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Drift boat fishing for steelhead and salmon with guide on the Salmon River Pulaski NY

Salmon River Fishing Testimonials, fishing steelhead in Pulaski NY

To quote a Drift Boat Guide that I know, our trip yesterday was O U T S T A N D I N G, in every sense of the word.  Although I live just an hour away from the Salmon River NY, I have only fished the Salmon River in Pulaski NY for four years.  I feel very comfortable with my Salmon "catching" expertise, but the elusive Steelhead is a different story.  I am still at the low end of the learning curve when it comes to chromers.  Yesterday we made some major progress on the learning curve, correcting some things I was doing wrong, and fine tuned some other points. PLUS we hit ten Steelhead and landed two.  I never hook "jumpers"----I think you must have planted the two leapers that we had.  When "out of staters" come to the Salmon River NY, they have to pack a whole season into two or three days---well, yesterday, I packed a whole season of experiences, thrills of victory and the agony of losing a 16# Steelhead leaper at the net in one very enjoyable, eight hour Guide Drift Boat trip down the Salmon River Pulaski NY. I appreciate your patience, guidance, and sense of humor. Thank you for an outstanding day, Dave  

Drift boat fly fishing for steelhead or salmon with guide on the Salmon River Pulaski NY Dave, tired and sore, in Oneida. (If any of you see Dave fishing, please give him plenty of room. I've seen how he cast's) yukyuk

Randy, What a great day, just when I thought I knew a little something about steelhead fishing I had to fish with you.  You really are a class act.  I really appreciate you sharing your expertise and patience as well as some of your "honey" holes with me.  I would encourage any steelhead fisherman, novice or expert, to fish with a guide even if it's just once, and if they can get Drift Boat Guide Randy Jones they're in for a great day.  There is so much to learn about this sport and you can trim years off the "learning curve" by fishing with a real pro such as yourself. Thanks again for the fun and truly a learning fishing experience.  And thanks for not mentioning that "hog" that snuck through the hole in your net, John
Drift boat fishing steelhead and salmon Drift boat fishing steelhead on the Salmon River Pulaski NY Drift boat guide fly fishing report Salmon River Pulaski NY John's honk'a off the drift boat! Approx. 16 lb. Steelhead. Great way to end the Fishing Day!

Randy, Wanted to thank you again for a wonderful drift boat day on the river.  I am very excited that on Daimon's first Steelhead Drift Boat Guide trip he was able to tie into some nice Steelhead. They say that dogs look like their owners, well, sometimes fish look like their catchers too.  That picture is too funny.  Thanks for putting us on that special Steelhead. Also, thanks for putting up with our fish tales and not giving us any time-outs.  You are a class act.  When you called out exactly where a Steelhead would be lying in the hole,  yelled, right there, and I felt a bump, I still can not believe that a Steelhead took the fly right as you called for it to happen.  You are spending way too much time on the Salmon River Randy.  Do you feel the jealousy coming out.  I will continue to recommend you to anyone who wants to learn the river or just be put on some fish.  Look forward to seeing you again soon, Daimon and Chris

Fly fishing Pulaski NY Drift boat guide steelhead or salmon on the Salmon River NY Salmon River NY fly fish Drift boat guide fishing for steelhead or salmon on the Salmon River Pulaski NY This was Daimon's first time drift boat fishing the Salmon River Pulaski NY off the drift boat. So we started him off slow and small on the above first Steelhead of approx. 6 lb. range. The next Steelhead he landed had a deformed mouth and resembled,  a Disney Fish. (he-he)  Above, Daimon does a nice imitation of the fish's expression. If Daimon can catch these Steelhead, then there is even  hope for the rest of you! - yukyuk

Salmon River Pulaski NY drift boat fishing guide has Salmon River guide fish reports Salmon River Pulaski NY river guide has Salmon River fish report off drift boat The last time Chris was out with me was last Feb. They played with something like 20 Steelhead that day. We fished 2 different spots (hit Steelhead in both) in the upper Salmon River off the drift boat while we waited for the slush to clear down river. Then hammered them again once the slush had cleared in the DSR (every hole) It was stupid with fish! (Remember?)

Fly fishing drift boat report from the Salmon River Pulaski NY At the last hole of the day off the drift boat we picked up a Honk'a. Approx. 16 lb. range!

Hi Randy; Well you did it again, only this time a little better. When Skip and I fished with you for Steelhead on the Salmon River on Friday December 13th off the drift boat we didn't beat our record of February the year before..Although the day was a good one the knowledge you taught us allowed us to catch and land many Steelhead on Saturday. We went 2 for 6 on Steelhead fishing on our own..Skip was the first to hook up and he landed a nice female Steelie.It gave him quite the fight, and if I must say I did a great job of netting it .We left the first spot you showed us and went to another one and it was my turn. I hookedup three times with one nice female coming to the net. She was almost as big as the male I caught the day before with you..Once again you came through  for us. We now have the confidence to find the fish and catch them on our own, Skip and John             

Drift boat Salmon River Pulaski NY Fly fishing report off drift boat on Salmon River NY w/Pulaski fly fish guide Skip shows off a couple nice bright 10 lb. (weighed) Steelhead off the drift boat on the Slam'n Salmon River NY.

Salmon and steelhead fishing drift boat guide on the Salmon River in Pulaski NY Guide has Salmon River fly fish report for steelhead off drift boat John lands the biggest fish of the day. A nice 16 lb. (weighed) Buck off the drift boat.

Randy, I just wanted to thank you for the Drift Boat trip that Gert and myself had with you yesterday.  Speaking for myself, I learned a lot; how to rig, what to use, where to find'em, good drifting techniques.  Although I didn't get one to the Drift Boat, I did enjoy the hell out of the 4 that I was fortunate enough to have fought.  Awesome Randy.  Me and Gert were grinning from ear to ear on the ride home. To make everything fair though, Gert really should send you some flies and a couple hundred yards of tippet material to make up for all the squirrel hunting he was insistent on doing, Gert and Tim
Guide Salmon River Pulaski NY off drift boat Gert was all smiles with the above drift boat Steelhead. Can't say I blame him!

Randy, Every time I go fishing, the optimist in me says "This might be the day."  Athletes pray for days like this, hoping they play in "the zone." I think fishermen do too. Surely, this is what keeps many of us thrashing the water with a piece of string. I can count on one hand the number of days when this has happened. Two of them have been with you. The first was two years ago today, Oct. 8, when I hooked 40 or 50 fish, including a 35 lb male king that now sits above my fireplace as an reminder of that one remarkable day of fishing. The other was last Friday. Not only did I land a pair of nice Kings, I also caught my first Cohos, a beautiful male brown and three fall-run steelhead -- my first grand slam on the Salmon River. All told, I had maybe 20 hookups, while my buddy Myles had almost as many and landed cohos, a brown and several steelhead. It wasn't as if this was a great day on the river. I saw many long faces and shaking heads as other anglers came up empty, lost lead and flies to the river bottom and called it quits by midday. The credit for my experience is all yours. I know there are many fishermen who can work the Salmon River and catch plenty of fish, especially when a run is on. I can do it on my own sometimes. But putting it all together when the fishing is slow as you did is a testimony to your skill, knowledge and hard work. Looking forward to my next trip with you and the chance to yell "Fish On"!
Regards, JIm
Drift boat on the Salmon River Pulaski NY Nice bright fresh steelhead. Congrats Jim!

Randy, I did want to take the chance again not only to thank you for the fun, the Salmon, the knowledge and your company, but also the incredible patience and extra effort you went to for us.  Dad repeatedly said that it was one of the best Drift Boat Fishing trips he's ever had and I know that your contributions all made that possible.  We've always enjoyed our Fishing trips together into the woods, but every once and a while a Fishing trip stands out as a classic that gets relived over the phone and holiday dinners until the fish have grown to the size of whales, the weather colder than the Klondike at Christmas, and the BS deeper than a mushroom farm.  You've given us another one that will be fondly relived for many years to come. It becomes even more special as it I begin to become more aware that times like that can't be taken for granted. That is something for which I will always be in your debt. Thanks John
Drift boat guide steelhead fish report Salmon and steelhead drift boat guide fly fishing the Salmon River in Pulaski NY John and his father with a coupl'a King Salmon.

Updated Drift Boat Fishing Reports for the Salmon River in Pulaski NY @ "Fishing Reports"

Randy, Just wanted to say thanks for a great day of fishing last week in your secret fishing hole. Rick and I figured that together we hooked up about 60 to 70 times. The water where you fish is perfect for landing fish that are fair hooked and it is out of the way enough which discourages the crowds.
Also we liked the way you  positioned us in the hole so we didn't have to wade through a long line of fisherman to fight the fish down stream. We also appreciate your encouraging not only an ethical approach to fishing but a considerate approach to other fisherman around us. I think it helped other non guided fisherman to learn the right way to fish as well as stream etiquette. Great job Randy. I look forward to our Drift Boat trip in November. Seems like the Steelhead are in the river in greater numbers now versus previous years. Should be a good Fishing Steelhead November. Stan
Trophy steelhead trout caught from the drift boat with a Salmon River Pulaski NY Steelhead fishing guide Stan lands a 30 plus lb. King Salmon off the drift boat that's going on the wall. Congrats!

Randy, It has been two days since my day on the river with you, and I am having a difficult time getting focused. I have fished in many parts of the country and have caught many fish, not one experience however was as exciting as my time on the Salmon River NY with you. My first outing for King Salmon on the river with you proved to be the most electrifying day of drift boat fishing I have had in over 40 years. Hooking up over 15 times and landing 6 King Salmon is something I will never forget. Your guidance and instruction will remain locked in my mind for use on future drift boat fishing trips to this magnificent fishery. The day before our trip I fished the Salmon River by myself and although I hooked up 4 times I failed to land a Salmon. There is no doubt that had I fished the Salmon River the day after our Drift Boat Guide trip, I would have not only hooked more fish, I certainly would have landed some. I guess the only way I will be able to get focused again is to book another Drift Boat Guide day on the Salmon River with you. Please let me know if you have any open days available during the Steelhead run. Thanks for the Fishing experience of a lifetime, Larry
Steelhead Salmon River Pulaski NY Larry with a nice big'ol King Salmon. Congrats!

Randy, Thanks for the great photo of the HOG you and I landed. This year was particularly enjoyable for me. Even though there were relatively few fish caught up and down the river by others, due to low water and fish volumes, it was amazing how effective our group was. I did not see anyone even come close to the amount of fish we handled and, in many cases, landed. As a bonus, I certainly learned a lot about handling a fly rod in just a couple of days, something relatively new for me. Thanks for your patience and consistent sharing of techniques. Bottom line; best guide, best location, best dates, best gear,---big fish! I am thinking we need to rebook out at least until I will be too old to move--the only excuse not to be out on the river with "The Man". See you next year if not before on the Salmon River Pulaski NY. Thanks! Clint Woods
Drift boat on Salmon River NY w/Pulaski steelhead guide and author Randy Jones Salmon River Pulaski NY drift boat Clint lands a beauty King Salmon of approx. 30 lb's. off the drift boat. Congrats! (Fish Released into Cooler) Steelie too!

Randy: Just wanted to let you know that  we all had a good time Fishing and being Guided by you off the drift boat. We learned alot too. I re-rigged my reel that night with a Cortland shooting line and hooked a lot of fish .  On Thursday  I hooked a bunch of kings (over 10) and I landed two steelhead, one of which was 30 inches and perfectly silver!  Thanks for all your help! Steve Saliga
The Salmon River in Pulaski NY drift boat guide Randy Jones with Steve This steelhead is as bright fresh as they get. Congrats Steve!

Hi Randy, That Steelhead Drift Boat trip was probably the best Steelhead Guide fishing experience I have ever had. And I fish alot! My wife and I thank you so much for your terrific sense of humor, the knowledge you pass on, and for the personal attention you gave each of us as we pursue our quest for these fish of a lifetime... Thanks for the memories, Rick Jensen
Fishing Salmon River Pulaski NY drift boat Steelhead caught from the drift boat with Salmon River Pulaski NY Steelhead fly fishing guide Rick with the first of many. Biggest Steelhead of the day was a bright 15 lb.'er off the drift boat! (All fish released)

HELLO RANDY I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for an incredible day of fishing.I have fished with you twice and I have hooked a total of 19 steelhead, I know people who have been fishing that Salmon River in Pulaski NY for five years and havent hooked that many Steelhead. As I was driving home I was laughing, the Salmon River was at 1200, the weather was bad, and the Steelhead fishing had been slow for five days, still I had the best day of my life. As a registered maine guide and a person who has fished all over the world ,I have never met anyone who works as hard to get fish as you do. Anyone who is thinking about fishing the "Salmon River" should book a Drift Boat Guide trip with you. If the dates aren't available they should change there plans to get an open date, Its the closest you can get to a sure thing in Steelhead fishing.
Thanks again I'll see you next March hope the river is high and the weather is bad. Capt. William Griffin
Guide drift boat fishing on the Salmon River Pulaski NY for steelhead and salmon Capt. Bill lands a 20 lb. Buck. Steelhead of a lifetime released off the drift boat. HOLY COW'A BUNG'A!!

November 2 is a day I will remember for the rest of my life . It started out crisp and clear in the morning as we started our Drift Boat Trip down the river .My companions were Drift Boat Guide Randy Jones of Yankee Angler , and my best friend Jim Ciantar .
We stopped at a couple of holes to fish but with little success , and I mean little . The second place we stopped Jim and I teamed up to take six fish ranging from 3-6 inches long . We all got a pretty good chuckle out of that . However it gave Randy an opportunity to work on our techniques . The proper cast and drift is crucial when fishing the Salmon River . Randy is one of the finest teachers I have come across . He has an uncommon blend of humor , patience , and knowledge which is rare . He explained his tactics and why he uses them . Steelhead location and why they are there . Also seasonal changes regarding Steelhead location , all invaluable fishing information
The third spot we hit was awesome . Which by the way , Randy was rushing to because he knew some Steelhead were there . Within a couple of minutes after dropping the Drift Boat anchor I hooked up with a real burner Steelhead, but lost him . The Fishing had been slow up to that point but Jim and I managed to hook up five more Steelhead in the next couple of hours . We worked the hole from both sides in and out of the Drift Boat . All the while Fishing Guide Randy was coaching us on how to properly fish the hole and where the Steelhead lay-up . Before we left that hole I managed to hook and land the below 17.5 pound beautiful male steelie . (Who will spend the rest of his days on my wall . ) It has taken me nine years and a lot of time and money to get that fish . My first good steelhead .Truly a fish of a lifetime . Jim also hooked a nice silver bullet Steelhead about 12 pounds but lost him at the net .
I have been fishing for a long time , and for many different species , from marlin to pan fish . In those years I have had some really great days . This certainly was one of the best . The combination of beautiful weather , great people , cooperative fish on a scenic river , well that is pretty hard to beat .
For those of you just getting started in salmon and steelhead fishing , do yourself a favor . Hire a Guide . It does not have to take nine years like it took me . I highly recommend Randy he is a true professional and a real good guy, Ron and Jim
Randy, We would like to take a moment to thank you again for what we can only describe as "The best Drift Boat Guide Steelhead fishing trip I have ever taken!" The knowledge you passed along will last a lifetime and forever change the way I fish the Salmon River. Jim
Drift boat fishing for steelhead and salmon on the Salmon River Pulaski NY Ron Scheer , Vernon C.T.

Superb Drift Boat Fishing Reports for the Salmon River Pulaski NY @" Fishing Reports"   

Randy, Just a brief note to say thanks again for sharing an incredible day on the old Pucker Brush off the drift boat on March 15th. I realized afterward that I got caught up with the catching and didn't ask a lot of intended questions. Fortunately you continued, throughout the day, to provide a wealth of detail and information. Not only did  I learn how to be a better steelhead fisherman but also learned a few things about dedication, organization and service. Looking forward to fishing with you in November. Bill Gemmell
Guide drift boat fishing salmon and steelhead on the Salmon River Pulaski NY Fishing steelhead and salmon on the Salmon River Pulaski NY Guide drift boat fishing on the Salmon River Pulaski NY Bill with just a few of the fish we landed. Bill's best day ever. Congrats! (All fish Released )
Randy: Bill and I had a great time with you useing the Drift Boat in the Douglaston Salmon River. Your knowledge of the Salmon River NY, presentations, and ability to put us on Steelhead was spectacular.  It was a pleasure to spend time with you and we both commented on your level of enthusiasm which never waned from the beginning of the day to the end and the Drift Boat row back (well at least part of the way back ha! ha!) to the lighthouse.
Guide drift boat After fishing with me for a day, they went on their own into the same area we fished off the drift boat and hit a couple of lakers, brown and 2 steelhead. Congrats!

Again both Rik and I thank you for another great trip. I continue to marvel at both your knowledge of the Salmon River and the patience exercised in providing instructions on the techniques necessary to successfully catch fish; with the bonus of enabling us to fish with the best Orvis equipment. There may have been a lot of fisherman in the Douglaston Run, but I seriously doubt anyone one was as successful as Rik and I in hooking-up on as many salmon. (And lucky Rik catches his first Steelhead of 20lbs on his first cast of the day.) When I recall us fishing a pool in the afternoon and hooking 18 to 20 salmon in a three hour period while an array of other fisherman fishing the same pool never got a strike, is a tribute to your superior abilities as a guide. I consider myself fortunate to be able to fish with you as many times as I have in such a short period of time (I believe it was my seventh trip in one and one half years.) There will hopefully be many more trips and all will be you if you continue to be available. Those three successful spring steelhead trips with you has me now hooked. As I have repeatedly stated to my many fishing friends, you can either go fishing or you can charter Drift Boat Guide Randy for "catching". Dick
Steelhead and salmon on the Salmon River NY Dick Koelling with a nice steelhead. Congrats!

I just wanted to take the time to say THANK YOU for a most excellent trip yesterday. Having fished the Lake Ontario tributaries for nearly 20 years and guiding for 10 of those, yesterday was by far the best fishing I have ever experienced. You really put us on the fish, IT WAS AMAZING. In two decades of fishing my biggest coho was 18 pounds. I caught FOUR coho yesterday that beat it (18.5lb, 19lb, 20lb, and 22lb). Our Norwegian guest Geir Sivertzen had the time of his life and will remember this day forever with a big smile on his face. I caught and released more coho yesterday than I have in the last 4 years combined! What else can I say . . . a grand slam (35lb king, 17lb steelie, 7lb brown, 22lb coho), all three of us hooked up simultaneously at least 4 times, having to net fish two at a time, Bob, Geir and myself landing 50 out of 85 fish AND all on fly rods!!! Yes, our arms are SORE!! We simply cannot thank you enough for sharing your expertise and helping us to have a most memorable day. You are truly one of the standouts on our Mustad Guide Prostaff. Sincerely, Jeff Pierce National Sales Coordinator - O. Mustad & Son (U.S.A.) Inc.
Guide drift boat report on the Salmon River NY Jeff with a fresh steelhead landed off the drift boat on the Salmon River, NY. Congrats!

Randy, I have had a chance to fish with drift boat guides from all over North America and you are one of the very best. I really appreciated the knowledge you shared and the personal attention given to Geir, Jeff and myself. Mustad is fortunate to have you on our guide pro staff and I look forward to a long fishing relationship. Regards, Bob Funk National Sales Manager-O. Mustad & Son (USA) Inc.

Dear Whitakers,
On Sept.18, my brother- in- Law Rob Martinsen and I engaged Randy Jones’ Drift Boat Guide services to fish for Salmon on the Salmon River NY. This was the second time this year we had been guided by Randy, the first time was for steelhead. Both outings proved very productive in regards to both fish hooked and fishing knowledge gained. We have lost count of how many steelhead and salmon hooked when out with Randy, while we can count on one hand how many we have caught on our own. Most importantly were the skills we were taught and the insights into the Salmon River and its fish.
Randy was both professional and knowledgeable. He intimately understood the topography of the river and the fish’s behavior within it, and was open in sharing his knowledge with us. He tailored his help to our individual skill levels. He was prompt and dedicated to teaching us as much as we could absorb. His endurance was remarkable. We began at five in the morning and would still have been fishing at dark if we ourselves hadn’t called it a day from exhaustion. We enjoyed your accommodations and plan on staying with you next spring. Best regards, William Au
Randy, I just wanted to thank you for one of the greatest Steelhead Fishing days of my life. You are a true master of your craft. See you on the cape. Bill Cody
Drift boat fishing steelhead and salmon on the Salmon River NY Salmon River Pulaski NY
Randy, I really appreciate your time and efforts, as I'm sure many others do. You define what I think all fishermen should be: thoughtful, courteous, and respectful not to mention friendly! Great Fun! Great Photos! Great Story! Great Memories!! Now that's fishin'!!!!

Hey Randy, I just wanted to drop you a note of thanks for a great guided drift boat steelhead fishing experience on the Salmon River NY last Friday.(2/23 Report)  What an amazing treat it was to see my father land his first Steelhead in almost 19 years!  He introduced me to the Salmon River as a teenager, and I've been hooked ever since.   I have to tell you...Dad is hooked again!  He emailed me today to let me know that he's having a fly rod custom built! Amazing what a little "lightning" on the end of your line will do, huh?  We had a great day...5 for 8, and most of all, we truly learned some things from you that will only make us more successful in our searches for Steel!  Your professionalism and knowledge of the river made our entire day.  You can count on us to refer you to all of our friends, and who knows, maybe we'll even come out to the Cape for a day of Striper fishing! Thanks again, Bill
Steelhead in Pulaski NY Guide drift boat fishing for salmon Bill with his father Jim

Posted by TTDave on November 02, 1999 Report:
10/28, Had only one hook up by myself. 10/29, water still at 335cfs, fished with Drift Boat Steelhead Guide Randy Jones, had 7 hookups before noon, landed two steelhead.
Hi Randy, By the way, both Warren and I had a fantastic time and look forward to Steelhead fishing with you the next time. Your attentiveness, knowledge, instructional skills, and good humor really make fishing with you a blast. And we even caught some Steelhead! Thanks again...Andy and Warren

Drift boat steelhead fishing on the Salmon River NY Guide drift boat salmon fishing on the Salmon Pulaski River NY Salmon River Pulaski NY fishing for Steelhead off the guide drift boat Salmon River Pulaski NY fishing off the drift boat Andy and Warren enjoying a boat load of steelhead! Looks like Andy is trying to spawn with that female steelhead? Congrats again to you both!!

Rudolf Vey  NJ October 4, 1999
Dear Randy, It was again a great pleasure to fish with you as a drift boat guide on the Salmon River. We were really; really happy with the number and size of the fish we caught. I still think about that second day when Achim caught a 16 lbs. Steelhead in the morning and an 18 lbs. Steelhead in the afternoon. That day I had my first "Salmon River Grand Slam", a King Salmon, a Coho Salmon, a Steelhead and a Brown Trout. What a great day fishing that was. We were both so happy. We must say, we felt special. We hooked and caught fish by the dozens, whereas other anglers fishing the same spot stayed either fishless or hooked only the odd fish. Do to your Guide knowledge of the river and the fish.
Altogether we hooked over 160 fish in three days (I still remember my number for Saturday, Sunday and Monday: 32 – 14 – 54, that’s exact 100 fish hooked). And we still do laugh about it. We had a ball of a time fishing, and needless to say, you had a great part in it. Also, the accommodation at "Whitakers" was great as well. The new owners, the Adamski family, are great people – we really loved how we were treated, not as customers - no, we felt more as friends. Thanks again, Rudy Vey
Salmon River Pulaski NY fishing with steelhead guide 1 King Salmon was kept for dinner. Congrats!

A couple of friends and I spent three frustrating days in SEPTEMBER fishing the Salmon River NY. The sun was hot and the water was low and clear. All of us came up empty. I figured I needed a second fishing trip to get the scent of skunk off. This was the one you dream about. On Friday, I quickly lost count of the hookups, but it was way into double digits. Among those I landed was a 35lb male king. I'd give guide Randy Jones even more credit here, but I'm afraid that if too many people find out how good this guy is I won't be able to book him again. While the stretch of river I fished wasn't that crowded, others were a zoo. Another note of appreciation for yesterday's outing for steelhead and your teaching Rick, and providing me reinforcements, regarding the techniques for hooking, playing, and landing steelhead. I was as pleased as Rick that he caught and released his first steelhead. Fortunately he did it while he was 30 years old and not 55. But as many of your clients and readers have previously reported, I also made many unsuccessful fishing trips (not even a hook-up) to the Salmon River NY before making a 1998 trip with you and catching several steelhead in "Pucker Brush Creek". My only disappointment is that your reputation for catching fish and teaching successful steelhead/salmon techniques has made you a very popular Drift Boat Guide which makes it difficult to book with you unless you plan far ahead. Thanks, Dick and Rick
Salmon River Pulaski NY fishing for steelhead Salmon River Pulaski NY with drift boat guide Rick and dad Dick both land a couple Steelhead beauties. Congrats ! ( All Fish Released )
There ARE so many entry-level fly fishermen who are constantly trying to improve their skills in this sport. Clearly the more time on the Salmon River with some one like you can help to reduce the experimentation and personal favorites or approaches that many times doesn’t relate to catching these magnificent fish.
Hi Randy, I just wanted to drop you a note to say thanks for an awesome day on the River 3/21.  Alex and I appreciated you sharing your knowledge of the Salmon River NY but more importantly helping us hook into some Steelhead.  As soon as the pictures come back alex will have his lone Steelhead plastered on the walls in his office and in his living room. In addition I would like to commend you on your professionalism.  You do an excellent job promoting the sport.  I look forward to scheduling another Drift Boat Guide trip with you next spring.Thanks, Mark
Salmon River Pulaski NY with fishing steelhead drift boat guide Salmon River Pulaski NY steelhead caught from the drift boat Mark lands a couple small Steelhead. (he-he)Pulaski NY salmon and Steelhead fishing report with a guide drift boat on the Salmon River NY Mark and brother Alex celebrate his first landed steelhead ever! (Only took him 3 years! - yukyuk) Congrats to you both!

Current Drift Boat Fishing Reports for the Salmon River Pulaski NY @
"Fishing Reports"

Just a note to say thanks for a great day of fishing. We got home I did a bit of research. That 35lb king I caught would have been a world record on 8lb test on a fly rod. The record is 31lb.

Randy, Thank you for a truly great outing.  Basically, I knew nothing about the Salmon River - in previous trips would usually end up somewhere in Altmar, following other fishermen around like a sheep.  Now, I feel confident that I can approach the Salmon River with a strategy and a technique that will at least afford me the opportunity to identify and access "fishy" water and present my fly to fish for as long and as naturally as possible.  Additionally, we studied numerous slots and runs that I never would've even considered stumbling around on my own.  As I learned, it really is as precise as fitting a key into a lock.
I cannot stress enough how invaluable this drift boat guide experience was, from the stand point of a guy that lives a couple hours away, and simply cannot devote the time necessary to develop on my own a comfort level with such a complex fishery.  I hope you will be able to find some room for me in March...I promise it will take me less than half a day to figure out that "straight out in front of you" means straight out in front of me. By the way, I think I pulled my hamstring sprinting after that last Steelhead. Thanks again. Andy Romanow
Pulaski NY Salmon River steelhead and Salmon drift boat fishing guide Andy works the lil - hole down to - and is 3 for 6 on Steelhead for the day. All dime bright freshies!

Randy, Thank you for your courtesy, sportsmanship, wit and wisdom, and your willingness to help others learning about fishing in all its forms.

Posted by Jay on November 21, 1999
I fish the Salmon River three to four times a week and often observe you with your clients. I believe you’re a first class guide and fisherman. Too bad there aren't more of you! All I can say is if you'd watch this man do his stuff on the river you'd be a better fisherman. Thanks Randy!

Hi Randy, Thanks for a memorable Drift Boat Guide trip and a favorable write-up on your website! We would like to do a Monomoy striper trip with you, a fall 2001 salmon trip, and a spring 2002 steelhead trip. Just let us know when we can get out again with you...Tight Lines, Larry
Pulaski NY Salmon River drift boat guide fishing for steelhead and salmon Fishing the Salmon River in Pulaski NY for steelhead and salmon Larry and Don with some nice steelhead. Caught and released off the drift boat on the lower Salmon River, NY. Congrats!
Randy, Just to let you know that Thomas & I had a great time fishing with you yesterday.  You have a particularly good way of explaining things to kids that help them  understand.  However, the most valuable thing to me was that he (and I) got to fish with someone who understands and respects the resource and takes the  time to explain the fish, it's life cycle, conservation and on stream courtesy and sportsmanship.  It's a lesson that I hope sticks long after the memory of that 15 pound steelie has faded. Look forward to fishing with you again. Mike
Thanks Mike, its always fun to try to help hook something other than fish. I think we succeeded!
Drift boat fishing report for the Salmon River in Pulaski NY for steelhead
Tom was all smiles after fighting this big Steelhead off the drift boat. This was his first time ever fishing for Steelhead. The second Steelhead even though smaller, still gave him a great fight and both Steelhead will last in his memory for a life time. Congrats Tom! (Both Steelhead released )

Salmon River Drift Boat Guide Randy Jones gets glowing remarks from everyone. I've had the privilege of corresponding with him via email on a range of different issues related to the Salmon River NY fishery from conservation to fishing techniques and he is an absolute first-rate guy. You'd be hard pressed to find anyone who has as much knowledge about the Salmon River as him and even more hard pressed to find someone who is as eager and willing to share it. If I were to use a guide again, he'd be it. Most folks who have had any contact with him would say the same, unless of course they were competing with him for business. So beware, there are guides out there who, for lack of a better word, suck. I know from experience. If you don't know the Salmon River well and you want a quality experience, call Drift Boat Guide Randy Jones. If you do know it well and want to learn even more, call Randy Jones. He's a guide with integrity that always puts his clients first but will never do it at the sake of the fish or the fishery.

Re: Seeking advice on a Salmon River guide?
Posted by Jim Richenderfer on Sunday, October 31, 1999 Recommend Drift Boat Steelhead Guide Randy Jones for first time visit to Salmon River NY. Was out with him on Oct. 28th. Hard working, knowledgeable, friendly. He spends much time on the water, will get you into salmon and steelhead.

Posted by Glenn D. on Monday, November 1, 1999 I second the information from Jim. I was out with Randy on Oct.16. He gives 110% to make your Steelhead Fishing trip successful.

Posted by Ken Link on Monday, November 1, 1999 I second what the other people have said - go w/ Drift Boat Spin Fly Fishing Guide Randy Jones. I have used him the last two years and find him to be the best Salmon River Guide by far. HOWEVER, I do tie better flies than him, according to the Steelhead and Cohos we caught together last week (ha ha Randy!!). You will learn a lot from Randy and catch fish as well. Enjoy!

New York Fishing Message Board Posted by Ross on November 09, 1999 
Steelhead fished last Thursday with Drift Boat Guide Randy Jones on the Salmon River NY. We had hook-ups on Steelhead all day long. This was very exciting Fly Fishing for these beasts, many took me deep into my backing. We landed 3 steelhead with one being in the 17 pound range. Randy is a hard-working guide who can put you onto fish. I highly recommend him if you are new to steelhead fishing. He loves to teach and share his vast knowledge of the Salmon River.

That's great Ross! I'm glad to hear that you had a successful Drift Boat Fly Fishig Guide Trip with Randy. We are proud to have Randy on our Prostaff here at Mustad. He is truly a great guide, teacher and person. You just gotta love those steelie's. Fishing with him back in September I landed 2 coho's that would have broken the current IGFA fly rod tippet records for 8lb and 12lb. He really put us into fish and taught our guest a great deal. Jeff
Fishing the Salmon River in Pulaski NY with a guide Jeff with a Trophy Coho Salmon! (There is no HO like a Coho, did I jus say that? ;)

Randy, I wanted to let ya know, I was very gun-shy about hiring a drift boat fishing guide .But after a lot of thought, and the necessity of learning( I emphasize LEARNING ) one of the best steelhead waters in the state of NY. I made no mistake hiring you as my Guide!. You showed me one of the best Drift Boat Fly Fishing trips I've ever had. (I think he knows every hole -pebble-rock in the entire Salmon River) Your personality and teaching skills and willingness to share it ! Far surpasses anything I expected! I want to thank you for the best fishing trip I've ever taken. Learned more with you in 1 day ,than I could have in a Year!! Looking forward to the next trip (still have the lower half to learn, along with my angling skills) Your Professionalism and teaching skills are AWESOME!! Thanks Dave
Fishing the Salmon River Pulaski NY for Salmon Congrats on that fine Steelhead Dave!
Wanted: Salmon River Drift Boat Fishing Guide for Steelhead Fishing Sunday, 05-Dec-1999
I am looking for a Salmon River fishing guide that specializes in steelhead fly-fishing. Can anyone provide a recommendation? I would like to try booking a trip during the Dec/Jan timeframe. Thanks.

I suggest you try Randy Jones I spent a day with him earlier this year. HE got me into fish on day when few anglers were catching. He will also share his knowledge and teach how to do it on your own. To top it off he is nice guy too.

I've never used a drift boat guide, but from what I hear Randy Jones is the man. There was a lot of talk about him and everyone recommended him. He seems to be interested in helping everyone catch fish legally.

Randy, Thank You for a wonderful Drift Boat trip on the Salmon River NY. I had a great time Steelhead fishing with you. If I would have just fished the Salmon Rriver (with the techniques I know) I would have been skunked!!!! I will say hi to Barry for you. For those reading this Barry is an owner operator of a long running Orvis Fly Fishing store in my area. One day in his Fly shop he was talking to some customers about the Salmon River and mentioned Drift Boat Guide Randy Jones. He said if you guys go there make sure you book a trip with Randy. I had already done so, so it made me feel confident on my choice of Salmon River Guides. I was not disappointed. Randy works harder than all of us combined to make your trip a pleasant one. His knowledge and personality makes him the best. Barry was right... Randy Jones is the best guide on the salmon river....BAR NONE Thanks Again Mickey
Fishing report in the Salmon River near Pulaski NY with a drift boat guide Holy Cow! What a Trophy Steelhead Mickey! Congrats again!!

Wow, thanx much for the great tips from your website Randy! You RULE! Thanks so much, I learn something from you every time. Have a great Christmas!

Dear Randy, I wanted to thank you again for such a great steelhead drift boat day on Sunday.  Steven and I are convinced that we learned as much about Steelheading and the Salmon River itself in one day as we would have in 10 years of our own wading and exploring.  Landing 2 out of 8 Steelhead made the day a grand success!  Thanks again, and save me a date in Monomy for the summer. All the best and tight lines, Roger Murphy
Salmon River in Pulaski NY with a steelhead guide Roger with just one of many steelhead that came to hand off the drift boat on this day. Congrats!

Friday, Nov 5 was a wonderful day of learning and fishing on the Salmon River. I spent the day with Drift Boat Guide Randy Jones. Our goal was to walk and map the holes and prime fishing spots at the Douglaston Salmon Run in Pulaski and the lower fly zone in Altmar. That we did and at the same time I was 3 for 8 on steelhead. Randy was very knowledgeable, patient and very informative. He provided me with four pages of hand drawn maps of every inch of the DSR. I have spent many, many dollars on this disease called fishing but I know the money spent on Friday is an investment that will provide a great return in the future. Thank you Randy!!!!!!! Dave Smith

Posted by Dave Hromowyk Truly amazed and no longer frustrated! Fished the Altmar section 10/28 and had two hook-ups with salmon. No steelies for the day. Water at 335cfs and clear. On 10/29 fished same area only this day I had booked Randy Jones, a Salmon River Guide, to show me how it's done. Fantastic day! Hook-ups were numerous enough to enjoy a superb day on the river. They were everywhere we walked. Randy showed me places where fish were that nobody else was even fishing. And we are talking steelhead with blue skies and 70 degrees. You want to LEARN something AND catch fish legally; this guide can do the job! Anyway, 3 steelhead for the morning (8 - 14 lbs.), and three more Steelhead hook-ups in the PM changed my whole fishing trip on the Salmon River NY. Thanx Randy

Randy, Thanks an awful lot for the tremendous day on the water.  Once again you provided a memorable experience and some very valuable information. Although I only landed 4 of the 10 Steelhead hooked, it turned out to be the kind of Drift Boat Guide trip that most people would truly appreciate.  Wait a minute, did I say TEN Steelhead hooked?!  That's more Steelhead than I'd ever played with in one day before!  And these were quality Steelhead.  The Drift Boat trip part was informative as well.  Now I have an idea of what to look for on my next Steelhead Fly Fishing trip out there, how to fish those waters, and with what equipment. Anyway, thanks Randy - JOB WELL DONE! Dave
Pulaski NY with a drift boat steelhead guide Salmon River in Pulaski NY with a salmon and steelhead drift boat guide Fishing Pulaski NY with a salmon drift boat guide Dave with just a few Steelhead we landed. (All fish released ) 

Posted by Glenn D. from PA Fished the Salmon River for the first time on Oct.16 - Oct.18. Went out with drift boat guide Randy Jones on the 16th. For anyone looking for a knowledgeable guide to take you out on the river, I highly recommend Randy. He gave 110% to make my first trip a success. He had us into fish right from the start. Landed two nice Kings and a beautiful Steelie. As the day progressed we moved to different locations. There were fish moving through the area all morning. In the afternoon we traveled down river to see other area's of the river and their productive spots. To end the day we went down to the DSR. What a beautiful area! The river widens greatly and you really have to know the bottom structure to find the fish. LOTS of hookups, only two Kings landed. My first trip to the Salmon was a great experience. I look forward to returning next year. Thanks, Randy

On 9/13, I fished the Douglaston area with guide Randy Jones (who posts reports on the Salmon River on this page from time to time). Randy had a good sense of where to find fish throughout the day, so we were into fish most of the day, even though they are still not in the river in great numbers. I landed 4 or 5, with 10 or so others on. On the way back to the car, we stopped on the steep bank overlooking the Joss Hole. The light was on the water, and we could see to the bottom of the pool. It was an amazing sight to see 30 or so giant king salmon in that pool. It looked like a scene from Sea World. See you on the river,
Salmon River NY fishing for salmon and steelhead with this guide drift boat T.A Mckinney

Posted by Ken Link on November 03, 1999
Outing Date: 10/26 & 10/27
Fishing Quality: spotty
Report: Fished 10/26 w/guide Randy Jones, who as usual helped us figure out what it took to get some hook-ups (no fresh fish / existing fish very spooky). Ended up (2 anglers) w/around a dozen hook-ups with about half landed, better than anyone else we saw that day. Next day fished w/o Randy but used his tips on patterns, etc... - had a very hot morning w/surprise fresh fish, all on purple wooly buggers. Afternoon slowed considerably but did land a monster brown that was very silver in color - must have been one of those German imports. Wish I were up there right now!! Strongly recommend Randy Jones- excellent drift boat guide/nice guy who always teaches me something each trip (BUT I tie better flies than him - ha ha!!).

Your insight to the Salmon River is excellent. Take care and keep up the good work. The area needs more guides like you. You give the area a good name. Thanks and Tightlines.

Once again your importation of Steelhead fishing knowledge was overwhelming and most worthwhile.  My learning curve has been greatly accelerated due in large part to your expert drift boat guide service.  As a testament, I was out the very next day to the same "honey hole" and was a respectable 1 for 3 on Steelhead which included the attached beauty which I hooked and landed all by my lonesome (fish released).  If it weren't for the techniques and strategies you taught me from our past outings, I'm sure it would have been another fruitless day.  See you again in the fall, Tom
Salmon River NY fishing for steelhead with a drift boat guide Congrats Tom, what a beauty!

Randy, Your knowledge and willingness to share it without condition is simply marvelous for everyone, but mostly for the fish. You should be commended for helping make this magnificent fishery what it is. Hopefully, we can educate more and more people so the Salmon and other tribs get the respect they so much deserve.
Thank you all for your words of encouragement, kind words and your continued support. Ill continue to do my best in sharing what I've learned through, experience, experimentation, borrowed ideas and taught techniques by the well known, Jim Rusher, Bob and Rich Benson, Tom Wilson, friends, guides, my elders and anglers like yourselves.
Happy Hook'n, 
Randy Jones

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CHECK OUT the World Record Steelhead we caught that day @ end of drift boat video!
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10/1 Drift Boat Salmon River Pulaski NY Steelhead Salmon Guide Fishing Report

Small push of chrome moved by us mid-day. As well as Coho's and Kings. I heard the upper -  was very slow, but where we were down river it was a little better. The first hour of the AM was the best and then it turned into hooking up one here and there. Most anglers had a very slooowwww day. Once again we held our own with about 15 hook-ups through out the day. The upper river is holding a good number of fish, so I am told.

Salmon River NY Mail Bag:
Hi Randy, My name is Josh Wilson and I reside in Harrisburg, PA....I've been fishing the Salmon river for the better part of 8 years now and am getting tired of the same ol' j-plugger saga.  Of course I wouldn't ask you to divulge your hard earned secret spots but I do have a couple questions for you.  My friend and I are coming up this weekend.  Do you think it is worth the drive?   Also, where can I escape the swarm of anglers other than DSR? I've heard good things about the Black River but have never fished it. Basically, I want my friend to experience this since this is his first time.
Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Josh

HI Josh, I like the area between 2A and Pineville. I do not see a ton of pressure in this area and it is actually very easy to find a nice spot (pocket, small pool, small run)  to fish and have it all to yourself and not have people directly above or below you. I am not sure if it will be worth the drive as I do not know how well you know the river, etc... A major run should happen any day now. There are fish top to bottom of the river! Hope this has helped. Randy

9/30 Salmon River Pulaski NY Drift Boat Steelhead Salmon Guide Fishing Report

Steve, George and I guided a large Corp. group into some arm aching action today. We hit fish pretty good for the first hour and then we went into a steady trickle of fish on the move with one here and there. It was fun to fish in a group and cheer each other on. George kept us entertained with his fish dance all morning. It seemed to work! We were broken off by rocks on a fair number, landed 4 (one of which was foul hooked under the jaw that was immediately released). 9-10 were on only for a short time before the hook or knot broke and 1 was broken off immediately when determined that it was in the tail. Steve's 2 guest's hooked up 14 times up river and landed 5 or 6. We ended the day at noon. I'm told the Estuary is loaded. Where are they? Things should break wide open any day now. Even though we have not had a major run yet, everyone seams to be enjoying the occasional fish and beautiful weather we are presently having. For the number of fish that ran today we spanked' em pretty good. Congrats! (All fish released)

9/29 Steelhead Salmon Drift Boat Guide Fishing Report, Salmon River Pulaski NY

Fishing today was a little better than yesterday. Run lasted until 8:30 and then a steady trickle. Just enough to keep you interested. Left for another spot and hooked up several more times. For the number of fish running my guests were very pleased. Most Kings early and then the Coho's took charge mid-morning.
Good number of Coho's up river if you know where to look.

9/28 Drift Boat Salmon River Pulaski NY Steelhead Salmon Guide Fishing Report

Robert and Clint did extremely well for the number of fish that ran. Very few anglers hooked up at all. Most anglers were having a very slow day. Only about 50-60 Kings ran today with a few Coho's approx. The run was good from 6:35 AM until 6:40 AM. (Just Kidding) Actually it lasted for about an hour.
3 Kings and 1 Steelhead all headed for the smoker. Bright 10 lb. Silver Bullet. This fish was into our backing in a blink of an eye. Congrats!

Lesson for the day:
Its harder to catch fish when you are not using a hook. Please remember to check occasionally that you still have one on :O

Testimonial on Fishing Equipment and Drift Boat Salmon River NY Guide:

Randy, thank you again for making it a great day of fishing  and camaraderie. I would have had a most enjoyable day just with the company; the very good fishing was a bonus! Also very impressed  with the Orvis equipment you provided; your clients should consider themselves fortunate to be equipped with the finest, a Trident TL rod and Vortex anti reverse reel. With such forgiving equipment, anyone can acquire superior angling ability.
Also I'd like to thank everyone else who helped with our success. Whitakers Sports Shop and Motel, Mustad Hooks, Ande Mono, Cortland Lazer Line, Water Gremlin Split Shot, Cummins Nets, great lunch from the C and M Diner and finally super cold frosty mugs of Molson from Pulaski Country Pizza.
(Prettiest waitress's in Pulaski!)
I have chartered with many "guides" during my years of fishing and you represent the best on my list. Not only do you provide a quality outing and the very best of equipment, you area great instructor. I also appreciate your patience because sometimes (or is it oftentimes) my brain can not absorb everything you are telling me to improve my fishing technique. I think it is both a tribute to and recognition of your abilities as a guide and instructor that it is difficult to book with you unless one pre plans far in advance, but that is a slight inconvenience when you charter with the best.
Hopefully, I will be able to enjoy many more outings with you. Dick.

Mike, Rick and Dick were all complaining about their sore backs and arms at days end. But it was a pleasant soreness. Congrats! (All Fish Released)
Dick landed his biggest Steelhead ever. Congrats!!
"The fish you release may be a gift to another fisherman as it may have been a gift to you."
                                                                                                                     Lee Wulff
Salmon River NY Fishing Mail Bag:
Randy, What's your take on the effect rain has on the run?  I've always seemed to do better after a good drenching downpour...Some "experts" I've talked to claim it has more to do with wind direction than rain...I've been skunked with the wind coming from all directions....Thanks, Robert

HI Rob, I personally love a good soaking ran. Combine that with a good strong gusty wind out of the West and that spells fish. Some people say that what creates the largest runs are when the days grow shorter. Less sunlight triggers the fish's biological clock to charge up river.
I know that if you were to get a combination of the above 3 thing's, you would be in Fishing Heaven. Then, add in a lil higher water flow and MAJOR RUN!! Normally :) Out of the last 6 days of guiding the fishing was the best for me on the 2 days we had rain  = Low light.
Wish I could be of more help. Best, Randy

Randy, What for patterns would you recommend for the conditions at present? Appreciate any advice. RON

Hi Ron, When fishing for Salmon I only use Estaz grand wrapped on hook's in different colors. I keep it very simple. I carry a host of different colors on: 1. different style's of hooks 2. different sized hooks.
The use of which one is solely determined by what the water conditions and fish are telling me. Listen, and you shall be rewarded. (Where is that medicine that my doctor prescribed me for this :)
1,000's of anglers have been guided by me.............and MOST have gone on to live normal lives :)
All your traditional streamer pattern's will work, purple and black wolly buggers and also have some BIG BRIGHT ones in your fly box also. Whitakers Sports Shop and Motel carries all the colors I use. If you go to my FAQ section you can read a little more on the subject. Best Fish's, Randy

Randy, My question is where should i look for steelhead to be hanging out this time of the year??? deep water or fast. i've been trying for the past couple of years around this time with no success. any help would be appreciated.

Hello, First off, I "personally" would not even try to target Steelhead at this time of year unless you enjoy fishing very hard for only a couple or worse none. Also, you wont be doing them any favors with the water being so warm with very low oxygen levels. You might unintentionally kill them. Presently the Steelhead that are in the river are very stressed out. If I was to target them I would be fishing the normal transitional resting, holding locations as they have to rest as they transition up the river like any other fish. I'd be looking for them in the heat. Fast water that is more oxygenated and where they can hide on a sunny day, combined with a nice current break. Pockets in the rapids, fast water heads of holes at the drop, etc... You'll find'm! In 4 to 8 weeks, look for them to be in the above and also in 2 - 5 feet of rippled water also directly below any spawning fish. They will not be in the larger holes until Winter Time unless transitioning thru. Of course, there are exceptions to everything I've just written. Good Luck, Randy

Very few structural changes in the river bottom this year. Its all pretty much the same as last year.
Please take some extra time reviving these monsters. Typically, it is not uncommon to see several half dead fish float by that were released by well-meaning sportsman up river. Several times I have been able to grab and work with them until they were able to swim off strongly. They need a lot of extra time, maybe
5-10 minutes or more to regain their strength.
Please keep in mind that when you read other reports and they say the "www.Yankee hole" was good or the "" spot produced fish that these are some of the more popular (crowded) areas on the river. Normally the more hooks in the water, the more hook-ups. Some folks I know get turned off by the crowds when visiting these spots and rightly so. Please don’t think that you HAVE to fish shoulder to shoulder. I rarely if ever do it and even on the busiest day during Salmon season you shouldn't either. If you are unfamiliar with the river, think about taking a walk down stream of these famous holes during the busy Salmon season. Normally below these spots there are rapids. Look for the pockets and slots that create the deepest road map for the fish to follow. Find a nice pocket during the A.M. run and you will be surprised by the # of fresh fish you will see, hook and have all to yourself. Spend a little time scouting and I’m sure you will be rewarded.
I just learned that these fish are not airlifted with a big net and dropped into those popular spots. They all run the river "starting" from the bottom up.
So take a lil walk, you'll be glad you did!
(This lil Tip comes with a money back guarantee :)

Fish long & prosper!
Randy Jones

Yup, time for another commercial break ;)
Salmon River NY Guest Fishing Drift Boat Guide Testimonial:

Randy, just wanted to thank you for the updates "in the salt" as well as for the Salmon River.  Our outings in the past were memorable and will hopefully continue in the future.  You've shown me lots - taught me more!  Were it not for your expertise, my knowledge of the Salmon River would only be a fraction of what it is today.  Keep up the fine work you do and good luck in your endeavors in the future.  Dave, in sunny Buffalo, NY!!

Lets switch gears and try to Hammer some Steelhead!

1/20 Salmon River Pulaski NY Steelhead Drift Boat Guide Fishing Report

Today's trip started out rather unique.. My guest Bill C. said, this is my first time ever. I've been told how difficult Steelhead fishing can be by all my friends. They have been fishing the river a while with limited success. They told me not to set my expectations to high. They kiddingly said I'd be Lucky to even get ONE on! And even THEN, I'd be really lucky to land it. So Randy, if I can just get one on and land it, you will have fulfilled my hopes. (Wheeew, I wish all my guest's were this easy-just kidding)
Anyway, I had to chuckle as Bill told me his goals. We were standing in the dark with the heater on high with the  temp. being a balmy 8 degree's. It just so happened that we were sitting smack dab on top of some of the finest Salmon River Chrome real-estate there is. I knew that if this hole fished the way it had been fishing in the past, we could possibly meet Bills goal within a couple of cast's. (He-he)
Well,  it took a bit longer than a few casts but by noon we had landed his steelhead and were 1 for 10 on steelhead.  Needless to say, Bill was ecstatic, overwhelmed by the number of fish, their size, strength and tenacity. It was a 9 lb'r.  Congrats!
Two things happened to Bill that I'm sure a few of you can relate too. At one point he was stuck on a rock and as he tried to get unsnagged by yanking on the rod his rock started to swim up river? Later as he was fighting a fish he felt the line break. Bill stated, he's off.  He began to reel in the slack line and all of a sudden his line went tight, the rod began to flex and his drag started to sing the fisherman's national anthem.
Thats why we lov'm! Sometimes they shake so fast and run at you, that even I would think that they had been lost. You never know, it happens more than you would think, so reel, reel, reeeeeeel, next time you think they broke you off :)
A lil funny guides suggestion:
I always suggest to my guest's in the early morning that once you have set the rod "HARD", count to 3 slooowly. Some of these winter steelhead are sluggish, or dont even know they are hooked.
Sometimes my guest's barley set the rod and or never count with the rod doubled over. After they yank on it a few times to get un-stuck off the bottom, they say, Randy, I'm stuck.
Then I offer to get them unsnagged off the bottom. The very first thing I always do is set the rod, bend it like I mean business and count to 3.
If I had dollar for every fish that is on the other end, I would not have to sit here and type all day for you! ;)
What's even funnier is that most of the time it is ALWAYS the most experienced angler that does it. And rightly so, most experienced anglers expect an immediate reaction by the steelhead once the rod is set.
But, once again, sometimes they dont even know they are hooked or are sluggish in the Winter time..
So once again, set the rod so you form a U shape and count to three, by then you should know if its a fish or not.
Tip -Treat every rock like its a fish, sometimes are rocks swim.
2nd Tip -  If your rock start's to swim up river, then its probably not a rock ;)
Until the next fish bites, Randy

1/19 Salmon River Pulaski NY Steelhead Drift Boat Guide Fishing Report

All Dave and Kevin asked for today was a nice, relaxing day on the water. Sounded simple enouph. Unfortunately for both,  there were just to many rod shacking, steelhead jumping, reel screaming, heart stopping, adrenaline rush's created by those darn Steelhead!
Now how are you supposed to relax when those dang fish are making such a ruckus?
Anyway, we hit fish in 3 out of 4 spots today aboard the .com boat. This was Kevin's first time on this river and he was 2 for 4 on steelhead. Dave crept ahead with a 4 for 10 Steelhead day. Dave had been out with me before, so he had a lil head start on how to run a good productive drift on Kevin.
I explained to Dave that if his arm got tired from fighting all those fish, all he had to do was hand me the rod and I would bring them in for him. Isn't that what a full service guide is supposed to do?
Kevin and Dave ended the day with a 6 for 14 bating average! ( All fish released )

1/18 Fishing Report for the Salmon River in Pulaski NY from this Steelhead Drift Boat Guide

If I were to guess where all those steelhead moved to (from the DSR) I would say they are sitting between 2A and the Black hole. Some are transitioning up the river as we speak through the middle section, Pineville 2A. These area's would be you best bet if fishing in the near future.
Most of the fish Steve hooked into yesterday up top were dark. About 4 were silver with a lil pink and only 2 were fresh, bright silver chromers. The other 11 were dark. 
Lets seeeee.... 4 + 2 + 11 = 16 steelhead? Holy Moly!!
Had reports that some folks in the lower river did real well again today, just above the D.S.R.

1/17 Fishing Report's from this Steelhead Drift Boat Fishing Guide on the Salmon River NY

Another day for KING'S ! is what I would call today aboard the .com drift boat. Steve drove in from VT. last night and was anxious to try his hand at Steelhead fishing. He was out with me in Mid-Sept. and had a blast with Kings and Coho Salmon ( King Salmon average size 15-20 lb's with many higher
and Coho Salmon 8-12 lb's all on fly rods, fresh out of the lake)
I stopped at the short bridge in town and peered over the railing at 5:30 A.M. to check for slush. It was clear of slush and so I added another section of river to our possible itinerary. Steve's goal was plan and simple, I just want to catch some fish. So, we started our day as usual in the dark and made our way to what I figured would be at least a 3-4 fish spot. Low and behold by 11:30 Steve was 7 for 14 on steelhead! I guess his goal was met and it wasn't even noon.
I told Steve Steelhead fishing was always like this and he should expect it to be this good,  if not better all the time, ya right! We laughed and took bet's on whether he would hookup on his 2nd or 3rd cast. The 3rd cast won.
We stopped in several other holes on the way down and hooked a couple more in each. Steve ended the day with an 7 for 17 total. (We did not count the skipper he landed, thats what we call a 1 year old steelhead. We call the 1 year old Salmon, Jacks )
Steve takes the record for this year, (on 1/17 yukyuk;) for hooking the most Steelhead by one client. The day was filled with smiles, handshakes and the building of long lasting memories for both of us.

1/16 Guest Steelhead Testimonial
and Salmon River NY Fishing Report:
(See 1/12 Report)
RJ, We would like to take a moment to thank you again for what we can only describe as "The best fishing trip I have ever taken!" The knowledge you passed along will last a lifetime and forever change the way I fish the river.  I know I called you and advised of the success we had on Saturday, but there are a few details I left out.  We started the day at sunup at the "secret spot"  you showed us on Friday.  My third cast led to a 10lb steelhead landing!!  WITHOUT A NET!!   My fourth cast led to another!!!  This one unfortunately was larger and had no intentions of having his picture taken!!  Several other fish were hooked and fought in this hole, but for some reason, none volunteered to be immortalized on film.
After a couple hours, we decided to head for the hole we finished the day in on Friday. The slush had started to clear and we hoped to partake in some of the action we experienced the day prior.  To our dismay, upon arrival there was about 9 people in the hole when we arrived.  There was nothing much happening as there was still a considerable amount of slush and ice flowing through the hole.
We sat back and watched for a while....  after about half an hour, I walked into the exact spot I was in the day before.  I threw a couple casts into the ice to no avail.  Chris worked the water right next to me and we waited for the ice to clear.  Once it did, all hell broke loose!!
For us anyway!  Chris and I started hooking up regularly!!  After all was said and done, the tally in the run was about 20 steelhead hookups in 2 hours!! 
Between the other dozen people fishing the hole, about 5 hookups and 1 fish landed. 
We owe all our success to you and the techniques we had learned the day prior.  The best compliment was when someone walked down and asked the guide who had 2 clients throwing egg sacs on fluorescent green line what was happening.  He stated, "the two guys down there are whacking them, they know what they are doing." The #s could have been higher, but it was no longer a challenge to hook fish in that hole. We headed home early. The only disappointment was that we did not get to spend much time up river.  We will contact you in the near future to arrange a drift trip to learn the holes between Pineville and Altmar.
Thanks again for a once in a life time trip that we will not soon forget and the knowledge you imparted that will last us forever, Jim

Wow Jim! Congrats!! After that testimonial,  I'll have a hard time getting my head thru the front door!!

1/12 Salmon River NY Drift Boat Guide Steelhead Fishing Report's:

Wow, Im still pinching myself to make sure today was not just an incredible dream. Today was a day for KINGS!
Jim and Chris have spent the last few years enjoying the river and consistently having good luck in their fishing adventures. They were interested in catching a few and learning some new spots.
The morning started with me looking over the short bridge in town at 5:30 A.M. with my spot light to check for slush. It turned out to be loaded with the stuff you normally put in a cone and eat, so the lower river was out for the morning. We started out up river and in 2 hours hooked up 3 steelhead. Then it was off to the lower river in search of some more Chrome.
Again, as we crossed the short bridge I noticed an unusually large amount of slush? No reason to go any further and waste our time trying to fish through the slush, so we turned around and I drove them to a lil secret spot that was new to them and probably had not been fished in 3 weeks. It was a small hole that is normally unrecognizable to the average angler passing by. It was located just above a long stretch of rapids where all fish rest.
Working a smaller hole and finding fish can be exact as sticking a key into a lock. No guess work here. Just hit the hole, seam and run your drift and hold on tight.  If your rigging, drift-presentation, fly, bait, habitat is correct then there is no mistaking when the key fit's.
Unlocking this, can and does open the door to some explosive adrenaline rush's that most hope for, but only a few can do consistently.
The key is in your hand.
Turn's out that within a few cast's my guest's were being welcomed inside the door of  "Fish On.". Another 3 steelhead in this one spot were added to the days tally. Then we were off, once again to mine for some silver in the lower river. This time as we crossed the bridge the slush was clearing to a fishable level. (Freshies Anyone?)
To make a long story short, in 3 1/2 hours we hooked another 12 steelhead while learning 10 different spots for Jim and Chris to return to, on their own. ( Believe me, the emphasis was on learning new spots and not catching) At 4 P.M. it was time to leave and the hole we left was still loaded with fish!
18 steelhead on total
for the day and we did not even count the quick on and off's. If we had our tally would of been 24-25 fish. Beating my last year record or 22 Steelhead. If we had stayed in the honey hole we certainly would of set anew client best. (Mike and Dick, your record still holds)
There is only one thing better than today! ( Can you remember back that far? ;)
Congrats to Jim and Chris. Thanks for making this day, One I will not soon forget.
The fish are here, waiting for your perfectly cast (aheeeem ;) fly or bait .
Turn off your computer, call in sick and join me for some of the finest "World Class Destination Fishing, this side of the Mississippi."
Best Fish's,
I have Jan. 16 open, then off to Barbados to lay in the sand, day dream, spend a lil "quality time" with my girlfriend (He-he), drink a lil rum and do a lil dance!!

1/11 Salmon River Pulaski NY Steelhead Drift Boat Guide Fishing Report:
Mark was my guest aboard the .com boat today. He had read and heard stories about the mighty Salmon River and decided to see what all the fuss was about. Well, I'd say he found out, but good. Today was his first time ever fishing the river and first time for Steelhead. Mark was a respectable 2 for 8 by days end. It took a little while for him to get used to it, but once he did, it was fish on and on and more fish on. I think he will be back!
Temp's were in the upper 30's today with light fishing pressure. I did not see hardly any fish today as I drifted to Pineville. Mid to lower river would be your best bet if coming up this weekend. (Hint - Freshies anyone?)

1/10 Salmon River NY Speaking Engagement and Guest Testimonial:
Just got in from the Stanley Cooper Sr. Trout Unlimited in  Wilkes-Barre, PA. About 150 people joined me for an exciting presentation on Flats Fishing. Ran into many old friends and even made a few new ones.
Dick and Mike reminded me of the 22 Steelhead we fought in one day last year on Pucker Brush. ( Mike has not landed one since he-he) Great people, great fun,  all for an incredible organization that helps all of you to continue enjoying these great outdoors! Thanks again!

Ladies and Gentlemen,
JANUARY 13   The Hammonasset Chapter of Trout Unlimited will present the Tenth Annual Fly Fishing Show featuring that exciting blend of fresh and salt water fishing available on the Connecticut shoreline.
Featured Speakers and topics this year are:
For more information go to our website at

1/9 Salmon River Pulaski NY Drift Boat Guide Steelhead Fishing Report:

I'll be out of state until tomorrow doing a speaking engagement. I was able to look into a lot of the better holes up river yesterday and did notice a lack of fish. They WERE  holding fish until the heavy pressure of this weekend.( Maybe they were just hiding?)  Mid to lower river would be your best bet. ( In my opinion) ALL the fresh fish that have been hanging down river since early Dec. were also hammered, so I'm not sure if they are still there at present. Water level is at 285 cfs.
Do to winter weather patterns, catching up on winter, spring, summer, fall tying and vacations. Also speaking engagements, writing articles, spending some time with my girlfriend, I will not be updating my reports on a daily basis until the end of Feb. When Im out on the water working, or here something important, I will post it here. If the fishing does not change drastically in any way, then you can count on my last report as being the latest update on the river and it's ways.

1/8 Salmon River Pulaski NY Steelhead Drift Boat Guide Fishing Report:
Today started off with me asking Dave what he would rather do. Would he rather go catching in the lower end for some fresh Chromers or go fishing in the upper end for some very educated Steel. Dave chose to go fishing in the upper end with the drift boat because learning all the prime lies were his priority. Catching fish was to take back seat to a full day of knowledge that would give him a lifetime of catching on his own. Dave is a very experienced angler who knows the value in which a day like this can offer.
Since neither one of us were to interested in catching fish. I figured I'd start Dave off in a hole where I have not caught a fish in 100 year's, but was very scenic. Low and behold (?) with-in the first couple casts his rod turned alive. In the first 3 hour's of the morning Dave had 10 Steelhead on and landed 2. He did not move or cover more than 15 feet of the spot. Not bad for someone who was not interested in catching.
I had to keep reminding Dave that if he wanted to learn the river, he was not going to learn any new water if we stayed here and kept catching. He agreed, so we left fish, for new "learning" water's.
Dave commented that he never realized how important the relationship between Steelhead and structure was. If you think about it, doesn't every species known to man live there life relating to structure? He also commented that he could not believe the wealth of information he had received today. I explained that this was how I run all my trip's, being that you can never guarantee fish. The only thing I have control over is knowledge. So no matter how the day ends, I want everyone to feel comfortable and confident that they can come back on their own and be rigged properly,  proper flies, eggs,  run a productive drift with fly/spin rod and know their water. My goal has always been to help all of you, become self sufficient.
We finished the day in another unproductive spot. In 1/2 hour Dave hooked 2 more steelhead that broke lose. I fished for about 5 minutes before landing a small 7 pounder. (Isn't it funny, that on THIS river, a 7 lb'r is consider a small one?)
Quick funny story:
One time I was guiding some folks and they landed a 4 lb. Brown Trout. I stated that that was a nice "small" Brown Trout.
My guest's eyes got reeeeel big, his jaw almost dropped to the water and he exclaimed, Randy, this is the BIGGEST Brown Trout I have ever caught!!!!
I tried to back track and commented immediately, Boy, what a BIG beautiful Brown that was.
Ever heard of open mouth and insert foot? I'll never that mistake again. Lesson learned!
any howwwww's............................
One of the funnier moments today was when Dave was retying his fly and something plopped into the water in front of him.
He stared into the water for about 20 seconds before I asked him what he was looking at.
He commented that he thought something had just fallen off his vest into the water, but was not sure what it was.
 I came over and stared into the water for another 20 seconds and was not sure either.
It was round, black and had something yellow extending out from it.
Finally I said Dave,  its the reel. He commented that he thought the rod felt awful light. ---  Anywaaaay's, just another fun day at the office.............
It was a reeeeeeeel pleasure sharing 20 years of guiding experience with Dave. The laughs were many and all goals were met.
Once Dave got the drift figured out, he was in Steelhead heaven. While I was demonstrating (he-he) the proper drift, I got lucky and hooked into and landed a big, bright, fresh Steelhead. ( All fish released )

1/7 Steelhead Salmon River NY Fishing Report:
Im still smiling from the day we had. It was another enjoyable day, just to be outdoors on the river with fellow anglers who share the same passion for this sport as we all do.
Fran  is a Bass Pro angler who has won several championship tournaments. (Fran, you better stick with Bass) and Dave who is also an expert angler. (They paid me to write this) Actually it's all true.
Their friend Scott could not be with us today, because he broke a nail and could not find the right skirt to wear.
We were 2 for 6 today with both gent's landing one each. The first 3 holes were so-so with the last one finally giving us 4 steelhead to end the day. (Whew!) We had a few other on and off's today, but we didn't count them. (I think they were just rocks, but you know how those Bass guys are)
Over all the fishing was slow today for most, compared to yesterday. It was probably related to the amount of fishing pressure, combined with the lower water.
Today's guest's asked me to put an emphasis on their gaining an  in-depth abundance of knowledge concerning habitat. All the holes, where in the holes are the prime lie, secondary lie, where do pressured fish go, gravel flats, transitional lies, Fall lies, Winter lies, Spring lies, etc. were discussed at great length. 
We spent 1/3 of the day anchored in ALL the holes, runs and drifting over holes to study the contour of the bottom to reemphasize the importance of how fish relate to structure.
Fran and Dave have had pretty good success on the river, but found themselves returning to the same ol spots time and time again. So this was an opportunity to expand there knowledge base and open up an entirely new area to prospect and mine for some fresh silver.
Moral of the story: It's always better to be fishing to fish than "hoping" to be fishing to them.
(I actually had Fran's picture here and couldn't wait for his reply, just hav'n a lil fish'n fun ;)
Would you trust this man (Fran) with your daughter?
( Both fish released )

1/6 Salmon River Pulaski NY Drift Boat Steelhead Fishing Report:

Mike and son Tom (12 years old) joined me today. Mike's goal was simply to spend some quality time with his son, while exposing him to the great outdoors and all it's offerings. Son Tom, just wanted to catch some fish! I would say all goals were met.
We took the drift boat today and fished the upper river. We fished 3 holes and hit fish in all. Not a lot in anyone place, but finished the day with landing 2 out of 7 steelhead. I had to bite my tongue as Tom clearly out fished his father. Atone point Tom started to brag.
I'm happy Mike is bring his son up right. ;)
Biggest steelhead of the day was landed by Tom. A bruiser of 16 lb's!!!
Tom was all smiles after fighting this big Steelhead. This was his first time ever fishing for them. The second one even though  smaller, still gave him a great fight and both will last in his memory for a life time. Congrats Tom!
I have a feeling it will be a long ride home for his father Mike! ( Both fish released )
Temp's today got up to 32 deg. and it felt like summer time after the last 3-4 weeks of 20 deg. high's.
Most folks were having a slow time of it, but everyone we saw and spoke with all had big smiles. They all seamed to be just happy to be outdoors enjoying the fishing day.
The high light of the day for me was when Mike told me his goals were met, and Tom thanked me for taking them out and shook my hand.
I think their high light was watching me fall in the water and get a Salmon River Baptism.
Have you ever had one of those moments where your going down but your feet don't move fast enough and it all happens in slow motion?

See you all tomorrow,

1/4 Salmon River NY Drift Boat Steelhead Guide Fishing Report:

Weather report looks good!
I think they are calling for some snow? yukyuk Up here, to me, a foot or two of snow is just a dusting ;)
I never made it out today due to an over load of work in the office, editing, writing, updating for all of you. Dont you feel guilty? Didn't think soooooo.................. ;)

1/3 Salmon River Pulaski NY Steelhead Drift Boat Guide Fishing Report:
Even though Im on vacation, I wanted to share with all of you what happened today in a 2 hour period while fishing the lower river. Looked over the short bridge for slush and was happy to see that it was clearing up. I met Ray at 10 A.M. in the D.S.R. parking lot and broke trail to the stairs. Noticed that a number of deer and turkey had already packed the snow down for us.
Went directly to some prime Chrome real estate and on my 3rd cast with an orange egg sack on 6lb. test tippet my line stopped in the middle of the drift and the rod began to shake. Hhhmmm- I wonder what this means. Turns out it was a very bright, fresh, Steelhead of about 8 lb's. Ray missed one and I hit nothing for the next half hour with eggs, noticed fish porpasing in the hole as will as fish rolling off our main line. We left for the --  hole.

As we walked across the river we noticed the water was a bit deeper and running a tad faster than a normal 285 cfs. Due to the shelf ice on the edges of the river and anchor ice on the bottom the water flow was actually being concentrated or compressed.( Please keep this in mind when wading the lower river) Another safety tip to remember is that beneath the shelf ice that you are standing on,  it could be knee deep or deeper, so it pays to know your water. Ray who is pictured above is on shelf ice that is over thigh deep water.
At the edge of the ice it's over your waist. How do I know? ( We will save that story for another time!)

With-in a couple of the first few cast's I had another one on. This one again was so bright that I was glad I had my sunglasses on to keep the suns reflection off the silvery sides of the fish from blinding me. The biggest problem we had (if you can call it that) was how to land a fish when you were restricted from approaching the edge of the shelf ice. Nether of us carried a net so we finally broke away at the ice in the tail so that we might have a shot at landing one.
After a I hooked a couple more, Ray asked what pound test I was using. Turns out that Ray was fishing a little heavier than me and when he dropped down on his 3rd cast his rod went a shaking! (hint, that lil tip comes with a $ back guarantee ;)
Ray landed an 8 lb. male with a nice hooked jaw.  (Fish was released) Ray got his on a pink egg sack.
From the - Hole down it's locked up tight with shelf ice and unfishable.
Moral of the story? It always pays to  experiment with all aspects of you rigging, egg sack colors, flies, etc. Orange and Pink were the productive colors of our egg sacks today. I could not get a touch on the normally productive blue goo.
By noon, the sun was out and it had warmed to what seemed to be the warmest it's been in a month. (30 degrees ?) We were both actually over dressed for these temp's, if you can believe that. It was interesting that as the temp's rose, so did the amount of anchor ice releasing and floating on the surface of the water. It made the fishing impossible so we both left after 2 hours of fishing and the knowledge we had gained.
In 2 hours and 2 holes fished,  I had 6 steelhead on and could of landed 4 with a net.
I'm not bragging ,but this is what you can expect when you time it just right and the fish gods smile upon you.
I'll be out tomorrow on the drift boat, so stay tuned.
Best Fish's,
Salmon River Pulaski NY Steelhead Drift Boat Guide Fishing Report:
Being that I've been off the water for the last 2 weeks,  I figured I better spend a little time fishing to play catch up on any changes.
Tomorrow I'll be working the lower end with a fellow guide. Thurs. we will both drift the upper end. Im excited at what we may find.
The snow is about 3 feet deep or more in area's that have not been packed down by other anglers. This leaves a number of very good spots that have not been fished at all in the last week.
These are prime spots to fish, but these are the areas where a hike in is required.
Breaking trail in deep snow is not easy, but for those of you that do make the hike the rewards should be memorable.
(Another one of many lil Tips - yup, you guessed it. $ back guarantee, just ask some of my guest's once they stop sweating)
Since I'm a lil rusty and new at this, today I figured I'd hit one of the easiest area's on the river to fish. The --  is easily wadeable, close to the car. The first 2 holes were fished without a pull? A couple of other anglers were also having a slow time of it. After an hour of nothing, I decided to hit the last
(normally) productive spot in this area.
I went straight to the head of the hole where there is a good drop and a very defined seam on either side of the faster water. This is normally an area that holds transitional fish or fish that have been spooked by anglers or sun, that were originally in the slower, shallower tail section.
(Deepest part of the tail is always a prime area to fish for Winter holding fish or transitional.)
On my very first cast the line went tight, the rod started to jump and  fish on!, fish off! Changed my tippet to 1 lb. heavier than previously, went to 1 hook size larger, stuck with the same pattern and adjusted my weight. 2 casts later, fishon, fish off! Re-tied, went 1 lb. test heavier on tippet and adjusted my weight again.   I hooked a total of 7 fish in 1 hour with out moving more than 10 feet, then I left. No challenge.
I was hoping to get a few casts into the lower river but the slush was heavy as I drove over the short bridge in town. I stopped by the D.S.R. and was told that normally they open at 10 AM. I'm hopeful that it will be clear at that time tomorrow when I do some more mining for  silver.
What was learned today was, productive fly patterns, correct pd. test of tippet and proper weighting for this spot in 285 cfs. Also that fish do move, nothing is guaranteed  and don't be afraid to move once you feel you have covered your water.
As most of you know, this was simply a case of me getting lucky. If it was always this easy, I would be out of a job.

Tip's of the day:
For those of you spin fishing I would be running a lighter main line than normal. With the water at 285 cfs only a small amount of weight is needed in most situations to achieve the proper drift. You will find that with 8 lb. test main line, it can at times be impossible to make the cast with such lil weight..  An added benefit is that your guides will freeze up a lil less due to the thinner diameter drawing less water. With the thinner diameter it will create less friction as it passes through the guides. Even with ice starting to form you will still be able to make distance casts with a small amount of weight to achieve the perfect drift.
For those of you using fly rods with running line I would suggest going with the thinnest line you can find. I use a .022 diameter running line for all the same reasons mentioned above.
If you prefer to use a weight forward or double taper fly line with a strike indicator, I would recommend highly that you learn how to do a spey cast with your one handed rod. It allows you to keep both hands in your mittens, only requires you to use 1 hand to make the cast, no back casts, 40-60 foot casts are achievable with a lil practice and you never have to draw the line up through the guides, thus never having to deal with ice forming. I have a guide who is an expert at this, if any of you would like to learn this technique..

12/29 Salmon River Pulaski NY Steelhead Drift Boat Guide Fishing Report:
I just returned from a holiday gathering of family in Iowa. There are times in everyone's lives where we get caught up in our hectic work schedules and put our friends and family second. I'm very guilty of this, so it was nice to spend time with the folks that mean the most to me.
I'm afraid to get on a scale, so maybe later today I'll go on a long walk and do a little fishing on my own for the first time in the last 4 Months.

I made it into a National Mag. (Fly Fishing in Salt Waters) I was interviewed for (along with Lefty K.) on 2 handed fly rods (Spey over head) in the surf or flats. BOY, won't Mom be proud! Another one of my many ink accomplishment's.

Salmon River NY Fishing Mail Bag:
Hi  Randy, I  have  a  couple  of  questions  for  you , when the  water level  is  at  285 cfs  can  the  fish  come  in out  of  Lake  Ontario and move  from  hole  to  hole  through  out  the  river? Thanks  John

Hi John,
At 285 cfs a few will trickle up underneath the ice on a daily basis, in my opinion. If anchor ice, slush, shelf ice is not to bad they can freely move about and run the river. I feel that if its frigid cold and all the above are applied at 285 cfs then it slows them down or they just settle in and get comfortable until it clears up. They can and do go both ways. There are several very low spots below the meadows where it could be impossible for them to pass due to shallow gravel flats (rapids) combined with shelf ice. Add shelf ice piling up on itself and it compiles a tuffer route for them to travel.( In my opinion)
Factor in slush and anchor ice floating into their faces and I feel it has the same effect as leaves or trash being thrown into their faces.
Would you move closer to the source of someone throwing trash into your face? Or maybe sit it out until your biological clock says you HAVE to go.
In the lower river in Dec. there were some area's that were so loaded with anchor ice and 285 cfs that I feel it made it awful tuff for some of these fish to move about.
The entire Month of Dec. after those 2 high water periods those holes in the lower river were LOADED with Steelhead. The problem was you normally only had a short window to fish for them due to waiting for the slush to clear and then re-appearing a short time later.
Combine the frigid cold temp's we had and that area received very little fishing pressure so the vast majority of them were comfortable and stayed. Some of us knew those holes were loaded as myself, other guides and clients consistently went into this area and hammered fish. These holes did not become loaded by a few fish trickling in everyday. I believe you will still find some down there but due to last weekends HEAVY fishing pressure and the warmer temp's, that you will find more transitioning up the river.
Best Fish's,
( This is only my opinion as will as other professionals who live, eat, breath this habitat on a daily basis. I'd enjoy hearing anyone else's idea's on this subject )

Just got a report that there is over 6 feet of snow in the woods up in the Tug Hill area. Yikes- Lets hope it all doesn't melt at once.

The Salmon River:
There are fresh fish through out the river with the bulk being from Pineville down. The last high water brought in a very good number of Steelhead. Combine that with the previous good run in early Dec. and you guessed it. There are presently a good number of Steelhead in the river. (This is only my opinion based from my experiences and other reliable sources who work and fish these waters on a daily basis) One friend hooked 7 fish in 4 hours of fishing. Two other friends had 20-25 hook-ups each day combined, over a 3 day period!
(No, they weren't in the fly zone or in the hatchery, He-he) I've heard several other pretty amazing reports, but I will refrain from posting them as some of you would think I was exaggerating.

Tips for the next week:

With the upcoming weather forecast I would start my day up top due to the ever present slush from Pineville down in the A.M. Then I would either stay there depending on how will I was doing or race to the middle, lower end for some freshies.
Another option that I like the most would be to sleep in, let the air temp's rise above 20, at around 10 A.M. look over the side of the short bridge in town (lower end of river) to check for slush and then make my decision on where I was going to fish. If the lower water levels of 285 cfs and frigid cold air temps are combined you will see slush all day long from the middle to lower river.
Another tip that I'm going to follow is to buy an inexpensive, small propane tank with heater head and bring it with me in aback pack to take the edge off the cold. It can really make the difference between being comfortable or not when wading the river in the winter time.

By Randy Jones

Feel free to contact my references regarding my presentations and experience:
Trout Unlimited Chapters: (P.S. I don't discriminate. I also enjoy guiding you spin anglers too! - yukyuk)
Finger Lakes TU, NY
Iroquois TU, NY
Chenango Valley TU, NY
Scranton TU, PA
Catskill Mt. TU, NY
Tug Hill TU, NY
Southeast TU, MA
Greater Boston TU, MA
Northeast TU, MA
Croton Watershed TU, NY
Clearwater TU, NY
Mid-Hudson TU, NY
Iron Furnace TU, PA
Stan Cooper TU, PA
Thames Valley TU, CT
Hammonasset TU, CT
Chittenango TU, NY
Orvis-Manhattan, NY
Orvis-Boston, MA
Green Mt. Fly Tiers Assoc. VT
Rivers Edge Trading Co.(Orvis)
Central NY Fly Fishers, NY
Oysterville Yacht Club, MA
Rochester Sportsman Show, NY  (2 ½ day show, paid featured guest speaker and fly casting demo’s.)
Albany Outdoors Show, NY  (2 ½ day show, paid featured guest speaker and fly casting demo’s.)
Wilmington Sportsman Show MA.  (2 ½ day show, paid featured guest speaker and fly casting demo’s.)
(More not listed here)

Web Site Testimonial: Randy, Your knowledge and willingness to share it without condition is simply marvelous for everyone, but mostly for the fish. You should be commended for helping make this magnificent fishery what it is.

THANKS! I'm simply sharing my true fishing passion's with other's, with similar interest's.
Thanking you all.... for making my fishing report pages the TOP guide site to visit for this area over these past 25 years and over our entire 8 month BIG fish river season.
It has been my sincere pleasure sharing my 35 plus years of full-time, proffessional guiding insight, experience, experimentation, borrowed ideas and taught techniques with you all. Thank you all for your words of encouragement, kind words and continued support!

Bragging Rights: Professional Affiliations:
Distributed World Wide Books: Simon Gawesworth, Spey Casting, First and also Second Editions. Rich Murphy, Fly Fishing for Striped Bass. (More not listed here)
Covers, feature articles and guide profiles in: Saltwater Fly Fishing Magazine, Fly Fishing in Saltwater Magazine, Albany, Syracuse, Utica and N.Y. Times Newspapers, N.Y. Sportsmen, N.Y. Fishing and Hunting and Salmon River Success Magazines.
(Many more not listed here, some World Wide Distribution in different languages)
Many World Wide Internet Fishing Sites and News Feed's.
Paid featured guest speaker at Sports Shows, Fresh and Saltwater fishing.
Guest speaker at most Trout Unlimited Chapters, fly tying, tackle and Orvis shops around New England and beyond.
I have had the pleasure of being interviewed with some of the top fly fisherman, fly fishing Author's of the World. (Lefty Kreh, more not listed here)
Represented the Orvis Corporation as a guide and chief instructor of their 2 1/2 day Cape Cod Saltwater Fly fishing Schools.
(P.S. I don't discriminate. I also enjoy guiding you spin anglers too! - yukyuk)
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A Multitude of Photo's (w/comments) of all the Trophy Fish you can catch up here over our 8 month BIG fish river season! (A must see)

Bonus Updated Archived Fishing Reports w/Photo's, Articles, Humor, Tips and Mail Bag Q and A's can be found here. Enjoy!

Hey, check me out on Yelp. It has 71 photo's of all the trophy fish to can catch up here over our 8 month BIG fish river season @

Funny Steelhead Salmon guide offers great fishing reports on the Salmon River NY from the drift boat
I'm a full-time professional fly/spin fishing guide with over 35 years of experience. I've represented the Orvis Corporation as a guide and chief instructor of their 2 1/2 day Saltwater Fly fishing schools. (I don't discriminate. I also enjoy guiding you spin anglers too! - yukyuk)
During the Fall, Winter, and Spring I run drift boat trips on the World Class Salmon River, Pulaski N.Y. using fly/spin and floats for Steelhead, Brown Trout, Coho, Atlantic's and King Salmon.
There's no Nookie like Chinookie ;)

Fishing reports for the Salmon River "The Salmon River, where Memories are Made

Phone #315 963 2065  Email:
$275 for 1 angler Fly or Spin Fishing.
$350 for 2 anglers Fly or Spin Fishing..
Orvis Fly - Spin fishing equipment, tackle provided. Please bring your own Lunch, Polarized Glass's and Chest Waders.
Trips are 8-9 hours from the time we meet until we hit the drift boat ramp at day's end. (May run over)

Gift certificates are available for Trips

Reservations and Deposits:
Reservation is confirmed upon receipt of a $100 deposit (per day) within 7 days of booking. rsjsalm.html

Mailed to:
Randy Jones
87 Clark Rd.
Mexico, NY

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