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Striped Bass - Bluefish

We wade fish the southeast part of Cape Cod. This area is comprised of ocean islands, sand flats, marsh, bays, beaches, channels, rips, holes and surf. The area we fish is dependent on time of year, temperature of the water, weather and tide. A shuttle boat may be used to access offshore areas.
                                                                                                                                                      HERE'S WHAT TO EXPECT:

May - Stripers galore. Areas are loaded with schoolies. These are what I call the salad days - any fly works.

Late May - early June- As the water warms, you'll see them on the flats and cruising along the beaches in schools of 50 to 200.
Sighting numerous fish passing by you within casting range in a 5 hour period is not uncommon. Sometimes, all day if we have the sun.

There are no fussy fish in this group. They are fresh, aggressive, and extremely hungry after their long journey from the Delaware, Chesapeake Bay and Hudson River areas.

On the Cape, we have the largest concentration of summer time resident stripers along the New England coast.

Early June - mid July - Expect 8-15 pound bluefish. This is when our largest resident and migratory stripers arrive. This is the best and easiest time of the year to catch a trophy.

                                                          Mid July - August -  This is when the big boys are all around and getting very fussy and challenging. Hope your knots are good.

                                                                                                                                                                  Reports on Cape Cod are available at " Fishing Reports "

Cape Cod - Wade One angler - $275 Two anglers - $350
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