59.95
Fly Fishing for Striped Bass is the most ambitious and comprehensive book ever published on the subject. Author and noted saltwater fly designer Rich Murphy teaches you how to catch huge stripers from salt-marsh banks, shallows and flats, ocean beaches, and rocky shores. This big, beautiful book is a cornucopia of fresh, practical experience that reveals how an average angler—whether new to fly fishing or a covert from fresh water—can enjoy this wonderful sport with or without a boat.
At an impressive 457 pages, Fly Fishing for Striped Bass is the new striper bible. In extraordinary detail it covers striper life history and behavior (of great value to lure and bait anglers as well), tackle and flies, casting and fishing techniques, and structure-specific tactics in a series of highly original watercolor diagrams painted specially for this book. Spectacular photography puts the reader right on the water beside the author and other striper experts. Underwater photos of startling clarity and stunning aerial views of famous striper habitat complete this remarkable book.
“My first saltwater fish on a fly was a striped bass—I have a great fondness for the species. After reading Rich Murphy’s new book, I KNOW he understands stripers as well as anyone. This is the best book written on the subject to date. Anyone who chases them with a fly rod should buy it and study it. Fly Fishing for Striped Bass is filled with practical technique, fishing lore, history of the sport, and much, much more.” —Lefty Kreh, world-renowned fly caster and author of numerous fishing books, including the seminal Fly Fishing in Salt Water (1974)

Nov. 12 Salmon River Fishing Report, Forecast's, Tips, Ramblings, Etc... Enjoy!
Last week we were hitting on average approx. 20 Browns while useing the drift boat per day.
In the drift boat we also averaged approx. 5 to 15 Steelhead hook-ups per day. Lot's of angler's having a fun and enjoyable time. Saw anglers playing with steelhead in all the normal spots. :)
Monday: Pucker Brush Creek was on fire off the drift boat. Wow! Allan played with 19 Browns for the day. Holly Cow.
Tuesday: Allan bested his first outing by 1, playing with an even 20 Browns off the drift boat. These browns are not going anywhere, so look for more to show up with some Steelhead joining them. Can't wait! :)
Guest Testimonial: Randy,  Thanks again for two great days on the water! I had a great time and really learned alot. I'll be in touch with you about a repeat performance in April. Alan Plotts

Wed. Played with well over a dozen steelhead today. Not bad. :)
Guest Testimonial: Randy,  We had a good time fishing with you Yesterday. Learned some things, which is always good.  We have been talking about doing a  stripper trip in the spring.(should be a little bite warmer). Have a great fishing season. Thanks, Larry

Thurs. Lots of Chrome around where we were today. (Current breaks) Had a blast with the ones we found.
Fri. Another great day with lot's of trout! Fish top to bottom, all area's hold'n. Best of luck, Randy
Guest Testimonial's:
Randy, Once again, it was a pleasure fishing with you on Dec. 16. - nice weather, great fishing and excellent company. As you know, this was my third or fourth trip with you and as always, I was not disappointed and continue to learn new areas, techniques etc...Looking forward to my next trip with you.
Thanks again, Brian

Dear Randy, Seriously, thanks again for a great time yesterday.  All three times I have been out with you have been fun and educational.  The fact that we caught a bunch of steelhead is just bonus.  I would certainly recommend you to anyone.  Take care and keep warm! Charles

Randy, Thanks for a great time the past two days.  We really enjoyed ourselves and learned an enormous amount!  The knowledge you shared with us about how to fish for steelhead and about the river itself will go a long way in helping fish more effectively on future trips.  Not many people are willing to teach and share their knowledge with their clients like you did, and for that we are appreciative.  The fact that you put us on fish every place we stopped was just amazing!  It's obvious that this is not just a job for are extremely passionate about it!
We look forward to fishing with you again real soon!  By the way, I did hook two and land one after you dropped us off last night! Best Regards, Dan and John PS. Next trip we'd be glad to do our own netting...hint...hint....

10/20 - Nov. 2 Salmon River Fishing Report, Forecast's, Tips, Ramblings, Etc... Enjoy!

Thursday and Friday Nov. 1 and 2:
Load's offish where we were at. Found load's of Steelhead and Salmon. Some area's have a few, while other's are overflowing with trout. Very very acrobatic, just the way we like them. Middle, Top and bottom of river have nice big pod's of Trout in certain places. Some are holding while other's are in a transitional stage. Interested? All of our fish were released. :) Best of luck, Randy

Top to bottom of the Salmon River Pulaski NY, Steelhead and Salmon
Most spot's are holding something, top to bottom of river. We still have a trickle of Salmon entering the river daily. The Steelhead have slowed down since our major BIG slug ran in. We are now back into more normal fishing, numbers of fish entering the river. The higher water is a BIG plus for the fishing presently as well as having a positive effect on Nov. and Dec. Steelhead fishing. Fish are in transitional holding and holding water presently.
Bait: Egg sacks in bright to dull colors depending on certain variables and skein
Flies: Glow Bugs (Salmon egg imitations) - cream, pink, orange, white, yellow or chartreuse. Streamers (Bait fish imitations) - Woolly Buggers in purple and black. Aquatic insect's - Stones, Caddis.
Presentation: 100's of ways to present your offering to the fish. One of the main things I try to remember is that for the most part the Salmon are on the bottom and the Steelhead are elevated 8 to 30 inch's off the bottom.
Habitat: Look for most Salmon to be in calmer flowing water with gravel underneath them. Look for the trout to be directly behind the salmon. Sitting either very close to the salmon or below them in the first current break. If the current break has white water, aerated water, deep water and in the shade. This would be a prime lye for the trout. Look for several of the above criteria to increase the odds of a few laying there. Any of these species use the deeper water and the current to navigate when they are in a transitional mode. When they are holding they are either resting as they navigate their way up river, or they are what I like to say, Happy fish. They have reached a place in the river where all of their survival instincts (Trout) and or Spawning instinct's (Salmon) are satisfied. These fish are exactly like us.

We need the same things they do to survive.
1. Depth of water for safety from predators.
2. A good enough current break to decrease the amount of energy they need to expand to maintain this position.
3. Enough food.

The most important of these that we as predators need to study and decipher are current breaks (Habitat). There is a lot of empty water out there. Our predatory instinct's are to find our quarries weaknesses and then exploit them. Current breaks come in many different sizes and shapes, etc...
I've written about the above subjects countless times before, and when time allows. Ill try to dig up several of these golden oldies from my archives for all of you to enjoy. :)
The next thing I'd try to do is figure out what type of food they are after and how to disguise what it is tied too. (Rigging)
Lastly would be how to present their food to them. (Presentation)

List of my fishing goals and importance of each.
10% Rigging
10% Habitat
80% Presentation

By Randy Jones

Feel free to contact my references regarding my presentations and experience:
Trout Unlimited Chapters: (P.S. I don't discriminate. I also enjoy guiding you spin anglers too! - yukyuk)
Finger Lakes TU, NY
Iroquois TU, NY
Chenango Valley TU, NY
Scranton TU, PA
Catskill Mt. TU, NY
Tug Hill TU, NY
Southeast TU, MA
Greater Boston TU, MA
Northeast TU, MA
Croton Watershed TU, NY
Clearwater TU, NY
Mid-Hudson TU, NY
Iron Furnace TU, PA
Stan Cooper TU, PA
Thames Valley TU, CT
Hammonasset TU, CT
Chittenango TU, NY
Orvis-Manhattan, NY
Orvis-Boston, MA
Green Mt. Fly Tiers Assoc. VT
Rivers Edge Trading Co.(Orvis)
Central NY Fly Fishers, NY
Oysterville Yacht Club, MA
Rochester Sportsman Show, NY  (2 ½ day show, paid featured guest speaker and fly casting demo’s.)
Albany Outdoors Show, NY  (2 ½ day show, paid featured guest speaker and fly casting demo’s.)
Wilmington Sportsman Show MA.  (2 ½ day show, paid featured guest speaker and fly casting demo’s.)
(More not listed here)

Web Site Testimonial: Randy, Your knowledge and willingness to share it without condition is simply marvelous for everyone, but mostly for the fish. You should be commended for helping make this magnificent fishery what it is.

THANKS! I'm simply sharing my true fishing passion's with other's, with similar interest's.
Thanking you all.... for making my fishing report pages the TOP guide site to visit for this area over these past 25 years and over our entire 8 month BIG fish river season.
It has been my sincere pleasure sharing my 35 plus years of full-time, proffessional guiding insight, experience, experimentation, borrowed ideas and taught techniques with you all. Thank you all for your words of encouragement, kind words and continued support!

Bragging Rights: Professional Affiliations:
Distributed World Wide Books: Simon Gawesworth, Spey Casting, First and also Second Editions. Rich Murphy, Fly Fishing for Striped Bass. (More not listed here)
Covers, feature articles and guide profiles in: Saltwater Fly Fishing Magazine, Fly Fishing in Saltwater Magazine, Albany, Syracuse, Utica and N.Y. Times Newspapers, N.Y. Sportsmen, N.Y. Fishing and Hunting and Salmon River Success Magazines.
(Many more not listed here, some World Wide Distribution in different languages)
Many World Wide Internet Fishing Sites and News Feed's.
Paid featured guest speaker at Sports Shows, Fresh and Saltwater fishing.
Guest speaker at most Trout Unlimited Chapters, fly tying, tackle and Orvis shops around New England and beyond.
I have had the pleasure of being interviewed with some of the top fly fisherman, fly fishing Author's of the World. (Lefty Kreh, more not listed here)
Represented the Orvis Corporation as a guide and chief instructor of their 2 1/2 day Cape Cod Saltwater Fly fishing Schools.
(P.S. I don't discriminate. I also enjoy guiding you spin anglers too! - yukyuk)
Outstanding Steelhead Salmon guide offers fishing reports on the Salmon River in Pulaski NY off the drift boat for Steelhead Author Randy Jones (Photo courtesy of  fishing catalogue)

ENJOY a fast and fun drift boat trip down the Salmon River in Pulaski NY covering 4 miles in 4 minutes during the Splendor of our Winter and Fall fishing seasons.
CHECK OUT the World Record Steelhead we caught that day @ end of drift boat video!
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I Made These For You
Magical Spring Steelhead Day! (Video Credit "Repeat Client" Allen K.)
Money Back Guarantee!  Complementary Top Secret (Ssssh!) Guide Tips on ADVANCED Fish Locations to help YOU catch more fish on the Salmon River Pulaski NY.
What helps to induce a BIG RUN of Steelhead or Salmon?
Temporary Transitional Resting
Prime Transitional Holding
Prime Fall, Winter and Spring Holding Pools                          
3 Prime and Basic Current Breaks in every pool you should know about to help YOU catch more fish.
Where to fish for Steelhead in the Water Column
I'm the first person to EVER Bungee Jump NAKED off the Long Bridge over the Salmon River in Pulaski NY. Police were called and I was arrested ;)  FISH ON!
My Video Jokes for Today
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Current Local Salmon River NY Fishing News, Photo's, Articles, Humor and Tips. One stop.....  cover's 90% of what's current and important to your fishing interest's. (New content being added frequently)
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Check'm out! It compartmentalizes everything I've posted over the many years into its own folder.

ENJOY some of my Best Fish Photo's over some 25 years of guiding "Full-Time" here on the SLAM'N Salmon River NY :)
@ with Comments.

A Multitude of Photo's (w/comments) of all the Trophy Fish you can catch up here over our 8 month BIG fish river season! (A must see)

Bonus Updated Archived Fishing Reports w/Photo's, Articles, Humor, Tips and Mail Bag Q and A's can be found here. Enjoy!

Hey, check me out on Yelp. It has 71 photo's of all the trophy fish to can catch up here over our 8 month BIG fish river season @

Funny Steelhead Salmon guide offers great fishing reports on the Salmon River NY from the drift boat
I'm a full-time professional fly/spin fishing guide with over 35 years of experience. I've represented the Orvis Corporation as a guide and chief instructor of their 2 1/2 day Saltwater Fly fishing schools. (I don't discriminate. I also enjoy guiding you spin anglers too! - yukyuk)
During the Fall, Winter, and Spring I run drift boat trips on the World Class Salmon River, Pulaski N.Y. using fly/spin and floats for Steelhead, Brown Trout, Coho, Atlantic's and King Salmon.
There's no Nookie like Chinookie ;)

Fishing reports for the Salmon River "The Salmon River, where Memories are Made

Phone #315 963 2065  Email:
$275 for 1 angler Fly or Spin Fishing.
$350 for 2 anglers Fly or Spin Fishing..
Orvis Fly - Spin fishing equipment, tackle provided. Please bring your own Lunch, Polarized Glass's and Chest Waders.
Trips are 8-9 hours from the time we meet until we hit the drift boat ramp at day's end. (May run over)

Gift certificates are available for Trips

Reservations and Deposits:
Reservation is confirmed upon receipt of a $100 deposit (per day) within 7 days of booking.

Mailed to:
Randy Jones
87 Clark Rd.
Mexico, NY

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